Replay - First Human Flight Post-Flight Press Conference 

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Replay of Blue Origin's post-flight press conference with New Shepard’s first astronaut crew.

Participants will included Jeff Bezos, Mark Bezos, Wally Funk, and Oliver Daemen. Ariane Cornell, Director of Astronaut Sales, emceed the press conference.




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Bianca O.
Bianca O. 7 hours ago
Love Jeff, He is 1 of 1. Motivational
James F Carlton
James F Carlton 12 hours ago
*I’ve got my “Dad’s SpitFire Wings,” now that’s something.*
James F Carlton
James F Carlton 12 hours ago
*I’m not even subscribed to this channel so why did I get a notification on this channel’s video❓*
jofan jack
jofan jack 16 hours ago
like human lol because money
Tasunke Witka
Tasunke Witka 17 hours ago
Yea, we need to tap into the Solar System's resources (asteroids/ moons) in order to reach our best Earth.
Greg Bolls
Greg Bolls 20 hours ago
You title this first humans in flight that's incorrect they're not the first humans to go into space. You should have been titled Blue origin first human flight
wuoi zuiu
wuoi zuiu 9 hours ago
They cannot even go beyond Low Earth Orbit, but sure..you are all going to "space"
Andrea Petrovska
Andrea Petrovska 20 hours ago
Well done Jeff, Mark, Wally & Oliver 🌎💙💙💙💙🌍
Daniel Zabala Mesa
Daniel Zabala Mesa 21 hour ago
A quién le importa la impresionante vista desde el espacio, mejor juguemos con pelotas que flotan, wiiii
Francis Boutin
Francis Boutin 22 hours ago
Please!! Select a flat earther and send him on your next flight to put the “ debate” to rest. Please, put them in their places.
pankaj universe best videos
My Mom want to go space or mars ,how possible
pankaj universe best videos
My Mom & me want to go space or mars is biggest dream,how possible,
Lucas Lima Prates
Pranjali Gupta
Congratulations 👏 from India🇮🇳🇮🇳
If you like this, then please watch here m.ustotal.info/both/video/0mXYm6mamX-kaqo.html
lepagester Day ago
I have gained a lot of respect for Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos after watching this. Well done. Let’s go team blue!
Kevin Peck
Kevin Peck Day ago
Marshall H
Marshall H Day ago
9:00 one of the worlds biggest distributer of pollution talking about saving the planet... cool
Roman Ahmatov
where is video footage of the flight from inside?
N. W. Dood
N. W. Dood Day ago
They cannot even go beyond Low Earth Orbit, but sure..you are all going to "space"
N. W. Dood
N. W. Dood Day ago
Wrong! They did not go into, lol, space...
Dave R
Dave R Day ago
Its great JB has now stepped away from Amazon so he can give his time, brain power, and focus on the new space age and global and environmental issues. With his highly innovate mind and problem solving abilities its going to be great to see what he can build and what he can do to help others to build. Looking forward to the JB philanthropic phase of his life, and although there are people who think he should use all his money to solve the worlds problems; protecting the ozone layer and the Earth is pretty important, or there won't be any world issues, as it wont be habitable any longer! Looking forward to seeing what amazing / world & planet changing things he will now do, which compared to the 'retail revolution' may change so much of the human races future and our longevity of existence on the planet, and space infrastructure / the foundations for the space economy and eventual inhabitation of space. Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Nikola Tesla, Galileo Galilei (to name but a few) would be so amazed by and grateful to the massive push both JB and Elon Musk have given over the past twenty years to building on what they did, discovered, and achieved. Truly amazing what both these two have done, and continue to do
Pete N
Pete N Day ago
Meanwhile the earth being destroyed by climate change. Absolute disgraceful behaviour, the top 1% causing by far the most pollution and the small man pays for it. When your towns and cities start flooding, burning, get reclaimed by ocean or are too extreme to live remember this moment as a black mark on humanity. A moment of greed. The cost will be lives. The day is tomorrow
Talk the Walk
Great press conference for a great adventure. Great leader, great brand. #BlueOrigin
Ralph van der Geest
Paid for by the Covid ridden, underpaid employees of Amazon who have to piss in bottles and are not allowed to unionize. If you want to see the personification of perversity, look at Jeff Bezos.
