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Sep 21, 2021




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Suraiya Parween
Suraiya Parween 5 hours ago
Wait is that yoongi and Jins Houses 💜
clem 5 hours ago
wait I have seen that pink and purple house irl before
Dilek Baltaci
Dilek Baltaci 17 hours ago
Who wouldn’t laugh when he starts laughing 🤣
lion eyeZ
lion eyeZ 22 hours ago
The first one is still me and my brother#LAZZYNESS😎
WildFox Pauli • Mapleshade
The Cheetos got me..
Amol Phadke
Amol Phadke Day ago
Do i have bad humour or everyone laughs easily?
Amanda Bruner
Amanda Bruner 2 days ago
I don't have any Shoes
Brandon Mcphee
Brandon Mcphee 2 days ago
Im never eating cheetos again. I feel bad now
tiffany rance
tiffany rance 2 days ago
I'm down with 8-4
痛みDEMiGRA 2 days ago
Man I'm not kidding but that did not make me laugh just smile so his laughs seem fake
Dani _
Dani _ 3 days ago
I thought they were called chiquitos
HarryPotter7 3 days ago
OMG!!!!!! Umbrige does live next to Snape, I feel bad for who ever lives next to them, you know they dont get along 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Pootie Tyme
Pootie Tyme 3 days ago
What really hits different is a 5 to 1
Just Some Guy With Half A Mustache
The first one: I thought the same, until my foot got stuck in the bristles for like- .5 seconds. I never did it again. Never again.
Prutha Rai
Prutha Rai 4 days ago
So that doesn't clean shoes?
Alex 4 days ago
I use those brush cus it feel good i putted my leg there it feels good
ImAwesome63 4 days ago
Yes the houses here are real, sadly
Zac Rowell
Zac Rowell 4 days ago
The first one got me like:wow I never knew it was a massager and a shoe cleaner
Gabriel Milinovic
Bro yall have escalators i have to go manual
Kovid Singh
Kovid Singh 4 days ago
LilCreeperMC 5 days ago
“Fun fact, you’ve gone to bed more than you’ve seen Ben’s channel” Me: My new favorite word is “Eliiiiiite” explain.
Šågē in a cage
Wait it doesnt clean you shoes?
James Emberton
James Emberton 5 days ago
Aanchal Dubey
Aanchal Dubey 5 days ago
Yo I really dont know those 2 house story dont judge me
Draven Lestrange
Draven Lestrange 5 days ago
Wait, I don’t clean ur shoes with it?
Namrata Sharma
Namrata Sharma 5 days ago
The first one's what I still do XD
Bethany Willingham
Can you do one is these from your comments?
Bethany Willingham
I hate it how when you don’t got sh!t to do, you naturally wake up at like 7am and feel wide awake… But when you got sh!t to do, you wake up to your 7am alarm, fall back asleep and then end up waking up at 3pm!! Why world?? WHY?!?!? 😩🙄☹️
Irish potato 🇨🇮
They removed the shoe cleaners from Tescos 😡
Sheila DMJ
Sheila DMJ 7 days ago
He made powerful points and excelled with the word
God of Rage - Ragegod - Nicolas Salathe
Wtf i rather work a 11-7
Vlad Redwoods
Vlad Redwoods 8 days ago
We have 7-3 here. Morning is difficult but the weather around 7 am is beautiful At 9 the sun starts shining brighter which makes me depressed like the edgelord i am lmao
gacha rose
gacha rose 8 days ago
Lol I was eating cheetos
NOOB AMI 9 days ago
Sxvics 10 days ago
Ayy can you put me in I got one why go to sleep if you gonna go to sleep for a second
Avery Neal ❤️
Avery Neal ❤️ 10 days ago
dukethedog 10 days ago
i was today years old when the furry thing in the escalator does not clean my sheos
Roostydoo2 Gaming
Roostydoo2 Gaming 10 days ago
Honestly I still clean my shoes on those little brush things
your local bi kpop stan
wait, then what is that thing on the escalator for? is it really not to clean shoes?
TurkeyRoyal 11 days ago
Guess someone’s livin the dream😏
AngelRose 11 days ago
Actually Frome.what I heard about the gray house and the color house is that they are good neighbors to each other
140 subs challenge
140 subs challenge 12 days ago
None of that was funny
Joli willett
Joli willett 12 days ago
Adult: how was your day honey Kid: I had an awesome day Kids mind: I had a horrible day
Soumily Mukherjee
Soumily Mukherjee 12 days ago
So your telling me that that thing on the escalator isn't for cleaning your shoes?
