Space Jam 2 is an Unmitigated Disaster 

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The long awaited sequel to 1996's Space Jam just released; Space Jam A New Legacy, how does it compare to the already not great original? Surprise surprise it's not much better...

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Jul 17, 2021




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Robert Nickles
Robert Nickles 5 days ago
"Entertaining disaster" is probably the most accurate way to describe it. I wasn't bored for the most part, but man was this movie a mess. Like watching a horrible accident happen before you. You know it's wrong, but you can't look away.
Larniie Playz
Larniie Playz 39 minutes ago
@Isaiah G-M why then?
Larniie Playz
Larniie Playz 39 minutes ago
Robert Nickles
​@Scoring57 Well yeah, I see no point in pretending I hate something when I didn't.
Scoring57 Day ago
Robert Nickles At least you're a little honest and not completely full of sh!t like the other people who love to hate any entertain these days containing black leads. It's far from a bad movie and million times better than the original space jams. And as far as celebrity non-actor movies go it's f%cking great
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer Day ago
So true!!!!
Larniie Playz
Larniie Playz 40 minutes ago
Oh really?
Humiliated Grape
Humiliated Grape 2 hours ago
I cant be the only one who felt like the actual Loony Toons were barely there. Like yeah they were all collected and stuff in the beginning and were put on the team, but it never felt like they did anything. In the first movie they had way more significance and presence. Also, the way the plot was set up compared to the first movie was so confusing? Like in the first, it was just about aliens coming to earth and finding the toons (who were in underground for some reason in cartoon land) who challenged them to a basketball game. This movie introduces so many new concepts about this algorithm who controls this entire galaxy of planets in a computer and it’s just like? Huh?
StarBloxFrog 3 hours ago
Mark is like general grievous He keeps adding movies to his hated movie collection
Dude Mac Draw
Dude Mac Draw 3 hours ago
6:51 that scene of him “screaming” actually fu**ing hurt!
Loverz Deluxe
Loverz Deluxe 3 hours ago
I enjoyed it :(
objection to this
objection to this 4 hours ago
Bugs got final smash?
- Infernos
- Infernos 4 hours ago
*talks about how movie is a sell out* :Immediately sells out
you nailed it, I 100% agree the original is better, I'm 22 and was disgusted how they used Lebron James because I don't even care about basketball, I just wanted more Looney Toons without the unnecessary extra long cuts of specific characters
Banana Man
Banana Man 6 hours ago
Well,due to my young self I liked it Even though it was predictable And also I couldn’t even watch the whole thing I was eating lasagna
Diegothehedgehog 7 hours ago
Your UStotal channel need to shut down
Milesprowerguy 42 minutes ago
no hes not sueing the company he is just expressing his feelings
Just a guy
Just a guy 7 hours ago
I watched this today and I can say the only time I laughed in this ENTIRE movie was with the Michael B. Jordan joke. Everything else just felt stereotypical and the lesson of the movie was basically shoved into the watchers face. I remember the original one being a lot more intertaining while I was on the verge of falling asleep. Although I didnt get a few references, I understood a decent amount. Also no one realized it but I swear I heard a nintendo switch sound effect when the kid turned off the knockoff switch.
NitroPlasma 7 hours ago
Actually this was epok because big chungus wholesome reddit moment keanu revees 100
Diamond World
Diamond World 7 hours ago
It is mostly cringe
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 7 hours ago
There's one thing we could agree with... The visuals
The Moon
The Moon 8 hours ago
I refuse to watch it, not just because it looks like a complete dumpster fire, but also because of the fact that they cut Pepe Le Pew. Apparently he's considered offensive now?
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 7 hours ago
I didn’t have time to see this in the theaters. I think I made the right choice
Anaile Udeisa
Anaile Udeisa 8 hours ago
Suck him off? That’s an image I don’t want in my brain thank you 🤮
Endgame is Bad
Endgame is Bad 9 hours ago
I love speece jab two
LongHair5150 10 hours ago
you think every movie is bad
LongHair5150 9 hours ago
@Don Cocobean it’s ok
Don Cocobean
Don Cocobean 9 hours ago
@LongHair5150 Oh, sorry about that
LongHair5150 9 hours ago
@Don Cocobean Bro chill it’s just a joke
Don Cocobean
Don Cocobean 9 hours ago
He literally he said that he liked Luca in this video, so what the hell are you talking about?
Sanic 5515
Sanic 5515 10 hours ago
Unrelated to the video but the fact that Mark actually liked Luca is so surprising to me
Brian Masilang
Brian Masilang 11 hours ago
Lebron who demonize cops and got a cop fired for a silly joke is such a role model for rioters and looters.
