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To preorder IMMUNE click here: kgs.link/ImmuneBook -- It’s available in English and German and at online retailers it should be available in pretty much all countries too.

Today we are doing something different: an exclusive preview, we’ll listen to the introduction and two chapters from the Kurzgesagt book, “Immune: A Journey Into the Mysterious System That Keeps You Alive”, written by Kurzgesagt founder and head writer Philipp Dettmer. It’s about the epic story of the immune system, the most important thing you do not know enough about and will forever change how you think about your body. “Immune” will be released November 2nd and you can preorder it right now!

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Sep 28, 2021




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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
To preorder IMMUNE click here: kgs.link/ImmuneBook - Its available in English and German and on amazon it should be available in pretty much all countries too. Ohai! I’m Philipp, the founder and head writer of Kurzgesagt and author of IMMUNE! Let me say a few words about it: IMMUNE is older than Kurzgesagt and I began working on it about a decade ago in university. The idea was to explore a super important but also extremely misunderstood and complicated topic and “translate” it into a language everybody could understand. I’ve done my best to basically write a super long Kurzgesagt video but with less of the limitations of a ten minute video. IMMUNE is a fascinating and fun journey through your own body, together we’ll be exploring mystery organs, murder universities, your enemies from viruses, bacteria and cancer (and how your immune system might have killed a cancer cell while you were reading the last few sentences) and the incredibly beautiful and amazing parts, cells and systems that keep you alive. After reading it you should not only gain a new appreciation for your own body but also experience disease differently. A flu or something more serious will not be this abstract thing but something you can sort of witness and imagine which mechanisms are active and which cells are doing what. At least personally, knowing how the immune system works always has given me great comfort when I felt unwell. Also 45 illustrated pages by the Kurzgesagt team make the book very pretty. Preorders are incredibly important in the world of books so if you are considering getting it, it would mean a lot if you could do that. Because preorders determine if a publisher will try to get the book into bookstores, so a lot of the book’s success depends on it. I’m incredibly grateful that so many of you have watched these videos in the last few years. And I hope you will give my first book a chance too. - Philipp
Mitrayu Sinha
Mitrayu Sinha 5 days ago
@TheNewGreenIsBlue beautiful as well as awesome.
Phillipp, your book has brought me to tears more times than I can count and has honestly made me fall in love with the immune system. THANK YOU for your hard work o this book. It IS BEAUTIFUL.
Par Tinlawr
Par Tinlawr 5 days ago
Finally got the book 😊 thank you Kurzgesagt team!
Serine Sargsyan
Serine Sargsyan 11 days ago
Mitrayu Sinha
Mitrayu Sinha 15 days ago
Given! 😄
Shivanshu Raj
Shivanshu Raj 21 hour ago
do you deliver products to india?
Arnav Bansal
Arnav Bansal 22 hours ago
Broo! Are you serious?? 2100 rupees for a book?? Thats about 28 dollars!!
Tamzida P
Tamzida P Day ago
kurzgesagt in a nutshell
Tamzida P
Tamzida P Day ago
i want you to do a face reveal
oofoof Day ago
Flu: very sad underestimated boi Influenza: emotionless kinda underestimated Influenza type A: scary
artem ivanov
artem ivanov Day ago
Do you have another books?
Ian samuel Oliveira
I Walter portuguese
Hugo Tente Carvalho
Steve Tailor, 26 minutes talking strait without a break!
Pharaoh Virgo Compy
I have a copy and it amazing
Underscored Frisk
19:34 Is correct, but incorrect in the book. So just fix that by hand everyone!
Flubberduck 6 days ago
Had strong Bionicle vibes reading this. Love it
Bishal 6 days ago
Thanks for making the book available in India. Just got the book after 1month of waiting :)
Rodrigo Leitao
Rodrigo Leitao 6 days ago
Yey, my book arrived
Gian 7 days ago
I'm actually reading it, and it's pretty dam interesting. Actually I'd be super interested to know how all this, so deep, discoveries were made.
