The Worst Dating Show on Television Is Falling Apart (The Bachelor) 

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the most dramatic season yet

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Apr 16, 2021




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Comments 3 017   
Jarvis Johnson
Jarvis Johnson 6 months ago
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PhysicalROFL 3 months ago
@I'mFrenchSilkPie 1
External Elf
External Elf 3 months ago
@Alcorenix l lol ok
Anjali Devarapalli
Anjali Devarapalli 4 months ago
@forestツ Thank youu and have a great day!
forestツ 4 months ago
@Anjali Devarapalli haha thanks! i think(?) i can say it now! :D have a good rest of your day, this was fun! :)
Anjali Devarapalli
Anjali Devarapalli 4 months ago
@forestツ Omg I love this comment! So basically it’s “an (which sounds like un in “until”), ja (the “ju” in “just”), li (as in the lea in leap, good job for getting that right!) And then it’s dev (which sounds EXACTLY like “they’ve”), ar (like the “ur” in “urn”), ra (like the “ru” in “run”), pa (like “ru” in “run” except with a p), lli (like the lea in leap) If u didn’t notice, every time there’s an “a” it’s basically pronounced like a “u” lol. Thanks for caring and I hope this helps!
fayecandraw 2 days ago
LyssaGames 9 days ago
He’s talking about 2018 like it’s 1988 wtf.
LyssaGames 9 days ago
Still wishing Mike from Hannah B’s season was a bachelor… Oh okay I got to the part where you said Mike right after I made this comment 😂 Glad we agree
Jessica Hebin
Jessica Hebin 10 days ago
Aw cute! I'm from Florida! I didnt know there were other sane people here! ... that's probably why you left. *I should note: there are plenty of good people here in FL, but pretty much all of us are weird and/or wild.
Leo Fuckballs
Leo Fuckballs 10 days ago
"THE BACHELOR IS... BLACK???" slow news day? 💀
Jace Checkeye
Jace Checkeye 11 days ago
16:55 had me gasping for air
Eddie Fairbanks
Eddie Fairbanks 12 days ago
I just think of it as a HUGE nearly loveless one sided polyamory relationship
bun MAN
bun MAN 19 days ago
Guys I think Jarvis likes taisha
Ellie 20 days ago
aw cmon why couldn't Jake from State Farm be the actual first black backelor
Ember Hermin
Ember Hermin 20 days ago
Full offense but claiming that a pre civil war theme is a "bad look" of slavery is like saying a medieval theme is a "bad look" because of serfdom or the crusades or the inquisition or whatever Basically it's rockfuck stupid
tree music
tree music 27 days ago
all those guys look almost exactly the same lmfao pretty much no variety
Kristian179 27 days ago
part 2 has to be about The Bachelor of Paradise
Rai Music
Rai Music 29 days ago
“I love you” “That’s nice” THE SAME ENERGY!
Soviet Boy
Soviet Boy Month ago
New hot conspiracy theory every one who watches the batchlor/ette are raccoons
Kylee Trenton
Kylee Trenton Month ago
i'm going to need more context to whatever happened at 16:56
Savannah Month ago
You should play Roblox and you look so much like Jake from StateFarm.
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer Month ago
The ‘a’ stands for antebellum 💀
Shir Levin
Shir Levin Month ago
Does anyone find it weird that they keep advertising him as “the first black bachelor” when he’s not really black. I didn’t watch the bachelor, so correct me if I’m wrong but he’s biracial half black- half white, isn’t he? His mom certainly looks white
Yeetgod Mcneckass
“First black bachelor” *is mainly sidelined for pointless toxic drama amongst contestants* hm...weird
emms Month ago
“and you rely on me to tell you about it” actually king, bold of you to assume i haven’t watched the entire show four times over
Tony Month ago
What if they just wanted to wear fancy dresses and drink tea or some crap? Did they sit there talking about black people and being less human than white people or something? I'm so tired of every little action being picked apart. Nobody can live happily like that. And as far as the escort thing, I thought that wasn't a big issue anymore? Shouldn't she have been proud to be counted as that or anything? Just goes to show you that it's not right and not normal. 1 I don't condone sex workers, 2 I'm Puerto Rican and 3 keep your arguments to yourself I don't care. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I'm so done with this planet.