Pico Luna
Pico Luna 11 hours ago
“It’s a kids movie” I’m sorry but did you not see Rick and Morty appear?
Pico Luna
Pico Luna 11 hours ago
I watched it with friends and it was awful but we had a good time watching it. It was a good bad not a Finding Jesus bad
TiroDvD 12 hours ago
I find pleasure in pointing out that WB animated properties--Loony Tunes, Tiny Toons, Animaniacs--are *known* for being both shills and constantly reusing their properties; and this movie didn't.
Lucid 12 hours ago
Why would Warner bros cash crab they have millions of dollars
I LOVE SAVANNAH 12 hours ago
It would have been much more better if A New Legacy was like Godzilla:Final Wars. The plot would be where the Looney Tunes Characters, fight against several Different Villains from many Warner.Bros Properties (DC comics Cartoon Network Hanna-Barbera Etc.) It would be so Cool.
AutisticBlood5 13 hours ago
With it involving big chungus, I don't find it a disaster! I find it great
AidenIsVerified 13 hours ago
Anybody else hear "lebron jemes"? 3:24
Leo Samonte
Leo Samonte 14 hours ago
But it had big chungus so it’s a 10/10 don’t @ me
Peachy Man
Peachy Man 14 hours ago
Oh wait thats Lebron James
PlanetSchmagel 14 hours ago
By reading this comment, you just got gnomed.
The Man Behind The Slaughter
I didn’t have time to see this in the theaters. I think I made the right choice
RavenLie 15 hours ago
For once I can agree with you I like the original more than the new one in my opinion
PrimalGod 15 hours ago
Apparently the animator who did the part with big chungus didn't even know that it was a meme but that it was just referencing the original scene.
Mandos Gaming channel
Shut up it’s a kids movie and I’m a adult and I really enjoyed it plus I liked space jam 1
KajunChicken 17 hours ago
I tell so many people if you aren’t a kid you honestly can’t judge right because of the audience it’s directed towards
KajunChicken 8 hours ago
@Don Cocobean once again like I said the og space jam was the same thing and yet sold so much to a majority of kids and then got rented a bunch from nostalgic adults of course this movie is bad it sucks either way but it’s clearly aimed to hook a kids mind a market a bunch of characters and things.
Don Cocobean
Don Cocobean 9 hours ago
@KajunChicken That’s because kids will like anything with a cartoon character’s face in it and don’t actually acknowledge if a movie is bad or not, so this isn’t a good excuse for companies to continue shelling out terrible movies
KajunChicken 16 hours ago
@LS Mark true the movie still sucked it was boring but you can clearly see that older people wouldn’t enjoy this monstrosity like kids would it was the same thing for the original space jam
LS Mark
LS Mark 16 hours ago
This movie clearly being aimed at a general audience, kids don't know about Austin Powers and Mad Max, stop using this as an excuse for companies to make bad movies.
Cloud Striker
Cloud Striker 17 hours ago
Daily reminder number 167 that is mark hates children’s films
Floyd Kavanagh
Floyd Kavanagh 17 hours ago
Why make it a sequel instead of a separate thing
Ralph bambino
Ralph bambino 17 hours ago
It’s a kids movie! Lol y’all acting like it was supposed to be godfather. It was cool for what it was but my expectations weren’t that high. Mfs havin full on think pieces and discussions.
Don Cocobean
Don Cocobean 9 hours ago
Also, we’re not sorry about the fact that we want good movies and not blantant cash grabs.
Don Cocobean
Don Cocobean 9 hours ago
“It’s a kid movie” Ah yes, because the Matrix and Rick and Morty are for kids
Splitz Ayden
Splitz Ayden 18 hours ago
Space jam two was a movie to make you watch other movies
sonic15816 18 hours ago
Its a kids movie 😅 i dont get why people were expecting anything other than what it is. I for one enjoyed it as it brought back a lot of nostalgia. I also enjoyed looking for the cheeky easter eggs throughout the film. Completely different than the original so i can understand why people would prefer the first one. But even after 25 years, you cant expect them to improve the quality of plot and character storylines. Its meant to be silly with enough throwbacks to make us all who were probably kids for the first one, have a small chuckle at the references they make. People are complaining as if it should have been a masterpiece 🤦‍♂️
sonic15816 3 hours ago
@Don Cocobean i didnt expect them to create a better plot because its not meant too. The fact that people have complained about it being a cash grab movie and didn't know that before going to watch it baffles me. All movies are created to make money and you know what your in for when paying to watch it. Also, most kids movies have adult references in them to entertain the parents. The references they made to these adult properties were mellow and inoffensive as there target audience were children 😅
Don Cocobean
Don Cocobean 9 hours ago
There’s literally a Rick and Morty cameo in the movie as well as a Matrix joke, and neither of those things are for kids. And if you’re really just going to praise a movie for being loaded with nostalgia bait, then you have no room to criticize here. Also, you said “Even after 25 years, you can’t expect them to improve the quality of plot and storylines”. Were you really not paying attention when you were typing this out?
