The Try Guys Try Drag For The First Time (Re-tucked) 

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We're throwing it back to our OG Try Guys Try Drag video and giving you guys all the goods!

Welcome to Try Guys REDUX, the series where we show you all the UNSEEN footage that was lost in the original edits from our BuzzFeed days. We're opening up the TRY VAULT baby, enjoy the extended cut!

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Apr 28, 2021




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Comments : 4 735   
The Try Guys
The Try Guys 7 months ago
What EXTENDED cuts do you guys wanna see next?
ODILE PAULINE 27 days ago
Vy Nguyen
Vy Nguyen Month ago
Sleep deprived driving
Thaíssa Croner
Thaíssa Croner Month ago
They should do this to the special about their dads, I still cry every time remember the conversation Eugene had with his dad
shyannmariel Month ago
Try guys try not to die alone
Jennifer Reid
Jennifer Reid 2 months ago
Definitely try guys try heels!!
Color Less
Color Less 3 days ago
34:20 OhhHhhHhHhh
Sweetie Bomb
Sweetie Bomb 6 days ago
How come they only did this once
Melissa Ward Johns
I am a try guys fan and this is the first i saw you in drag! Honestly i think a guy should at least once in their life experience what us women go through. Also think girls should experience being a guy just once. I won a bet despite being a beauty queen contestant at the time to be a guy for a day and pass as a guy cause i complained i was too masculine and my friends didn't think a beauty could be mistaken for a guy as often as happens to me. So i did and won the twenty dollar bet by pretending to be my own guy twin. Went through my day as a guy instead of a girl with a different name and dress code. Next day was back to make up and heels. After the day i won cause they agreed i was right.
Terry Cole
Terry Cole 7 days ago
This was great, guys! But I can’t be the only gay man who thought some or all of you were gay. I think you’re all funny and adorable.
海賊 ☠️
海賊 ☠️ 7 days ago
“I like the shade bc I hate the sun” I WHEEZED 😭🤣 me too, Keith.
Tenzin Choegyal
Tenzin Choegyal 7 days ago
it's giving Taylors version and I love it
Laurianne Jubinville
Gosh I love seeing ppl fail at wearing heels.
Laurianne Jubinville
As a trans woman, I am just laughing hearing how the straight cis guys doesn't know how to tuck.
Laurianne Jubinville
When a trans woman watches a video about drag queens. Hmmmmmm...
Zoey Decker
Zoey Decker 10 days ago
In all honestly, I would be more terrified of someone in high heels than combat boots. If you can walk in those things, I know you've got damn good balance and coordination.
Naida Paro
Naida Paro 11 days ago
I am so jealous on how they transform their face with the make up…. They are brilliant. I wish i can do this…. Being a woman is a shame on me compare to them 😂😂,,, i wish i met one of them to this kind of make up so i can also feel beautiful even once in my life…….
Freddy Bacher
Freddy Bacher 12 days ago
its giving the same energy as red taylor's version
Lauren Ashley Scott
I'm kind of LIVING for Kornucopia. She's giving me, like, sparkly Babadook vibes?
Bastard Bones
Bastard Bones 14 days ago
they put two poc together and buzzfeed went "ok edit them to look the worst" this shows
Mackenzie Haskins
Mackenzie Haskins 15 days ago
“Who am I kidding? I’m single as shit.” Little did you know lol
Saad Shoaib
Saad Shoaib 15 days ago
God has left the chat
Pearl Seventh
Pearl Seventh 12 days ago
Raijin 914
Raijin 914 16 days ago
Is that Shane from buzzfeed unsolved at 0:50
Bonnie Mavin
Bonnie Mavin 19 days ago
OMG I love Marco you should do emo or E boy with Marco he's perfect
Jamie Baker
Jamie Baker 19 days ago
I love drag names💕
Amy G.
Amy G. 21 day ago
Loved every second of this. And the Stuart from MAD T.V. part was hilarious.
Karly !
Karly ! 21 day ago
Ohh Kiki means Pussy in the Philippines… and Im not talking about the cat rawr LOL
Me 25 days ago
I would name myself Keisha pink 🙄💅
Echo C
Echo C 26 days ago
💗 U guys for this!
Michaela Snider
Michaela Snider Month ago
Ned really did come out looking like Shannel!! Which is awesome because Shannel is gorgeous 😍
Luna lovedraw
Luna lovedraw Month ago
I love Eugene’s style in general
That Emo Kid
That Emo Kid Month ago
Idk how i feel having keith refer to becky as his girlfriend since he's been married to her for a while and all their videos he refers to her as his wife
channel 27 days ago
thats because she was his gf at the time
AppleScotch Pie
AppleScotch Pie Month ago
They all need to do drag again they NAILED IT
Gix Month ago
Love this sooo much! Pls post more extended cuts of old videos!
