These Fake Animated Stories Have To Be Stopped (My Story Animated) 

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I have said several times before that these fake animated story channels are getting worse and worse, but now i am asking politely for them to stop. fingers crossed, but i'm optimistic.

Last Video On Animated Stories
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Video On Actually Happened
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Video On My Story Animated
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Dec 13, 2019




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Claudia Tealeaf
Claudia Tealeaf 19 hours ago
It’s called the placebo effect my guy, he was lonely, drank the poison that he thought would work, it did nothing and probably was piss, but due to him thinking it would do something he gains confidence and thinks he can do what it said he could do and..I guess he got lucky?
Casey Coker
Casey Coker 4 days ago
I think the pool one is stolen from a plot point in the first season of Glee.
Sammie Shin
Sammie Shin 7 days ago
Lmfao why is the way the girl is talking in the last vid so *awkward*
Jack • 50 years later
His disease was actually a stand
Eddie Fairbanks
Eddie Fairbanks 13 days ago
19:04 bars
yoshimasterleader 15 days ago
I love how the art style for a couple of these are just Miis.
Ozma Richardson
Ozma Richardson 15 days ago
Ah licked mah leeips
Patrick Carlos
Patrick Carlos 16 days ago
I’ve filled thirty small bottles with bleach and labeled them “drink to attract women” and left them at bars in small bags. I’m glad to see one of them has paid off
Rick Astley Gaming
Rick Astley Gaming 17 days ago
Rosé All Day
Rosé All Day 17 days ago
“My mom left my dad when I was just a baby” *fully grown adult sitting in a crib*
Finn Gober
Finn Gober 18 days ago
i was a young man trying to make it in the restaurant industry, but i couldn’t cook. But then, a rat pulled my hair i could make ratatouille to perfection.
xxcoolman 897
xxcoolman 897 20 days ago
help reach 500 with no vids
Right as you said "her name was Velma" i subbed instantly
Skanda Tiwari
Skanda Tiwari 22 days ago
i used to watch these when was 7 and i didn't try to make sense from it and now i can tell really good stories(most are fiction). so thought these were fiction until i saw ur vids. now i know what influenced me when i was nine was THIS
Amiga 1000
Amiga 1000 23 days ago
Drink to get food poisoning also if it's 1 in a billion then almost 8 people have this
Roman Emperor In A Low Temperature
8:52 : WHMIS and the GHS are quaking right now 🤣
nathan young
nathan young 23 days ago
that flow gat damn
Jess O-birdy
Jess O-birdy 23 days ago
Beckett Hofkins
Beckett Hofkins 24 days ago
that rat girl is just straight up rat catcher 2
Mitch 24 days ago
the last part of the video makes u loooks like u want to kill ur self lmao
Dark Pit675
Dark Pit675 25 days ago
It's not fake it's dump and i hate it
Alex Nitro Namtip
Alex Nitro Namtip 25 days ago
The last one acts like ratcatcher from the suicide squad
XxwesleyxX 25 days ago
I like their channel ngl
you worry?
you worry? 25 days ago
19:04 literal poetry i-
Female Person
Female Person 25 days ago
(21:55) and when she complains to her father, who famously has the largest biceps know to mankind-
Benjamin Stevens
Benjamin Stevens 26 days ago
Why do people get fat whenever they run away?
Benjamin Stevens
Benjamin Stevens 26 days ago
Sounds like a one in a billion “ease”
ArmyGirl1021 27 days ago
My mom doesn't have her kidney-
Rono 27 days ago
rat catcher 2's secret origin story
Andy 28 days ago
on wednesday they wear pink.
Thuufuu 28 days ago
“Welcome to the bad times” Months away before the bad times truly began, Jarvis what have you done?
Sethu Zothe
Sethu Zothe 28 days ago
glee storyline?
princess in mittens
That voice is from another UStotal channel. I just cant remember the name. I remember now the man's voice is from facts verse.
Astor Tran
Astor Tran 28 days ago
He drank pee. He definitely drank pee
Papa Scorch
Papa Scorch 28 days ago
Biology and basic science: exist These animated story channels:I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that
Shampooboots 29 days ago
The Popular Girls! Taya, she is the blonde and the leader Rachel she is also blonde and the leader Other girls, they're there too The Popular Girls ruin the day. Starting crime, Trying to end the world Here they come just in time, The Popular Girls! Starting crime, Trying to end the world Here they come just in time, The Popular Girls! POPULAR!