Duck Song Fans
Duck Song Fans 7 days ago
i gotta wait for christmas
Red Eagle
Red Eagle 7 days ago
Cant wait to get this for Christmas
Duck Song Fans
Duck Song Fans 7 days ago
A Random Red Panda
The book just arrived :D I already love it
Red Blarin
Red Blarin 8 days ago
Just ordered your book for my friends daughter as an Xmas present! Thank you for all the hard work and quality info-tainment
Corey Nance
Corey Nance 8 days ago
Just finished reading this masterpiece. It was very truly the single most interesting and entertaining thing I've ever read. I had incredibly high expectations, which made me nervous, but somehow this book blew every expectation I had away. Absolutely incredible. Now go write another thing for me to read please, because I'm not happy that I finished this one.
Deoshri 8 days ago
I recently ordered this one.. And i am super excited ❤🥰
samisnotonfire 8 days ago
I find it impressive that after years of not finding the motivation or having the time of reading recreationally, it is probably the first time in YEARS that I am looking forward to reading something tonight. And it is this book, Kurzgesagt just singlehandedly sparked my desire to start reading again, just like that.
Sniper_of_Chess 9 days ago
I recently finished this book and I totaly recomend it. But although I am now more educated in how our immune system works, I got some questions about some counter intiutive parts of immune system. For example - The things that we feel when we are sick (chillness, fever, tiredness, etd..) they are "signals" that our imune system is currently working on eradicating infection. Another thing said in this book was about MHC-II proteins which are supposed to carry antigens of the pathogen that infected us. Also it was said that the reason why some people handles Covid better than others is the fact, that MHC-II proteins has greater genetic variability between different people, so that means that some people handles Covid (and probably other diseases) than others. So.. Does this mean that if I feel "more sick" than others, does this mean that my MHC-II protein works for sars-cov2 especially well and that actually my imune system is able to recognise this pathogen more effectively? Long story short (in general): Worse symtpoms = better immune reaction againist particular pathogen?
Duck Song Fans
Duck Song Fans 7 days ago
symtoms that you have from eating somthing you are allergic to causes a immune responce against the food, so yes desies does not cause most of r the symtons, immune systom does (cause there are symtoms for aleries and no desies
rozeta oriku
rozeta oriku 9 days ago
Is it just me or does B-cell remind me of among us. Btw I hope you get better from cancer :)
Duck Song Fans
Duck Song Fans 7 days ago
all of them do...
Md Amran Howlader
Md Amran Howlader 10 days ago
One of the best books I have ever read. Man...This is a feast. My 6 yr old daughter even reads it, loves it, talks about it. Fan!
Sydajax 11 days ago
absolutely LOVE yalls art also i just bought the book
Esentional 11 days ago
So many Amongi
Chelsea O
Chelsea O 12 days ago
just ordered two! woo
JuanTutors 12 days ago
I'm going to have to order this book for some coworkers
Xiaohan Ma
Xiaohan Ma 12 days ago
I preordered and waited half a year for this book to arrive. As a graphic designer myself, i can honestly say that this is one of the most well-designed and well-printed books I've ever had, and it's worth so much more than how much it's currently priced. Part of me feels extremely lucky, and even privileged, that of all the time in human history, I'm living in the time when Kurzgesagt exists.
ah sa
ah sa 12 days ago
i ordered it ... im in the lab right now with the book. I loveee it so far
Efraim Gerard Bagting
Why has my book been undeliverable? I mean it was already here in my country. Help. I;ve pre-ordered it. Now this happens :(
Harald Hanke
Harald Hanke 13 days ago
Hi guys - I ordered the book and just got it, and love every page I’ve read. I just wanted to note, what seems like a mistake to me, on page 13 you say that all the bodies vessels and capillaries laid out would cover 16’000km, three times the earths circumference - thats a typo I feel, because the earths circumference is 40’000km, so 16’000km is more like a third. Hope thats helpful for the next edition ;) cheers Harald
Pou Op
Pou Op 13 days ago
The book arrived ❤️ today
Stalker 101
Stalker 101 14 days ago
Just got the 📙 😍 Life can wait
Meep Nooo
Meep Nooo 15 days ago
I just got this!
Kaitlyn Furey
Kaitlyn Furey 15 days ago
Seriously love what you do!
Cyphen Rozulus
Cyphen Rozulus 15 days ago
Freya S
Freya S 15 days ago
please please make an audio book! i would preorder asap :))
David Lim
David Lim 16 days ago
I bought the book and I'm loving it so far!
David Lim
David Lim 14 days ago
@Virat Sharma Hope you enjoy!
David Lim
David Lim 14 days ago
@Virat Sharma 👍👍👍
Virat Sharma
Virat Sharma 14 days ago
I've just ordered ☺
helen Budd
helen Budd 16 days ago
This book was released a year after the day my grandad died.