Viki Schmidt
Viki Schmidt 2 days ago
A good flight and a lot of unprofessional element before and after: no lift to the capsule, all people crammed into one small car, no wireless mics (like in a 60s TV show), Jeff’s incredibly dirty cowboy hat with a dead fly… Not showing Alan Shepherds daughters, unable to apply those astronaut’s pins… Anyway, a good ride in the billionaire’s amusement park in a 100 high drop.
Philip Drew
Philip Drew 2 days ago
Guys you need 5min highlights video and 2.5 min other highlight shorts, your really messing up the publicity oppurtunity.
Julia You I
Julia You I 2 days ago
I think it was natural too - to explore an unexpected feeling of weightlessness and try what it is… it just captured them as smth totally new) I think they had time to observe outside too) may be they played one minute and looked outside 3)))
message 2 days ago
Why nobody saw the interior footage live that day? ... and was only 1 single camera from the floor level recording ...?
Deja Vu
Deja Vu 2 days ago
It was amazing up until I saw the bigot Van Jones and CNN.
About Creativity
About Creativity 2 days ago
Very good, "felt way cooler then it looked"
mvp019 2 days ago
WHy don't you pay your damn people a decent wage and not work them so hard that they have to pee in bottles.
Xavier Balck
Xavier Balck 2 days ago
Xavier Balck
Xavier Balck 2 days ago
Jajajajakkaka eso es más falso que cnn
Qaz 1
Qaz 1 2 days ago
It's good when someone flies on a plane for the first time and observes everything through the window, this group, however, going into space for the first time, preferred to throw a ball and completely disregard the window, what a thing not?
BeanMeUp 2 days ago
. . . was enjoying this until that stupid radical left wing nutbar Van Jones ruined the neutral event
Mauricio E
Mauricio E 2 days ago
FAKE. Todo es un engaño.
Tambourine 2 days ago
We paid for all of this, guys! Aren't you excited?!
psiklops71 2 days ago
i wanna be the first poor person in space if i die i'll be closer to my mother now the earth is fucked let's fuck up space
El Grande
El Grande 2 days ago
Gives $100 million to a communist scumbag.
Jaelkel Derarin
Jaelkel Derarin 2 days ago
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hyped1 2 days ago
I guess not enough petition signatures were received? Lol THIS is just disgusting, pathetic and sad for US! Yes this is awesome...if you have more money than morals or integrity! 🙄
Casey Kaplan
Casey Kaplan 2 days ago
Space tourism is finally here and Blue Origin wins!
THE FACT MAN 2 days ago
Fun fact: Bats are the only mammal that can actually fly
Sheldon Bruce
Sheldon Bruce 2 days ago
if i was in make-a-wish program...i would deffently request this!
number wun saifu
number wun saifu 2 days ago
Hmmm SpaceX is way cooler. Seems like blue origin is just trying to fit in.
flint fuentes
flint fuentes 2 days ago
23:38 wally's energy is inspiring
CantataNoir 2 days ago
Hope the company now accelerates the development as Jeff is now stepping down from Amazon.
Heinrich Zemo
Heinrich Zemo 2 days ago
So everyone is going to ignore the fact that the rocket with the capsule looks like the world's most expensive marital aid for giants
TheWrongBrother 2 days ago
Flat earthers Unite! This blatant show of reality is unacceptable!
