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Jul 19, 2021




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CamaKat 4 days ago
Kaelin Horton
Kaelin Horton 8 hours ago
I send my prayers bro
Duke GAMING 13 hours ago
What rapper did it
zaleyah Booker
zaleyah Booker 15 hours ago
It’s ok other car
Joshua Sanchez
Joshua Sanchez 18 hours ago
@Tj Ford your mother
Tj Ford
Tj Ford 18 hours ago
Damn Hawkeye can that sucks
King Major05
King Major05 2 hours ago
The car can be fixed
Eric Garrison
Eric Garrison 2 hours ago
U said a rapper wrecked it that what yo title say
Ahmad Beats
Ahmad Beats 2 hours ago
Really the most unfortunate part is the insurance going up😬
Richard Rivera
Richard Rivera 3 hours ago
daefilm 3 hours ago
I just found out about yo UStotal you hella blessed bro stay up and keep grinding👌🏾
FBE JaBaby
FBE JaBaby 3 hours ago
I glad you alive me boy 💚
Manuel Alvarado
Manuel Alvarado 3 hours ago
U 🚶‍♂️ bro I see it that way wow as I'm writing im eating Wendy's too
Joshua Perez
Joshua Perez 5 hours ago
Who ever can get a dashcam not only will it proof your innocence it will also short the time for the insurance
tai carter
tai carter 5 hours ago
multiple airbags that shit done i just went through this
Mr. Lowe
Mr. Lowe 6 hours ago
You can fix that as long no frame damage, you good. I'm almost done with my car and I replaced. The dash and all but one airbag and I have to get paint and windshield plus seatbelts unlocked and headliner fixed. It can be done, I doing it myself except the paint. But everybody don't want the hard way to do things.
Black Ghost
Black Ghost 7 hours ago
The car is not totaled u can get it fix
Jefffrey Jefferson
Jefffrey Jefferson 7 hours ago
Too much car for you. Get a Honda..
PEETYUPNEXT410 8 hours ago
Im pretty sure u was driving crazy in the rain
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 8 hours ago
It’s good man just Bounce back like u never left
Alex Hutchinson
Alex Hutchinson 8 hours ago
It ain’t even bout the car it was the vibe my guy. We still gon support💪🏾
Mister CLT
Mister CLT 9 hours ago
Definitely not totaled
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 8 hours ago
still sometime.
No L’s
No L’s 9 hours ago
Would love to find this car in auction
Jadon Koa
Jadon Koa 9 hours ago
It’s ain’t totalled fam
BIG CEEZO 9 hours ago
wait when they total yo car can you take the seats ?
Peter Stergos
Peter Stergos 9 hours ago
She defiantly fixable, its a car and glad your safe. if they total it buy it back & rebuild or sell parts.
Jesse Jones
Jesse Jones 9 hours ago
Have that car fix and ready In about a good month fr fr
Slimmy TTM
Slimmy TTM 10 hours ago
los santos customs my nigga it can be saved G
Nathan belt
Nathan belt 10 hours ago
Glad you ight G fr bro could have been worse but god was watching... hmu if you wanna sell it ill buy it
Samuel Davis
Samuel Davis 11 hours ago
It’s a gift 🎁 and a curse you gonna come back bigger and better 😎🤘🏾🤘🏾
Tavarus Lewis
Tavarus Lewis 11 hours ago
You just wrecked your car but need a like for support 🤦🏾‍♂️
Young Munna
Young Munna 11 hours ago
So you wrecked it?
Killin_Zanxxys _
Killin_Zanxxys _ 11 hours ago
Ion think it’s totaled
sicknessbolo 11 hours ago
Damn first josh red eye now yours in the same year
eric foster
eric foster 11 hours ago
Hope you ok. But you trying to sell it?
Hector Canongo
Hector Canongo 12 hours ago
30k i’ll buy it off you cash
samuel abron
samuel abron 12 hours ago
🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 Patience is everything. Without patience there's no timing. There's no way around that that's all us old people try to tell young people even we make those mistakes still sometime.
Damarcco 12 hours ago
Better days otw🖤
Christopher Hernandez
Naw it a totaled
prince bamb
prince bamb 12 hours ago
You can prolly fix it
Duke GAMING 13 hours ago
What rapper did it
Derrick Williams
Derrick Williams 13 hours ago
Damn big bro!!! I went through the same shit big dog, BUT YOUR GOING TO COME BACK STRONGER!!!! I PROMISE BRO!!!
WayPoet 13 hours ago
Whoever in that Honda insurance about to go up 🆙😅 All jokes a side man you alive that’s all that matter and it’s not your fault so you’ll get something better soon 💯
miami the Kid
miami the Kid 13 hours ago
You basically made the money for the car back with this video.
Clutchtreysparkz 28
Clutchtreysparkz 28 13 hours ago
It’s not totaled just take it to los santos customs
Scythe_Voltage -
Scythe_Voltage - 13 hours ago
I’m glad it wasn’t ur fault cause insurance wouldn’t have covered that, would’ve hurt ur pockets bad😢
Pluck My Pubes
Pluck My Pubes 13 hours ago
black at it again
Supercharged Quan
Supercharged Quan 13 hours ago
U made it out alive cars are replaceable but yo life not and i just got out a similar wreck but my car totaled bc i got t-boned and spun out and hit the light pole but i made it out glad u out alive 🙏🏾💯god wit you
Jared Oldendorf
Jared Oldendorf 13 hours ago
That shit ain’t totaled
Shawn Savage
Shawn Savage 14 hours ago
Glad your alive!! you finna bounce back bigger things are coming.
