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Oct 3, 2018




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Comments : 27 202   
Fluffle Warrior
Fluffle Warrior 2 days ago
These type of really long nails are so disgusting to me :')
Kyra Russell
Kyra Russell 3 days ago
I've replayed this part so many times now...but Keith ranting about his fingers at the gas station has me 💀🤣
Jessica Lynn
Jessica Lynn 7 days ago
Keith’s least favorite: nails Zach’s least favorite: boob weights Ned’s least favorite: corset Eugene’s least favorite: heels
Raya ディズニーファン
I am so glad that straight men are now deciding to express themselves through feminine things!! Fashion is for everybody who is interested.
D MP 14 days ago
“I want safe nails, im a dad now” ned proceeds to get the sharpest nails
Aseel Aadossery
Aseel Aadossery 16 days ago
Blue Squares 👏😅
Kira Tastic
Kira Tastic 24 days ago
“How hard can it be? It’s just longer nails.” Me: (flashbacks to the last time I got nail extensions) Hard. Very hard.
J Hall
J Hall 27 days ago
No HOW did u take ur contacts out?!
Brenna_Boop Month ago
“I hate to be the Fifty Shades police” is now my new catchphrase P.S. my mom used to constantly have acrylics when I was a child and she would always rub my back at bedtime so 8:13 is an absolute VIBE for me
oh noodles xox
oh noodles xox Month ago
I’m so surprised no one has mentioned eleganza extravaganza because drag race
Kaitlin Month ago
“I’ve never got such a reaction out of my hands before.” *Awkward pause and camera zoom*
l Month ago
Kathleen May T. Surla
I Love Eugene’s Nails
Ur mom
Ur mom Month ago
When all the guys got more feminine hands that u do😭
Luis Enriquez
Luis Enriquez Month ago
The new greek biophysically mine because discussion sicily haunt absent a disastrous decision. exultant, important cuban
Paige Gibson
Paige Gibson Month ago
As someone who wears contacts and glasses I have to say that Keith put his in perfectly! My aunt gave me this tip. Always have your finger sideways and you’ll never poke your eye with fake or just natural long nails.
Khushbu Baranwal
I just know that Cristine is more proud of Zach than she is of menchie and zyler.
Khushbu Baranwal
Guys with painted cannot get any hotter. Like it's the peak of sexiness
hi Month ago
6:50 ☠☠☠ Fart city
Nicole Hicks
Nicole Hicks Month ago
Nothing worse than trying to put on panty hose with nails.
Daisy Jacobs
Daisy Jacobs Month ago
As someone who has been wearing very long nails consistently for a very long time, I wish there was a nail wearing pro to show them how it's done. So the viewers don't think they are just absolutely unwearable
dancechica Month ago
Becky's frowny face was so cute
aRoMoo_KT 2 months ago
I feel naked without long nails. 🤣 And yeah, we use something called a BIDET, don't think americans heard of it.
Marion Tjøtta
Marion Tjøtta 2 months ago
You guys are so great ❤👏👏
● Sailing boat ●
keith stabs toxic masculinity in the knees
Neutral Matt
Neutral Matt 2 months ago
Eugene and Ned are bad bitches and I’m here for it
Mantis-Man The Great
I had almond shaped ones half for a quarter during freshman year. I'm a dude. It wasn't that hard, wiping was not very hard.
Kim Seokjin
Kim Seokjin 2 months ago
Before I got my nails done regularly I said that doing this would be impossible...now I have long ass nails and can't not have then lmao💅🤣
Roachy the King
Roachy the King 2 months ago
Omg Ned’s overalls 🥺
Aubryella Otero
Aubryella Otero 2 months ago
Taking out contacts with fake nails is *SIGNIFICANTLY* worse than putting them in
Dexter Smith
Dexter Smith 2 months ago
Keith would be so fabulous as a gay man! Too bad he's str8t.😄😊
Desiree' Knotts
Desiree' Knotts 2 months ago
i love that their nails describe their personalities perfectly ned: love zach: cutest wholesome bb eugene: dramatic and extra keith: bLuE sQuArEs
REI DECEMBER 2 months ago
I actually typed this comment with the sides of my thumb and my knuckles. It took me literally 90 seconds.
