Trying To Paint The Mona Lisa, Blind… Sighted Vs Blind 

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My bestie David and I attempt to recreate the Mona Lisa without vision

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Jul 20, 2021




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Lucy Edwards
Lucy Edwards 2 months ago
If you want to know more about what it’s like to live life as a blind person, this is my playlist: ustotal.info/wiev/PLA3FFfZb0BUKCgTVsxC3wZMrsUKcZpUdE.html
Anju Pandey
Anju Pandey 11 days ago
Leo Rouse
Leo Rouse 14 days ago
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 14 days ago
How do you type blind
Tim Carroll
Tim Carroll 14 days ago
I really like the boys and one better cuz it kind of looks like a dog
Tim Carroll
Tim Carroll 14 days ago
Boys swim better because it looks like a dog
doggy fans
doggy fans 2 hours ago
Defenently lucy
💜ᗷTS⟭⟬💜 15 hours ago
The anty is so artist I love this
pazhanivel raja
Are Lucy a blind ??
LightningQueen 11
Ok but the technique they're using with the brush just- ACK NO THEY'RE USING STRAIGHT PAINT- NOOOOO DON'T SMASH IT YOU'LL RUIN THE BRUSH- WHERE'S YOUR GROUND?? etc etc My painting teacher has rubbed off on me, I'm sorry.
烏喵 Day ago
Lucy win for sure 😂
emilian florin
By the way I love you
emilian florin
When did you stop seeing things
Love Dat
Love Dat Day ago
Im going to have to say blind folded
Naghma rashid Naghma
I think Lucy are cute drawing I love it 😘😘♥️
Humaidh 2 days ago
I think lucy
Aaron Button
Aaron Button 2 days ago
Abis 2 days ago
You both work hard
Abis 2 days ago
I lou you keep going and never give up
Linda Lukáčová
How you know what colour you pick?
Devraj Events & Productions
Dude imagine if she was able to see We won't see her content And now that is not able to see She still is so talented Literally RESPECT to you Lucy 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Aarushi kar
Aarushi kar 2 days ago
Monalisa Nath
Monalisa Nath 3 days ago
Hey My Name is also Monalisa ☺️😳
Monjita Borah
Monjita Borah 3 days ago
🌟 JunPre
🌟 JunPre 3 days ago
Yellow shirt won
Axxtro Riftz
Axxtro Riftz 3 days ago
Better than I can do
Jamalshifu Hashim
Blind winner 🏆🏆👌👌😹😹
Samshad Alam
Samshad Alam 3 days ago
Monalisa Paul
Monalisa Paul 4 days ago
hay my name is monalisa paul
Rahmath Nisha
Rahmath Nisha 4 days ago
Blind is winner
nancy Mata
nancy Mata 4 days ago
Lucy won
Sienna-Lee Newman
No none of you win
kammie minecraft
kammie minecraft 4 days ago
You both are good we have Pants
cookie 4 days ago
I feel so bad for the blind girl I hope God blesses her 💔💔💔😭😭😭😇😇😇
sandy sonali
sandy sonali 4 days ago
No one win
Nibha Kumari
Nibha Kumari 4 days ago
LUCY won rock ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍🤘🤘
Sanvi Agarwal
Sanvi Agarwal 5 days ago
Bllind one is the winner
BTS girl
BTS girl 5 days ago
Kavvz ✨
Kavvz ✨ 5 days ago
Why is she just so beautiful?🥰🥰
Leonora 5 days ago
pety james
pety james 5 days ago
Foni. Ha. Ha. Ha🤣🤣🤣
Tuba Shaikh
Tuba Shaikh 5 days ago
dheepesh chemist
dheepesh chemist 5 days ago
I think it's Lucy the winer
Madhavi Ponna
Madhavi Ponna 5 days ago
Lucy win the match
Meenakshi Biswal
Meenakshi Biswal 5 days ago
Manish Parmar
Manish Parmar 5 days ago
NUPUR DAS 5 days ago
No one 🧠
manika podder
manika podder 6 days ago
The winner is. Lucy
Stuart Primmer
Stuart Primmer 6 days ago
Blind girl wins
