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SIBLINGS vs ONLY CHILD ... Little siblings are the easiest to bribe into doing all your chores!

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Siblings are told to take out the trash by their mom, then the only child is asked by her mom to take out the trash.

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Jul 16, 2021




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YouTube 5 days ago
The accuracy🤣
Zachu Ray Cabahug
Zachu Ray Cabahug 2 hours ago
Lessssgooo I found youtube's comment, for the past many years I finally found it
Tricky Slayer
Tricky Slayer 4 hours ago
Wow a comment from UStotal. But for real the only child one is accurate af
LoopsTroopsThe2 4 hours ago
Elisha 5 hours ago
Omg yt
TheJetMan750 5 hours ago
DreMoney 1
DreMoney 1 2 minutes ago
The only child cap and oldest that’s only with white parents no disrespect
Wishpaw 14 minutes ago
I'm the youngest and if I ever do anything like that punch me in the face so I will wake up
Weeb Chan
Weeb Chan 20 minutes ago
But being an only child is kinda sad co'z it's boring you can't have siblings to beaten up. Kiddin.
Farid Jabbar
Farid Jabbar 24 minutes ago
So true
XxWolfiexX 34 minutes ago
For me its: im the youngest and i get treated like the oldest bc im a girl 😅
Zarin Tasnim
Zarin Tasnim 44 minutes ago
Me being the only child -I'm going to throw the trash out - You still didn’t throw it?????
Solar System
Solar System 49 minutes ago
I'm not a only child, I'm the youngest child but all my brothers are adult so I'm spoiled rotten, trying to fix my behavior, not easy. But yeah, accurate
Ex0tic glitch
Ex0tic glitch 58 minutes ago
Sad perks if being th oldest alive with my sis and bro
Bunny Vibes
Bunny Vibes Hour ago
as an only child that is the opposite of my mum
Hanahaki Characters
The only child isn't accurate at all
doorkeyson Hour ago
Final one is not true I would know cuz I was an only child for years
Miyabii Hour ago
Only childs are not like that, lemme show you : NOW GO DO YOUR HOMEWORK IN YOUR ROOM
Devansh Trivedi
Being the only child Yes
trash at karate
ye... that is me and my 3 sisters;-;
shanelle sharma
KTplayz Hour ago
Why are there 2 bags when there was originally 1
E Ify
E Ify Hour ago
The middle child is my brother who always does it to my little brother😂😂😂
Basically me an only child
^coco devil^
^coco devil^ 2 hours ago
*i have one older brother* *me* *=* *hey mom i'll take the trash out* *My mom* *=* *No! Your to young* *Me* *=* *what!? I'm 9* *My mom* *=* *yes your to young* *Me* *=* *bruh 👁️👄👁️*
—denki Kaminari—
The only child was true for me till i got a sibling
Toni Jacob
Toni Jacob 2 hours ago
So good
Kuromaru AMV
Kuromaru AMV 2 hours ago
not true
WildMayFlowers 2 hours ago
The towel snatch at the beginning tho
Deeprit Pandey
Deeprit Pandey 2 hours ago
I am an only child
Kim Su Jin
Kim Su Jin 3 hours ago
So true but me as the elder one 🤣🤣
Color Squad
Color Squad 3 hours ago
As an only child I can say that’s not true I get in trouble for not taking out the trash and staying in my room to much
Samuel Asayeshian
Samuel Asayeshian 3 hours ago
The fine sounds like "fine, i guess you are my little pog champ"
Xxheart_animationsxX is taking a break
As an only child this is so accurate 😂
E 3 hours ago
My cousin be like
SunnyxBenjamin 3 hours ago
Me as an only child: im sorry but that's not how it works
Rainbow king
Rainbow king 3 hours ago
You tube new ticktock
Ailyyana Luciena
Ailyyana Luciena 3 hours ago
me who are middle sibling but have to take the trash out everyday...
Sheeep 4 hours ago
I'm the older and middle siblings at the same time
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 4 hours ago
I am an only child “from my mom side” and this is not true
Sarah Beaudette
Sarah Beaudette 4 hours ago
Not true I always have to do everything
ParaBot1000 4 hours ago
Im a single child and its sooo not like this
Jiezchia 4 hours ago
It's not true tho
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 4 hours ago
Plot twist: there was actually gold in the trash so the mom wanted to take the trash out
shinobi 4 hours ago
I am the middle child
shinobi 4 hours ago
Brian Stocker
Brian Stocker 4 hours ago
this is absolutely cap🤚🏾
Dani Jimenez-Cruz
Dani Jimenez-Cruz 4 hours ago
This is more accurate then 1+1=2
Broghan Morden
Broghan Morden 4 hours ago
Not for me im the youngest in my family and no my mom is no where that easy-going on me
FAZE_ALEXANDER 5 hours ago
I'm middle and middle Is what I do whit the trash
allei 5 hours ago
I'm an only child, it's basically a mix of everything, sometimes I do it sometimes I don't have to, mom's confuse me man 😭
Iggy Wiggy
Iggy Wiggy 5 hours ago
Me: an only child *this video is stating my entire life*
Kendra Cash
Kendra Cash 5 hours ago
I am a only child that is not true. mom: take the trash out Me: ok