Thomas Wallace
Thomas Wallace Month ago
Did you make the fucking thwomp sound with your mouth
Brylis Stormscourge
oh man i didn't know that tumblr banning porn in 2018, leading to a mass exodus of young people with progressive and leftist off the site and onto other sites like twitter, led to antebellum parties not being okay within the short span of 3 years way to go us
HerHollyness Month ago
Wow, people would be up in ARMS if this show was on in the UK. We now have a big thing about treating contestants on reality shows right since three people involved with Love Island took their own lives (not directly because of the show, but it caused everyone to take a step back and really ask whether we treat these people right). Now mental health and general well-being of contestants is a big priority. It has to be.
DJ Karma
DJ Karma Month ago
damn what a trainwreck....... is it still goin? 😁
RAJPOD 2 months ago
white man explains race to a black woman 💀
Nikolai Estrella
Nikolai Estrella 2 months ago
12:24 "" Cybernetic Church Ushers" would be a great name for a metal band.
Jvvg Sghhy
Jvvg Sghhy 2 months ago
Ummm 2018 was 3 f××× years ago chris not 1950 Jesus Christ
Nelson Smith
Nelson Smith 2 months ago
I swear a gay bachelor/bachelorette would be more interesting: the contestants could hook up to add to more drama, the characters would generally be more interesting, etc.
épinards & caramel
épinards & caramel 2 months ago
12:44 Uh-oh!
kitty-chan 2 months ago
why does the girl with the "personal pleasure device" have to have my name Im going to go cry now
Emelie Talledo
Emelie Talledo 2 months ago
“The A stands for Antebellum” I’m sorry but that was hilarious. Other than that, thank you for a clever video.
Sean Shimamoto
Sean Shimamoto 2 months ago
Holy fμck, Matt James is 🔥🔥🔥!
J R McKim
J R McKim 2 months ago
I must have missed the invites to the antebellum parties in my town.... hmm maybe because my german mother married a native american man... and I wasn't "white" enough. My mom was pretty awesome though.. my grandparents were racist af but my mom married my dad anyway and had 4 kids. My grandmother tried to turn me against my own race... and even told me I couldn't be friends with black people. My best friend was black.. and she became my first girlfriend... so jokes on you grandma... she wasn't my friend very long.. ✌🏻
J R McKim
J R McKim 2 months ago
And in case you guys are wondering we broke up but continued to be best friends to this day... 18 years later. My grandmother told me to never trust her but after 18 years she's the 1 person I trust with my life and who has been there for me. We are Godparents to each others children. Im so thankful for her. Really blessed to have such an amazing friend. I want to add that my grandmother repented for her sins. I am not defending her at all. My grandfather wasnt racist and would yell at my grandmother in German when she said anything racist. So my grandfather had Parkinson's and was bedridden. After a while my grandmother had to hire home health nurses to help her with him. Some of these nurses and nurses aids were black. Parkinson's has a slow progression. So these people were there alot with her. I don't think my grandmother ever took the time to really talk to anyone of color. Over the 5 years my grandfather was really sick these nurses and cnas reached out to my grandmother even though they knew she was racist. They would invite her to bingo every Tuesday night. Doesn't seem like much but my grandmother very rarely got a break from caregiving. She never trusted anyone alone with him. Even her nurse practitioner daughter and 2 granddaughters with nursing degrees. So anyway after a few years of knowing these wonderful ladies, my grandmother admitted to being racist in the beginning and actually asked for their forgiveness. She cried and told them how wrong she was and how much her life could've been better if she would have changed decades ago. In 2019 my grandmother was dying of Alzheimer's and these same ladies took care of her. A few weeks before she died, she asked one of them if she was forgiven. My grandmother cried and held the lady's hand.. it was actually very moving moment. The lady did forgive her and told her not to worry. That was one of the last times my grandmother had awareness. Anyway sorry for my life's story.. I think there's truth to what Jarvis says about the Dhar Mann videos .. People aren't "fixed" by a simple interaction. It takes time. It took my grandmother 5+ years to understand that racism is wrong and that we are all equals.
