The soldier at the back  

Adrian Bliss
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The soldier at the back


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Oct 18, 2021




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YouTube Month ago
if only we had one more person! 💀
Chung Lê Thành
Chung Lê Thành 14 days ago
omg UStotal
Jasper B
Jasper B 15 days ago
Icedrag0n 17 days ago
UI goku
UI goku 17 days ago
The one that has started my cereer
Shaden Agha
Shaden Agha 20 days ago
Hey youtube!
Bathory 4 minutes ago
ruru 18 minutes ago
kudos to him for being original and funny
Karen Bridgeforth
Karen Bridgeforth 3 hours ago
Why is this me, tho
fergieson32 18 hours ago
This is how I play team games tbf 😂
Chloe Carmen
Chloe Carmen Day ago
That’s me during PE
Dhruv_747 Day ago
U r so goooood!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Eden monroe
Eden monroe Day ago
His arm hurts poor guy … of course he can’t fight 😂😂😂
TwTv Aethiral
Yoginirunner Day ago
so I guess we'ree either descendants of heroes or deserters because then a dead person can't have kids 🤣
Sparrow Star
Sparrow Star Day ago
This is me
Albai Mussa
Albai Mussa Day ago
I love this guy's voice 😂😂
Sofia H
Sofia H 2 days ago
That's 100% me if I had to be a soldier in the back.. like "yeah! Go team! There's no I in team!"
Dan Enholm
Dan Enholm 2 days ago
U have great scenes do have acting back groud
INDIGO! 2 days ago
The smart one
Jojo creamy
Jojo creamy 2 days ago
He really has a lot of costumes that I would actually purchase
AJGamezX 2 days ago
I have that exact sword
Camille Mercado
Camille Mercado 2 days ago
I was watching your videos. They're all funny but this one is special!
Adelyn Willaughby
Someone: Adrian how many costumes there is in your closet Adrian: YES
Greatness_Arives 3 days ago
Not just with romans, many ancient armies forced their most scared and new soldiers to fight not just at the front of the formation but at the center of the formation, as they had soldiers behind, to the left and right that would kill them or force them back into the fight if they wanted to tuck tail and run
Naya Elrayes
Naya Elrayes 3 days ago
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how many costumes he has/owns
A'aesyah Faizal
A'aesyah Faizal 3 days ago
Sacredkinetics. LNS.
Always the poor do the bleeding and the oligarchs collect the gold. 💫👽💫
Blurryface 4 days ago
Me in Assassin‘s creed when the rest of the crew is fighting:
Biddy 4 days ago
Adrian you should be proud of yourself UStotal literally just commented on your video.
skot skot
skot skot 4 days ago
thats what bows were made for
Natasha Stambaugh
Yep that's me
katie noname
katie noname 5 days ago
I lost my shit at the thumbs up.😂😂😂
Babbity 5 days ago
The first emotion I've seen in one of these videos.
Charlene Meixner
Charlene Meixner 5 days ago
that looks more like a dagger
Nolan Lucid
Nolan Lucid 5 days ago
When he look at his wrist look for a watch 😂😂😂
Badum Tsss
Badum Tsss 5 days ago
hey look it's me in PE
growing up with Aly
I would run faster than Usain Bolt
Veronika 5 days ago
that thumbs up though 🤣🤣🤣🤣
mqevai! 5 days ago
This guy is so cute I swear!! 😭😭❤️
Directionar 5 days ago
Me in my group project!
Dewi The Great
Dewi The Great 5 days ago
Me in P.E. :
D. McAlister
D. McAlister 5 days ago
🤣🤣🤣that would be me!!!
Jeremy Ripton
Jeremy Ripton 6 days ago
You are hilarious...thanks.
Brianna Moro
Brianna Moro 6 days ago
The back soldier is me when I play dodge ball at school🤣🤣
songs halaifonua
songs halaifonua 7 days ago
Attack on titan be like-
Tricky 7 days ago
It’s like you’re on the voice is just like flat hilarious
Rumble 7 days ago
Most battles were really won by having the other side scatter when they see they're losing.
Armin Theron
Armin Theron 7 days ago
Jesus loves you so much❤️ I was addicted to porn for almost 6 years of my life, I was on drugs, alcohol, full of jealousy and I hated people. Jesus set me free and he can set you free aswell ❤️Just call out to him, give your life to him, and he will save you!
