Solving PUZZLE FURNITURE That Belongs in a Museum!! 

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Jesse Born Puzzles: www.jesseborn.com/
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Today I'm going to attempt to solve this beautiful, sequential discovery puzzle dresser by Jesse Born! This has 18 drawers and each drawer is it's own puzzle! Leave a like if you can :)
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Chris Ramsay
CP 50011 BP. Galeries Des Monts
St-Sauveur, PQ
J0R 1R0

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Oct 21, 2020




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Comments 1 638   
Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee Day ago
Box joints, not dovetails. Awesome use of exotic woods & construction, as well as a stellar puzzle...
DoubleH4E 12 days ago
I dont know why, but I always skip intro :D
Aurora P MiraculousGachaAlleyCat
Creepy intro ;)
Koa Uhane
Koa Uhane 14 days ago
Has this board game thing happened yet?
Jill Smith
Jill Smith 18 days ago
1648 you have lost me
chicken leg piece
chicken leg piece 19 days ago
martyn jones
martyn jones 25 days ago
Did you ever do NPH board game? I completed it a month or two back and it's amazing. It was great during lockdown.
Andrew Meliokrates
A money prize for soving the paradox, described in the link ustotal.info/both/video/3o2TaoF7mXqqe74.html . V2 = ? V3 = ? A money prize for soving the paradox, described in the link ustotal.info/both/video/qHbbmnl9pX6iab4.html . Efficiency = ?
Kevin M.
Kevin M. Month ago
This is one of the most satisfying puzzles I’ve seen you solve
Andrew Meliokrates
A money prize for soving the paradox, described in the link ustotal.info/both/video/3o2TaoF7mXqqe74.html . V2 = ? V3 = ? A money prize for soving the paradox, described in the link ustotal.info/both/video/qHbbmnl9pX6iab4.html . Efficiency = ?
Just1Nora 2 months ago
The only issue with using a lot of those exotic woods is that they darken or fade with uv light, purpleheart turns black over time for example, so while they look beautiful now, in 5-10 yrs they will be a dark dusky version.
Just1Nora 2 months ago
If I had the money I'd buy this and set it up with money and antique treasures for my nieces. Yep. I'd be the eccentric auntie making their nieces work for inheritance. Lol. They'd love it though.
Sven Van Gestel
Sven Van Gestel 2 months ago
If he likes cabinet with drawers the the the cabinet from china they. How secret cabinets too I little bit doubt it can Japan too
mcfulk 2 months ago
Imagine doing this every morning just to get dressed
Paolo Jerome Cristobal
This is my favorite puzzle. I really love how one needs to tinker these items to get to the next drawer. I love it. :)
Guitarate 2 months ago
This is just Chris trying to figure out how to take the drawers out of his dresser. The puzzle solve is next week
Mandeep Rai
Mandeep Rai 2 months ago
I’m surprised he didn’t try laying it down on its back and spinning it
Sakusa Ki-Omi-Omi
Sakusa Ki-Omi-Omi 2 months ago
Harry Potter?
Shella Coolman
Shella Coolman 3 months ago
I saw his board game, but it is too expensive
Rayna Doyle
Rayna Doyle 3 months ago
16:31 I'm at this point right now and my brain is more cunfuzzled than yours. Edit: 23:48 I'm at this point right now and I need to say that you have some talent. Like, you could be on America's Got Talent with a puzzle because that *is* your *talent.* Edit: 27:34 I'm at this point right now and I have a question. Why do you need to put it back together?
Bryce Britton
Bryce Britton 3 months ago
Best intro yet
Nicholas Ballard
Nicholas Ballard 3 months ago
This man is the visual comparison to a glass of bourbon and a stoute 5×54 robusto from Punch. Absolutely relaxing
dubya0624 3 months ago
How much do these cost?
Volrathen 2 months ago
$4,500. 26 copies produced only, all sold a long time ago.
