The Worst Talk Show Host Is Still On The Air (Jerry Springer) 

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Jul 21, 2021




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A Mom Called Quest
A Mom Called Quest 8 hours ago
Yah know whats kinda messed up…as a kid of the 00’s the Jerry Springer Show was the first place I ever saw a cis person openly accept a trans person for who they are and acknowledge they were romantically and sexually attracted to them.
dumbass 2 days ago
thank you for this video now im addicted to this showLMAO every short clip got me wanting more holy shit. it looks so staged but also real like what the fuck where do they get these people LOL
the government is bees
jarvis, different name means different username
dsillsevans 2 days ago
How could you go this whole video and not mention Ringmaster, the Jerry Springer movie?!?
So guys we did it
-------2:50 this is a certified Yub moment
Reginald Hardrick
Do you honestly not find this show hilarious?
Nikki Wooden
Nikki Wooden 4 days ago
Considering that he paid for sex work with a check, I think he actually needed someone to explain FWB to him like he's 5.
TheFangirlOtaku 5 days ago
You should talk about my underappreciated homegirl Judge Judy next
Kayla Henry
Kayla Henry 5 days ago
I used to love this show growing up, it was just so freaking ridiculous ! 🤣
tobin bh
tobin bh 5 days ago
Brooooooo!!! Have you seen the "Jerry beads" videos...it's whole other level of madness on the set at Jerry..tits out for carnival beads!!???
frog crow
frog crow 7 days ago
I dont get it. I always thought these were parody
Wisterialistic𓆉 10 days ago
5:18 the fact that that just put on my glasses
no thankyou
no thankyou 11 days ago
My aunt's ex-bf, his then gf, and some other guy went on jerry springer in the 90s. Classic trailer park crackheads whose threesome turned into actual infidelity. but it was staged. nearly everything on these shows are fake. also anyone remember when he had the kkk on? like?????
StrangerOf The206
StrangerOf The206 12 days ago
“BOOOWoowoowoowoow!!!” 😂 😂 😂 That auto tune at the end made me laugh way more than it should of lol. MORE AUTOTUNE BOOOOW!!!! 😆
Rob Robinson
Rob Robinson 13 days ago
Jerry kinda looks like Jimmy Dore these days. Even sounds a little like him. Huh.
Tony B.
Tony B. 13 days ago
No he's doing this in CT!?
It’s Just Andrea
It’s Just Andrea 15 days ago
Jarvis:If you want to get me,trapped inside of a vital body here’s the link.It helps me a lot and it could help you. Me:wow!Will it help my mental health?
Bibs P
Bibs P 16 days ago
Im convinced that Jerry is Dionysus in disguise; that show was a riot. Its completely indefensible, so at least he doesnt try but holy crap it was huge
Taylor York
Taylor York 17 days ago
Not to mention, they are paid, thus making them actors.
Marco Rose
Marco Rose 17 days ago
1:32 Chef John?
StrangerOf The206
StrangerOf The206 12 days ago
My name chef
Apple Farm
Apple Farm 18 days ago
I loved that show
Mr Flores
Mr Flores 18 days ago
I like to watch Jarvis videos, but the content is just awful(the content he reacts to) i just can't. I might go to D'Angelo Wallace and watch his videos
Mehrdad Mirshamsi
Mehrdad Mirshamsi 18 days ago
I kinda like that he is so unapologetic
montse sarabia
montse sarabia 19 days ago
The fact I used to watch this guy when I was 10…
Daniel A Millar
Daniel A Millar 19 days ago
I know people who went on Springer. It was hilariously fake. The real life girlfriend was playing the other woman. And the fake girlfriend ended up leaving him for another girl, who was real life bi but was also in a real life relationship with someone not on the show. Just all pretend with no passing resemblance to reality
Noah Gruner
Noah Gruner 19 days ago
Are we gonna get a Steve Wilcos video soon ??
TykoZx 19 days ago
I used to watch this show and laugh I never took jerry or Maury seriously
Gabrielle 20 days ago
mayor of Cincinnati??
Dio 20 days ago
8:28 poke ball dress
Dust 20 days ago
What are you wearing Jarvis from State Farm?
Bow Tie Boy
Bow Tie Boy 20 days ago
2:50 why was that good?
ruggala 20 days ago
sorry jarvis you come off as a pearl clutcher here. getting offended by a spinning plates guy without elaborating beyond that.
Backruborbust 20 days ago
Saw him @ Mardi Gras in 98. He did not get to see these tatas
We Are One
We Are One 21 day ago
I'd love to see Jarvis cover Jerry's gameshow Baggage
Tenko. 21 day ago
“And now I can never die” Well thats going to age well isnt it
BlazeFire 21 day ago
I discovered the Jerry Springer Show when I was a kid flicking through channels on a limited TV package while I was away from home and couldn't stop laughing at the insanity. I later energetically described it to my dad (without knowing the name) and he realized what it was and was like oh no....
