Race Highlights | 2021 British Grand Prix 

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It's not over until it's over! Watch how an enthralling race played out at sunny Silverstone with action right until the last lap!

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Jul 18, 2021




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Rabitt 3 hours ago
:Stroll I'll get past Ocon :Ocon maybe next time :Stroll Nevermind yellow flag ill do it later :Ocon oh deer you've got past me :Stroll told you Not exactly but they could of done what I said
Kawyan Kamali
Kawyan Kamali 3 hours ago
anyone else noticed if Landos pit stop wouldn't be that long Carles could win the race?
Milo. 6 hours ago
maFIA back then: powered by Ferrari maFIA now: powered by Mercedes
ariev riev
ariev riev 6 hours ago
Sebuah permainan yang halus ....
Svjetlan Gavranic
Svjetlan Gavranic 6 hours ago
Fu** Hamilton! No fair play what so ever from Hamilton...
Matt Pascoe
Matt Pascoe 7 hours ago
The fact that redbull are willing to sacrifice perez picking up points to stop hamilton getting the fastest lap point shows their agenda. They only care about their goldenboy verstappen. Almost embarrassing
Matt Pascoe
Matt Pascoe 7 hours ago
Let's not beat around the bush here.. yes it was an unfortunate racing incident.. and I highly doubt it'll be the last between the 2 of them. Max is way too aggressive for someone who has no world titles. Hamilton knows exactly how to race in these situations. At the end of the day I feel it will be RedBull pettiness that will cost them the championship
Ziryab Jamal
Ziryab Jamal 9 hours ago
Hamilton rode flawlessly
The Truth
The Truth 9 hours ago
Stop these sprint races for qualifying I hate it and everyone I have spoke to hates it. I don't want to see a race before a race. I want to see practice on a Friday, qualifying in the normal format Q1,Q2,Q3 on a Saturday and a race on Sunday. I repeat I don't want to see a race before a race it's just ridiculous. Who ever came up with this needs to be sacked.
Mark Metcalfe
Mark Metcalfe 10 hours ago
F1 would be better off if Hamilton weren't in it. I never thought that before this race but I never knew how little class Hamilton had
Charming nowhere to hide
When Brundle said “its not over yet” i got some serious chills while watching live😂
simulations real conflicts
It's time for the spoiled Verstapen boy to become a man.
Black e36 Black e36
Black e36 Black e36 13 hours ago
Gʀᴏɴᴋss 14 hours ago
How is this has 22k dislikes?
Biggity Matt
Biggity Matt 14 hours ago
2:31 is one of my favourite shots ever 👌
Charming nowhere to hide
Netflix is gonna have a field day with this one...
Senna 1993
Senna 1993 14 hours ago
Brilliant 👍🇬🇧🥇🏆
THU31 14 hours ago
Might be the first time when I am really unhappy that Lewis won. And the crowd was abysmal.
Tom Ahluwalia
Tom Ahluwalia 14 hours ago
Imagine sending someone to hospital and then celebrating like nothing happened.
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liitle man
liitle man 14 hours ago
Something fishy with the ferrari car
JM Studios
JM Studios 15 hours ago
wow I didn't realise how many people disliked the video, probably all Verstapen fans. 😂😂
JM Studios
JM Studios 15 hours ago
1:22 mmmagik! (wheel)
Salla Moussa
Salla Moussa 16 hours ago
With Tom Cruise in the Mercedes team 😁😁 👉👉NOW IS**MISSION POSSIBLE**
Dawit Gmichael
Dawit Gmichael 16 hours ago
Dawit Gmichael
Dawit Gmichael 17 hours ago
i don't see any mistake Lewis trying to overtake and max trying block him just contact
asscurt 18 hours ago
Max INVENTED THAT CRASH MOVE....Lewis just adopted it🤣😅ok,let's stop crying, Lewis won it fair and square,even with a penalty, Great race
Cean 18 hours ago
2:51 i didnt know they were sponsored by tiktok
High There
High There 18 hours ago
At 1:30, observe how right before the crash, Lewis changed his hand position on the steering, slowly curling his left hand index finger preparing to hold the steering tight exactly just before the crash with Max as if he already knew about the crash. It's creepy to see how well prepared Lewis was to be able to swiftly control his car after a quick/sudden crash. At 5:41 Lewis was on the same turn as he was at 1:30, observe his left hand fingers position on the steering, it's neutral, the fingers are not curled to hold the steering tight. I have watched it at 0.25 playback speed and it was pretty clear that it was a well planned crash with Max.
A GuyYT 19 hours ago
Netflix is gonna have a field day with this one...
