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Ariel Fulmer - arielmfulmer
Dr. Ivonne C. Bohn OB/GYN
Dr. Mary Trumpi, DC, CCSP
Pregnancy Belly - Provided by Realityworks

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"Impending Doom"
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2nd Try, LLC STAFF
Executive Producer - Keith Habersberger
Executive Producer - Ned Fulmer
Executive Producer - Zach Kornfeld
Executive Producer - Eugene Lee Yang
Producer - Rachel Ann Cole
Production Coordinator - Emily Corsini
Editor - Devlin McCluskey
Additional Editing - Zach Kornfeld
Production Assistant - Kasiemobi Udo-okoye
Production Assistant - Miles Bonsignore


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Jun 30, 2018




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Comments : 30 478   
Erica Bearden
Erica Bearden 11 hours ago
The physical therapist- awesome.
Jessica H
Jessica H 2 days ago
Arial is so spot on with everything. And great job to Ned for going thru this
Jacob Avery
Jacob Avery 2 days ago
Is this with or without an epidural or pain meds???? Wow
Regina and Hannah productions
And guys say their pain is worse
Sigit Sadewo
Sigit Sadewo 4 days ago
Congrats you have a baby avacado🥳🥳🤣
Maddie 5 days ago
I trust those doctors with my life they seem so nice
denay bailey
denay bailey 6 days ago
Felt I had those hell awful contractions that made me cry from how bad they hurt but the best part was getting to bring my baby boy into this world and I only pushed for 5 minutes with my first baby👣💙
Nikita 7 days ago
Ok Keith in the pink hat as mild pain "contractioneer" really haunts me but I kinda imagine him when I have a chronic pain flare up, and it makes having pain a little more whimsical.
Laura Broers
Laura Broers 8 days ago
IT IS LIKE BRIDGET JONES DIARY AND I LOVE IT!!!! Eugene low key bashing Zach for not cuddling better😂
Dhrutube 8 days ago
When he said, "I want you to be a part of my actual baby's life" I literally tore up. I hardly can
Dhrutube 8 days ago
The fact that the guy was actually be able to put up with it without any prior experience...damn he must really love his wife. True love y'all
Peetiebird 8 days ago
*OMG* !!! . . . the things I run across on UStotal. I don't think I've laughed so hard in my entire life!! I have a much deeper respect for giving birth and applaud all women who endure it. ❤
Dork at Arms Et cetera
Ariel gave birth to Westley, but Ned gave us Fre Shava Cado Fulmer
Kara Solis
Kara Solis 9 days ago
I’ve used a tens unit and not gonna lie it felt amazing
ThatGrumpyChick 15 days ago
8:56 Hi. I'm your active labour It's both terrifying and oddly reassuring
Kate Ryckman
Kate Ryckman 15 days ago
Ariel is an female icon. She’s so beautiful and kind and loving. She’s my favorite person on the try guys team. She always has the upmost grace and power to her.
Christine Kestell
Christine Kestell 16 days ago
Verx 123
Verx 123 17 days ago
In ur dreams s
Raja K
Raja K 18 days ago
22:35 that moment is just too precious 🥰🥰
Abi umbrelli
Abi umbrelli 18 days ago
My goodness this made me love my mom even more 😭😭 That sweet sweet woman is a good mom to her 5 kids
Jamie Baker
Jamie Baker 19 days ago
Natural childbirth is no joke. I salute Ned! Can you imagine the other female patients hearing this😂
James Curran
James Curran 20 days ago
It's amazing the Chinese haven't already invaded after seeing this lot.
LEONZON, Jose Antonio B.
Imagine Ariel casting the Cruciatus Curse on Ned.
Ashley Allison
Ashley Allison 28 days ago
Ned needs to do another video about Fin. Like come on now daddy ned, you can't have a favorite. You gotta make them both feel equal.
Reese 28 days ago
This was absolutely hilarious! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ashley Yohan Tibe Santiago
what if you were the patient next door and you are hearing 4 grown men screaming and a butt ton of cameras
Malta Month ago
After experiencing this. I am very sure that Ned would rather be kicked in the balls 20 times hard than doing this again
buboom 123
buboom 123 Month ago
My mom was very lucky with all of her 4 kids. She would go to a dr appointment and they would tell her "you should stay bc you are gonna be in labor soon"
That last machine is the turn table of pain
Ashley Wade
Ashley Wade Month ago
Ashley Wade
Ashley Wade Month ago
Ashley Wade
Ashley Wade Month ago
Ilanthamizhan Ilamaran
If someone cheats their wife after she gone through this, god i hope they die..!F**king losers..! Cant imagine..!Ned is fantastic...Though its just a video and they did it for fun, its beyond amazing..! Ariel I love u sis...!🥰☺️
Honey_bear Month ago
Ned will be a great dad
Rebecca FitzGerald
Nice to see you consulted the same qualified medical people as the original BF video and left out the“editors” that lied about how a C section is performed
Sophia Matamoros
Its an AvocAdo
Mindy Martin
Mindy Martin Month ago
You know you’re in deep trouble when your doctor says “Active labor is when shit hits the fan.” 🤣🤣
ApronGirl123 Month ago
holy shit im crying this is so funny 10:30
ApronGirl123 Month ago
holy shit I'm sobbing teh end was so magical
Charlie Heuer
Charlie Heuer Month ago
The begging part of the video was the only part that was kind of funny but it just gre hard to watch as it went on.
