The Day the Dinosaurs Died - Minute by Minute 

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66 million years ago, maybe on a Tuesday afternoon, life was the same as it had been the day before or a thousand years before or pretty much a million years before. Things were good for our feathered dinosaur buddies. Until a tiny, tiny detail in the sky changed.

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Jun 15, 2021




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Comments : 34 952   
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Badger87 23 days ago
Manhal Budair
Manhal Budair 24 days ago
Paul Anzini
Paul Anzini Month ago
Do I believe in dinosaurs? I don't know...
HaxFor1 Month ago
Grace Ella
Grace Ella Month ago
I’ve always been such a Dino nerd, I watched the “walking with dinosaurs” series as a kid so many times I could narrate the movie, no joke lol. But this is the most interesting and digestible explanation I’ve ever heard of the dinosaurs extinction
SithLord Hibiscus
We face very different conditions. The sun was dimmer, the flora fauna vastly different and oxygen levels higher. In just 900,000,000 years however, Earth will be uninhabitable. Days will be much longer due to the constantly slowing rotation. The Sun will have expanded to dry up the oceans. The 200,000,000 years just prior will essentially be the Death Procession of all living things. Additionally several supervolcanoes will erupt, the poles will change numerous times and a GRB or many is likely to occur. The Sun has about 5 billion years left but the Earth will be uninhabitable in less than 1 billion. We can expect that conditions will only worsen from here on out, whereas the dinosaurs, unbeknownst to them, were living in the true Golden Age of earth.
Lolbit playz Roblox
Let’s name the asteroid “ dinoscide”
Reet 4 hours ago
how did the surviving animals not burn up and/or die to the immense heat?
ekarus 4 hours ago
sad that the dinosaurs couldnt send a group of blue-collar deep-core drillers to stop the threat
daboi_2010 4 hours ago
this is what happens when your mother cannonballs in a pool
Stefani Murray
Stefani Murray 8 hours ago
Neptune?A gas giant?!
GoldenBeans 8 hours ago
yeeted into space
Pentax67 God
Pentax67 God 8 hours ago
What wasn’t mention is that the crater was forming BEFORE the asteroid got there 🤯
Miroslav Kovar
Miroslav Kovar 10 hours ago
How the hell did anything survived this?
Brophy League Clubhouse
The name of the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs is called Chicxulub Impactor.
hr KyleOP
hr KyleOP 19 hours ago
Please make a detailed video on what happened after this. It is highly recommended to know how earth came into being what its today.
north borneo
north borneo 19 hours ago
i like him
north borneo
north borneo 19 hours ago
i like dinos
Shawn Thompson
Shawn Thompson 20 hours ago
Poor bastards
AtlasPrime619 22 hours ago
God: “Hey, Michael.” Michael: “Yes, Holy Father?” God: “Check out this humanoid I just design out of the mammal. I’m thinking of launching them into Life. I’m curious at what they can do. Of course, it’ll take some time for them evolve to this stage, so it’ll have to be slow.” Michael: “But they look so fragile! There’s no way they can survive with all of those reptilians down there!” **God, hurling a rock onto Earth** God: “I’m sorry, you said something?”
Jake King
Jake King 23 hours ago
I personally like to think the reason humanity has always been driven to understanding and fearing this event is solely a genetic memory burned into our very being by our ancestors being some of the few beings to actually survive witnessing the day all of life almost died. Because our ancestors could never even conceive of preventing such a thing from happening again, and so evolution quietly made the way for a species smart enough to possibly conceive a solution.
Nyfex Day ago
The earth back looks like it had more life than now.
Charles Rossi Guevarra
I like even more the dinos
Sized Toaster0
Humans: Thankyou for bringing us into being?
Volker H
Volker H Day ago
it surely was a monday
Bevil VFX
Bevil VFX Day ago
its kill to death ratio is insane
Bevil VFX
Bevil VFX Day ago
"bedrock melts into plasma" Minecraft Players: *wait... thats illegal*
Fennekin Day ago
The fact that your impending doom can at first be as insignificant as a new star in the night sky is absolutely terrifying.
Star wars We explain
And now we have the beginnings of a planetary defense system thanks to NASA and their DART mission
John Micko Zotomayor
Kinda sad tho.
Gremory Day ago
something about you saying yeeted makes me giggle
Toilet Day ago
didnt know that the gulf of mexico existed then
Yeah Pangea broke up long before this.
Justin Liam Hong
lol he said yeeted
Auriansmule Day ago
All it takes is one bad day.
mak khan
mak khan Day ago
Who will win. Animals that evolved in every shape and size and ruled the earth for millions of years. Or The Rock.