Celest 7 days ago
😂 This would be so me
Unnati Mishra
Unnati Mishra 7 days ago
He's so amazing 🤣🤣
Justleen Tordedo
Justleen Tordedo 7 days ago
There general says ahhhhh if only we had one person and the dude be like *-_-yep i am not helping* * ME BE LIKE DUDE ITS YOUR TIME TO SHINE* his like nah and then dies from the people that survived and their kingdom goes into defeat* AHAHAH
Linedopw 7 days ago
risaryan9 7 days ago
U are gay alok five
The Grace
The Grace 7 days ago
I love him 😂😂😂😂😂😂
RobloxieTower Meme
Elementary school games in the gym be like:
alastor the radio demon
Dear you got to many costumes
xyree uy
xyree uy 7 days ago
F Rip
Fret 7 days ago
HeyitsMel0dy 7 days ago
me in dodgeball
Helene Dh
Helene Dh 8 days ago
This is what I do in video games.
Shutupbradley 8 days ago
“Ah we’re being slaughtered” best line delivery 😂
Kibido 8 days ago
the thumbs up 👍🏻😂
Leah Warrin
Leah Warrin 8 days ago
The conquered Britains forced to fight in the Roman army:
Shadow Soulless
Shadow Soulless 8 days ago
All my coworkers... "We could finish this department if only we had the help of the one guy that isn't doing his f****** work"
Ashley Ludlow
Ashley Ludlow 8 days ago
He reminds me of Rowan Atkinson.
Andrew lowrey
Andrew lowrey 9 days ago
Bro he said that there would be carnage beyond imagination and that nobody would sleep that night and he said it like they were going to a tea party
Sarah Naos
Sarah Naos 9 days ago
LoganOMG23 9 days ago
Maddie world M
Maddie world M 9 days ago
Bodica right
Big Daddy
Big Daddy 9 days ago
I like how no matter the situation his voice is so soft
Deniz 9 days ago
Being slaughtered? Couldn't be him
Yang yang ziko
Yang yang ziko 9 days ago
Today s social media 🥴🥴
Z4n Getsu
Z4n Getsu 9 days ago
We know the real one if he's looking at the Camera
DeathBFMidnight 9 days ago
Me playing dodgeball be like...
TheRickibobby 10 days ago
He should do one with WW2 theme.
Aliyaness II
Aliyaness II 10 days ago
How is that the soldiers all look the same but a bit diff, all of one actor?!?!?
Aliyaness II
Aliyaness II 10 days ago
How is that the soldiers all look the same but a bit diff, all of one actor?!?!?
Ted's Hobbies
Ted's Hobbies 10 days ago
That would be me.
River 10 days ago
So me at times
Betty 10 days ago
Flavinho gameplay
Flavinho gameplay 10 days ago
moade333 10 days ago
This guy is so good 👍
Tara Baker
Tara Baker 10 days ago
That would be me
Fatimah Taylor
Fatimah Taylor 10 days ago
I AM freakin WEAK!!!! 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
The C.I.A.
The C.I.A. 10 days ago
This happened with the French army (Or another), Soldiers at the back usually shot the ones in front.
NotScroll 10 days ago
This is history right here😂
world is One🖤
world is One🖤 10 days ago
•{T4P10CA • DUST}•
Adrian bliss be like: *oh noo… my arm is being cut off…. what do I do… aaa…*
GalaxyPhoenix 11 days ago
He actually fits the Roman look so well.
Kakashi 11 days ago
I'm littery the guy at the back at music
Galaxy&Darkarjay Productions! #roadto1000
Sarah Connor
Sarah Connor 11 days ago
Doing this would be a death sentence as well 😆. If the soldiers from the other side win you die, If your side wins you're going to die for standing around & doing nothing.
s h e l o m i e t h a
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kdub nyc
kdub nyc 11 days ago
The Donk
The Donk 11 days ago
This dude is funny asf
mekore 11 days ago
A happy lil shushi roll
"i may be a coward, but I'm the coward that survived" -ActualFactsTho
tzimiz zyo
tzimiz zyo 8 days ago
The cowards mom never cry.... 😂😂😂
Kate Kat
Kate Kat 11 days ago
I am enjoying these skits
Franz knight
Franz knight 11 days ago
You can't because the camera man will see you
Naofumi 11 days ago
The most powerful charge I've ever heard
HighPriestess 11 days ago
This is exactly how I imagined historical battles to be
monpai 12 days ago
Athenians phalanx be like:
Llewlyn Sokalski-McKee
That would be me
Crab reunion #shorts