The Los Santos Tuner DLC Update- Everything New | Jul 20th GTA 5 Online Midnight Club Update 

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In this update video, we cover all the major content updates form the new Los Santos Tuner DLC (midnight club style) in GTA 5 Online. Showcasing the new free podium vehicle and how to get it, new car discounts in the online store and business discounts.Also taking a look at the new podium car gta 5, gta. 5 podium car

BIG Cash \u0026 RP BONUS + New DISCOUNTS \u0026 New Podium Car | GTA 5 Online Weekly Update

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About the GTA V:

Grand Theft Auto V is an open world, action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. Released on 17 September 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 it eventually found it's way to the next generation consoles- PlayStation 4 and Xbox One the following year, and 2015 for Microsoft Windows. The game is the first main entry in the Grand Theft Auto series since 2008's Grand Theft Auto IV. Set within the fictional state of San Andreas (based on Southern California), the single-player story follows three criminals and their efforts to commit heists while under pressure from a government agency. The open world design lets players freely roam San Andreas, which includes open countryside and the fictional city of Los Santos (based on Los Angeles).

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Jul 20, 2021




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eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 6 hours ago
Wow Awesome!!💗
SINIO 11 hours ago
Am i the only one who cant press right -> in the auto shop if you want to mod your car or sell the costuimer car
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Day ago
Wow Awesome!!💗
Daniel Alexander
Why delete my post about the JG gaming Scam?
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 6 hours ago
You can also customize the radio stations so if you don't want flip through all of them you can favorite some so that only those show up
Melvin Hughes
Can someone confirm for me about that GTA sponser I checked it out and I'm still a little iffy about it
Chris Labedzski
I don't see players useing these cars more then 2 weeks,,, the opresser are still there will destroy them and why drive a tuner cars or regular cars, if we have oppresser and military vehicles, those is what we always should use, because gta5 is a battlefield,
Chris Labedzski
Chris Labedzski 23 hours ago
Unfortunately no, ps3 stopped having updates long ago
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Day ago
Hey is this update available on ps3 also
Steven Zepeda
Steven Zepeda 2 days ago
I used the jg gaming to buy money in gta and it banned my account permanently use it at your own risk
Neil Matthews
Neil Matthews 2 days ago
I was excited to see the Euros (300zx)coming back. But when I saw it was going to be the 370z, I was a little disappointed… I think it looks cool, but it’s not the og euros
Ma_li 2 days ago
Its GTA 5 online free on ps?
THE FACT MAN 2 days ago
Fun fact: The original name for the search engine Google was Backrub.
Qwerty Pro
Qwerty Pro 2 days ago
Gta fuckin stupid - rockstar literally just baits you guys for more money
Miguel D
Miguel D 2 days ago
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SKIMWΔTER 2 days ago
When does the weekly update end
TimeBucks 3 days ago
Very funny and informative
Ahmed Tuama
Ahmed Tuama 2 days ago
filmpje S
filmpje S 3 days ago
Evry one gta v is free no ps plus online
옹스타 OngStar
Wow Awesome!!💗
Ryan's bass Covers
This update kinda sucked😞 was really looking forward and I was let down hard
Certified Clown
Certified Clown 3 days ago
The races are fun but like I just hope this isn't going to turn out like arena war did
Jaila Bby
Jaila Bby 3 days ago
You can also customize the radio stations so if you don't want flip through all of them you can favorite some so that only those show up
Hey is this update available on ps3 also
The Mechanic
The Mechanic 3 days ago
Aircraft also spawn right next to you instead of spawning miles away
JAVIER GALVAN 3 days ago
Go buy something on Jg gaming
Michael Superbacker
3:07 where the hell is my time trial update!!! I want my $100,000!!!! 😡
Josh Gomez
Josh Gomez 3 days ago
Jackass 4 trailer came out. It's on Steve-Os channel.