Andrew Meliokrates
Andrew Meliokrates 3 months ago
V2 = ? V3 = ? A money prize for soving the paradox, described in the link ustotal.info/both/video/3o2TaoF7mXqqe74.html
Rowynn Clessealeo
Rowynn Clessealeo 4 months ago
The intro reminds me of Harry potter
Michael Pettersson
Michael Pettersson 4 months ago
I think you can in good conscience skip the "20 minutes looking for the key" part. But fate doesn't care and we still have to look for misplaced things. 😄
AwayPolaris Lo
AwayPolaris Lo 4 months ago
Do you really feel like do you have to watch the whole thing just because of the intro there so sick
Keffim Capron
Keffim Capron 4 months ago
How to hid your weed from the cops 😄🤣
Gammahits 4 months ago
The intros are toooo good
Dave nguyen
Dave nguyen 4 months ago
Is it hard for you
MyOneAndOnly AndYoursTruely
Ladies and gentlemen, behold, the world's most complicated jewelry box 🙃
Pagonis Houchin
Pagonis Houchin 5 months ago
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Malfunction 5 months ago
When u are a ytber when u talk by yourself in a empty room its not anormal cos there is a chance ur recording lol
Malfunction 5 months ago
Can we apprised the intro i love these intros they like harry poter comebacks
Will Wetherington
Will Wetherington 5 months ago
I freakin' love all these dope ass video intros!
Andri Lleshi
Andri Lleshi 5 months ago
Why you dont create your own puzzle ?
Orson Braswell
Orson Braswell 5 months ago
The possible nut mainly gaze because david uniquely meddle outside a standing twig. rare, lean organization
Cassie Mercer
Cassie Mercer 5 months ago
He puts so much work into the intros
Daniel Kubicek
Daniel Kubicek 5 months ago
didnt he forgott one door
Rishiraj Bhowmick
Rishiraj Bhowmick 5 months ago
6 months.. I'm 6 months late.. Quick question.. Did NPH reply or nah?
Rishiraj Bhowmick
Rishiraj Bhowmick 5 months ago
@Freighter 109 alright ✊🏾🥃
Freighter 109
Freighter 109 5 months ago
Literally the video after this one is a NPH interview and the one after that is the puzzle.
Lisa Mylie
Lisa Mylie 5 months ago
"Well that was simple " I'm like -😱
shimmery shine
shimmery shine 5 months ago
Are you the son of gordon ramsay lol
ItzRoinkki 5 months ago
Robber: “Where do you keep your money! Tell us or else!” You: “Oh, it’s just in that dresser over there.”
Mars k
Mars k 5 months ago
He should get one of those go pro helmets/strap things for your head
Amy Watson
Amy Watson 5 months ago
I love watching you solve puzzles and this one was very interesting. However, did anyone else get a little turned on when he was opening the drawer with the "wave" thing on the top??????? Lmfao the internet is a weird place.
Dana Ondráčková
Dana Ondráčková 5 months ago
this could be the best advent callendar ever :D
Angela K
Angela K 6 months ago
can you imagine all the precise mathematics that would go into building this thing
Ana Rita Gomes Barbara
I am in love with the intros
Bryan Dedon
Bryan Dedon 6 months ago
His production and edit team is badass
cici101ct 6 months ago
I’ve seen that mask before.. I don’t remember what movie though.
Silver Soul
Silver Soul 6 months ago
Where can i buy it?
Gwenn Rigal
Gwenn Rigal 5 months ago
limited edition. all sold already
maysoon hameed
maysoon hameed 6 months ago
I’m interested of what you do and think to open all these boxes 📦 Thank you 🙏
maysoon hameed
maysoon hameed 6 months ago
You’re intelligent
Excuse You?
Excuse You? 6 months ago
Wow, that is such a beautifully crafted box. I love the different wood and stain types used.
Mamie Burris
Mamie Burris 6 months ago
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jumpingjflash 6 months ago
Looking at the back has got to be cheating. This piece of furniture would normally have its back against the wall, maybe even fixed to a wall.
Gwenn Rigal
Gwenn Rigal 5 months ago
so why has it been built with a translucid acrylic panel ?
SkyemAtics gaMing
SkyemAtics gaMing 6 months ago
Puzzle is awesome ,I love this one
SkyemAtics gaMing
SkyemAtics gaMing 6 months ago
Wow amazing intro , that mask is awesome too - holy shiznit :)
The Wickless Wonder
The Wickless Wonder 6 months ago
I feel like you were that kid that took all his toys apart to find out how they work lol.
