These Things Are Crazy Compilation 

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Can’t believe some of these lol

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Jun 16, 2021




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Zahraa Iris
Zahraa Iris 7 hours ago
2:39 me yawning after seeing the person yawn and proceeding to try touching my tongue
Ma. Sophia Arianne De Leon
Good to be left handed
Evelien Martens
"1 in 1461 people are born on a leap day" is different than "you have a 1 in 1461 chance of being born on a leap day". The fast majority of people had 0 chance to be born on a leap day.... Just saying 🤷🏼‍♀️
CityASMR and vlogs
I know someone who was born on a leap day
Trip koLng
Trip koLng 2 days ago
2:42 It hurt, so that's cap
Calico Lps
Calico Lps 3 days ago
Yes indeed horses traveling on planes is true it’s a very cool process just very very expensive I’m an equestrian and my trainer has shipped a horse over seas through a plane
suhana of the woods beyond
im a left handed
AR 007
AR 007 4 days ago
4:41 Just imagine leaning on Bubble wrap wallpaper that's a free ASMR right there
Fun Fact-The reason we were told that carrots improved vision is because in the War the British had radar,but nobody knew so they pretended it was carrots
Emily_ Animetor
Emily_ Animetor 5 days ago
only bath tuband staring will make move is what i believed
Ace Singer
Ace Singer 5 days ago
Another thing that’s crazy is that thumbnail
Riley Starling
Riley Starling 6 days ago
the one about swallowing a watermelon was something i used to believe and my used-to-be aunt was pregnant with one of my younger cousins and i didn’t know that pregnancy was a thing bc i always thought that we came by storks bc that’s what my mom told me but anyways i seen her belly growing and i used to ask her and mom if she swallowed a watermelon seed and if it was growing inside of her good times 😂
satisfying art
satisfying art 6 days ago
Soo relatable Dude 🤪
kate halliday
kate halliday 6 days ago
Him: The average person walks past 36 murderers in their lifetime Adrien Agreste: HAHA nope. I be locked in
hannah 7 days ago
im one of the 10 percent of people that are left handed
Babak Kheshti
Babak Kheshti 7 days ago
Nah I never believed that stuff
Fakhra Almehairi
Fakhra Almehairi 7 days ago
I think all of this is cap
Kimberly Tanimura
I’m left handed ☺️
Xx-blary-xX 8 days ago
So that’s why everyone’s right handed and I’m left handed ._.
naidraa astrid
naidraa astrid 8 days ago
I'm a 2008 kid...
J. M.
J. M. 9 days ago
Actually I have a cat split down the middle on their nose.
ꨄ︎ ꧁ 𝔸𝕤𝕙𝕝𝕖𝕪 ꧂ ꨄ︎
Ben: Nomophobia is the fear of having no phone. me: OH GOD I HAVE DIS...HELP.
Normah Hj Roslee
Normah Hj Roslee 9 days ago
2008 kids are teen this year 2021 yup im a teen now!
ToadMaster 10 days ago
If you cut off mike wizowskis legs from monsters Inc is that considered a decapitation?
Izzy Santos
Izzy Santos 10 days ago
Ben : spiders don’t care about humans Me who loves spiders: well that hurt
Jamin Rockethead
Jamin Rockethead 11 days ago
1:48 a myth created by the Royal Air Force during World War Two, if a pilot with radar was captured and the germans asked them how they found the planes during the night, the pilots would say that they ate carrots. It actually fooled the germans lol
Zy Plays
Zy Plays 11 days ago
“if you stare at an object you can make it move” i have glasses and i can kind of do it, but i make 2 of the same object. so say you close one of your eyes and then close the other eye it would look like 2 different positions of the object you are looking at. if you fuse them together then that is what i see. (confusing right?)
viona libriani
viona libriani 11 days ago
Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok
Block Magic
Block Magic 11 days ago
Fun fact in a fun fact if you are left handed and you come fro 2 right handed parents you are the rarest left handed (like me)
Nozzah Minecraft
Nozzah Minecraft 12 days ago
I’m left handed
Lolla smithson
Lolla smithson 12 days ago
I was born on 2008 and that's is true I'm 13
*Triangle dude*
*Triangle dude* 14 days ago
Nah the moon is made if cheese
Sheema Alam
Sheema Alam 14 days ago
I'm left handed
𝕏𝕩𝙱𝚎𝚊𝚛 𝚌𝚞𝚋
I’m a 2008 kid and yes indeed I am a teenager
anlewi1 16 days ago
Ryan Reynolds has a lady born on leap Day and got her to do an aviation gin commercial since she finally turned 21. It's on his UStotal channel.
Ege Studios
Ege Studios 17 days ago
These reactions are the best
Rådîø głäçtîvę
Ayyyy green eye squad where they at….know one….? Okay…
Afia Mohammad 😉
Afia Mohammad 😉 18 days ago
Me whos left handed 😎😎
Honor Wenderoth
Honor Wenderoth 18 days ago