Miguel D
Miguel D 2 days ago
If a person gets to heaven because they kept the commandments or stopped sinning or got baptized, then that would mean that they were saved by their works. But we are not saved by our works! We are saved by grace through faith! Salvation is a completely free gift! Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins (past, present and future), was buried in a tomb, and rose again on the third day. Once a person believes the gospel, they are sealed and they cannot lose their salvation no matter what! Our salvation is not based on how we live. Our rewards in heaven are based on how we live. OSAS. ❤️
scoremat 2 days ago
JBs hat is just so much no 🤡🤠🤡
bruce jackson
bruce jackson 2 days ago
I have increased respect for Jeff Bezos. I loved hearing him speak about the goals for the Courage and Civility award. What a great example. Well done.
Pu M3N
Pu M3N 2 days ago
Haha Amazing😂
Thomas Boomer
Thomas Boomer 2 days ago
The video of the booster landing was awesome, especially the sound quality. Can't wait for New Glenn and New Armstrong. The Courage and Civility awards are fantastic. And Jeff is absolutely right; when we disagree, it should be over ideas, but not questioning motives of those we disagree with. Ad-hominem attacks are fallacies that lead to dead ends. I am really inspired by Jeff's words and deeds. I don't agree with him on everything, but I don't doubt his motivations or his intent.
Thomas Boomer
Thomas Boomer 2 days ago
Lose that hat Jeff! It was cool outside but you don't need it now. Can't even see your face.
hasengnu 2 days ago
Why there is no footage from inside the capsule ? Outside it is quite boring...
Veren Marcelina
Veren Marcelina 2 days ago
Jamesy Jamesik
Jamesy Jamesik 2 days ago
34:40 ghetto 😭😭😭😭
blazemonger 2 days ago
We need longer tables, not higher walls .. Wow, that is deep..
united in_love
united in_love 2 days ago
Congratulations to BLUE ORIGIN. Hope that this orbital flight tourism sensitises more and more people about how fragile atmosphere and environment is. Also that there are no boundaries from up above and we are just one HUGE FAMILY. I hope the young Mr. Oliver will find a GREEN FUND after this amazing experience.
alan amtein
alan amtein 2 days ago
Next get my Amazon prime package to my house when it's supposed to be
Alphfirm 2 days ago
Sick! Well done!
Century of Aviation Videography
Only Jesus Can Save Us
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Stargazer 2 days ago
When are we going to see the recording of the whole flight from inside?
Célinho Alves
Célinho Alves 2 days ago
Heart is flat
Matt Murdock
Matt Murdock 2 days ago
Eat the god damn rich. You make your employees pee in bottles! Fuck billionaires and those who celebrate their monstrous behavior.
Diego Prods
Diego Prods 3 days ago
Im so happy with Jeff´s flight, and so disapointed with the transmision, the poor quality of the cameras, the views... TOO much talking, too little to see....
Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor 3 days ago
I can't believe they spent so much of the short time that they had looking at each other and messing around instead of looking out of the largest windows ever created on a 'so-called spacecraft'. Surely getting a different perspective on our home planet was what this is supposed to be all about but they seemed to be more excited just goofing around in zero g. Poor form.
j2157 3 days ago
Any elon fans?🤣 LOL
evokick 3 days ago
I like them
moreuse 3 days ago
23:37 Jeff: "i want to thank every Amazon employee, and every Amazon customer, because you gus paid for all this..."
ABDHESH KUMAR 3 days ago
congratulation to blue origin for his first human space flight
jeff acko
jeff acko 3 days ago
While a fantastic event, its sad that some people have to go to space to see just how fragile and beautiful our planet is ,fragile being the operative word. Leaders of the world need to do this.
Kimberly B
Kimberly B 3 days ago
I’ve always known who Jeff Bezos is, but after listening to him speak candidly in this post flight press conference, I absolutely respect and adore him 🙌 He is nothing like Elon Musk, thank goodness!
Lambda Sun
Lambda Sun 3 days ago
"Alexa... order five New Shepard tickets and send the bill to my neighbor"
Death Pony
Death Pony 3 days ago
So is Bezos some space cowboy now? Never seen a hat on him and here is is wearing that hat, quoting real astronauts, faking his assimilation.
micuzzu67 3 days ago
this carousel was paid for by us!