Gdjohn Bee
Gdjohn Bee 14 hours ago
Stay humble god had his angels around you so your protected
Xay Zay
Xay Zay 14 hours ago
Demon time 😈
Gdjohn Bee
Gdjohn Bee 14 hours ago
Which rapper hit your car
Tyrone Wilson
Tyrone Wilson 14 hours ago
One positive thing is you got 200k Brudda ‼️‼️ CONGRATULATIONS YOU DID THAT ‼️‼️
Chris DuPree
Chris DuPree 14 hours ago
Jus need new hood and bumber
Chris DuPree
Chris DuPree 14 hours ago
The car can be fixed as long as the frame is not bent you straight
Christian C
Christian C 14 hours ago
Its not tht bad bro new hood new bumper new suspension armcontrol and airbags
EDDIE STANCIL 15 hours ago
You can always buy it back from the insurance company and repair all the damage and airbags
Breeze mona
Breeze mona 15 hours ago
You should hit up goonzsquad and see if they could help or sum good content too
F O O L 16 hours ago
As long as the car still have coolant he should be ok to drive it still
F O O L 16 hours ago
It’s crazy cuz it’s really not that bad
Jermany Smith
Jermany Smith 16 hours ago
Let me have the car . I can fix it
F. Media
F. Media 16 hours ago
It’s not totaled I work at shops I’m sure it’s alright
Allen Stevenson
Allen Stevenson 16 hours ago
Wheres the rappers lmfao
Vaz Jones
Vaz Jones 16 hours ago
Kevin Wolfe
Kevin Wolfe 16 hours ago
Maaane fix that car my guy its not that fucked up
Shmoney 16 hours ago
u alive bro u good and walking god bless 🖤🖤💯💯
DJ Savage
DJ Savage 17 hours ago
Red eye coming soon
Jericho Green
Jericho Green 17 hours ago
Yo ass need 2 be glad you got your life STOP DRIVING CARS LIKE GO CARS
Slimylitdude 17 hours ago
Who wrecked it?
Dennis Atherton
Dennis Atherton 17 hours ago
rip that car
MrCass23 18 hours ago
That car made you $$$ on to the next one.
Groovy Rasta
Groovy Rasta 18 hours ago
As long u ok bro
AWordFrom Mr.Jones
AWordFrom Mr.Jones 18 hours ago
Bright side of it all, both drivers were ok and the Hellcat will be replaced. 💯💯
Perry James
Perry James 18 hours ago
Just upgrade homie demon watch how many heads you turn and don't let nobody drive that joint no homo💯😎
DJ DOUBLE DEALZ 18 hours ago
cap big everybody know a total car in a minor car lol car don't even look like it got a flat
Perry James
Perry James 18 hours ago
Get a demon homie ain't seen nobody with one
LCPDJamesPham 18 hours ago
Jonatan Caballero
Jonatan Caballero 19 hours ago
I dout it’s messed up but if it is there always good things coming yo way when bad things happen just apart of life
Jay 19 hours ago
I feel you bro but get another one or fix it… if you can’t, you really put your eggs in one basket as a young man never do that. Save money stay in your lane… all love bro. You’ll get a better one. I’m 26 and I’ve owned and have 6 cars lol you’ll get more
Star life With Tweezy
Blessed up!
Darius Bailey
Darius Bailey 20 hours ago
He so calm I wouldn’t be
QUIET GANG 21 hour ago
That is definitely not totalled at all that's easy fix
AutoBez313 21 hour ago
Most importantly everyone is ok # 🚗 🚘
AD C 21 hour ago
It’s ready look bad just because you got a hellcat too smh . First thing they gonna ask … “How fast we’re you going “ THAT IS A HELLCAT! Are you sure you wasn’t speeding .
Pipeshop Babie J
Pipeshop Babie J 23 hours ago
It ain’t over bruh
Maurice P
Maurice P 23 hours ago
It can be replaced you cant bro.. glad your alright and above ground still🙏🏿
Gtaluke12 Day ago
This had me crying prays for u brother
Darren Mills
Darren Mills Day ago
It’s tha piqua Ohio
Yelzaboi Wright
Glad you ok doe
That can be fixed bro. And if you take it to the right body shop you will never see it been hit bro all lines will be tight and all. If you seen Rod Wave Vett get put back together they can put that back together bro.
Victor Black
Victor Black Day ago
FUCK DAT CAR!! You could’ve been dead and gone my boy. Thank god you’re still here.
Juice Goins
Juice Goins Day ago
Who was driving?
Eric Green
Eric Green Day ago
As long as you're alright . It could've been worse . The car can be replaced but your life can't .
David de la cruz
Man that thing been wrecked
2POUND TV Day ago
Not totaled out bro I’m sure you got insurance it’s able to get it fixed
T Lewis
T Lewis Day ago
Judah Israel
Judah Israel Day ago
Thank God that you are alive material things can be replaced just remember always put God first everything else second
DNA Zoom
DNA Zoom Day ago
Lil bit of bondo and she will be like brand new
Blake Ahlbaum
Easy fix
SKURTY 300 Day ago
Your are right if airbags deploy and frame is dented it’s a wrap, but like you said everything happens for a reason and God has you covered regardless of any situation…luv the way u stayed positive because there is a blessing at the end of it all💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾you will be back and better in no time my boi! 💯💯💯
Cozmik Drip
Cozmik Drip Day ago
Bigger and better young nigga. You'll shake back like a boss💯