Denija Jackson
Denija Jackson 19 hours ago
Only because don Cheadle is in the movie I loved it 😁😂
Sub 20 hours ago
I knew this was gonna happen
twogood 4m3
twogood 4m3 20 hours ago
Isn't it a little hypocritical to have the first complaint be all about it being a big corporate sellout and about money, then immediately turn around and promote a generic copy and paste strategy mobile game.
Don Cocobean
Don Cocobean 9 hours ago
There’s a difference between “I make videos that I enjoy making but I also need some profit” and “We made this movie simply for money”.
BrayAnimates 20 hours ago
eh i liked the movie but its your opinion
leonardo the meme gamer
spees jam
Man Man
Man Man 21 hour ago
Mark: They had merch everywhere they where selling out. Also Mark 5 seconds later: Ight imma bout to sell out and make some ad revenue.
thenewbgaming 22 hours ago
The way I see this movie is a little. Unique. Yes this movie is a pure corporate scheme. Like pure advertisement gold. But so was the original. I went into this movie with no expectations and ending up enjoying it for what it is. A stupid but fun movie. The original is the same way. If you look at either of these movies subjectively they suck. Thats why you dont think. Its mindless fun
The man of all seasons
Don't forget- AMOGUS
The. C R I N G E
The. C R I N G E 23 hours ago
Sponsorship: *isn’t raid shadow legends* Me: impossible
O'Dwyre ArtWorld
Lebron was the most chill parent whose kid just got abducted in front of him.
Masked Vigilante
Kids: Mom, we want "Ready Player One"! Mom: We have "Ready Player One" at home. At home:
Garrett-Y 12 hours ago
its like your kids asking to dig in the dumpster and you tell them you have a trash can at home.
flyinghaiku Day ago
The original is a classic 10/10.... ofc the cgi sucked compared to now because the technology wasn't there yet
Hip to be square
Okay but the Big Chungus cameo is the most perfect way to sneak in a meme into a big budget corporate movie in the history of filmmaking
6 out of 10 quite a lot of problems with it still Fun but not as Good as SpaceJam 1
Logan_ Irrelevant
It was very corporate and trash, but hey i still like the first movie, my dumbass will like watching looney tunes shit. It was dumb fun and ill stand by that.
Hugh G Rection
Space jam 2 was so trash, there were trash cans directly under the screen in the theaters labeled "space jam 2"
MiniChaos Day ago
Y'all....do realize.......this.....film.......wasn't intended for Nerds like us...... *it's meant for FAMILY*
MiniChaos 9 hours ago
@Don Cocobean ...it was a cameo lol and true I guess
Don Cocobean
Don Cocobean 9 hours ago
Ah yes, because Rick and Morty is the most family-friendly thing to ever exist
AaronSongz6 Day ago
Robin Wilkins
You can stay the movie.
“This movie just screams corporate” *less than 45 seconds later “This video is sponsored by
sbrocksman 12 hours ago
Well, there's a difference between "We made this movie purely for money" and "I'm making videos I enjoy but also need some income"
Beanie baby Queen26
Is it because of Lola bunny is not sexualized anymore I mean guys get over it that movie was good I mean come on can we all just stop I bet you guys haven’t even seen it yet.
Don Cocobean
Don Cocobean 9 hours ago
You didn’t even watch the video. 🤦‍♂️
Fermin Mark Pousada
Even if it wasn't a good movie, I wasn't bored of death or angryly predicting what was gonna happen watching it, as I was having more fun with this movie than Scoob and Tom and Jerry 2021.
I enjoyed it....
InterTM Day ago
LS Mark Hates Every 2021 Movie XD
Sincerely Me
Sincerely Me Day ago
Not the best movie but you gotta admit it, the soundtrack goes hard
Don Cocobean
Don Cocobean 9 hours ago
You’re despicable
Wtf hate you
Diegothehedgehog 7 hours ago
@Don Cocobean diegothehedgehog I hate you @diegothehedgehog wtf 🤬
Diegothehedgehog 7 hours ago
Diegothehedgehog 7 hours ago
Don Cocobean
Don Cocobean 9 hours ago
Hey everyone! I found another triggered kid who can’t handle opinions!
StylinF Day ago
I loved this movie.
AnimatorBrian _notyet
Have you watched the New cartoons they've been showing on HBOMax? I know that's the last time I've heard of them aside from this movie
Super Nintendo Nicolas
But I think they set up back in action 2, at the end because the toons are in the real world
Muaythai Saro
Yo my guy i watched both in theaters and I can say this one was way more lit
Joseph Sanchez
The thing that is hilarious is that I saw merch of space jam and literally no one is buying these stuff. I see like tons and tons of them and there just collecting dust.