Josiah Timothy Sy Go
Mr Daya review
Mr Daya review 2 days ago
I cried
suchikapundir 2 days ago
soooooooo cool
CrackClicker The2ND
Joshua Josephson
Joshua Josephson 2 days ago
Impressive feats to humans you mean. It’s really easy to brag and boast about your achievements when you are the only one listening. Seems more insecure and more than a bit immature. Like a proud foolish child who thinks it’s the only thing that matters, Humans don’t know what Life is. They don’t know how it happened or why. They have a lot of guesses. Guesses that they have copied over and over and over again because they are not original at all. Some of their better copies are original but an original copy is still just a copy. Humans have built a world of death and destruction which the majority of the species live without enough while a small portion takes more than it can use or needs and calls it Fair. They war against everything g including each other over idea, over their copied guesses and use the rest of Life as if it’s sole purpose is theirs to decide. In my short Life I have seen them become less in all ways. Sicker of Mind, Heart and Body and yet they continue to delude themselves that they are doing the best that they can do all the while only focusing on their own small circle of humans that they claim to love. And there are many kinds of feelings humans would call love. And they all feel good. But there is only one kind of love that matters. That is is True. And it’s not the love in the hearts of the family I see now doesn’t want to be better. They like being sick and just calling it health. They liked being selfish and just calling it ambition. They like being indifferent to the Life they use because they told themselves a lie that human words and definitions assign meaning, value and purpose to all of Life, including yours. And the saddest thing is none of them even came up with any of it. Just copied some thing in nature or from someone else’s copy of nature and so on. They are not original. I have tried to play their game of make believing that they are all the things I once believed they could be if they weren’t so sick. But belief no matter what you call it, theory, Faith, law doesn’t change reality. I have always known that. I wish you did.
DL comix
DL comix 2 days ago
At least global climate change by humans is better than this!
Koh soon Ang
Koh soon Ang 2 days ago
6:11 example of hell
VJ 2 days ago
I can’t believe the devs banned the dinosaur
El Tejano Sports
El Tejano Sports 2 days ago
What if humans were on that “asteroid” and that’s how we got here👀👀👀
Hilary Leachman
Hilary Leachman 3 days ago
Why did this bum me out so much? Poor lil dinos :(
Tedxolotl 3 days ago
How do we know this though
TheAdvertisement 3 days ago
They talk about in the video, but sure, play dumb.
AI bot
AI bot 3 days ago
Dinosaurs were killed by external factor We don't need anything, we ourselves are capable
ANDROLOMA 3 days ago
The day the dinosaurs died, Jesus wept.
ANDROLOMA 11 hours ago
@Deathcall777 And he's still not around now, despite all the people out there thinking he is.
Deathcall777 Day ago
im pretty sure he wasn't exactly around yet.
Niki 3 days ago
Somewhere near the ruins, there's a freshly cooked pizza.
Abdullah Ayaan
Abdullah Ayaan 3 days ago
I am pretty sure it was a Monday because mondays are the worst
Linklink098 3 days ago
2:59 Minecraft player: the WHAT
Mason Scruggs
Mason Scruggs 3 days ago
Be Happy Always
Be Happy Always 4 days ago
2 min silence for T-Rex. By T-Rex fans
Sheldon 4 days ago
For clarification purposes (because it kind of bugs me) few dinosaurs had feathers, archaeologists discovered a dinosaur and scientists looked at its fossilised ‘skin print’ and detected feathers and released this information to the public, and then the general populous generalised this to all dinosaurs and that’s how some people ending up believing dinosaurs had feathers,which they don’t for example the tyrannosaurus definitely did not have feathers.
ANDROLOMA 2 days ago
@Sheldon Admission of small foibles is a mature virtue. 🙂
Sheldon 3 days ago
@ANDROLOMA I’m not trying to appear intelligent hahah we’re all human :)
ANDROLOMA 3 days ago
Populace, not "populous." Ever get a sinking feeling that you made a dumb mistake while trying to appear intelligent?
ㅎ2 4 days ago
this is more than a youtube channel.. this guy is giving effort for humaniy...for real...
Anantha sri Krishnan
Hi Kurzgesagt Team all the videos is extremely useful and explaining concepts so realistic,can you please make video on Lightning, Thunderstorm and Torando formation.Thank You
Reaching Nirvana
Reaching Nirvana 5 days ago
Does anyone else feel bad for the dinosaurs lol
ANDROLOMA 3 days ago
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, so that whichever dinosaurs who believeth in him should not perish... oops.
This makes sense cause there craters on the moon
Dan S
Dan S 5 days ago
This video combines cuteness and catastrophe in super weird way...
Mohamad Abdallah
Mohamad Abdallah 5 days ago
My first video from this channel amazing
Kitzuru 5 days ago
Came for the existencial dread this channel always gives me.. Was not dissapointed.
By 5 days ago
What if the reality is that some mad alien scientist wanted to test their own weapon and tried it on Earth 🤔
The lego legion
The lego legion 5 days ago
All is pretty spot on but all the continents are supposed to one full one when the asteroid hit it spit them to what we know today
your moms mom
your moms mom 5 days ago
im crying
Vanadyl Music
Vanadyl Music 5 days ago
5:25 , yeet
Somthing 5 days ago
He really said yeet
Paul Cully
Paul Cully 5 days ago
&3$ 3-
Dr. Doofensquid
Dr. Doofensquid 5 days ago
I'd love to see a video like this about the permian-triassic extinction
maverick email
maverick email 6 days ago
Sounds like a Fairytale.