LeChaosAdmin_ Fernando Sanz
Got the book and its epic
EpicUTMM Gamer
EpicUTMM Gamer 16 days ago
Vsauce's favorite ASMR
Leo Kovačić
Leo Kovačić 16 days ago
If you think vaccines help, you have some serious misunderstandings about human immune system
Hector Rajado Sanchez
You're in the wrong channel anti-vaxxer.
xchangyun 17 days ago
I just bought one from the book store!
Kenji1801 17 days ago
Just got mine in the mail earlier today! It's quite heftier than I thought, but hey, more to read is alright with me.
Alejando Hernández Pérez
My book just arrived a few days ago and so far I'm loving it and I hope one day there Will be another book about the IMUNE SYSTEM
Jin ho Kim
Jin ho Kim 17 days ago
Thanks for the video, but can you make an audio book of the intire immune story?☆
Millie Trautvetter
Millie Trautvetter 17 days ago
I bought this and it's amazing! I am studying to be a rhumatologist and immunologist and it's incredibly helpful and keeps interest!! I'm going to buy all the books ☺️
Hiruda Sanguinen
Hiruda Sanguinen 18 days ago
i've got it in the mail today, and its thicker then i expected (joke) i might be able to properly kill someone with it thanks for this wonderful book ill make sure to show it off to people
Cyber-Hygiène 19 days ago
Hernan Toro
Hernan Toro 20 days ago
I received mine today!🤩🤗💙
Zokerino 20 days ago
Gotta get the book. Thanks for helping us in our learning journey!!!
Victor Lykke Schmidt
You really do have a nice voice
Mark Valentine
Mark Valentine 20 days ago
Lost me at "deadly" infections like c19. Lmao what.
Soonami Sapphire
Soonami Sapphire 20 days ago
I bought this as soon as I saw it 😁 love your videos
QUESTION SPOT 21 day ago
Got it just today 👍
hyou zan ren
hyou zan ren 21 day ago
now i really want the audio book version with your voice
NerdNr5 21 day ago
Damn, this is an epic fantasy world. Hope the next book is a novel and the protagonist a cancer cell, making it's fantastic journey through the body.
Devil Gamer Arj
Devil Gamer Arj 21 day ago
bought it
Collin Hardin
Collin Hardin 22 days ago
There's a mess-up at 19:36. In the book, it says "10,000 miles (16,000 kilometers) long."
Harisankar Lal
Harisankar Lal 22 days ago
Got the e-book version.. simply Amazing!
12XII_Official 23 days ago
Sometimes it’s just hard to find the right words :’)
Sunny star playsYT
Sunny star playsYT 23 days ago
Just got the book!
Filipineboi 23 days ago
@FlipYourLearning I have 2 questions 1. Is the game available on mobile? 2. Do you need to pay real money to pay this (like paying for games to play in Steam? Also 1 request. If the game's available, can you comment the link to the game?
game boy
game boy 24 days ago
RD2564 24 days ago
It was the June 1986 National Geographic article "Our Immune System: The Wars Within" for me. Amazing, great topic.
Sanchayan Bhunia
Sanchayan Bhunia 24 days ago
Your videos on immune system have inspired me since the day you posted your first video on UStotal. I am a computer scientist and love Software Agents. I got this bizarre idea of modelling different actors of the immune system with software agents and encoding their interactions among each other and doomsday situation when its attacked by a pathogen. Thanks to you I am writing my thesis on an application for simulating a situation where digital twin of a vaccine is introduces to the software model of the immune system to predict the outcomes even before lab testings.
karan b
karan b 24 days ago
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I sneezed I’m gonnaaaaaa dieeeeeeeeee hhhheeeeellllppppppp mmmmmeeeeeee
8th Ashura
8th Ashura 24 days ago
I don’t have to hear the preview to convince me to buy this book. Saw this and immediately ordered it.
Matthew Reynolds
Matthew Reynolds 25 days ago
Hi, I pre-ordered the book and it says on Amazon it was due on 02 November, yet I have not heard anything. Has there been an additional delay?