ChunKySquare 22 days ago
2:45 you can thank yourself for singing taht because I WANNA BUY THE F’N TOY and that “I wanna see him go, Woah” WAS ON FIRE BRUH❤️‍🔥
Joylyn Garcia
Joylyn Garcia 23 days ago
not jarvis hating on jerry springer 😔
Bully Biscuit
Bully Biscuit 23 days ago
I would pay to watch Judge Jarvis
Tristan Renee
Tristan Renee 24 days ago
Judge Rinder is a good one to watch. He's a British dude
hol ♡︎
hol ♡︎ 24 days ago
i threw up watching this- it’s because i’m ill but- i’m blaming jerry
zeffery 25 days ago
Years ago, somewhere in my stupid kid head, I mixed up Jerry Springer and Jerry Seinfeld. And I thought there was a Jerry Springfield.
CrackingCody 25 days ago
Jerry is just far too obviously fake for me to enjoy.
cottoncandyclouds 26 days ago
I'm really surprised no commentary UStotalr has talked about Jerry Springer's other show, Baggage yet. I remember secretly watching it when I was younger and looking back on it, it was really weird
Memetress 26 days ago
My family saw Jerry live, it's all fake with actors. Clearly lol still scummy
Carange Russell
Carange Russell 27 days ago
Can we get that singing part on Spotify pls
SALAMI LID 27 days ago
We stan the circus guy in the background of the JS show🔥
Tyler Wilkins
Tyler Wilkins 28 days ago
My cousin was on Jerry Springer
DaNewWrksOfMeh Month ago
Anyone remember being in middle school and hearing that one kid chant "JERRY JERRY" when two kids were fighting? Sure to get a laugh everytime
Tribal Fuse
Tribal Fuse Month ago
0:39 is that you, Jarvis Johnson?
non nonyabuisness
I remember when I was a teenager we had a family get together to watch the episode my cousin was in. She was an election day stripper, stripin' for democracy.
JTRevs Month ago
Adam is clearly a user of the Dennis System
D Generic
D Generic Month ago
Don't diss Steve Wilcos! He's the talk show host of the future? Well, it's always great when the host himself is throwing furniture and telling people, "Get the HELL off my stage!" And people get arrested after his show for real. So... kinda better?
Hashvingit Kaur
Hashvingit Kaur Month ago
I stopped watching this last year. Its a trash show lol can't believe I found this entertaining
Temp Bauer
Temp Bauer Month ago
I love that Jarvis the same age as my 2nd son from my first marriage tells the same jokes and has the same sense of humor as my current hubby (#3). My current hubby is almost 70!
j-kub Month ago
bruh those two people are engaged now💀
Don Wick
Don Wick Month ago
Someone tell that mic gotta get it
Levi Aaron
Levi Aaron Month ago
It was a different time. Jerry Springer was a show where you might actually catch someone you know in an episode. When there was no social media, you only cared what your friends and neighbors thought, and they knew what you were really like. You get a free vacation, go on TV, do some 'Acting', and maybe even get paid. Then go home to brag about how you got to be on national TV. We were all losers, but the one who got to be on TV that one time, even if it was for something dumb, they were the cool losers.
Christoph Southwell
Thank you Jarvis, for saving me tiny little, absolutely pinhole sized eyes from violence. Much appreciated.
abs0lute_l0s3r Month ago
18:22 identity theft is not a joke, jim.
Rakoon Month ago
He sounded so defeated when he said starring Jake from State farm
George Peralta
George Peralta Month ago
What’s your mic
Z Month ago
The intro w the mini auto tune was dope
darkrulerbob Month ago
Btw I had no idea judge Jerry existed. It reminds me of the trails from idiocracy.
darkrulerbob Month ago
I love Jerry Springer. It reminds me that it could ALWAYS be worse. ALWAYS. And it's funny and sad. And I like that emotion.
Animefan764 Month ago
My grandma would constantly hate-watch this when I was at least 3.
Jeneziz Month ago
Can you butcher my name Jarvis Johnson?
Gabby San
Gabby San Month ago
Mom: honey, what do you want for your birthday? Child: Jarvis Johnson trapped in a vinyl body. Mom: you’re, sure you don’t want like a… lego set? Child: I said what I wanted.
rip the lord's love
My very mentally ill aunt was on the show 😭 I can’t find the episode online but I can find the opening picture with her in it
Daniel Carlson
Daniel Carlson Month ago
The only good thing JS brought us was the west Virginia ninja, Daimon Dave
Praharsh k studios
Petition for the full single release of jerry springer
Birthquake Records
I had a couple friends go on the Springer show. They confirmed it’s totally fake and basically scripted. Springer claiming his show is about “real people” is absolutely ridiculous.
Violet Meliora
Violet Meliora Month ago
Identity theft is not a joke, Jim!
J R McKim
J R McKim Month ago
I love Steve Wilkos. He doesn't take shit from the people on his show and doesnt just make drama. He also helps out lots of troubled teens thru his show. I have a lot of respect for Steve.