Nicholas Andrews
This was great 😆💘 almost makes me want to try drag!
Challenger 1913
Challenger 1913 Month ago
I'm so glad we got to see more of their actual performances!
Katherine Heasley
Also, is it just me, or is Ned kind of a ditz in this one? He's a smart guy, we all know, but he's kind of a ditz. You can practically see Cupcake thinking he should've been Misty Violet's kid after the George Michael Buble thing.
Audrey Weishaar
Audrey Weishaar Month ago
Eugene nailed it!!
Jonathan Luck
Jonathan Luck Month ago
I love the way how Eugene disses Zach, and there was a moment where no one caught on.
♡strawberry cow♡
when ever Eugene does anything…he nails it 💅
km Month ago
BubbleBear17 Month ago
I feel so mad because I just want to do it for them😂
Dee Bunni
Dee Bunni Month ago
13:06 this is amazing 😂😂😂 their facial reactions
Vy Nguyen
Vy Nguyen Month ago
Extended cut on Sleep deprived driving please. It was mentioned in your book.
Даща Валгуцкова
-Introduce the stupidest queen -It's gonna ba Keith's queen Love Becky so much omg
Jayden De Leon
Jayden De Leon Month ago
tell me how i just realized Kristen from lady like and Caitlyn from ask a mortician was there.
COHE4KA Month ago
I know this song in the background its from a movie in Russia and I used to yacht it by the way can you pls do spin the bottle
yourkarma Month ago
I have come to love drag queens bec of this video.
TW15TYs Month ago
Jenny Bee
Jenny Bee Month ago
I love Mayhem Millerl❤❤❤ My fav Try Guys!
Kevin Klosterman
So...when is Eugene going to be a judge on RPDR?
Crystal Carey
Crystal Carey Month ago
This is the first time I'm watching . It's very entertaining
Sarah McClanahan
Omg I loved Shyanne Pepper 🌶️ I can't believe how freaking sexy this was! Mayhem Miller did such amazing work helping Eugene. Also Alusha is the cutest thing ever 😍 I loved this so much ❤️
megatron boy6900
what happened to this seriessss
Amanda C.
Amanda C. Month ago
That Asian guy was truly getting in touch w/ his "wild$ide." Guys almost always have great looking legs. Its sad for us real females.
Javier20 .Javier20
That Asian is sooo cute as a man but, he doesn't look good in drag, though he moved the best.
liroso Month ago
Brilliant! Great fun.
CrafterPros van gerpen
SkySiren41 Month ago
It's actually kinda disgusting on buzzfeed's side how they edited the original to inforce stereotypes and say "haha guys in dresses are funny" instead of showing the true art of drag and how people who do drag are well people
Opher Philms
Opher Philms Month ago
This video is fantastic, but at the end when it’s showing each of the performances they kept using the same crowd reaction audio with some yelling “YEAHHHHHH” like 9 times. Maybe that was some of the only cheering audio they had without the copy written music playing over top, and maybe other people don’t notice that kind of thing at all, but I just had to say something cause it was driving me crazy.
always&forever Month ago
I love how much more comfortable Eugene has been about his sexuality. It’s awesome!
Lisa Coston
Lisa Coston Month ago
I would like one of the drag queens 👸put make-up on my daughter's face for her prom . He will do a great job making her look great 👍😊😁😁😊😊😊😊
David Price
David Price Month ago
Well they say men do everything better 😂 I kid I kid
Sage Gabriella
Sage Gabriella Month ago
Now just dawning on me that Keith has the enby flag as his eye makeup
But Y?
But Y? Month ago
18:16 Keiths reply was so sweet lmao
Oscar Month ago
Hearing Keith refer to Becky as his girlfriend feels so strange
Cristina Dolores Garrido
Is that the music from Knives Out or am I crazy??
This was the best. I love it! 💘
Thaíssa Croner
Thaíssa Croner Month ago
They should do this to the special about their dads, I still cry every time I remember the conversation Eugene had with his dad
B33tle_42 🪲
B33tle_42 🪲 Month ago
I don’t remember Keith’s voice being this deep??? What?
canyonstars Month ago
i love Ned so much i can't even describe that 😩✊🏻❤️
shyannmariel Month ago
My biggest flex is that Eugene used my name as his drag name
Clipzz 12
Clipzz 12 Month ago
Ive never laughed so much in a try guys video
Bella Stroscio
Bella Stroscio Month ago
This made me so fucking happy
Mihimzs Masuda
Mihimzs Masuda Month ago
The only reason why i would travel to the US is to watch a drag show. Hopefully i can watch Eugene and all of the drag queen that was in the video. Gotta a lot of research to do. Lol
laurel 2 months ago
something that makes me kinda sad is that the original cut in my opinion didn't show just how much the guys enjoyed this? like it was really focusing on how awkward they were getting it together and not how they were down to just go for it. they didn't show nearly enough of how funny ned was!!