Saint Nitrous Productions
kind of ounds like the host went to one of those rachael parties
Fadedmate3143 2 months ago
I'm white, and my dad wasn't there all my life, and even I would be very upset if they brought my father on the show
robman789 2 months ago
how... the fuck is it that the first black Bachelor is in 2021?? I thought the first black bachelorette in what was that 2018(?) was wild but holy fucking shit.
Grace Carol
Grace Carol 2 months ago
I think dressing up for a sorority event and actually espousing racist views are totally different. I understand that slavery was an unfathomably horrific stain on our country’s history, but there is not a person alive today who can be personally blamed for it, nor a person alive today who suffered under its burden. But why draw any distinction when we can instead begin seeing red and accusing white man of being bad? 👌 and yes, it is deeply unfortunate that Matt and Rachel were overwhelmed with abusive messages, but please remember that all of this trouble is born in a make believe world in which drama is manufactured for the sake of views. Dear Bachelor Execs, stop digging up pointless non-issues and other people won’t end up with hurt feelings and inboxes full of hateful messages.
Maaarble 2 months ago
Yo y'all should check out the comedy show "Burning Love." The female contestants include an elderly woman, a lady who never wears pants, and a lesbian who is not into the bachelor at all. (content warning: there's a cis man cast as one of the female contestants and the vibes are transphobic)
Autumn Wright
Autumn Wright 2 months ago
"Cybernetically enhanced church usher" Okay now I have to subscribe
「ryan 」
「ryan 」 2 months ago
Rebecca S.
Rebecca S. 2 months ago
Jarvis please we're begging you, do love island next 🥺
Stacie Mohler
Stacie Mohler 2 months ago
9:41 what a small town only 2.7 million people
SANS 9001
SANS 9001 2 months ago
3:10 whomp sound
B F 2 months ago
I feel like matt's brother was just sixteenleo cast to play the family.
King Potato
King Potato 2 months ago
Zara A
Zara A 2 months ago
"Oh no I before I was lying and it was a complete and total disaster." *Evil laugh* This Is why I love Jarvis
Kayla Allen
Kayla Allen 2 months ago
"t h a n k y o u f o r s h a r i n g t h a t w i t h m e t o n i g h t" Edit: 16:57 omg im dying 😭😭😭😭 17:51 "she feels god in this wendys tonight or whatever" i canttt im laughing too much 💀 18:46 his face i canttttt ....Tho your video is making laugh i can't get over how damaging this show seems to actually be....they handled the racism so terribly............
Fauzaan Jacobs
Fauzaan Jacobs 2 months ago
Lol tyler perry live
Peter Kelly
Peter Kelly 2 months ago
The producers chose to air Anna’s baseless rumor which turned what could have been an easily dismissed bad faith act into so much more. The show should take responsibility.
Felicity Smoak
Felicity Smoak 2 months ago
Wait, Danny Gonzales and Jarvis Johnson both went to the same college?
Sean Mills
Sean Mills 2 months ago
I don't even like the Batchelor and I find these videos very entertaining
Florence Simpson
Florence Simpson 2 months ago
Why does matt sound like toby from the office?
Ragmatical Rachel
Ragmatical Rachel 2 months ago
Rachel Lindsay seems beautiful inside and out.
Kathleen T
Kathleen T 2 months ago
Sarah is actually a really nice person in real life. This show is low key frustrating.