Dark Rainbow
Dark Rainbow Month ago
My friend has dental, a 401k, and an annual bonus. It’s so awesome having a friend with benefits.
Benny O'Reilly
Benny O'Reilly Month ago
Honestly his show baggage is one of the best dating shows of all time
Mark Lehman
Mark Lehman Month ago
That's the whole point jarvis😂😂 they leaned into the absolute circus that it was😂😂
Jesse Lewis
Jesse Lewis Month ago
Ngl that youtooz is the only one ive seen that id actually spend money on. Looks great!
Milhouse Vanhoutan
He's totally qualified to be an arbitrator which is all those "judges" are. The show is a binding arbitration and the "judge" is a lawyer who a member of the bar in good standing acting as the arbitrator.
Milhouse Vanhoutan
I think the real core legacy of the Jerry Springer Show, and this is not due to Jerry having intelligently engineered it, is its a demonstration what humans will take in as spectacle and what negative things we will encourage as long as we get entertainment. I think this is most evident in the episodes involving individuals who are LGBT. Not only do they face a general increase in being victims of violent crime in the sociological sense, there was a specific murder that took place when a man revealed his feelings to his straight friend. This didn't happen on Jerry Springer but Jenny Jones. Despite a person losing their life the format didn't go away. The crowds continued to play their part as the private (domestic disputes, violence) was dragged into the public and LGBT individuals, women, and even male participants were reduced to stereotype and objects for us to gawk at. They cheered on the fights, they booed the appropriate parties, and wanted to be flashed. Then all of that was distilled including the crowd becoming another stereotype and object (brainless masses who enjoy what they see) into the show, and the show did fucking numbers. What does that say about us?
bradym1 Month ago
As mayor of Cincinnati, Jerry got caught with a prostitute because he paid her with a check ... that bounced
well hello there
oh wait until you hear about jeremy kyle, jarvis
Rift Logic
Rift Logic Month ago
Plate spinning is a reference to the term "plate", which means a woman used only for sex.
Francheska Exists
Some friends of mine got payed to go on jetty Springer and pretend their was a weird love triangle with tons of violence and abuse lol . Realistically it was a happily married loving couple and the wives best friend lol . The husband's dead now and I heard jerry springers ppl contacted wife offering money to come back on the show and "blame the other girl" and it wasn't a death that could have been blamed .
Francheska Exists
When I say they were payed to be there I mean like , absolutely every expense covered , ciggerets , sight seeing before and after show, everything payed for
Francheska Exists
Oh and they were encouraged to come to set drunk , alcohol payed for and everything
Abi B
Abi B Month ago
i felt that "Wo(echo...)" 3:01 😂
Szen Mæythe
Szen Mæythe Month ago
I always wondered why youtubers make vinyl figurines of themselves, but immortality spell makes sense. The more you know.
Pati Silence
Pati Silence Month ago
Oh wow, I remember watching this show at 1:00 am when I was ten with lektor because I couldn't sleep.
Emster234 Month ago
You know all these skits are fake right? People go on these shows to act like trash, not to be serious.
Shakazbee Month ago
So your telling me this man is an EX mayor of my town- no- no thanks-
montse sarabia
montse sarabia Month ago
I never liked the fact that trans people were always made fun of on the show. Like, they would describe themselves as the gender that they don’t even identify as like if a trans woman came out into the room and be like “im a man” or “I was born a man” and the fighting would start. Jerry never did anything about it.
montse sarabia
montse sarabia Month ago
Obviously, it’s staged but there might have been actual trans people on the show and got made fun of. I see so many transphobic comments on the videos too which shows that Jerry doesn’t care what his “fanbase” does.
celia thirimanna
jerry springer and i have the same birthday, but like he’s ancient so
Dave Booshty
Dave Booshty Month ago
Jarvis Action Figures and Playsets Should be totally next I say.
Quater Circle Strife
Honestly, never seen a full episode of Jerry Springer, from New Zealand. Didn't really get into that sought of reality show I guess, but watching this again sort of makes me think of people in the family who just bring negative vibes all the time like don't know If I want them at my wedding sort of thing coz its just sleazy but he's making money too. Not for me. Good vid though brought back some memories of daytime shows when I was a kid pre youtube lol.
Ratcum _
Ratcum _ Month ago
Wait, is he Jake from Statefarm?
lilnallie05 Month ago
I swear you sounded like T-pain I was expecting to hear “all I do is win win win no matter what”
Looking In With Victor B
I could have gone my whole life without Jordan telling me about Judge Jerry. (P.S. yes, that is a facial hair joke)
Carolyn Choate
I've seen white girls that are way more thicc lol
Lauren Barber
Lauren Barber Month ago
One time I was at my grandparents house and the TV somehow accidentally got changed to Jerry’s show, and my grandpa freaked out when he noticed all the strippers and changed the channel and said “Jerry Springer is evil, him and satan are brothers”
Lauren Barber
Lauren Barber Month ago
Does anyone else want to date Jarvis
Rodney Trotter
Rodney Trotter Month ago
Jeremy Kyle next
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