Will Madsen
Will Madsen 25 days ago
Book arrived yesterday. Haven’t been able to put it down and to be frank I hate reading. If you’re seeing this stop what you’re doing get it. One of the best simple yet effective means of learning about your own body. Absolutely amazing 10/10
Andres T. Bechger
Andres T. Bechger 25 days ago
"Where biochemistry becomes life and we still don't understand why" Amazingly said, and so very true. It's so very beautiful in my opinion and shows that really everything is connected
John Doe
John Doe 25 days ago
I'm about 30 pages into the book, loving it so far!
Hảo Nguyễn - Piano
please make this an audiobook
Leon Tan
Leon Tan 26 days ago
Released on my birthday and I ordered it lol
Lyzokiel 26 days ago
I'm praying for an audio book version, GOD PLEEEEASE an Audiobook version would be one of the greatest gift to humanity!
Mastercraft833 26 days ago
24:14 why!? 😭😱
Antonio González Da Silva
Why does my book has a purple headband while yours has a blue one? :)
Oliver Wrench
Oliver Wrench 26 days ago
If you want to buy the kindle version… don’t it’s terrible and not worth a single penny; apart from the Ebook being somewhat impossible to read, it also has words mixed up and generally seems poor quality. The bad part is because you pre-order it, you can’t reclaim your money, this seems like a scandal, and I am quite disappointed in the Kurzgesagt brand.
I swear I Love This Man!!!!
Sachian Harikovinth
make a book for space
Random Stranger
Random Stranger 27 days ago
You have been working on this for years. I am super impressed and pleased by your dedication. Congratulations, I hope it becomes a top seller around the world.
Ben Craven
Ben Craven 27 days ago
Kurzgesagt; you are the change I want to see in the world.
Samuel Boisvert
Samuel Boisvert 27 days ago
Just received the book and so impressed by the art work! Not only it’s beautiful, but i can see it will help conceptualizes the many concepts there is. For my comments on the content itself, I’ll post back in a few weeks when done with the whole books ;)
Etienne Dud
Etienne Dud 11 days ago
Seems like there is 2 version of the cover in circulation, some have a plastic cover some have the artwork on the hard cover itself. Not sure why
Lorin Atzberger
Lorin Atzberger 18 days ago
I received mine too and I'm a little bit disappointed. The hard cover is a plain yellow instead of the gorgeous paper thing it comes wrapped in. Also, the print quality is rather low and the images are fairly desaturated. I did start reading from it tho and I'm very happy with the text itself.
James Bevan
James Bevan 27 days ago
My book arrived TODAY!!!! Its a thing of beauty. Going to wrap it, stash it away and give it to myself for Christmas. I can't wait....
Learning&Living 27 days ago
Just got the book today and can't put it down. Great read so far!!
psixakias 27 days ago
For so many years, it is your voice i ve been listening to Philipp? U sir have been touched by God!
Luis is your yes Kevin :D
I’m reading the book, it’s really interesting!
Sahib Dosanjh
Sahib Dosanjh 27 days ago
same dude
Ross Williams
Ross Williams 27 days ago
subtitles?! the autogenerated subtitles on this video are horrendous.
Hector Rajado Sanchez
The subtitles are the book lmaoo
Pro's Music
Pro's Music 28 days ago
Hello there ,you are providing the best teaching ,btw can you please please prepare a book on outer space
GamingStationPlayz 28 days ago
I bought the book. It's arriving in Nov 5th - Nov 8th. Can't wait to start reading it. Especially the part where I can know why our body has a weapon against all viruses.
ThatOneQuokka 28 days ago
waterishardcore101 28 days ago
The book finally arrived and I love it THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lykortos 28 days ago
Ok, I know how I am spending my next audible token. Thanks! L.
Rodolfo Pereira
Rodolfo Pereira 29 days ago
I don’t know who that Daniel is on Amazon review section but if he doesn’t know he is reviewing a book and not the delivery service (Amazon), then he isn’t ready for any book yet.
Толян Кочян
I really want a translation into Russian! It would be great if you did the translation:) Очень хочется перевода на русский язык! Было бы классно, если бы вы сделали перевод)
Flavius Berciu
Flavius Berciu 29 days ago
Well, the book was delayed just like the games y'all been throwing shade at, but it just arrived in the mail and I'm absolutely stoked to read it before sleep. The pictures are just as the videos. Today's a good day. Cheers!
Luis Guevara
Luis Guevara 29 days ago
Luis Guevara
Luis Guevara 29 days ago
IHateUTubeAds Month ago
My book arrived today! Thanks! Boi is she thicc! Was not expecting that.