Dreamerdoes_is_love 2 months ago
2018 was 3 years ago the fuck, I may have been having an multiple years long existential crisis in 2018 but I sure as heck wasn’t attending antebellum parties. It is so wild that he said that to a Black woman on television in 2021 no less. 🙄😳😑
Dustin Lester
Dustin Lester 2 months ago
Unpopular opinion: Not being able to portray a time period, because something terrible happened in that period, is soft, weak minded, and frankly looking for a reason to cry racism. Get mad about it. ✌
Zann Christo
Zann Christo 2 months ago
@Dustin Lester I'm not saying that they are celebrating, the girl in the interview said that and the guy defending the antebellum girl just brushed that off, so... Btw I know the difference between celebrating and recreating things, but that's the people in the video said, they said "celebrating"
Dustin Lester
Dustin Lester 2 months ago
@Zann Christo they weren't pretending to do anything relevant or celebratory of slavery. They were pretending to purely *exist* in a window of time, where many things and key points in history occurred. A turning point of a superpower nation took place in the decades considered "Antebellum". To only acknowledge that time as a period of slavery, and nothing else, is what is, in fact, racist and unacceptable.
Dustin Lester
Dustin Lester 2 months ago
@Zann Christo Acknowledging does not equate celebrating. Wasn't what was happening.
Zann Christo
Zann Christo 2 months ago
But... Hm... They were celebrating those times, not just portraying them. If that was the case, no WW2 movies would exist, or honestly, any war movie.
Logan Kordinak
Logan Kordinak 2 months ago
I don't know my father either Jarvis Let's be each other's dads
UFODaRockstar 2 months ago
Why the fuck the girl wit the vibrator from my state 20 minutes out😭
JulesOnly 2 months ago
"I'm single btw" made me blush👉🏻👈🏻
Ella Baier
Ella Baier 2 months ago
For the first time ever he is black
Ainsley Smith
Ainsley Smith 2 months ago
“I’m falling in love with you” Matt: Error Code 404
DCLUVSPIE 2 months ago
Holy shit Tayshia is perfect wtf...
Is At Sea
Is At Sea 2 months ago
It’s very telling that the producers think that it’s just interesting “controversy” to racially harm their contestants. Having to consistently face racial micro-aggressions is the top contributor to black fatigue, but the producers on the show thinks it’s fun.
Meowmii Gooberry
Meowmii Gooberry 2 months ago
good god
Lucipur 2 months ago
16:55 had me cackling, had to replay it like 10 times. You can already tell by the angle it's not going to end well, then the faceplant THUD killed me
Detictive Castiel Malfoy
I'd prefer a thank you to a fake I love you too
StarshipRanger5 3 months ago
i went to the same university as rachael around the same time, and she’s from my hometown! i didn’t know her at all, but i could have walked right past her. what a small world, lol
zachary berry
zachary berry 3 months ago
I doubt Antebellum parties are to celebrate slavery. It’s just a time to wear colorful dresses with lace. Just like a roaring 20s party isn’t a segregationist party. And intent 100% matters. Just because I it’s about a time period doesn’t mean it’s centered on whatever negative thing was occurring around then.. if someone was rocking a klan hood then yeah it’d be inappropriate.
Zann Christo
Zann Christo 2 months ago
My god, what is this? Someone with an actual good point? Well slap me in the ass and call me Susie I didn't think this would happen
Soledad Lalla
Soledad Lalla 3 months ago
JJ 3 months ago
Mayb we should call what Chris Harrison did “whitesplaining” don’t know if that’s a term or if there’s a term for what he did to Rachel defending Rachael.
OGravesNESM1 3 months ago
Meanwhile Chicago takes up like a whole half of Illinois
Rylee G
Rylee G 3 months ago
Jarvis why do you watch all of them if you hate them
Monica Morris
Monica Morris 3 months ago
You found a way to be insightful about such a stupid show. Bravo 👏🏽
lola is tired
lola is tired 3 months ago
I know this won’t happen but I want the next bachelorettes to marry each other, the ultimate girlboss moment.
Lissy Joycie
Lissy Joycie 3 months ago
may be he applied for the show and didnt get selected...
notorious infinite
notorious infinite 3 months ago
Jarvis is trying his best
Oluwaseun Fagbamila
Oluwaseun Fagbamila 3 months ago
so hell doesnt want to be with one white woman because shes too white and she doesn't understand the black experience, but he wants to be with the second white girl even though she was at an all white racial party. stop hiding behind your blackness and tell it like it is, the second girl is hotter.
