The Worst Conspiracies On YouTube (TheRichest) 

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Today I'm talking about the richest because it's the most impressively boring channel i've ever seen

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Jan 14, 2020




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Jarvis Johnson
it's not what it looks like
w3ird 16 days ago
SheepBlade 18 days ago
Hello there jarvis i am apart of the tva now come with me Or i will shit myself
stale pretzel
stale pretzel 23 days ago
The lobster will have 3 eyes because bikini bottom take the location of a nuclear test site.
Bertha Quezada
Bertha Quezada Month ago
1970 was how many years ago?!😶
x0311ofone Month ago
Yeah "watch your self on the titles too" LOL That was a thumbs up right away :)
L.H.E D.R.I.P.
When i was younger i watched TheRichest, TheThings, Bright Side, MSA, and all of those shitty yt (other than Troom Troom and 5-Minute Crafts and the other shitty life hack channels, even my dumbass knew it was fake) and i am extremely disappointed in my past self.
Sigge The Cat
Sigge The Cat 2 days ago
"Gwarsh, this plate of spaghetti is laced with cyanide a-hyuck!"
「MrWhoWasIt」 2 days ago
The Richest is funny because it sounds like the script writer procrastinated until the last 5 minutes
Jimmy Flores
Jimmy Flores 4 days ago
References to other youtuber endings was the icing on the cake.
Turbo 7 days ago
It’s SKYence
Rainbow 0015
Rainbow 0015 9 days ago
Most amazing top 10 use to be a cool channel. However, the created like 7 other channels, and just reuse all their content there, and their stories have now started repeating. So now they're shit
catherine 16 days ago
these videos feel like youre listening to a kindergartner talk after having 8 cups of coffee
antonio garvin
antonio garvin 17 days ago
Have you heard o Most Amazing top 10 now they are weird.
Baker McBrad
Baker McBrad 20 days ago
First Dude just railed a line and freestyled a top 10 video
howard wolowitz
howard wolowitz 22 days ago
this is jarvis’s best video
Uriel LeBaron
Uriel LeBaron 22 days ago
This was a very confusing video
moosik 20 days ago
That Virgo
That Virgo 23 days ago
My favourite part of all of this is that during the basketball segment, they were using what looked like honest to god 2k gameplay
Ember Hermin
Ember Hermin 23 days ago
It's been nearly half the video where are the conspiracies
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis 23 days ago
12:46 the next 30 seconds or so is the funniest thing I've ever heard! "And that is how you count" lollll
Joey 24 days ago
The Eddy Burback merch
Cibian The Llama
Cibian The Llama 24 days ago
if you ask me just call Gordan "chef'' so you dont get sued lol... dont ask
Cibian The Llama
Cibian The Llama 24 days ago
they call Gordan an potty-mouth but then they have to think about what he doing and what his age is. im a cook myself and understand a lot of suffering he goes through.
JayNerdy 24 days ago
Hi exhausted I’m JayNerdy
A W 25 days ago
The Richest exclusively makes content that reads like the 'sketches' I wrote when I decided I wanted to get on SNL, during a month-long sleeping pill/Adderall bender I went on during my junior year of high school.
stevie smith
stevie smith 25 days ago
0:28 *ttys*
HellFire159 25 days ago
Smae 26 days ago
"like its own wi-fi feature." I literally have a car worth 1.3 grand with built in wifi
Person Named Aether
This is actually such a great video though
Forestdude9000 26 days ago
I used to watch half of these because I'm a fun facts kind of guy. Ehk.
Bradley Bertram
Bradley Bertram 27 days ago
Eddie needs to make more vids
Waylon Shelor
Waylon Shelor 28 days ago
You kinda click baited this yourself, as your making fun of someone click baiting.
Matti 28 days ago
I dont know how many times I have arived 30 ish minutes early when flying due to the crazy consept of flying with the wind
Gabriela Zea
Gabriela Zea 28 days ago
Hi exhausted I’m dad.
hailie myshell
hailie myshell 28 days ago
i feel like they should been doing the gordon ramsey video with a mocking baby tone like heres what rich stinky baby man gordon ram ram need
Black Metal Chainsaw
The 3 seconds of the beginning made me cry laughing
Flaming Fox
Flaming Fox 29 days ago
I love how you did the matrix skit
eds Month ago
i remember that when i used to have like, a day off school, and nothing to do, i would watch the richest and channels like it. and i was always confused as to why about 98% of the time the videos were either incomprehensible or had nothing to do with the name or thumbnail. that was so angering to tween me
Jacob Langdon
Jacob Langdon Month ago
Jarvis: "I hate these top 10 shows that put no twist on this dated formula". Someone puts a twist on the formula Jarvis: " I hate this channel that doesn't do what you are 'supposed to do' in a top 10 video".