Yovanii Red
Yovanii Red Month ago
Every one of us has that one story from one of these things that we all know was pure convoluted tripe, and made us unsubscribe.
The Other Guy
The Other Guy Month ago
Jarvis with the essential elements book in the background
Jude Cooper-Budz
i'm sorry to be That Bitch™, but......is *no one* going to talk about the frowney faces drawn upon the step mother's boobage?
Ghost Meme
Ghost Meme Month ago
Ghost Meme
Ghost Meme Month ago
The pool one made me burst out laughing
Punky Jewster
Punky Jewster Month ago
“Whimpering at my existence and wishing to escape, even though I’d barely spent moments in this god forsaken universe.” _I AM GOING TO PISS_ With my real, Authentic human body
Punky Jewster
Punky Jewster Month ago
Was I Supposed To Be Their Human Mouse Lab by Panic! At The Disco
Punky Jewster
Punky Jewster Month ago
“Because adults can’t be trusted in Disney movies.” _FUCKING TAKE IT👑👑👑_
Punky Jewster
Punky Jewster Month ago
My mom punished me for my dad cheating on her :) Hey. Hey. I’m gonna fight your imaginary mom.
Punky Jewster
Punky Jewster Month ago
They gotta stop drawin the kids like that dude. They gotta stop doing that. This is really not okay.
Punky Jewster
Punky Jewster Month ago
I mean missing out on Harry Potter and james cordon wasn’t a loss it turns out
SomeFamousDude Month ago
Plot twist: every single one of those channels is the same exact person working their way up to 100 channels for the clout
Itachi Kai
Itachi Kai Month ago
"Your mom can protect you too" Are we just being intentionally obtuse about the fact that even an averagely strong male is physically capable of completely overpowering most women? No, your mom can't protect you in the hood unless she has a gun.
the wubboxes
the wubboxes Month ago
P
the wubboxes
the wubboxes Month ago
✨I ✨just ✨want ✨to ✨say ✨if ✨this ✨prank ✨failed ✨for ✨you ✨congratulations ✨your✨ ✨smart✨🎉
WolfyHatter Month ago
The first ever one is story booth
EdgeKaeru Month ago
What if it's all the same person behind these channels and now they're rich
Hydro Wreck
Hydro Wreck Month ago
The magic alcohol person sounds like the guy from facts verse
Ellie Kaufman
Ellie Kaufman Month ago
That first story is just Jessica Jones.
Gaming Bears
Gaming Bears Month ago
I made 100 channels and sub on all and viewed a video on each
Noobiamyes Month ago
Logan Scott Colton
"The cat wasn't as stupid as I was" -me any time I interact with a cat
Thomas Wallace
Thomas Wallace Month ago
Why does she have such tiny T rex arms
spamton Month ago
my dog got my fish pregnant so my dad murdered my aunt
ju ju
ju ju Month ago
I'm mad now bc of the last story lol it makes NO SENSE AT ALL
Emily Ivy
Emily Ivy Month ago
Honestly the funniest part about the organ stealing part of the last story is that Brownie didn't even bite the dudes ear off, he just bit it hard enough to bleed. If it was bitten off then I could understand the reaction but like. Bro you just got a little rat bite and you steal *organs* cmon...
Tristan Smith
Tristan Smith Month ago
"I grew up in a very dangerous nieborhood" me:dam Illinois
slushiie Month ago
12:54 **looks at every character i've ever written** hahA yEah,, very rare so extremely rare!
Twilight Sparkle
Called herself a snack also her: says she 11
Mary Comiskey
Mary Comiskey Month ago
7:00 Why is nobody talking about the fact that the narrator is the dude from Bright Side?!
cringeboy123 Month ago
Yoda Month ago
jarvis, your lip movements are scary
Simpaly fidgets
Simpaly fidgets Month ago
. . . . . . .
Hilda Ottosson
Hilda Ottosson Month ago
Like these are so fake its really not good cause they are spreading fake knowledge.....
Dr chocolate milk
10:17 lvl100 Walk animation
Molly Month ago
"who wrote these scripts?" reddit did. i'm fully convinced these were *all* once posts on reddit first.