Brittany Farmer
Brittany Farmer 2 months ago
shiroi201 2 months ago
i don't know how i never noticed that but zach is kinda giving me katya XD
꧁𒊹︎A Pansexual Rat𒊹︎꧂
Why do I remember watching this years ago- I’m so confused
Tank CityQueen
Tank CityQueen 2 months ago
Eugene's facial expressions make so much sense now lol
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins 2 months ago
This video, the Buzzfeed original one though, was the first video I had seen of the Try Guys, and it genuinely helped me a lot. It was before I came out as trans, figured out I was gay, and… just genuinely figured myself out. I’m glad I saw it, it helped me so much, and introduced me into something, and it encouraged me to learn, it made it feel less alien.
Felicity Edwards
Felicity Edwards 2 months ago
Maggie sliding in when Zach said hrs he's single killed me 😂
Alejandro Gonzalez
Alejandro Gonzalez 2 months ago
Ned’s drag persona low-key looks like a mid life crisis version of that drag queen Tatianna lmfao
Koren Cloud
Koren Cloud 2 months ago
Eugene "I can do this" lol
jenicam 2 months ago
Keith doing Stuart was absolutely my favourite part of this video.
Dhiira Devi
Dhiira Devi 2 months ago
So much fun! Thanks, guys 😍.
Ruby Richardson
Ruby Richardson 2 months ago
I loved Keith's Thats all
NightRainPanda 2 months ago
Wow, some of those clips of the mother queens make you realise that a lot of the guys' moves and looks were inspired by them. Like 2:43 is a move Keith literally does during his show in the exact same way. And the 2:55 look greatly resembles Zach's final look.
Tanishq Gaud
Tanishq Gaud 2 months ago
I just realised Ned’s kids are going to watch this-
Tiahna Lorin
Tiahna Lorin 2 months ago
Keith: "How big are these heels?" David: "I think, they're at least six inches." Eugene: "Is that a lot?" Idk Eugene .. is that a lot?¿ 😏😄 @ 9:41
Tiahna Lorin
Tiahna Lorin 2 months ago
Zach: "Really my thought is like, what happens if I'm with a girl, but I'm like who am I kidding I'm f**king single as s**t." @ 6:12 Mmm some woman don't like hairy men... 🙋🏼‍♀️😄
Tiahna Lorin
Tiahna Lorin 2 months ago
Random thought... I'm jealous that the try guys can laugh at things when they're uncomfortable &+ they get a good response or even a laugh back. When I do that, I get, "You laugh now... wait til it happens." or something like that .. it's stupid, it makes me even more uncomfortable. As I said random thought lol, I just was noticing that they laugh a lot at people's responses (which most times it's appropriate, because it's supposed to be funny, other times I've noticed it's uncomfortable laughter, or laughter to fill awkward silence..) &+ usually get a good response back... I wish it happened for me. 👉🏻👈🏻🥺😕
Lilith Kooks
Lilith Kooks 2 months ago
They all look fantastic!
Sarah Connor
Sarah Connor 2 months ago
What a surprise!!🤯.. I got an ad for "Planned Parenthood" right before this absolute cringe video😊👍🤣
mikkikaye 2 months ago
She got a cute nose tho.
Rose Hannaquist
Rose Hannaquist 2 months ago
Goddamn! They really did the drag queens dirty in the last video, didn't they? I fucking loved that intro for the four of them. Perfect music, perfect mix of audio and clips from everything - in the last video, they each got a quick li'l nameplate and that was IT.
Warren 2 months ago
Kornucopia is giving katya
Sadey Sarette
Sadey Sarette 2 months ago
I am just seeing this now and love that you guys included the extended cuts :).
Tetsu Chang
Tetsu Chang 2 months ago
Thinking about how Inupi from Tokyo Revengers has low stiletto heels on a lot of the time
Mae Apostadero
Mae Apostadero 2 months ago
I love Eugene!
famous deprexx
famous deprexx 2 months ago
Lol im homophobic
Dalton Smith
Dalton Smith 2 months ago
So this confirms Eugene is absolutely stunning both in and out of drag…
Shelby Lynn
Shelby Lynn 2 months ago
i truly can’t express how baffled i am that ned in drag really does look like shannel, it’s too funny
m1tw 2 months ago
@9:59 one of the best parts.
VannaFlix 2 months ago
0:49 SHANE????
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