Anoop Bains
Anoop Bains 19 hours ago
People who complain that if it was the other way around , the reaction would have been mental , the reaction now is also mental . People are racially abusing Lewis for f Sake
Cassius Clay
Cassius Clay 19 hours ago
So many salty max fans 😂😂😂
Nicole Booysen
Nicole Booysen 19 hours ago
Congrats Lewis f u max👎👎👹
BMK500 20 hours ago
Netflix: “it’s free real estate!”
h heproovy
h heproovy 20 hours ago
Mto mimimi...o Lewis n fez nada, o Verstapen n quis, assim como o Hamilton, nenhum tirou o pé nas curvas..acidente de corrida. Segue.
mohammed sabib
mohammed sabib 20 hours ago
charles is the real winner today
Ali Senol
Ali Senol 21 hour ago
We don't like Hamilton, yeah but it was a race crash!
altin lulo
altin lulo 21 hour ago
Go go go Hamilton
Hakan Yilmaz
Hakan Yilmaz 21 hour ago
Lâm Nguyễn
Lâm Nguyễn 21 hour ago
Cái thằng max chạy như cái maxqess ơ moto có. Ẩu
David Johnson
David Johnson 22 hours ago
When every current F1 driver has said racing incident, I am wondering what red faced angry snowflake Max fans are going on about? They all need to go take an angina pill, before they pop a vessel and give themselves an aneurysm. Go take a chill pill!
David Johnson
David Johnson 22 hours ago
Why were the commentators encouaging illegal and irresponsible weaving at the start. You can move once in F1, you can't move twice. Maybe if the sport came down on Max's weaving in the sprint race, Lewis might have never driven so aggresively to stop Max from weaving and to take the chance to immediately overtake.
Marty McFLY 1985
Marty McFLY 1985 22 hours ago
David Johnson
David Johnson 22 hours ago
You mean the reaction to the racist abuse Lewis is getting from the nutcase Dutch fans? What is this 1941 or 2021!
kian doyle
kian doyle 22 hours ago
Drive to survive is the best series
Uncle Gilbert
Uncle Gilbert 23 hours ago
I'm a Brit but I just don't like Hamilton.
Yolance Time
Yolance Time 23 hours ago
the crash aside, that first half of the first lap was mega with the wheel to wheel action we saw.
Chris Spr
Chris Spr 23 hours ago
When Brundle said “its not over yet” i got some serious chills while watching live😂
TAOTM6 Day ago
GTAGIS Day ago
They call this huge parking Silverstone ?
Nicolas latifi
Debjani Dey
Debjani Dey Day ago
Engine cut off...Ferrari had some technical problems. And that's the reason Hamilton win. Otherwise it was impossible for Hamilton to win.
Kerem ARSAN Day ago
Versttapen cuts Hamilton twice before the accident and increase the stress on track they touch each other in the first curve ( different angle of onboard cam of Hamilton shows ) both guilty about the crash hopefully he is ok but versttapen needs to calm himself , I think being inthe firat place in the championship changed him in "bad" way... he will get lesson from this crash I hope .
Marina Cavallini
It's ridiculous the FIA, Ridiculous. Fernando Alonso-Silverstone 2018
Anton Danielsson
Compare 1:27 to 5:40
Sentinel 1521
This is probably the most craziest race this season
GARIMA Soni5 Day ago
My eyes were just focused on lec name at top position while watching video not caring much abt race but abt lec name😅
GARIMA Soni5 Day ago
I am so happy for charles😍
Hansen Horst
Hansen Horst Day ago
Happy for Charles not getting crashed as well
fritz bauer
fritz bauer Day ago
the cheering when max crashed into the wall.. that's the reason no one likes the british...
Donald Trump 2024
Hamilton is a serial master like Donald Trump in Business
Hydra gaming
Hydra gaming Day ago
What actually happend: What dramatic people saw:Hamilton turning into max
martin tsukidashi creed
what a boring race , only hamilton fans felt fun
Arnaud J.
Arnaud J. Day ago
*Why don't they show the battles such as Perez/Raikkonen in those highlights ?? As long as it entertained us during the actual race, it should be in the highlights. Do not just show the final overtake or the crash..*
lpi avelino
lpi avelino Day ago
austria 2016 rosberg completely ignored the apex to deliberately crash into hamilton, without a penalty so the steward couldn’t be truthful when they claim their reason for the penalty was because hamilton missed the apex. complete lies! hamilton should sue them for racial discrimination.
blaise maz
blaise maz Day ago
Imola Verstappen aggressive drive Lewis hold back, Spain Verstappen aggressive Lewis hold back, Silverstone Lewis decided not to hold back…everyone goes crazy! Smh
Chivokroy Day ago
I watched the race on Sunday. I'm rewatching these highlights in the wee hours of Friday morning. It's still like I'm witnessing it live with no idea what's going to happen next. I love this so much.