TE Flo
TE Flo Day ago
i dont get why people think just bc someone is famous they can act
Dave Lawandra
Dave Lawandra 6 hours ago
Probably because good actors are famous, but then again correlation not causation
Yukinosh1ta Day ago
I only watched cuz of the Harry Potter scenes
Israel Morales
I guess bending over for communist china doesnt help you.
Shade's Insane Chamber
SpaceJam 2 was *AWESOME.* ... But i'll respect ya Opinion!
Roby Day ago
u should like a hater. It's an amazing movie showcasing a black man and his son figure out their relationship.
Tram man
Tram man Day ago
totally agree what a dumpster fire film
nameicon contreras
my man really called out the movie for selling merch while he is being sponsored 🤓
Robin Wilkins
They're going to make a WWE space jam movie. Called fight jam.
BITW Awesome
BITW Awesome Day ago
Romance girl
BITW Awesome
BITW Awesome Day ago
i pack lunches
A Looney Tunes basketball anime would be sick
Ebonyleopard Day ago
Your argument about marking and product placement gets cut when 1 minute into your video you run a paid commercial pitch and your account exists solely to make money off of views. And there's nothing better than seeing reviews like this, contradict the success of a film's actually $ numbers. I guess kids don't give much of a F what adults think about a kid's movie.
Don Cocobean
Don Cocobean 9 hours ago
This comment is the definition of salty. First of all, there’s a difference between “I make videos that I enjoy making but I also need profit” and “We made this movie simply for money”. Second of all, his account doesn’t exist to make money off of views. His account exists so he can give his opinions on certain topics. Third of all, if you really think a movie with a Matrix and Rick and Morty reference is a kids movie, then you’re absolutely incorrect. Overall, this comment is a 0/10 because you lack the intelligence to actually make good points.
RX 570 OOF
RX 570 OOF Day ago
this movie is gonna be my new guilty pleasure. I died when I saw Austin powerss
MeinCouch123 Day ago
This movie was much more entertaining than Space Jam 1 though - I may have a bit of nostalgia for Space Jam 1, but giving it a re-watch was honestly painful.
Jacques the great
I loved it, i seriously can't understand why people hate it
Don Cocobean
Don Cocobean 9 hours ago
@Jacques the great That’s reasonable, I found it entertaining for the most part
Jacques the great
Jacques the great 19 hours ago
@The Comic Kid it was entertaining
The Comic Kid
The Comic Kid 21 hour ago
I'm glad you enjoyed it, but how?
Hunter Raby
Hunter Raby Day ago
It really would have been interesting to have a movie where the looney tunes learn they're unpopular so to get popular again they have a basketball game and to grab people's attention they try to convince a famous basketball player to join them. They have to also find all of the other looney tunes who after coming to the real qorld, have taken on sports of their own. It would be funny if the goon squad were Warner Brothers corporate lol
Hunter Raby
Hunter Raby Day ago
Basketball because they learned spacw jam was such a success
Amir the Cultivated Commuter
I bet it is. This movie may have been for the younger folks to enjoy something us 2000s kids enjoyed. Though it really got love by the older generation. A majority of that generation don't care about the plot, but care about the Comedy or the reference. Like Porky Pig rapping to Craig Mack's "Flava in a Ear". RIP Craig Mack by the way.
Katlyn Dobransky
This is exactly like Ralph Breaks the Internet: a sequel that constantly references how many things the owner’s company has the rights to
F W N Day ago
I think y’all only saying that cause its space jam 2 I feel like the movie was actually good and I feel like if it came out first than space jame 1 then y’all be hating on space jam 1
F W N 7 hours ago
@Don Cocobean how do?
Don Cocobean
Don Cocobean 9 hours ago
No, we’re saying it’s bad because it’s genuinely a bad movie
Sempre que você ler os comentários eu vou estar lá
This Movie Was Just Like Wreck It Ralph 2, It's Just Warner Bros Rubbing In Our Faces Saying *Hey Look Everything We Own*
AnOriginal Name
How am I supposed to trust the opinions of someone who gets paid tells me to download dark fire hero’s like . That just takes away all validity of your videos
Don Cocobean
Don Cocobean 9 hours ago
Do I even need to explain why this logic is so flawed?
Sbeven Day ago
I love how the entire premise of this film is Lebron fighting against an evil Warner AI trying to get him to crossover with all their different IP's when this exactly what the movie is. Al won. SPACE JAM 2 IS A FALSE REALITY! HAS ANYONE CHECKED UP ON LEBRON