Jen 3 months ago
So we’re just gonna skip over the fact that Jarvis said he was single 😢
Willow Wickertop
Willow Wickertop 3 months ago
You can’t convince me the bachelor producers don’t check every single social post of the contestants. After Rachel’s season, it seems like they realized that Lee Garett was a little too extreme for the drama they wanted to manufacture and just needed some diet racism. Something with *nuance*. It’s gross honestly, especially when you see who the backlash landed on.
Anna B.C.
Anna B.C. 3 months ago
I'm sorry the Bachelor has been on for what feels like 5 million years and they have all been white??? What the
Zoe Miller
Zoe Miller 3 months ago
jojo and jordan were the last good season.
Brenda Elena
Brenda Elena 3 months ago
As someone who was born and raised in Chicago, when that chick said "Chicago is small town", I damn near cracked my phone screen
ladyi7609 3 months ago
Ok, so you know when I started supporting the Black Lives Matter movement? All the way back at the beginning of 2015, when Mike Brown's death ate at me. Back then I was a mainstream libertarian who supported Ayn Rand, ffs; I was by no means even remotely leftist, yet I knew even then how racist the system was, is, and will be until we see some real systemic change. In 2018 I was much more leftist, had let my Libertarian Party membership lapse, gone fully independent, and thought just the same about race topics as I did in 2015. I think I may have spent a good four or five days in between 2015 and today meditating over the whole "digital minstrely" concept that came out in the middle of all that, but that's the only change I experienced to my perspective, and I no longer participate in such behavior. I am an "elder millennial" who graduated college years ago. There is literally zero excuse for anything racist/racial as recently as 2018 save for "I am a racist."
Brenna Riedy
Brenna Riedy 3 months ago
Jarvis, and anyone who liked this video, you need to watch UnReal on Hulu. It is so good, let me know what you think of it!
Jared Bezos
Jared Bezos 3 months ago
13:49 is he being for real? This man said in 2018 50 million people were like her and accepted racism. I had to hear that more then 3 times just to make sure I was hearing correctly.
Jared Bezos
Jared Bezos 3 months ago
9:44 did this broad really just say that Chicago is a small town? Wtf? Like ok I know how she meant it. She meant it as rumors spread fast. But even then, nooo. Lol I'm not going to hear about a stranger's problem on the Southside or even on North Ave, if I live way North, lol. That's not how it works. What she probably should've said was social media is a small towb, because there, rumors do spread rather quickly. She made it seem like Chicago is a town of 1,000 people. In which I would not be surprised if she actually believed that.
Chelsea LouWho
Chelsea LouWho 3 months ago
oh you're single? I just subscribed, I hope you're thankful I just shared that with you ;)
V 3 months ago
chris really tried to say “no one was against racism in 2018. three years ago.”
patrilineal globalist
4:51 tbh the release those devices can bring solves a lot of problems and chills a lot of people out, so it makes sense
별안간 yorii
별안간 yorii 3 months ago
id love to see a lesbian bachelorette or gay bachelor. (idk if there is one) the lesbians would all just have sex whilst being there and the bachelorette would be left out of having a choice 💀.
Bessie Mae
Bessie Mae 3 months ago
😳 you.. you're single?
Elan Wan
Elan Wan 3 months ago
I would love to see a season where the bachelor/bachelorette is just a complete asshole
Flightless Raven
Flightless Raven 3 months ago
Am I the only one who's been binging Jarvis reacting to/ explaining dating shows? It's great
BestOfAllTheGeeks 3 months ago
Ok but Clare and Dale looks super cute together. I'm happy for them.
rach3vz 3 months ago
Matt James actually looks like gonzo from the muppets.
E 3 months ago
2018 is so recent, Jesus Christ.
Sleepy Podcast
Sleepy Podcast 3 months ago
Also: even if she was an escort: who cares?
Jose Galvez
Jose Galvez 3 months ago
You can't force life. People can't have serious conversation like that on air. It's hard to do. You want that private. Should've never happened. Too much drama