Adéla Majerová
Adéla Majerová 3 days ago
Was looking forward to this video for a while
Shamir Ali
Shamir Ali 3 days ago
aint nuttin but a bluesheep party.
Leezy 3 days ago
If those are the car "tuned" in the thumbnail then I'm good looks like a 10year old made them on paint , I prefer gtawiseguys's take. In tuner DLC he did wayyyy back
Todd Kobell
Todd Kobell 3 days ago
Nothing helpful, just like this game. Been playing since January and this game is getting old. Money hungry rockstar.
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Anastasi Laptev
Anastasi Laptev 3 days ago
It’s not on PC😤😤😤😤
Ghoul 3 days ago
How is this #6 on normal trending? UStotal is slacking
Loo Shoo
Loo Shoo 3 days ago
Do I need GTA for this
The Witness
The Witness 3 days ago
I can't believe that's all they added and everybody was so excited... Even you just said you were so excited and you can't wait to play... Why to drive a different car and not do the time trials....
The Witness
The Witness 3 days ago
Paying to up your level for what a loser play the game..hahahaha
Vershaun 3 days ago
What the red car called
jayfrmthabel 3 days ago
They should’ve made it to where we can play our own music
jayfrmthabel 3 days ago
@Liam Barnett nigga I got Spotify … i just didn’t know I could use it for gta
Liam Barnett
Liam Barnett 3 days ago
Use Spotify and stop being a cheapskate 😂
Nico Harris
Nico Harris 3 days ago
When are they putting the saleen on there
VytasTM 3 days ago
bruh the sponsor tho, like why would you accept a sponsor like that?!
Brandon lopez
Brandon lopez 3 days ago
is it a scam?
Chinito 3 days ago
What’s the white car with the rainbow in the thumbnail?
Seth Miller
Seth Miller 3 days ago
These all look like cars we already have
Goat Ninja
Goat Ninja 3 days ago
The vapid dominator gtt I am so happy because to me that’s more than a car that’s John wicks car my dream car
Opiumo* 3 days ago
Is cayo still good to do ?
Acute hoofdpijn
Acute hoofdpijn 2 days ago
Car duping is the real deal
Marcus Smith
Marcus Smith 3 days ago
Uhhh where is the car meet up?
Ivancito Miranda
Ivancito Miranda 3 days ago
Does anyone know if that link at the beginning for modded accounts and money on gta works?
Preet Singh
Preet Singh 3 days ago
Is it available for PS3 I mean this update?
Undead Racing
Undead Racing 3 days ago
What is the 2x money and rp
Jalen MCKINNEY 3 days ago
Can they plz add a new charger please like I been waiting 3 years for new hellcat charger wtf smh
Polar Water Gamer
I Smashed That Like Button.😁👍
Freddy Taylor
Freddy Taylor 3 days ago
Lmao nice “sponsor”
Lucky Playz
Lucky Playz 3 days ago
I’m disappointed in this update it is so expensive and it’s hard to make money for low levels 😭😭😭
Lucky Playz
Lucky Playz 2 days ago
@michael gallacher money isn’t easy to get wdym
Lucky Playz
Lucky Playz 2 days ago
@michael gallacher yes I do
michael gallacher
Hahahaha feck off man. Money is sooooo easy to get in this game. Do you even play??
xore 3 days ago
What's the car on the top left
ChonchoBoncho _
ChonchoBoncho _ 3 days ago
Does anyone know if the website he talked about actually works?
Hjort Jensen
Hjort Jensen 20 hours ago
@Pavlin Nikolov and you didn’t get banned or scammed?
Pavlin Nikolov
Pavlin Nikolov 20 hours ago
@Hjort Jensen obviously?!
Hjort Jensen
Hjort Jensen Day ago
@Pavlin Nikolov have you used it?
Pavlin Nikolov
Pavlin Nikolov 3 days ago
It does
Shado Snipes
Shado Snipes 3 days ago
Amazing vid!!!!! I have been here for 3 months! And I am happy to say that I have sub!