Taktuk 3 days ago
The interviewer was great
lynngrayson.com 3 days ago
While you play fantasy space you're loosing your great blue planet to genocide and destruction ghandi. And ooh Bezos, they often use the revolutionary after they are disgarded for enchanting the people as a leader for lofty futures. If you really care about your planet you will take a step back and see what's become of it. Advanced sciences don't pretend they don't understand actually physics. Did someone rewrite the laws of physics while I wasn't reading them. No. They didn't. Star trek isn't a toy film. Currently, Hollywood film industry won't even allow you to produce the truth about space exploration. And even Armstrong it is said, is to have passed unhappy about know advancement of science by publications. Nikola Tesla fed pigeons. And someone tell me why satellites can't sense signals better or faster then a leaf of a plant can. Light speed isn't some laser Targ Stanford low level wave experiment for a sy fy fake matrix. If you really hear you will hear the public on your great big blue globe would like the truth. Sensors at shopping markets are invasive to see who's picking up fruit. You customers could sue for undo influence do to signal interference about purchasing or choice. Meanwhile, if you like to produce the real star trek, the rest of the brainwave research is appalling. Where's your telepath to translate why Pepper the robot got recently fired rather then resign if Pepper is hired to read emotions, of the customer to thus rhen employer. Why would a sensory ai allow itself to endure being fired. If it were startrek and the elevator stopped working no one ignores that as insignificant. Do they have you dazzled while the planet is suffering. Clearly so. But what will happen. All that power. And no one seems to really see the bigger picture. I'm from a navy town. I never go in any of your space toys. Not one of you seems to care nor respect why. It seems you all create fake sy fy. To me it's not impressive nor dazzling for this planet. I do have the file few have to say I sense it.
Enigma Da Paradox
samuel vitorillo
samuel vitorillo 3 days ago
Ashley Tan
Ashley Tan 3 days ago
The parched employer postsynaptically pop because kettle expectantly blush during a married slime. decorous, clever kohlrabi
Frederick Wyrsch
Frederick Wyrsch 3 days ago
"when you burn hydrogen and oxygen you get H2O. H2O is water." FUCK 🤯 I HAD NO IDEA /s
Melony Bravmann
Melony Bravmann 3 days ago
Don’t come back please
Fckytggl Mthrfckr
crossing fingers no one makes it back. I mean he did say it was our money that he's able to do this...and we're not invited so fck him/them.
Overdose 3 days ago
Congrats to everyone involved.
~ Congratulations Bezos! A Clean Ascent, A Clean Descent, & A Clean Landing. Blessed with a Kiss!
radu argatu
radu argatu 3 days ago
The presenter said “Karman line, the international recognized bla,bla “, at least 1milion three hundred thousand four hundred and sixty nine times so we, the uneducated, be able to remember that Jeff, compared to Branson, crossed over the Karman line, the international recognized bla, bla, bla. What a fake world.
flint fuentes
flint fuentes 3 days ago
10:28 would love to see mark on 5g during descent
SPACE talks
SPACE talks 3 days ago
Need to see what flat earthers come up with. It will be funny listening to them. They may say these windows are just HD screens.😂
Lia Tonicher
Lia Tonicher 3 days ago
first what? don't tell lies..
Em Gotas ✔
Em Gotas ✔ 3 days ago
BabylonianHell 666
On the back of humanity...👎👎👎
Shorty's Possibilities
Congratulations and thank you!
Brian Jessie
Brian Jessie 3 days ago
“First Human Flight”- the poor Wright Bros. were mistaken....
Harindra Cherukuri
Next mission: Trip through Black Hole Now that would be something
knutthecute 3 days ago
Actually that would be nothing!
OMGWTFLOL 3 days ago
Hailey Holmes
Hailey Holmes 3 days ago
The wistful rainbow frustratingly complain because himalayan echographically invent a a homeless north america. belligerent, relieved calculus