Khali Fortnight
Khali Fortnight 12 days ago
The Cheetos 😍😂
white rose blossom
white rose blossom 12 days ago
So someone flat out said they wanted to work school hours like my 1st hour teacher is the best but thats only because he is tired in the morning too and understands the struggle
Marwa Jafar
Marwa Jafar 13 days ago
I clean my shoes... I'm 13
Martina 13 days ago
I always felt like 10-6pm or 1-7pm was the best shift.
light n dark warrior
7-8to be preciseXD I always put my shoe there
Remofilwe Mokgoko
Remofilwe Mokgoko 14 days ago
Me too
Akanksha Sharma
Akanksha Sharma 14 days ago
Estelle Watson
Estelle Watson 14 days ago
3 yr old me thought that that cleaned my shoes
Brandy Dupuy
Brandy Dupuy 15 days ago
I still you those shoe cleamers
Jake Reee
Jake Reee 15 days ago
And a pack of cheetah kids are now called, a bag
Hails H
Hails H 15 days ago
What are the two colorful houses from?
Nexus 16 days ago
Did he specifically pick the most unfunniest tweets ever?
Scxrlett Potter
Scxrlett Potter 16 days ago
The 5th one is if Umbrige and Voldemort lived side to side, if you didn't get it muggles
Ren 16 days ago
Those arent for cleaning your shoes its for scratching your ankle
Kelly Pauwels
Kelly Pauwels 17 days ago
I relate🤣🤣
Kelly Pauwels
Kelly Pauwels 17 days ago
That first one🤣🤣🤣
DMO Clan OFFICIAL 17 days ago
Is it just me or did he dress up as Tord from EDDSWORLD
Ray 17 days ago
The first one is so true 🗿
Bakugous girlfriend
XThan The Gamer
XThan The Gamer 17 days ago
What're They Used For Then?!
Renomarkkus Sulger
Renomarkkus Sulger 17 days ago
What Else IS The elevator thing ment fir
Julia Kłujszo
Julia Kłujszo 18 days ago
In Poland we work 8-4
Isn't it for cleaning our shoes . What's it for anybody i am confused 🤧
Georgie porgie pudding pie
A pack of cheetos
Will King
Will King 18 days ago
What does this guy know about going to work though 😂 He laughs at stuff for a living
FunnyBong _42
FunnyBong _42 18 days ago
Wait they don't clean shoes?
Lily Hall
Lily Hall 18 days ago
Cheetah and cheetos let’s make this official
CowIsBad 19 days ago
Whats on the ldft side of the screen
In the caption they isn't a 21 month?
Leah Marshall
Leah Marshall 19 days ago
I don't understand the one with the houses? can someone clue me in
showdownist 19 days ago
600th comment
Jamila Mansoor
Jamila Mansoor 19 days ago
Love him cause he makes everything more funny when he laughs 😃
Random city
Random city 19 days ago
I still don’t understand the things I’m the escalator!!😭😭🤚🤚
Mrunmayi Arankar
Mrunmayi Arankar 19 days ago
I still don't know the purpose of the escalator brush thingy.
ItzAyxBoba 19 days ago
The first one- well I still do that too 🙈
Yon 19 days ago
Why he kinda sound like Jack Black on a certain tone?..
Isreal Lee
Isreal Lee 19 days ago
I mean night
Isreal Lee
Isreal Lee 19 days ago
Kid at nigh : I do not want to go to sleep. in the morning :I want to stay in bed and go back to sleep
honey bee
honey bee 19 days ago
Oh my god stop laughing
- clementiine -
- clementiine - 19 days ago
…yo….the pink and purple house is in my neighborhood. i’ve literally drove by those houses….wth
Crazy roblox gamer
Crazy roblox gamer 20 days ago
Did you cheet-at a test?
Tuan Pham
Tuan Pham 20 days ago
The baby cheetahs are actually called Cheetos the government actually said it btw the baby cheetahs are cute
Army girl
Army girl 21 day ago
I think he should meet JIN from BTS he loves making dad jokes and laughs which I love their friendship will be perfect 😅.
MintyMinho 17 days ago
LORD SEARTION 21 day ago
what were those houses
Enoch Pennington
Enoch Pennington 21 day ago
I'm sorry I was born in was born after 2000 so
Enoch Pennington
Enoch Pennington 21 day ago
I don't know what the houses are explain to me please
Tushar Bahadarpurkar
"i still use it to clean my tskdjdjjd" BENTELLECT - 2021
Artorius Cirillo
Artorius Cirillo 21 day ago
The first joke is so dumb
hafidz286 21 day ago
Yeah i really thought it will cleaned my shoes😂😂
I once got burnt on one of those escalator things
Abi Bradshaw
Abi Bradshaw 21 day ago
Vixcell Hartman
Vixcell Hartman 21 day ago
ChantelFiore 22 days ago
first one: FACTS
JESSICA DAVIS 22 days ago
Me: **sees the house he’s talking about** I don’t understand this tweet at all but all I can think about is… I’m A bArBiE gIrLlLlL iN a BaRbIe WoRlDdD
Kj Evans
Kj Evans 22 days ago
I was eating Cheetos lols
Dariya Chan
Dariya Chan 22 days ago
the first one tho 💀💀💀💀