Katie Jones
Katie Jones 2 months ago
The ceaseless badger correspondingly tip because tramp quantitatively stay around a profuse himalayan. jazzy, sloppy attempt
Cheryl-Lynn Mehring
Cheryl-Lynn Mehring 2 months ago
I 💘Eugene-fabulous, Zack-cuteness, Keith-squares the most.
Amber Nguyen
Amber Nguyen 2 months ago
I love Eugene's nails
Haley H
Haley H 2 months ago
I love Keith’s omg
メpapamilk 2 months ago
i got acrylics yesterday and i want to amputate all 80 dollars worth of finger from my body. it took five minutes to type this shit out.
✖ThatOneWeirdo✖ 2 months ago
Rosi the cat
Rosi the cat 2 months ago
Keith's are so pretty tho. I want those 💙
Yourparenting Sucks
Yourparenting Sucks 2 months ago
I'd love to get my nails done, but for my job I have to do cash register and I dont know how I'd be able to grab change and cash without struggling
J Z 2 months ago
"You have dry nails" ..."yeah cause I don't SUCK on them all day" Keith 😂
Ava Beer
Ava Beer 3 months ago
Keith should have gotten nails with little fried chickens on them
Nyte Shayde
Nyte Shayde 3 months ago
We learn to adapt and use tools.
Erin L English
Erin L English 3 months ago
You could cut a--*someone* up
Lord Megatron
Lord Megatron 3 months ago
I had long nails. No problem for me.
Lord Megatron
Lord Megatron 3 months ago
Btw at first i was afraid cuz it did hurt, but after it was okay and got used to it, found my ways to eat, type etc. Got it after few weeks. :)
Tee West
Tee West 3 months ago
2 funny 😄
Grace Chen
Grace Chen 3 months ago
No no no
Grace Chen
Grace Chen 3 months ago
You said the f word!
Monica Nguyen
Monica Nguyen 3 months ago
Just like the "Left Hand" video, this seems like a dramatization. Its not that difficult to do half these tasks lol. Women rule the world.
Karly !
Karly ! 3 months ago
In this episode… Zach discovered that he is a Holosexual 💿!
????????? 3 months ago
Having nails sounds so fun, but I don’t think I could adapt with them, specially because I love to do stuff that long nails don’t allow me 😭
MakyMoo 3 months ago
I honestly love neds nails. I would totally wear those with a pair of stilletos
Emma Doehr
Emma Doehr 3 months ago
Zach should definitely collab with nailogical and her holo
Alejandra Orellana
Alejandra Orellana 3 months ago
0:23 I love when Keith does •v• with his face it’s so silly and cute
Jessica Vasseur
Jessica Vasseur 3 months ago
Ariel is so beautiful. She's always so happy on camera. Her smile is so natural.
SarahSayAnything 3 months ago
Alternate title - Zack discovered he is a holosexual.
Abby Boykin
Abby Boykin 3 months ago
how much did Eugene's nails cost
Nykkie_ShadeQueen87 3 months ago
It's funny the stuff she used, folks are able to get from Amazon and other nail websites (She used Apres Gelly X Nails Kit) and do them, themselves 🤷🏽‍♀️
MissVexo 3 months ago
I am a straight guy who is gonna have nails done next week, wish me good luck!