Kane Douglas
Kane Douglas 6 days ago
Wendi Van Trump
Wendi Van Trump 6 days ago
Lucy won his is a brown circle 😄🤣😂
She won
Archana Mishra
Archana Mishra 6 days ago
Lucy draws more better than david
me and BTS in one room
Omg is she's blind 🥺😭😭😭😭😭 omg no
mary wawira
mary wawira 6 days ago
Blind person won
Poonam Soni
Poonam Soni 7 days ago
Blind girl won because she not understand how to draw and blindfolded is understand how to draw
Rashi Rawat
Rashi Rawat 7 days ago
I think that the winner is blind
Petcy Fernandes
Petcy Fernandes 7 days ago
Lucy is the winner
Wolfy 7 days ago
I’m gonna have to say blind girl. The blindfold guy WAS doing great until the body.
surag Qasim
surag Qasim 7 days ago
None of you won
Felicia Fernandes
Girl wins
Arpit Vashisht
Arpit Vashisht 7 days ago
She is blind yet so happy with her life. She is an inspiration for differently abled people
Christopher Reyes
~Armlinkzy~ 7 days ago
Lisa : 👁👄👁
Ultra O
Ultra O 7 days ago
Definitely blind
Sangeetha K
Sangeetha K 7 days ago
Simar Simar
Simar Simar 7 days ago
First one
Kaggwa Andrew
Kaggwa Andrew 7 days ago
The one who won is the blind
dave laurence pangilinan
hiw do you write
Jennie stole V Gucci and lisa stole jk banana milk
Me thinking about lalisa 😂
john carlo manuel
Both 🙂
UwU 8 days ago
Lucy wins and good job for being blind folded 👏
Lenee Pennington
Lenee Pennington 8 days ago
I think Lucy wins
javier mejia
javier mejia 8 days ago
I feel bad for her she is blind 😞😥
Doug Fultz
Doug Fultz 8 days ago
Shreyanshu Prasad
Saanvi Agarwal
Saanvi Agarwal 8 days ago
None wins
8 days ago
Lucy win 😁 👑 👸
Remya Shinoj
Remya Shinoj 8 days ago
Blind is super paniter
Om Prakash Bharthuar
No one
Ifeoma Philomina okafor
Blind Lucy wns
lilyblink 9 days ago
Lucy wins
Marissa Zubricky
Marissa Zubricky 9 days ago
I think Luce wins
Siraj Bushra
Siraj Bushra 9 days ago
I think I like Lucy cuz theirs a :)
Ain Audrey
Ain Audrey 9 days ago
Both is cute 🥰❤️
Sana Dabbit
Sana Dabbit 9 days ago
ːsaɛ joónː. ː]
Finally a guy who don't cheat
Vartika Gupta {class 9th C}
The thing is she never saw mona lisa
ఫదమవటి padmavati
Lucy artist wins
Tejaswini Patil
Tejaswini Patil 10 days ago
Ohh...i am sorry for her. She is blind but still she have a smile. Love you..
MMB4S 10 days ago
You win blind
Alana Rose
Alana Rose 10 days ago
Lucy did better she is blind and that is pretty good
Melanie Udoaka
Melanie Udoaka 10 days ago
I feel bad, she didn't even get to see how her painting looked I hope A miracle happens and somehow she's able to see again Oh and tbh She won😹😹
Alexander Meecha
Alexander Meecha 10 days ago
Lucy wins
AnnoyingBush 10 days ago
Blind probably wins lol
Blanca Diaz
Blanca Diaz 10 days ago
yashita from himachal
Lucy wins
Animation Diaries
Animation Diaries 11 days ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️ lots of love Lucy ... You're one is the best ❤️
Kasturi Routray
Kasturi Routray 11 days ago
Lucy wins
Bisma Afzal
Bisma Afzal 11 days ago
partha banerjee
partha banerjee 11 days ago
Lucky won
M M 11 days ago
I prefer lucy
Sahasra 11 days ago
Did you lost your eyes when your teenage, because how does you know Monalisa because your blind right
Ryan Bradbury
Ryan Bradbury 11 days ago
Imma be honest the man won if you say Lucy such a lie
asha goswami
asha goswami 11 days ago
I hope she can see her painting and all the videos and lovely comments 😊😊😭😭