954scrappy 3 days ago
I like all the cars but I think the ZR350 AKA the Mazda rx7 looks the most closest to what it’s supposed to be and the best.
Zeus 3 days ago
Nice, you and every other gta online creator are sponsored by fraudulent scam sites.
Zeus 21 hour ago
@Hjort Jensen you must be new to life. Trust pilot is not legitimate. Every scam site in the world copy pastas that shit. Not to mention the whole idea of purchasing gta cash any way other than shark cards is not even possible.
Hjort Jensen
Hjort Jensen Day ago
Why do you Think it’s a scam?, They have a good trust pilot
AHMAD MODAR 3 days ago
Is that just new cars🙂💀
purplebandit 3 days ago
Yooooo you’re trending!! Congratulations man
xore 3 days ago
How can I buy the cars I can't buy them
Owen R
Owen R 3 days ago
Didn’t know shut I have no money to buy anything well too bad
Jake The Snake
Jake The Snake 3 days ago
He says not every vehicle is expensive but every vehicle is over 1 mil…….. I remember when they released new cars worth 100-500k….. This is just clearly a money grab now. Where tf is gta 6
Lemon Aids
Lemon Aids Day ago
dude if you don’t have 1 mil after 8 years of this game being out idk what to say
doguin 2 days ago
tbf the game has existed for a long ass time so a lot of people have lots of money so they had to make it expensive compared to back then so people still have to work for it
Stxr305 3 days ago
What is the car in the thumbnail top left
Mac Cheese
Mac Cheese 3 days ago
We cant lie we all are disappointed they said more tuning more sounds more stuff butbwe just got the same cars with different names
Gvidas 3 days ago
What is that car in top left of the thumbnail
Matt15 3 days ago
Who tf would buy 15mil for 30$, for 25$ you can buy the best mod menu and have unlimited money
Donovan Scott
Donovan Scott 3 days ago
I just want Franklin's charger in online maybe hellcat version of it. These lil cute cars don't get me excited. Well that BMW M3 from the trailor looked good
L 3 days ago
@Donovan Scott It’s called the Buffalo S
Donovan Scott
Donovan Scott 3 days ago
@L I only see the older version of it or the sprunk version
L 3 days ago
His charger is on multiplayer
Cody Boutdy
Cody Boutdy 3 days ago
I see a Corolla lookalike, I gotta GAS GAS GAS I’m gonna step on the gas tonight!
skyline 3 days ago
Good ol rockstar, not a single car under a million dollars when none of them would be over 100k irl.
GTA Ashwagandha Man
SHUT UP😂 it's a game so stop crying! Earn your way and make money poor boi! GRIND🙌
Josh 3 days ago
Gingers Have no souls
You can’t go and rob an island in 3 hours for 1.5mil in real life
Boros Ádám
Boros Ádám 3 days ago
Bruh they expensive af
Josue Narez
Josue Narez 3 days ago
POV you wach this video cuz your to lazy to load in you’re game
Sjoerd Siemes
Sjoerd Siemes 3 days ago
lol i almost got excited about the update. Nope just some overpriced cars you need to grind for.
Airrdropp16_- 3 days ago
@Ryan Perry u need a friend for that
Ryan Perry
Ryan Perry 3 days ago
Or do The cayo perico replay glitch
Airrdropp16_- 3 days ago
What about the auto business?
Domino Masters
Domino Masters 3 days ago
What a rubbish update
Antonis Vareltzidis
The Porsches are not in legendary motorsport
Sean Carter
Sean Carter 3 days ago
No super cars, shitty cars cost as much as the super cars now.... how is this update good again?! 🤔🥴🥴🥴🥴
Varro 3 days ago
Wait until you find out that the fastest car in the game is a sports car
Hayatekunai 3 days ago
Isn't it bannable to buy levels and money from third party websites lmao
OXE EXO 3 days ago
@Pavlin Nikolov because you haven't been reported lol RS occasionally does sweeps for anti cheat software and fake paid accounts. It's only a matter of time. But to each their own. I'll stick to playing the right way not the easy way.