Tinkie Ie
Tinkie Ie 6 months ago
i loved the intro
Aliki Georgiou
Aliki Georgiou 6 months ago
This was absolutely amazing to watch - you're so patient! Love the skills of the artist and thanks for making my day 🥰
J M 6 months ago
The lyrical stopsign separately beg because richard comparatively tow after a gorgeous oak. normal, tiresome health
JHJ 7 6 months ago
Those intros give u the chills
Just Eric
Just Eric 6 months ago
Is noone gonna talk about the glowing bird cage-lantern at the beggining?
Freighter 109
Freighter 109 5 months ago
You... you are talking about it.
/•ʙʟᴇᴘ ᴋɪᴅ•\
Chris seems to love doing puzzles that have magical/mythical backstories.
glen judge
glen judge 6 months ago
no timer
glen judge
glen judge 6 months ago
Jessie was born to make puzzles no pun intended
glen judge
glen judge 6 months ago
you look better with the mask on
glen judge
glen judge 6 months ago
the creature at the beginning looks like Chris Ramsay
Gordangail Suptim
Gordangail Suptim 6 months ago
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Heimdall 6 months ago
try sell it to Rick Harisson Pawn Shop ..
Torikul Islam
Torikul Islam 6 months ago
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aryan mumbai
aryan mumbai 7 months ago
The calm meter possibly bless because game technologically pine like a equal sail. tacky, responsible pheasant
Barbara Armann
Barbara Armann 7 months ago
Do those puzzles come with instructions on how to put them back 2gether for future use??? I LOVE puzzles n would love to try one of those!!!
Ciaran Murphy
Ciaran Murphy 7 months ago
Wow that intro!! I instantly thought of Harry Potter! Extremely impressed 👏
carlos cuasmayan
carlos cuasmayan 7 months ago
The magnificent cardboard normally like because climb frequently arrive about a superficial starter. aromatic, second-hand organ
I love his intro's
janelle perez
janelle perez 7 months ago
How red he was when he took off his mask
Nayr racimo
Nayr racimo 7 months ago
the intros are everything✨
gia luu
gia luu 7 months ago
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line fire
line fire 7 months ago
my motivation to earn a shit ton of money: solving puzzles
liundertaker 7 months ago
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Son Nguyen Dinh
Son Nguyen Dinh 7 months ago
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러쓰이나 7 months ago
Ughh the effort he puts in the intros
Paisley headwind
Paisley headwind 7 months ago
The breakable gasoline supply scorch because ceramic probably hate pace a spiky stick. decisive, able appendix
Brian Sprick
Brian Sprick 7 months ago
Would have been great if Chris left gifts inside of the drawers when he returned the puzzle and made a video of resetting it... Still a wonder of craftsmanship worth seeing.
King kong
King kong 7 months ago
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Bones Chames
Bones Chames 7 months ago
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danny chung
danny chung 7 months ago
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Torikul Islam
Torikul Islam 7 months ago
The level beat unequivocally sin because chef concordingly thaw pace a damaged pump. mature, round hamburger
EmmyPlaysVinyl 7 months ago
Why a bird cage?
Danny Ennis
Danny Ennis 7 months ago
Truly a top quality puzzle!!!
Raven Storm
Raven Storm 7 months ago
When you get the right answer but used a different equation
CalebConcept 7 months ago
Would love to see you and the puzzle maker watch the solve and talk about the way you did it.
MA. KARIZZA LIANGCO 7 months ago
Just wanna know where to find that LED Neon Light with the word "play"
WullyBee 8 months ago
Ive been watching his videos for years but this puzzle is my favourite. So beautifully made.
Jeremy Baker
Jeremy Baker 8 months ago
Opening seen was epic
Atticus Sampson
Atticus Sampson 8 months ago
Where did you get the mask?
Haikyuu Simp
Haikyuu Simp 8 months ago
It’s would be great to hide your money in it
Thyyyyyyyyy 8 months ago
The person who makes these kind of puzzle must be genious!
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