검사타나 Day ago
Hamilton was passing something he shouldn't have done. You have to reflect greatly
Cesar Augusto
Rotor Air Group
Anyone is saying that Max is the new super star and the best of F1 as today. But if we compare his results by the 10th race of 2017, his 3rd season driving a Red Bull they are lesser than those of Lando Norris in a slower McLaren. Max is beatable if McLaren gets better or when Lando gets a leveled car to race against him.
Just For Fun
Just For Fun Day ago
Should've gone to leclerc
Alexander Kraieski
What a win, Crofty? No, what a joke. Honestly, what are we doing here, racing, or ping pong?
G58 Day ago
This is getting ridiculous. Red Bull have called in a lawyer now! The matter was settled, but pathetic bed wetter Verstappen is still upset. I’ve lost all respect for him and Red Bull. I hope he and they never win another point this season. Enough already with this nonsense
heyitsmeraj Day ago
Watched the Palmer analysis and Max did steer left more than he should have. Its clearly a racing incident and not sure why so much hate for Lewis. 🤦‍♂️
André Cordeiro
Go Hamilton!!! 🇬🇧🇧🇷
Aiden FAM
Aiden FAM Day ago
Danilo Morán
Hamilton 🤡
Shakes.Don't know what yer gettin
It sounds like they edited in the crowd sounds, despite there now being and actual crowd present..
Robert Wilson
Max turned in he is an aggressive driver look what Max did Hungary 2016 - Belgium 2016 - Mexico 2016 - Hungary 2017 - Singapore 2017 - Bahrain 2018 on Hamilton - China 2018 just to name a few. Max the Bumper Car Driver.
Ray Y. Ge
Ray Y. Ge Day ago
Put Russell in that second Mercedes already if they want to win
I see arabs 😱😨
When Max’ car was on gravel for a split second it was airborn and the car would not slown down.
Arslano Day ago
senojelyk Day ago
Racing incident. Ham lost downforce as soon as Verstappen turned in on him, which brought on the understeer that sent Max off. People who think Hamilton hit Max on purpose are insane. The car in the rear usually gets the worst of front tire vs. rear tire collisions and it was only dumb luck that Hamilton could finish the race.
Ademir Souza
Ademir Souza Day ago
Melhor melhor do mundo que show do Hamilton 👏👏👏
Chris Keenan
Chris Keenan Day ago
It was the very slightest of taps, as Max closed the door on Lewis. I've never known such an over reaction to what was in fact a racing incident!
Leo A
Leo A Day ago
Why is there 20k dislikes on this video? Are people mad about the crowds or something?
Morella Továr
Tom Coulson
Tom Coulson Day ago
Difference between Hamilton and Verstappen is that if roles were reversed and Hamilton was 30+ points ahead in the championship, he would yield and play the long game, at worst finish second and lose 7 points in the championship. Instead, as fast as Verstappen is, his stubbornness and aggression has hugely contributed to his lead being cut by 25 points. Still a young man at 23, but needs to add this craft to his game, especially when going up against a 7 time WC.
Diego Adrián
Grande Lewis.
Noah Currie
Noah Currie Day ago
The crowd was amazing when max got out of the Red bull but Lewis was amazing 5th with. 10 sec pen but I always want sir lewis Hamilton to win the race
svogender Day ago
I love how people foget what Max have done through the time...!! And no... I don't hate Max.. In fact I think he's a fantastic driver...!! But karma..!! 😊👍
Steve Fortier
Chester the random guy
F1 is gotta be the best sport
Salla Moussa
Salla Moussa Day ago
10 seconds penalties,but 10 seconds gap to Leclerc 😂😂😂
Tatsuya Day ago
This year's Hamilton and Mercedes will not be able to win without the help of the FIA. I can not feel the dignity of the kings.
A Shell
A Shell Day ago
Hamilton had to knock Max out he knew if Max got away he had no chance. The risk was worth the reward as we all saw. Hamilton is in "Desperation Mode" we've all seen it back in the day of Schumacher & Senna among others. I've lost all respect for Hamilton. As have millions of other fans. He has his "Karma" coming. Racing is a dangerous game at those speeds.
Fires Blade
Fires Blade Day ago
Now it makes me wonder how many people were infected with coved-19 at Sundays race, hundreds of people not wearing any protection
Maxime Klein
Maxime Klein Day ago
I’m really starting to hate Hamilton…
BeamerMW Day ago
I literally got chills watching that first lap battle between Verstappen and Hamilton
mike dessavre
Ham is afraid of Max ! that is why he made the rear wheel contact to Max... He could have avoided contact like he did with Charles
Miguel Contreras
ya era hora que hamilton le devolviera algo de su propia medicina max no respeta al mejor piloto de todos los tiempos vamos lewis por el 8 titulo del mundo!!!
frenzy !
frenzy ! Day ago
Max Crash-happens