Paul McCartney, Beck - Find My Way (Official Video) 

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Personally curated by Paul, ‘McCartney III Imagined’ features an A-List assortment of friends, fans and brand new acquaintances, each reimagining their favourite ‘McCartney III’ moments in their own signature styles. The result is a kaleidoscopic reinterpretation of an album Rolling Stone accurately tagged “an inspiration to us all”-one that serves as an extension of the instantly beloved ‘McCartney III’ while standing on its own as brilliant and adventurous milestone in the McCartney discography.

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Director: Andrew Donoho
Creative Director: Byron Atienza
Choreographer: Phil Tayag
Producer: Ian Blair

Video Co-Produced by Hyperreal Digital


Well, I can find my way
I know my left from right
Because we never close
I'm open day and night

I know my way around
I walk towards the light
I'm open 'round the clock
I don't get lost at night

You never used to be afraid of days like these
But now you're overwhelmed by your anxieties
Let me help you out, let me be your guide
I can help you reach the love you feel inside

Well, I can find my way
I know my left from right
Because wе never close
I'm opеn day and night

You never used to be afraid of days like these
But now you're overwhelmed by your anxieties
Let me help you out, let me be your guide
I can help you reach the love you feel inside

I know my way around
I walk towards the light
I'm open 'round the clock
I don't get lost at night

You never used to be afraid of days like these
But now you're overwhelmed by your anxieties
Let me help you out, let me be your guide
I can help you reach the love you feel inside

(C) 2021 MPL Communications Ltd

Music video by Paul McCartney, Beck performing Find My Way. Capitol Records; © 2021 MPL Communications Ltd, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.