Cin2Win Month ago
Wait, is the guy from the 1 in a billion disease video the guy from TheRichest? *The plot thickens*
Jessica Nicole
Jessica Nicole Month ago
You actually can get pregnant from a swimming pool if you have sex in it
Hi I’m a random weeb with a nezuko profile pic
The last one is just Pokémon kicked out at a young age training a army of rats that nobody just beats with a golf club or something and literally everyone is trying to kill you or your pet
Alejandra Thatcher
Acheron Dragon Champion Acheron
"I caught a one in a billion disease" guy is the same announcer from factsverse😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mantis-Man The Great
"Hey, at least I have my append- oh wait."
JulesOnly Month ago
17:05 subtitles: "call Will Smith from Men in Black and done the white man memory clean." I'm pretty sure he said: "call Will Smith from Men in Black and tell him to wipe my memory clean."
FZ Month ago
I still don't get why they just call it FanFiction like ppl will believe it's better then calling it "Real/True Story"
Mpencett Month ago
why does pretty always mean white blond girl with blue eyes...is it just me because everyone they call pretty in this is a white blond girl with blue eyes
Mpencett Month ago
why was sauske so mean to velma I swear I paused the video after velma was introduced and typed this comment only for jarvis to immediately make the same joke after I pressed play
Poodle Spit
Poodle Spit Month ago
"My heads in my own ass about my looks, I GO to work but my boss didnt give me a bonus.. obvs jealous of my beauty 🤭🤭" Egomaniac
Cage Kid
Cage Kid Month ago
"Just because he'd bought me a McDonald's meal, didn't mean that I now owed him my kidney in return." - out of context quote
Bob Month ago
That's My Story is also similar
Official Sega Genesis
That first story (the one from three months ago) seemed exactly like the beginning of Avatar.
Shadow Cinix
Shadow Cinix Month ago
Sooooooo fake
Aoi 2 months ago
"How he became one of the richest people on earth, even though he was a stupid teenager." Oh, so he was Jack, and he grew a magical beanstalk.
Samridhi Jena
Samridhi Jena 2 months ago
These r just animated stories... y to take it so seriously
Skek Jay
Skek Jay 2 months ago
The rat girl is literally just Ratcatcher 2
Luna Nora
Luna Nora 2 months ago
Elisabeth straight up looks like a Mii
Temp Bauer
Temp Bauer 2 months ago
I too, was thinking “Bye Felicia” At least the girl wasn’t actually pregnant. That’s good! I mean she cldv actually gotten pregnant and think it was from swimming so...
Ryan Dombrowski
Ryan Dombrowski 2 months ago
These animation channels make ME want to yeet myself into a hole :(
Jenny Browning
Jenny Browning 2 months ago
I could listen to these all day! So hilarious!
Gwyneth Trafford
Gwyneth Trafford 2 months ago
Okay but what teenager calls themselves “a stupid teenager”
kateisuncomfortable 2 months ago
"at least you still have both your kidneys!" me with 1 working kidney "oh"
wingnut 2 months ago
wingnut 2 months ago
7:05 isnt he the bright side narrator
Doom Spidey
Doom Spidey 2 months ago
We not gonna talk about how good jarvis is at freestyling
Anti-Mattering 2 months ago
First story is literally just Purple Man.
WalkWe 2
WalkWe 2 2 months ago
19:50 amogus
knaughty knight
knaughty knight 2 months ago
Damn bro Jarvis got bars
Kathryn Solomon
Kathryn Solomon 2 months ago
well, i hate to be a party pooper, but i had WAY too much time on my hands and looked up the richest person in every state and sadly, none of them were married to someone named sophie. i'm so sorry if this news causes anyone distress or shock, but i thought i'd share my knowledge. this is a shock to me as well, i'm so sorry for breaking this news to you. i hope, in time, you may come to terms with this knowledge. xx 😔
Misty Rose
Misty Rose 2 months ago
Bro, I'm not kidding. I narrated stories like these for a channel for awhile on Fiverr. Just a way to make money. Now I'm scared you've listened to my voice at some point xD
Furry Trash the movie
27:40 I only have one kidney 😔 but I do have a rat
TimmyToo Turtleson
TimmyToo Turtleson 2 months ago
I too got pregnant while swimming with my friends. I am a male however.
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Instagram Boomers