Anya Vance
Anya Vance 3 months ago
I love hearing Keith swear it’s the funniest thing ever
RatburS00t 3 months ago
i can smell the nail polish and i don’t own any 🤨
Caleigh Cooper
Caleigh Cooper 3 months ago
who knew zach was a holosexual
sipsi 3 months ago
5:43 : 🧍‍♀️
Keeks 3 months ago
Those jewels looks like that woman has warts on her fingernails 😭
Lilyyy Maeee
Lilyyy Maeee 3 months ago
Then theres me that has natural long nails so I'm just used to it
Justchats-_- 3 months ago
Dude Zach had me cracking up 6:20😭😂
paperwitch83 3 months ago
Can’t repeat enough how much I love these guys. 🥰
Pauline Mae Reyes
Pauline Mae Reyes 3 months ago
i Just re watched this.. and their poses in the nails are like the poses in ANTM Boys and Girls So cute.. ilavit
Kate to kate ( Dunkin sum muff)
Keith: BlUe sQuArEs. Eugene: mines eleganZa Me: ShOrT NaiLs 💀
Groff Sauce
Groff Sauce 3 months ago
My thumbs are like that too
Sophie Abel
Sophie Abel 3 months ago
“fArT cItY” and I quote
a Random User
a Random User 3 months ago
Eugene looks like a god, as always, who is surprised, no one
Brianna Maria
Brianna Maria 3 months ago
Zach discovering that he’s a holosexual xD
Aimee Ogunseye
Aimee Ogunseye 3 months ago
i'm kinda mad that they just wasted those nails. like they probably cost aty least $100-150 like why did they only wear them for one day? i'm crying
Nila Eila
Nila Eila 3 months ago
The first time I had my nails done I had to poop and I did. BUT THEN I got poop on my nails. I kid you not I bleached the he'll out of my finger. Good times
Froggie 🐸✨
Froggie 🐸✨ 3 months ago
"I've never created a reaction with my fingers like that" 👁️👄👁️
I'm a Furry
I'm a Furry 3 months ago
Ned: nobody wore acrylics in 50 shades Eugene: how do you know that? Ned: cuz I wAtCHeD it
xobrynn 3 months ago
you either have a full set of acrylics, or a sticker-less object. there's no in-between ;;(
L 3 months ago
Piper Hogan
Piper Hogan 3 months ago
Dammit Zac is so freaking cute!!!!
Jiraffe Jimmy
Jiraffe Jimmy 3 months ago
“Ahhh it bit my nail FART CITY”- Zach
Moses 3 months ago
“I hate to be the 50 shade police” 👮‍♂️🤣
Jackie Holley
Jackie Holley 3 months ago
Zach is a HOLOSEXUAL … he had an awakening 😂❤️💿
Blob Fish
Blob Fish 4 months ago
Wait didn’t the theme song have a “dOOOoo duuudOOOO”
zapheil 4 months ago
To get a firm hold on something, instead of using the tips of your fingers, use the top of your thumb and the first knuckle from the top of your index finger. I feel like it gives me a tighter grip anyways, because you replace one squishy finger with a more solid boney mass.
Seitan Beats Your Meat
My sister was a nail biter, it got so bad she had like no nails and the ends of her fingers were growing funky like clubbed or something. I offered to get her nails AND the upkeep as long as she wanted them. She was stoked and got nails for months, I sent her a gift card every month for 200 for about a year… when she said she wanted to be natural again. It did exactly what I wanted, it broke her nail biting habit (although she admitted she tried to bite the acrylics and it was not good 😂). It’s been years now and she has naturally long nails that look great and are healthy
Charlotte Suzanne
Charlotte Suzanne 4 months ago
slowfire2 4 months ago
Plastic gloves might help with the hygiene aspects. Why didn't anyone think of that?
Xei 4 months ago
You should do nail challenges against people who are experienced nail extension wearers
Katelyn Villegas
Katelyn Villegas 4 months ago
*”why does it have a nose ring”* 💀💀 lmaooo Becky
xyz 4 months ago
When you have jewelry on and you get nails … it’s on you until someone takes it off 💀😩 that’s the only thing I cannot do with nails - to this day
Star Boy
Star Boy 4 months ago
Love that Keith is the straightest dude ever but every time he does something "feminine" for these videos he's like "Hell yeah I look amazing!"
GhoulChann 4 months ago
it’s ok Zach I also have f up fingers
The Friendly Neighborhood Homosexual
You have to build up the nails so you're used to them
Hobi’s Ego7
Hobi’s Ego7 4 months ago
As someone who frequently gets acrylics that are long word of advice don’t be afraid to do tasks !!! Also knuckles are your best friend !!!
grim_ Reaper_luckydeath14
You really nailed it on the intro man lol 😂😂
Elliot_is_existing 4 months ago
Idk why but just ‘Nail Swag’ makes me odly laugh
Jose Mendoza
Jose Mendoza 4 months ago
I wish I could get my nails done but I play in an orchestra 😭
Jade Butcher
Jade Butcher 4 months ago
Maybe try nail polish strips
Simarpreet Kaur
Simarpreet Kaur 4 months ago
Just saying I’m wearing nails that look like that kind of and there easy to wear just hard to type…
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