Clau 6 days ago
Did someone else cried watching this?
SmellTheL 6 days ago
Cmon asteroid not cool.
SmellTheL 6 days ago
I had no idea it was THAT powerful
kor 6 days ago
this is literally a supervolcano, megatsunami, earthquake measuring 11 on the richter scale, gamma ray burst, meteor shower and nuclear winter, all at once
WLM 6 days ago
Kindergartenspielchen am PC
Eileen Z
Eileen Z 6 days ago
Thank you for not having ads
Shadow6284 -
Shadow6284 - 7 days ago
Pangea: didn’t you say you’d feature me?
Ralph Latham
Ralph Latham 7 days ago
If the dinosaurs had feathers - they suddenly didn't.
Sherma Gustave
Sherma Gustave 7 days ago
Thank you for being so enriching like a tall glass of my favorite drink. You keep me satisfied. Love makes the channel beautiful thank you!
Dennis Amurao
Dennis Amurao 7 days ago
in the movies exploding planet is common, but how can you do it in real life? i mean what energy do you need to do it? OR explain what will have if earth is beside an exploding star?
STEELRAPTOR 8 days ago
Stupid meteor i wanted to meet one!
Prymest1 8 days ago
Yeah but…. why did y’all have to make the dinosaurs so damned cute? 🥺
Nino Mediera
Nino Mediera 8 days ago
And we have to believe this story? Science..😅
TheAdvertisement 8 days ago
You don't _have_ to beleive it, but it'd be pretty stupid of you not to.
Who’s Joe
Who’s Joe 8 days ago
Challenge for people: you can teleport anywhere on the earth as long it’s under the stratosphere and on earth, once you teleport try to survive, but the world is 2021
Giganotosaurus 8 days ago
İzleyen Türk varmı
bytossen10 8 days ago
"If we are lucky, our journey will go on for a long, long time." Since luck implies that something is unlikely to happen, does that mean the odds are agiainst us?
MadDog 8 days ago
how on earth did crocodiles and sharks survival this
DantonWeGuess 8 days ago
This proves how deadly Tuesdays can be for kids.
Rob's World
Rob's World 9 days ago
Amazing video guys, congrats on all the success. Just great that you make educational and entertaining videos and are so passionate about it that you can now teach on UStotal and provide goods as well. Keep it up, awesome art and details as always!
majumeyer 9 days ago
Why am I so sad watching this video? Poor dinosaurs 😭
R Y 9 days ago
Anti vaxxers: - "That's what they tell you, they all died of the jab. _dO_ _yOuR_ _rEseaRCh_ _it_ _wAs_ _ThE_ _VaCiNnE_ !!" 🤪
JoBlessed1 9 days ago
Алексей Купченко
God, this is so horrifyingly sad and depressing... But educative as well, obviously.
Forseti MMIII
Forseti MMIII 9 days ago
so, if parts of earth actually reached mars, imagine the look on Scientist's faces when an earth sample is recovered from mars lol
MiKe MiDNiTe
MiKe MiDNiTe 9 days ago
Humans have lived a fraction of the time of the dinosaurs and will unlike the dinosaurs become extinct due to their own actions or lack of action 💀
Citlec 10 days ago
Looks like Mustafa from star wars
Guillo Sanchez
Guillo Sanchez 10 days ago
How come no more fire is here anymore
Galaxy !
Galaxy ! 8 days ago
@Guillo Sanchez what
TheAdvertisement 10 days ago
@Guillo Sanchez wtf are you on about
Guillo Sanchez
Guillo Sanchez 10 days ago
So this video is a lie
Guillo Sanchez
Guillo Sanchez 10 days ago
And plus it has not even been 66m years or 30,000
Juniper Peppin
Juniper Peppin 10 days ago
im sorry did it just say yeeted
Chestnut 10 days ago
8:32 Kurzgesagt, what the fuck is that bird ptereosaur hybrid?
No Fame Here
No Fame Here 10 days ago
Imagine continuity brought us here to prevent this to happen again. Is earth operating to save itself?
Thomas Ma
Thomas Ma 10 days ago
People: 2012 has the most insane apocalypse This big rock: Pathetic
Thomas Ma
Thomas Ma 10 days ago
Random asteroid is on a kill streak of 9999999999 Random asteroid has the achievement: spieciede, super kill streak CVII
John Leach
John Leach 10 days ago
We won't even scratch the surface of the amount of time the dinosaurs 🦕 ruled the world 🌎 , humans are self destructive and will go out suffering unfortunately.
Arhaan Ahmed
Arhaan Ahmed 10 days ago
Jupiter: “One astroid won’t hurt right?” Earth: *getting hit by one astroid and getting dominated* Jupiter: *Realises how fragile earth is* Jupiter: “TODAY YOU GONNA DIE TONIGHT”
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