otters sleep holding hands so they dont drift away from eachother when they do
lotz 19 days ago
Who part of that 2%? I am.
Super Mini Mello
Super Mini Mello 19 days ago
Ive seen a square toilet
Emperor zilla (2nd channel)
0:06 **4 years old me thinking the moon is a big white basketball**
🌹LucyRose🌹 21 day ago
I've never thought the moon was made out of cheese
Laurie Ann
Laurie Ann 21 day ago
My little girl was born on leap day!
Arezalgamer89 22 days ago
This guy is living most of his live laughing. The dudes living the dream
Sofie K
Sofie K 22 days ago
Perfect thumbnail
Nilam Kousar
Nilam Kousar 22 days ago
A kid in my class was born on 29 feb
Night Ape BS
Night Ape BS 22 days ago
3:44 I was born 2008 🤯
ANIKA GUPTA 22 days ago
DoubleW & Dad
DoubleW & Dad 23 days ago
Fun fact I’m left handed
Sxnny Nighlight
Sxnny Nighlight 23 days ago
"You can always see your nose but your brain just ignores it" 1. That's mean and 2. What's this annoying bump blocking my vision?
Malinda Brami
Malinda Brami 23 days ago
i am left-handed let's baby pro
NAVEEN ADHTIA .K 23 days ago
Emma Does Things
Emma Does Things 24 days ago
I can confirm that 2008 kids are turning 13 this year cuz I am one
Brayden Wheeling
Brayden Wheeling 24 days ago
Fun fact: I'm left-handed
Snøwy Shadøws
Snøwy Shadøws 25 days ago
Ngl everyone’s murdered in games or insects so..
nerf gun
nerf gun 25 days ago
We all have nomophobia
Someone 26 days ago
If you stack all the barbies in the world on top of each other they will go around the earth three times
It’s_ me _gaby
It’s_ me _gaby 26 days ago
I have a squared toilet
mintxxfrap 26 days ago
im lefty
NONA💖 26 days ago
I’m born in 2008
Rainbow_Spider 27 days ago
Lil' Pinecone
Lil' Pinecone 27 days ago
Love your channel :3
1k subs without a single video
I’m born on a leap day They say I’m 6 and a half but I’m actually 11
a proud pan-da
a proud pan-da 27 days ago
'No matter who hard you pinch your elbow, it will never hurt' Me pinching my elbow and it hurting:
RaDrich Gaming
RaDrich Gaming 27 days ago
im left handed
Andy_Ollie 27 days ago
Me who ACTUALLY didn’t think the moon was made of cheese: DATS SUSPICIOUS
Come to McDonald’s Benny boy
Tippy Tay
Tippy Tay 28 days ago
Why did he say you don’t always see your nose I do
Ava 28 days ago
My dad is left handed
Olive 29 days ago
wonder why my dad has nomophobia
Review Is What I Say
All dislikes are anti-Hawaiian Pizza
Markus Carpenter
Markus Carpenter 29 days ago
4:08 you just commited an italian war crime
크팝 모모♡ :)
I'm one of those LEFT HANDED
luvinqali 29 days ago
Or the moon was following us.
Piper Butterflies
My sister is left handed and my cousin is born on leap day
david mccann
david mccann Month ago
I'm 9 and a girl, I had blue eyes when I was younger Now I'm 9 sitting here commenting with green eyes and a brown circle around my pupil Crazy, Right!?
david mccann
david mccann Month ago
I've used a square toliet
My grandmother and younger sister.Both are born in leap year(29 Feb,1954&29 Feb 2012)
Test Subject
Test Subject Month ago
"Finally someone understand my taste 🍍+🍕= good pizza."
BRIKFANZ Month ago
I actually had a fear of watermelon seeds when I was 5, for a good reason to...
Goldifrogg Month ago
Well, I’m a leftie so I’m happy :)
Lino's Rose
Lino's Rose Month ago
0:02 I still believe this tho
Jenna Turner
Jenna Turner Month ago
I just drank coffee while watching this. "20% of coffee mugs contain fecal matter"
Yuri Lynne Teodoro
0:09 I actually never did 2:43 it did hurt,Do you even use your nails to pinch just like your mom pinched you? 3:31 You didn't know?
No name
No name Month ago
2:42 so what does it mean when it does?
Chi N.P.
Chi N.P. Month ago
You can see your nose at all times that is not fake
GoldxnPlays Month ago
If companies were honest tiktok: because bentellect needs to laugh
CurlyHeadGirl Month ago
Lol my mom was born on a leap day
Naziha Daagi
Naziha Daagi Month ago
0:19 i literally was paying a lot of attention when eating watermelon!!!
Archer B
Archer B Month ago
Lol I am on a leap day and I jumped when I heard that that’s crazy
Angeline Velazquez
Is a chicken patty just a big chicken nugget?
Kailani Month ago
I feel so special I am left handed 😀
L Green
L Green Month ago
i used to think i moved eletricity
Jenifer Lautenbach
I was born on a leap year :D
sajila majid
sajila majid Month ago
I am left haded 😎😎😎😂😂✌️✌️
Fahad S
Fahad S Month ago
2:18... I send this to my all besties... They are like : WTF.!!...... anyway.
Aulia Rizki Aribowo
4:09 your a psychopath
E E Month ago
I *was* supposed to come out on a leap day, but my mother decided that I come 1 day earlier
Sayori Month ago
Fun fact: If you water, water, it grows.