Pavlin Nikolov
Pavlin Nikolov 3 days ago
Speak for yourselves, I am using JG gaming for quite some time now and I’ve never really had any problems with it
OXE EXO 3 days ago
Yes but people who make youtube vids for a living aren't known for having high IQ'S
Man Of Steel
Man Of Steel 3 days ago
Yes it is
Skhutazo Shingange
Does the JG boost work for Ps4 accounts? Has anyone done this and not encountered issues?
Local Warlord
Local Warlord 3 days ago
I’ve been looking for an answer to this
BANKK23X 3 days ago
Why the cars so much 🤔 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
VonOfficial__ 3 days ago
Just bought the jg gaming pack wish me luck 😭
@Doomsday Duncan complete fucking scam. Gotta call ps services cuz I can’t get int my acc🤦🏽‍♂️
Doomsday Duncan
Doomsday Duncan 3 days ago
Did it work?
Nick Wilken
Nick Wilken 3 days ago
Ryan Henry
Ryan Henry 3 days ago
Trafalgar .D. Water Law
Ur bs
Trafalgar .D. Water Law
its_KTB 3 days ago
Has anyone got banned from using jg gaming
its_KTB 3 days ago
@VonOfficial__ dose it work?
VonOfficial__ 3 days ago
I just bought it imma see if it works
Twana Sayar
Twana Sayar 3 days ago
Awful update
Daniel Zertuche
Daniel Zertuche 3 days ago
Lol im laughing at the trade prices with my 650 million on my bank :) thats for poor ppl lmao i can waste all the money i want im a millionare
Your Mom
Your Mom 3 days ago
@Daniel Zertuche how U know
Daniel Zertuche
Daniel Zertuche 3 days ago
@Your Mom let me guess youre poor and cant even afford 1 car loool
Your Mom
Your Mom 3 days ago
Nobody asked 💀
Your Mom
Your Mom 3 days ago
Wtf that’s crazy
Brandon 56
Brandon 56 3 days ago
Dilan Ramos
Dilan Ramos 3 days ago
You fking serious? Every car is over a million
Τασος Αλεξοπουλος
There is a new radio but it's off
XWolfy X
XWolfy X 3 days ago
Where is the Hellcat chargers???
Kusan Simpson
Kusan Simpson 3 days ago
Already there
Cosmic Noodle
Cosmic Noodle 3 days ago
Has anyone tried this JG Gaming? Is it legit?
Hjort Jensen
Hjort Jensen Day ago
@VonOfficial__ did you have the 2 step verifikation on Your account?
@Cosmic Noodle complete scam. Gotta call ps services to get my acc back🤦🏽‍♂️
Cosmic Noodle
Cosmic Noodle 2 days ago
@VonOfficial__ good luck 😅 lemme know how it goes
VonOfficial__ 3 days ago
I just bought it. Wish my luck😅
Noodles 3 days ago
I was searching for the Pfister Growler and it’s not even in the game
Alex Macias
Alex Macias 3 days ago
I heard some cars are gonna be drip feed so its possible they come out later
mat the kidd
mat the kidd 3 days ago
And media player? Clickbait
WWJP 3 days ago
Finally someone who does not make a fucking 20 minute video for this
jimmy 3 days ago
boring as update
The Beast
The Beast 3 days ago
What rep level do you have to be to get the trade price for the rx7
Blank Face
Blank Face 3 days ago
Media player too idk what that is
Antaeus 3 days ago
Bro wtf my PC is still broke and the update is out now
MIKKIS KLIPIT 3 days ago
Homoshiki 3 days ago
they added a 350z😩
Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia 3 days ago
Diego Garcia
Diego Garcia 3 days ago
Crash 3 days ago
Good thing I bought a modded account.
Toplistit 3 days ago
He didn’t say anything about the futo gtx
Angel _lol
Angel _lol 3 days ago
Flywheel Battery