vee Month ago
honestly i wouldn't mind going into labour if it meant Eugene would wake me up and say "hi, i'm your active labour" and proceed to follow me around in a sparkly pink hat posing whenever he has the chance. especially if he would whisper "asian of chaos" occassionally /j
Always8384 Month ago
im not even sure why so many ppl thumbs down this video "haters"
Leia Organa
Leia Organa Month ago
I had 4 children. I had midwives. No drugs. I'm actually enjoying this!!! CAN YOU FEEL IT?!!
Isabella Catherine
Zack is so cute all cuddled in bed lmaoo
Rainmaker Amadeus
This lady doesn't know that "the ring of fire" is what happens after you eat at taco bell? Update her on that.
Rainmaker Amadeus
So I assumed they were all gay. I was caught off guard when I read someone was married ..to a woman??
idiotvelocity Month ago
They're all straight except for Eugene, the guy with the black hair :) the blonde one has 2 children and is married to a woman. The short one with glasses is engaged to a woman, and thr tall one with glasses is married to a woman. Eugene has a boyfriend.
Kelsey Gullett
Kelsey Gullett Month ago
I have an insane amount of respect for Ned. Just the fact that he decided to go through this is amazing, but just LOOK at his dark circles even in the beginning of the video. It almost looks like he's got two black eyes. The dude is ABSOLUTELY BEAT from being a brand new dad and getting next to no sleep, and when the body is run-down and exhausted, your resilience and your pain tolerance are even lower than usual. This absolute champion of a human being has already been put through the gauntlet (relative to his everyday life before the baby), and he decided to put himself through even more on top of that. Holy shit.
India Love
India Love Month ago
Ned after the fact is exactly how we look after having babies
Ramona Nedeva
Ramona Nedeva Month ago
I love how Eugene is like correcting Zach about the cuddles he’s so caring aww but he doesn’t show it. They would make an amazing couple I love it
Fan Gurl
Fan Gurl Month ago
8:56 “Hi I’m your active labour” (English spelling) was so Ryan Reynolds -esque.
Brooke Benton
Brooke Benton Month ago
At the end he needed to poop out a softball and tear his bottom enough to need stitches. Then it would be complete lol😄
Cass Month ago
I am obsessed with the chiropractor lady! She seems really fun lmao
VAMP - GAMER Month ago
Me and the boys at a one night stand be like :
Kariyui Month ago
Say the words or else gay
Kariyui Month ago
Calvin Heath
Calvin Heath Month ago
That avocado was inside Ned the entire time
Autumn McConaughay
I absolutely love her every time I watch this 🤣 “Active labor is where shit hits the fan” solid quote 🤣
Keith is having WAY too much fun with this experiment.
Jessica H.
Jessica H. Month ago
*whisper flirting* 😂😂😂😂😂
Waged Abduaziz
Waged Abduaziz Month ago
سووها لهذاك الي قال عوار الولادة كذبه خلوه يحس شوي
Jaimie Smith
Jaimie Smith Month ago
I watched this back when it first came out & again just now after having my son 6 weeks ago. This video hits you in a while different way when you’ve been through a vaginal delivery. The “Ring of Fire” & Ariel’s description of the final push (how the baby just slips out all goopy and wet)- those are so perfectly accurate in terms of when I went through 🤣 Most painful thing I’ve ever experienced, and I will happily do it again in a couple years. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I am more stunned by the fact no one talks about the poop. My mom said she actually pooped while delivering me and it was a low key moment of embarrassment but she quickly forgot about it because I was coming out XD
Jaylean Moccio
Jaylean Moccio Month ago
The loud boy nomenclaturally help because feature posteriorly unite concerning a prickly t-shirt. materialistic, miniature software
Mz C0mpt0n
Mz C0mpt0n Month ago
All I remember is saying, “I can’t do this”. That’s my most prevalent thought lol. I had a fever so they didn’t even let me hold my baby till way later. I couldn’t even recall if a placenta was part of my labor lol
Maria O
Maria O Month ago
I wonder if all men had this kind of experience, would it stop domestic violence against women?
Fiz Bun
Fiz Bun Month ago
Jake Lynn
Jake Lynn Month ago
U women realize that zapping a man ball sack is 100 times more painful than pregnancy
Koijoy Month ago
I was 3 months early when my water broke so the doctors were trying to keep me from having the baby. So technically I was in labor for a week. It was constant contractions and dilating and it was terrible but beautiful
Marlene R.
Marlene R. Month ago
"i gained about 35 pounds" Me getting worried because i've only gained 1 pound...
Senna Taylor
Senna Taylor Month ago
It's frustrating how many men underestimate women's pain tolerance levels. Many women will mistake a _heart attack_ for period cramps, periods hurt that bad.
