Rating Celebrities I've met at Parties/Events 

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Skorpion king
Everyone, let's make this dude a billionaire so we can here those stories
lifeasmiyuki 8 hours ago
Sergio de la Vega
Sergio de la Vega 13 hours ago
@Killua uhhh.... I can explain
Killua 13 hours ago
@Sergio de la Vega imma?
Skorpion king
Skorpion king 13 hours ago
@Sergio de la Vega lol yea I was in a rush lol thx
leqso gogoladze
leqso gogoladze 49 minutes ago
i am in hospital now it's boring and your videos is only one that's making me laugh ❤️❤️❤️💕 u made my day with ur chanel
A kids Email
A kids Email 2 hours ago
man so did Kevin Durant and Steph shoot a three on you?
chicken finger •
chicken finger • 2 hours ago
my grandma hugged Obama once
Max Bergey
Max Bergey 3 hours ago
hes rating other people swoozie rate ya self
Super diamond lord
Super diamond lord 4 hours ago
I reelly wish I could have met Stan lee
Tall_Bradda 4 hours ago
I’m just super Saiyan! I haven’t met Swoozie in person but the guy is super cool! Followed me back on Twitter 🥲
I'm SALTY 6 hours ago
Ssssuper cool did the snake 💀💀
Turtlik 7 hours ago
Luis Silva
Luis Silva 8 hours ago
One of the bad experiences swozie has had is jay z watch 😁
SRZ_Ryan 8 hours ago
One of my favorite videos in a while
zahire Coates
zahire Coates 9 hours ago
Only met 2 celebrates in my life ASAP Ferg : 10 out of 10 concert was lit af i didn't know he was shorter then me but it is what it is. Mick Jenkins 8 out of 10 he was at earth gang concert he was chill dude I ask him for a pic he was cool about it. But swoozie you are gold brother
Tristan Wolf Gustavsen
rip stan...
Imortal Pigeon
Imortal Pigeon 10 hours ago
Bru I got that same shirt
MaKaI 10 hours ago
Look up on UStotal the US doesn't meddle in foreign affairs by second thought also look up a new red scare is coming by the same person. I heard we might get a scar back story which is cool he's one of my favorite characters I also like jack sparrow hulk spider man venom broly vegeta bra killmonger groot wario iron man I like how you said you have to go out of your way to not be cool aswell.
viiont eooiy
viiont eooiy 10 hours ago
"Did you know the square root of pie is carrots?" I died right there lmao
Da Boii quan
Da Boii quan 10 hours ago
You forgot one the actor Chris something
Eryqa Wilder
Eryqa Wilder 11 hours ago
Swoozie, let’s meet so I can finally start this list off, and start it right!!! 100,000/10🥺❤️
Goodycolt4000 11 hours ago
If I can meet any celebrity rn it would be Stan lee RIP to the 🐐
Colt James
Colt James 11 hours ago
I've met a lot of celebrities, the majority of them are so cool. A lot of people really think because somebody is famous that they will be stuck up when in reality they're normal humans, just like everybody else. I've met hall of fame boxers Roberto Duran & sugar ray Leonard, multiple NFL & NBA athletes(ex athletes as well), Jorge masvidal, Gary Vaynerchuk to name a few but the list goes on. I've never really had a bad experience meeting any of them, but at the same time I've seen how fast & big somebody's ego can get when they're getting too bothered & their head is big/overinflated. Ultimately, the stigma of celebrities being stuck up is basically bullshit, its all up to how they hold themselves accountable towards their actions & reputation.
shida ra
shida ra 12 hours ago
You forgot to rate chris brown 😁
Jaheem Daley
Jaheem Daley 12 hours ago
Am I the only one who thought Kim was Cardi B in the thumbnail
nemri 12 hours ago
What ab Chris Pratt?
Sarita Romero
Sarita Romero 12 hours ago
Rip our boy Stan lee
dessy stoopid
dessy stoopid 12 hours ago
fuckin missed uuu
Jso LASAY 13 hours ago
its when u have a crush on a celeb the their bf is just like omawa moi shinderu
Carlos Jacquez
Carlos Jacquez 13 hours ago
Swoozie how old are you?