CJ Therou
CJ Therou Month ago
My parents went on a cruise for their honeymoon, they went through the Bermuda triangle and what happened next will SHOCK you. The captain announced, "We are now entering the Bermuda triangle." Then they sailed through it until the next announcement, "We are now exiting the Bermuda triangle." I know, very spooky.
Henry Hill
Henry Hill Month ago
"supercharged ferrari f12" the car guy inside me is dying rn
Kira Lonely
Kira Lonely Month ago
Honestly, theRichest just feels like ADHD, but when all the thoughts are vocalized instead of masking.
Suzanne Monical
Suzanne Monical Month ago
I hate every top 10 channel besides be amazed I think be amazed is ok
Saxel Adude
Saxel Adude Month ago
you don't know what a gargoyle is or is it spelled wrong?
LlamaLord Month ago
17:17 that is literally payday 2 lore
Three little birds
I am very confused… the comments section have confused me further.
Jordan Lynn
Jordan Lynn Month ago
the skit at the beginning feels like an SNL skit for pete davidson but actually funny
Alan Inacio
Alan Inacio Month ago
They're probably the richest from the ad revenue lol XD
Derek Teter
Derek Teter Month ago
10:10 so does he have a one-off supercharged F12? Because supercharged is kind of the exact opposite of naturally aspirated. Can't find any information on his car that isn't clickbaited to shit so I guess I can just assume he doesn't know what he's talking about.
EarlMc Junior
EarlMc Junior Month ago
People from Antarctica would be aliens because aliens are just from other countries
moosik 20 days ago
Mmm yes Antarctica the country.
lia Month ago
the airplane/pilot skit at 21:40 took me out i couldn’t breathe
lia Month ago
“that allows us to travel *a little bit*” CRYING
Kyr Camille
Kyr Camille Month ago
Crap I actually thought screen rant was good I have been tempted by the VILE clickbait
Please set me on fire
I don’t ever think about it anymore but I was genuinely so scared of the Bermuda Triangle as a child. I really thought that shit was a PROBLEM.
ketchup bob
ketchup bob Month ago
can someone please explian what click bait is also this is a joke
الإسلام نتن
0:28 is that ohmyzsh
Chancho Mo
Chancho Mo Month ago
love the eddy burback shirt
cleo Month ago
What does wether mean? : also : a castrated male goat.
cleo Month ago
wether whether I don't know anything
J Á Ç K TM YT Month ago
Chara Month ago
The intro was funny
Catie Kan
Catie Kan Month ago
also the uss cyclops thing was around 1910 hows that even relevant to the topic lmfao
Super Sire Boy
Super Sire Boy Month ago
the spongebob reference came out of nowhere
Qwer Tyu
Qwer Tyu Month ago
Sarah Bills
Sarah Bills Month ago
My dad definitely watches this channel
Punky Jewster
Punky Jewster 2 months ago
I promise you that car is not worth more than any human life
Punky Jewster
Punky Jewster 2 months ago
_when you piss in the simulation you piss for real!!!_
Mona the Phantom Thief
How did you do the last segment anyway?
Walnut 2 months ago
Hi Exhausted I’m Walnut
Temp Bauer
Temp Bauer 2 months ago
Aliens cldv landed in Antartica
Temp Bauer
Temp Bauer 2 months ago
The Flintstones has live action movies (maybe even play/musical... but idk) so he could have a Flintstones car. Idk if Simpsons has live action movie or play/musical
Temp Bauer
Temp Bauer 2 months ago
Um.... what year is that?... bc 2020 had Frid, 3-Jan as did 2014 and 2003... of course, there are more but I think any further back and you’re younger than 10, so....