Me when I was an only child:They couldnt stop me, I never leave my room. (Not literally, its exaggerated. so pls dont leave replies like "wHaT aBoUt ThE bAtHrOoM" so on so forth)
Flames 5 hours ago
Instead of my parents calling on my oldest sibling and second oldest, they call on me. The youngest
Official Boba
Official Boba 5 hours ago
Me: Normal only child The video: Accurate
Yum Yum
Yum Yum 6 hours ago
Me being a middle chil uh HEY SIS IF YUH YOU DO THIS I GIVE YOU CANDY
arkinfrance montecalvo
Plot twist: there was actually gold in the trash so the mom wanted to take the trash out
Alex Tokaryk
Alex Tokaryk 6 hours ago
I wish it was that easy being an only child
Ailleen Park
Ailleen Park 6 hours ago
It's true being the only child is fun but lonely
Fl4ring 6 hours ago
Anønymøūs pērsøñ
Me being the only child and- yuh this never happened-
BLINK FOREVER 7 hours ago
Only child is so much like the middle child. I am telling my experience cause I am the only child.
Kattie Elizabeth
Kattie Elizabeth 7 hours ago
•clxudy..• 7 hours ago
The last part made me regret being exited for my sister to be born /hj
Primal Kyogre
Primal Kyogre 7 hours ago
Me as an only child, my mom: take the trash out u weird child
Rajesh Ahirwar
Rajesh Ahirwar 7 hours ago
When my brother would be the only child I bet my mom took care of him that way until I was born and started to get all the attention but I never got the care my brother got when he was young
FBI 7 hours ago
as an oldest child we go like this: " i am so sorry master. i didn't realize. my idiotic and wrongful brain was at a countless misunderstanding until now. but now i realized that u can talk BULLSHIT!!"
Autumn Nguyen
Autumn Nguyen 8 hours ago
Me: i’m going to take the trash out Mom: oh I was going to you really don’t have to….but I mean if you WANT TO…..
Jove o12
Jove o12 8 hours ago
Me as a Mexican
TheRandomRedWolf08 Devon
100% ACCURATE!!!!!
As an only child, I can relate
I'm a simp for Michael Jackson
I'm a only Child that's not how it works
BelPlushies / BelGaming
Not true
Phyllis Green
Phyllis Green 8 hours ago
So call the other kids
Murcy Family
Murcy Family 9 hours ago
Saliza Abdul Samad
Saliza Abdul Samad 9 hours ago
Im alone..i like it..but sometimes...i wished i have an older sis..
XingqiuEfx 9 hours ago
Khloe Rangel
Khloe Rangel 9 hours ago
K the only child is true! Lol
Zachary Y
Zachary Y 9 hours ago
Me whos a twin: 👁👄👁 i dONt GeT It
Brad Drake
Brad Drake 9 hours ago
If kids are this bratty that is a bad sign for the future.
yeet the yeeter
yeet the yeeter 9 hours ago
As the only child I wish this was true
Reagan Wright
Reagan Wright 9 hours ago
I'm the only child I'm lonely
Junjun Panares
Junjun Panares 9 hours ago
The last one is me
That Bro
That Bro 9 hours ago
I'm the oldest child and I always bribe or blackmail my 5 younger siblinga
Gamer O Dose
Gamer O Dose 10 hours ago
Biggest capper
Dead channel
Dead channel 10 hours ago
Tammy Ford
Tammy Ford 10 hours ago
Customized dog do everything around the house tiktok lies
ii_Breezy 10 hours ago
Me, the youngest sibling: *takes out trash for free*
k 10 hours ago
I was an only child last year and now I’m not. My mom acts like I’m the oldest now from this post. But when I was an only child, I can tell you that this is 100% accurate
CrAzYgamer205 10 hours ago
I miss being an only child
The Coding Nerd
The Coding Nerd 10 hours ago
I'm the only child, that is extremely relatable
Nella Bella
Nella Bella 10 hours ago
No that’s not how it is as an only child. I take the trash out then my mom asks me to do it then doesn’t believe me when I told her I already did and thinks I’m giving her attitude-
XxLivie_DrawzxX 10 hours ago
Omg the only child is so accurate! My best friend is a only child and this is so correct
twin kittens
twin kittens 10 hours ago
The last one is me I don't take out the trash and I get ice cream from my mom all the time
Ellen Sesay
Ellen Sesay 10 hours ago
I'm the only child n my mom always say thx you n surprise me 🙇even when I say it's ok 😊
Jui Roy
Jui Roy 10 hours ago
No one Me - *proud to be the only child*
~{Sukie mulu}~
~{Sukie mulu}~ 11 hours ago
Me being the oldest: Mom I don’t wanna Mom:NOW OR IM TAKING YOUR PHONE My sister:I’ll do it if u give me a dollar 😊
__Weird__girl__ 11 hours ago
This is so true except the oldest child (me) always has to do everything my siblings are always treated differently
Carlos Ramirez
Carlos Ramirez 11 hours ago
You fool I am the oldest child and I don't take the trash out
Bad girl Lol
Bad girl Lol 11 hours ago
Yes and I’m the only child- like my mom started giving me chores when I was already 9-
Joseph Ammons
Joseph Ammons 11 hours ago
The only child is not true
Driftboy00 11 hours ago
The only child is when I’m at my grandmas
gacha heart
gacha heart 11 hours ago
My big sis is the first one
Lucas Hallam
Lucas Hallam 12 hours ago
Its true I'm the idlest child but its like I'm the middle child xD