Nicholas Manginelli
Nicholas Manginelli 14 hours ago
I met Weird Al Yankovic at my first ever concert. DUDE WAS MID SONG DOWN THE AISLEWAY AND GAVE ME AN HIGH FIVE. 1000/10
ZAiN UNEDiTED 14 hours ago
That end animation😂
ZAiN UNEDiTED 14 hours ago
“The square root of pi… is 🥕”
Will 14 hours ago
“We don’t owe them anything” Possible shots at Anthony Anderson?
PLAYER #1 14 hours ago
Rip stand lee 😔😔
Miya S
Miya S 14 hours ago
Why does Kim look like Queen Naja
Ballystarr 14 hours ago
Talk about th rest of the celebs
Codemaster Jamal
Codemaster Jamal 15 hours ago
@6:30 - Swoozie dropping straight bars right here. This is so true, which is why you have to be careful how you treat people. Facts, bro. Facts.
Jack Shapiro
Jack Shapiro 15 hours ago
Stan Lee’s full name said sounds like his first name said fully.
david O' Donoghue
david O' Donoghue 15 hours ago
Adriel Sanclemente
Adriel Sanclemente 15 hours ago
The end of the video before the sneak peek was debatable tbh.
Sunny Daiz
Sunny Daiz 16 hours ago
You’re an attractive black male of course Kim’s gonna be nice and patient with you
Lolwhy Me92
Lolwhy Me92 16 hours ago
Shitty celebrity video we need it swoozie make it
Sans 16 hours ago
Rip Stanley he’s a real one
Mr. Fahrenheit
Mr. Fahrenheit 16 hours ago
I've meet you once 10/10 And my dad 10/10 and his friend 10/10
War buff
War buff 16 hours ago
2:15 Well it’s true mate.
Gregory Williams the GOAT
Oh boi
Larris Slayton
Larris Slayton 16 hours ago
Swoozie. I need that phone case. Where you get it?
Danali Landin
Danali Landin 16 hours ago
Been a supporter since your OG videos! Keep up with the good content! 🙌🏼❤️
The Denisse
The Denisse 17 hours ago
"this is why you on UStotal and I'm in hollywood" ye and he gonna tell us that youre a jerk and we not gonna like you no more sooooo yeah maybe respect youtubers 🤭
Calistalize 17 hours ago
I need my dose of swoozie in the mornings
RuffyPuffyguy 17 hours ago
Earlier today I thought about how many celebrities swoozie has met.
IDKFnaf:) 17 hours ago
Sad that Stan Lee is dead
Lazy Banana
Lazy Banana 17 hours ago
I’m a simple man. I see Stan Lee, I click. I’ve met the guy before at a Comic Con in my state. Waited in line for 4 hours. 100% worth it, would not trade that experience for anything
FRANK WEST 17 hours ago
*hears about Stan Lee* Me: * navy salute*
Mizu 18 hours ago
U all need to be rich to be in parties?
Ty the Animan
Ty the Animan 18 hours ago
Stan Lee will always be a 10 👑
Josiah Brady
Josiah Brady 18 hours ago
jada pinkett smith 10/10? hopefully there wasn't more than one entanglement
Rapha Conrad
Rapha Conrad 18 hours ago
Love this!!! I am really inspired to create and post my own video of rating celebs I've met.
Assie Lee
Assie Lee 19 hours ago
Hood in him? 🧐 what type of micro aggression ionn lek dat
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 19 hours ago
one thing I'm glad this pandemic has brought to light r celebrities who don't care about others or their fans. For me, that whole Vanessa Hudgens controversy where she said "yeahhh people will die" during the pandemic, I would've thought she was like Gabriella from HSM my entire life. Since then, I made sure to never think of a celebrity other than another person since we don't know how they actually r
Nileola Olamide
Nileola Olamide 19 hours ago
obama 10000000000000000000000/10
Eric Villa
Eric Villa 19 hours ago
When I was 10 I went to a convention and asked Stan Lee how I could be a better Marvel fan and he said that I am putting in the work and he officially dubbed me Marvel’s no. 1 fan. Stan Lee 1000/10
Aziel Solomon
Aziel Solomon 19 hours ago
sWooZie all gangsta until he be getting rated
ricecum 19 hours ago
You have no idea how lucky you are that you met Stan lee RIP
drew durnil appreciation day 1st March
RIP stan lee Press F to pay your respects
Feedsomefood 20 hours ago
Katz mfCat
Katz mfCat 20 hours ago
So idk swoozies relationship status but he definitely got a shit with Kim K now..