Skymall Month ago
liked this vid for the avocado
Mélanie Sonier
Mélanie Sonier 2 months ago
14HOURS.....😳 Omg! im so happy about my delivery... Mine was 6hrs, natural birth, didnt even have time for meds. It was hella fast and hella painful...lolll
PrepreTheReal1 2 months ago
Lol I’m kind of enjoying this
SakuraTheGreat 2 months ago
Hahaha when he yelled that was funny!
no username
no username 2 months ago
I skipped to the the end so Ned could be in less pain
GLOBAL CALL 2 months ago
ooh nothngbetter to do- leave labour to woman who are, i think these guys have mo clue
Gumiho Mochi
Gumiho Mochi 2 months ago
Gumiho Mochi
Gumiho Mochi 2 months ago
Both the female doctors just look so GLEEFUL throughout the whole video lmao
Mirianne Loh
Mirianne Loh 2 months ago
Ned looks so tired my gosh
Taco Libre
Taco Libre 2 months ago
my god this is great lol MAde me cringe and this is just a simulation/recreation xD
violet hansen
violet hansen 2 months ago
I fucking love this doctor 😂😂
jef marquez
jef marquez 2 months ago
I lowkey got a little emotional watching this because Zach is high key right about how awful it feels to watch someone you love be in so much pain…
KizzyJack19 2 months ago
This is so hilarious😂😂😂🤣🤣😅🤐
Megan Souty
Megan Souty 2 months ago
REI DECEMBER 2 months ago
18:30 😂
RoseaBee 2 months ago
That woman is a sadist and I love her enthusiasm for this XD
nick smith
nick smith 2 months ago
Ok ok ok, my friend explained to me wat period pains feel like and in my experience in my body its sounded like getting kicked in the balls every now and again fora few days
Niki 2 months ago
That was absolutely hilarious and at some point lovely touching
major glazer
major glazer 2 months ago
the craziest video the try guys did so far
J Hong
J Hong 2 months ago
Avocado killed me.
lyn mohan
lyn mohan 2 months ago
Add the pressure of a watermelon coming out you bum too 🤣🤣🤣
just passing
just passing 2 months ago
I don't even know how to feel about this, I never thought I'd see a video like this. Amazing video
Tejaswee Saha
Tejaswee Saha 2 months ago
This is the part I unsubscribe
Reiana Cooper
Reiana Cooper 2 months ago
God I wish my husband would do this, that would be a bit cruel though, 72 hours 😅
Reiana Cooper
Reiana Cooper 2 months ago
@The Doctor awh thank you so much, she is my wee angel and it may have been long but it was really the people around me who did all the work 😊
The Doctor
The Doctor 2 months ago
@Reiana Cooper huge respect from me. i hope your child grows up with great health
Reiana Cooper
Reiana Cooper 2 months ago
@The Doctor yip 😊
The Doctor
The Doctor 2 months ago
72 hours of labor?!
Chiquita GoneBananaz
My fiancé was white as a ghost and completely shitting himself before, during, and after the c-section for the birth of our twin girls. It was the only thing that kept me from completely losing it. Watching him freak out weirdly calmed me down. 😂
milkamilla 2 months ago
When Ariel said "oh yeah, the early contractions just felt like period pain :)" - I've had period pains that were so bad I couldn't stand up straight, your uterus can absolutely wreck your shit lol
destiny rexya
destiny rexya 22 hours ago
I have a light period so I don't really get cramps....
It's Ghello
It's Ghello 2 months ago
Ned, you're a badass. You're going to be a great dad.
Book My Breath Away
Book My Breath Away 2 months ago
It's funny, Ned usually acts so annoyed with Zach but once Zach stopped joking around and started being serious about the video, he really seemed to be comforted by him the most emotionally. Maybe because Zach is actually really sweet and supportive like Ariel? 🥰☺
karol carstensen
karol carstensen 2 months ago
That doctor* is playing Ned's body like a tortured symphony during the active labour.
karol carstensen
karol carstensen 2 months ago
@Amanda Snider my mistake. I will edit. I was too focused on his contractions.
Amanda Snider
Amanda Snider 2 months ago
I believe she's a DOCTOR
Unfailing Colt
Unfailing Colt 2 months ago
You guys rock!! Another great video! I’m sorry we are laughing at your pain, but what an awesome husband you are and a great father!!🙏❤️
Llynnyia 2 months ago
all the asshole men who say the try guys are beta watch this video and shut the fuck up! this is the most awesome thing i have seen a man do to try and truly understand their partner.
tojiroh 2 months ago
Having great friends who routinely deal with menstrual mayhem (ranging from cramps to polycystic ovary syndrome), I suddenly have an inkling of a fraction of an iota of a quantum of what they go through.
Pink bunny
Pink bunny 2 months ago
Well, Eugene is now my cramps and gender dysphoria personified. Thanks so much!
Eliyah Montgomery
Eliyah Montgomery 2 months ago
Also I don’t know how I feel about a doctor saying “Wanna put one on your taint?”