TheBaldCoconutDates 2 months ago
Mountain Coconut 🏔⛰ 🌴🥥
greg 2 months ago
That new intro hits different lmao
Aslan_they,them 2 months ago
It’s probably improv if they post everyday lmao
Scorpion the Sandwing
The Bermuda Triangle is just waves too strong for ships and wind too strong for planes
Blake Nisbet
Blake Nisbet 2 months ago
Off brand grand tour
Kubo King
Kubo King 2 months ago
clikabait......haha shit,,,fuckin......haaaaa
Robert Freeman
Robert Freeman 2 months ago
Things which Logan Paul needs 1. Clout
I Speak 4 the Dead
I Speak 4 the Dead 2 months ago
“Conspiracies” …where are the conspiracies?
Mister Taco
Mister Taco 2 months ago
i like screen rant pitch meetings
B F 2 months ago
the narrator is probably a new seller on fiver who they messaged directly to ask them to do 1500-2000 word videos for $5, when they had a gig at a more than reasonable rate of $5 for 100 words. I got tons of offers like that when I was new to voice over from buyers who had a huge buyer history on fiverr, but were like "i see you're new, how'd you like to do a ton of work for as close as I can pay to nothing?"
B F 2 months ago
second note: bermuda triangle voice over guy was SO bad.
B F 2 months ago
also, i think whoever their voice actor for this is actually did a pretty nice delivery, especially on the stuff that like "broke the 4th wall"
Spider Bug
Spider Bug 2 months ago
Jarvis: "That...is how you count!" Me:Clicks subscribe
Snails Prevail
Snails Prevail 2 months ago
Snails Prevail
Snails Prevail 2 months ago
its funny how ur body language/attitude is a lot like thought slime. its cute
Dr Joseph Legend
Dr Joseph Legend 2 months ago
J - J
J - J 2 months ago
Is that a Joe joke?
Bianca Sicich
Bianca Sicich 2 months ago
the titanic narrator sounds like the voice actor for an animated story you talked about in another video lol
Tasty Pancat
Tasty Pancat 2 months ago
The only good thing to come from Valnet was Ryan George
Ailsa Ide
Ailsa Ide 2 months ago
this is my favorite jarvis video of all time
arfalow arfalow
arfalow arfalow 2 months ago
Holy shit the fact that he actually got the voice over dude is both hilarious and insane
Lektik 2 months ago
"until the story was clear." We can fix that!
ewoz 2 months ago
Iris _
Iris _ 2 months ago
It seems like that the richest is trying very hard to seem as if they're "home made" by adding "impromptu comedy" and the like.
Asteroid VonRyker
Asteroid VonRyker 2 months ago
I like how he wore Eddy Burbank merch, respect
Really Useful Trackmaster Fan
I saw the titanic in his thumbnail, the fire coal theory and Olympic switch theory is poorly researched and bad
The #6 Runaway Guys Fan
Is it just me, or did the Titanic video seem a little bit fabricated, even moreso than usual? I was expecting the channel just to be beefing with you, then the video played, and it clearly showed you. Sounds like you made up the whole Titanic video just to make fun of the channel, or make up some weird lore for yourself.
Jeff The Epic
Jeff The Epic 2 months ago
Jarvis doesn’t say it anywhere but this is actually a collaboration video with me. I have my part at 18:17
Kazuma “Kevin” Hiryu
*the dick in a box pic lol*
Stan 2 months ago
Toxenhern 2 months ago
The number 1 rule that ev3ryone has to follow: the law
Nobelium 2 months ago
19:46 that's so many planes
Niko the sock
Niko the sock 2 months ago
About the titianic thing… there was other things than the iceberg, but the thing that made it sink WAS THE ICEBERG.
BigWillProductions1 2 months ago
Valnet is the scummiest company online. I worked for ScreenRant during the pandemic. They paid $10 per article regardless of how long it took to research, write, edit, add SEO links, AND find and edit photos. I reviewed games, one of which took me 90 hours to complete, and got $15 for it. Then they would scold me for every tiny mistake, all of which had to do with the links and photos on the articles, and had nothing to do with my actual writing. I was doing the job of a researcher, writer, and editor, and they only gave $10 per submission, but would hound you on deadlines and take you off projects you like if you make any mistakes. TERRIBLE. Look up who owns the site or channel before you apply to online magazine gigs. Valnet owns SOOO MANY.
Linzee 2 months ago
That airplane bit was gold.
Alexandria Hall
Alexandria Hall 3 months ago
JARVIS!!! do more sketches!!! why aren't they in any of your recent videos this one was so funny!!
El Anon
El Anon 3 months ago
well that was very pointless and also extremely confusing thank you