Benjamin Mark
Benjamin Mark 20 hours ago
I was in Hollywood Studios the same day as you and I didn’t see you! I’m so upset
nathan young
nathan young 20 hours ago
not enouhh zero for stan lee
TalkinToonyBox 20 hours ago
Stan lee, 10/10, I wish I met him
EhLife What?
EhLife What? 21 hour ago
I met swoozie on UStotal and he 1 of the best UStotalr
Elliot R
Elliot R 21 hour ago
I helped choose this thumbnail by using your Instagram poll!
Mberrios 22 hours ago
love the transition between jaden smith to obama lmao
Oversearplayz 22 hours ago
Rest in peace stanlee man
Skrillz_ 14th
Skrillz_ 14th 22 hours ago
Chris Pratt cough cough
Kermit the Frog
Kermit the Frog 22 hours ago
This was a pretty good idea I never heard about anybody else do this but I watched the whole vid and it was great
Da Liam
Da Liam 22 hours ago
My uncle met Stan Lee when he was a kid and they had no idea until he passed but they had gone through 5 months of comics
Angela R
Angela R 23 hours ago
I love how he’s like yee every time someone’s answering a yes or no question Is you JJ?? Yee 😆 On goddd I can’t wait for that new Disney video love you swoozie
Flaui 23 hours ago
Why do I feel like Justin Bieber hates his fans? 😅
No One NotASingleSoul
Imagine the next vid is a crossover with all these people. I'm finna lose it if that happens
Darshan Gopaul
Darshan Gopaul 23 hours ago
Auni A
Auni A 23 hours ago
Western peace
Darshan Gopaul
Darshan Gopaul 23 hours ago
Stanley is the best
Uzumaki_editz 23 hours ago
Damn I didn’t know plastic could be so cool
Javon Garrett
Javon Garrett 23 hours ago
We done know a scouter would rate SWooZie at more than 9000 out of 10 👋
Vergil 23 hours ago
Bro I would do literally anything to have met Stan lee the dude was inspirational
Daddy 23 hours ago
I don't think I would approach a celeb, I would rather keep the image of their onscreen persona alive in my head. My sister & nephew met Henry Winkler (the Fonz) & he was super nice & they talked about their shared love of fly fishing.
Duck J Quacken
Im surprised you didn't mention Chris Pratt lol
A Williams
A Williams Day ago
We all know Jessica Simpson is on that bad list
Stan lee was always about his fans the man was amazing the day I heard he passed was hard on me his comics got me through some very dark times in my life when I met him I told him why he was my idol dude gave me a hug and just said it’ll be okay son such a awesome moment
Rhodri •
Rhodri • Day ago
Static shock is definitely in Hollywood. he also solos dbz
Bam nation
Bam nation Day ago
Street parkour
Pls post more video
Whynot Day ago
chicken nuggets
Cole Gosier
Cole Gosier Day ago
No hate for Anthony, but Hollywood is also known for its multiple takes of shots buttt okay?
GhostOfGoats Day ago
I supposed swoozy all the way. But my mans left for 1 month and came back. At least he cured my boredom
Tomi Berry
Tomi Berry Day ago
Crazy, Swoozie met famous people before he was famous
Gabbi Jackson
i have not seen a swoozie video in so long
king beast
king beast Day ago
Ay dawg
Rick Bean
Rick Bean Day ago
You saw kanye
Rick Bean
Rick Bean Day ago
Or was it before they dated