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Comments 10 017   
Logan / NoSleep
Logan / NoSleep 4 hours ago
1970s : its impossible for any one to be a talented Paul McCartney look a like 2020s:.......
SFSBinkpen 7 hours ago
I'm really interested that no one wondered how they got the young Paul mask to look so real. The young man that did all the choreography was not Beck. He may have even used his real hair. He is built very much like the young Paul and has that sassy young vibe, but even with a very good mask, the lights changed his face quite a bit. In the end, when the last door opened and young Paul walked out, he looked more artificial.....and that was of course, Beck. I see this video as being a tease for the "Big Reveal". "I'm going to find my way.....I know my left from right." hmmmm~
Robert Cavalluzzi
Robert Cavalluzzi 7 hours ago
In the video the guy dress as paul made look paul younger when he was with the beatles in a hard day night
javievery rockx
javievery rockx 8 hours ago
Se parece un poco
Aguilar Hannia
Aguilar Hannia 9 hours ago
ya tenemos paul mccartney para otros 50 años mas😃
cwadeh76 13 hours ago
1:46 I fell soooooo hard trying to dance like that the first time i tried doing that lol
Полиграф Чугункин
Thank you sir!!! I'm young again with you...
mjempire 15 hours ago
imagine going back in 1965 and just showing this to a Beatles fan while claiming you're from 2021
Z. Arnold
Z. Arnold 16 hours ago
cwadeh76 Day ago
PAUL IS SO COOL I'M A FAN i did not know he could dance like that OMG i love it
alexander !
alexander ! Day ago
dawn Owens
dawn Owens Day ago
Paul wow you have your old haircut
Adam Haswell
Adam Haswell 2 days ago
This is like... warm, thickly sliced bread with just-melted butter on. Inoffensive, fairly satisfying, wouldn't choose it but would always have more.
Kim Tran
Kim Tran 2 days ago
This is fun but I think the original (old Paul) version is the better song.
TuPanaViajero 2 days ago
Now abba is following the steps of Macca !!!
Jamie Payet Official
EverStillX Day ago
Stop advertising lol
thedavidmo 3 days ago
When I see the mask at the end the only thing I can think of is "I don't wanna be around anymore..."
Ricky Painter
Ricky Painter 3 days ago
Mccartney drumming is crazy
Ricky Painter
Ricky Painter 3 days ago
My soul was born in the now
Ricky Painter
Ricky Painter 3 days ago
"Find My Way Rocks!."
Ricky Painter
Ricky Painter 3 days ago
Young Beatle Paul
Ricky Painter
Ricky Painter 3 days ago
Omg this is legendary
shainez McBen
shainez McBen 3 days ago
idk if i love or no it’s sooo strange
Lisa Noelle
Lisa Noelle 3 days ago
This is awesome!!
Muhammad Iqbal
Muhammad Iqbal 3 days ago
Oh my God . I know that guy. He is From The Beatles.
Hemanth Babu
Hemanth Babu 3 days ago
Starring Paul McCartney as Ambassador Spock 🖖
drwinstonOboogi 4 days ago
So the walrus was Beck?
Choncho 3 days ago
Joaquin on Bass 805ALLSTARZ
Did you notice the numbers?3&6,..it's all about the numbers with him.The genius Nikola Tesla once stated,"If you knew the magnificence of 3 ,6 and 9, you would have a key to the universe",as portrayed in "McCartney's"silhouette in this music video.Btw Tesla only chose those hotel rooms which had a room number divisible by 3 & if you take these 3 numbers (3, 6 and 9), starting with 3 and doubling it (3 + 3 = 6; 6 + 6 = 12; 1 + 2 = 3), you will find that there is no mention of 9 as in this film.He also sings,"I walk towards the Light (Bearer?)".I'll leave that up to you to figure out who that is.
Fatal XVC
Fatal XVC Hour ago
Who is it?
B-Rabbit05 4 days ago
Rosemary Wessel
Rosemary Wessel 4 days ago
Everything goes better with Beck. This is really, really cool.
Takito UwU
Takito UwU 4 days ago
Anthony Jackson
Anthony Jackson 4 days ago
Sinister sky omega on UStotal
Choncho 4 days ago
i love this song
Geistigbehinert 4 days ago
Looks good
Paweł Zieliński
Every fan of Paul must comment this video: ustotal.info/both/video/l2zZb6yixICBbcg.html
EverStillX Day ago
More like stop advertising and no one cares
Benjamin Cárdenas Alborta
Como es que se ve tan joven?
Gisselle Cienfuegos Jimenez
Paul in 1968 🤩🤩😍😍😍 now in 2021
Prentiss Lashure
Prentiss Lashure 5 days ago
This is wild, man! The more I watch it the wilder it gets! Great video concept & cool, funky song!
Mackenzie Mae
Mackenzie Mae 5 days ago
I am so happy Paul is still releasing and recording music! It's so amazing that when my grandmother was a child he was releasing songs with the Beatles then he was releasing solo songs in the 80s when my mom was a kid and now he's releasing songs still! I hope he continues recording music for as long as he can or wants.
Klitorio Vaginus™
Paul Is Dead
EverStillX Day ago
Your dead aswell
Juan Antonio Torres Espinoza
Saludos desde México Paul
Macey Smith
Macey Smith 5 days ago
Paul, look at me. hey, Paul, look. This isn't you, Paul, please. stop.
Santiago Saez
Santiago Saez 5 days ago
The tune is really groovy and modern, I love it!. But I feel the song would appreciate some more progression during these almost 4 minutes. Anyway, I want to dance like Paul´s character!!
Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson 5 days ago
Podrían hacer lo mismo con Lennon??
EverStillX Day ago
He dead
Igor M
Igor M 6 days ago
horrible song with no tune, tragic video with young Paul dancing Alzheimer. sorry, Beatles fan.
EverStillX Day ago
Shut up its a rlly good song lol
of Lucas CObain
of Lucas CObain 6 days ago
I Love Music 😅🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
Molten Sky Productions
Look, there's another yellow submarine... and they're waving at us! *waves back* ❤️
mark rubin
mark rubin 7 days ago
this is more like a ringo starr song with that in lyrics and melody we have not heard Paul like this before
Jennifer Marcelino
I love this!!!
Асланбек 7 days ago
Билли джин насрал в кувшин
Piotr Okolus
Piotr Okolus 7 days ago
Treasure !!!
Mikado studios
Mikado studios 7 days ago
this guy would be good in a band
nina slime
nina slime 7 days ago
So cringy
EverStillX Day ago
Your cringe
7 days ago
Yurj Minnucci
Yurj Minnucci 7 days ago
Great man, great Song, great video, and also great album McCartney III. 80 anni e non sentirli!!!!
Alexandre Magalhães
Você ja parou pra pensar que seu dia normal é o sonho de alguma pessoa?
BE4T 8 days ago
Paul McCartney with the Mannerisms of a Joji music video
Amethyst Batt
Amethyst Batt 8 days ago
As an original Beatles fan this doesn't sound right
EverStillX Day ago
You don't sound right
gioconda43 7 days ago
Why not? 😊
underwear pete
underwear pete 8 days ago
10,000 comments on a 4M view video
Bolivian Prince
Bolivian Prince 8 days ago
ABBA will do the same
kimmy 8 days ago
Singing and dancing helps you staying young.
Rungeon 8 days ago
This is utter SHITE! However, it's a great video and fantastic use of technology. He's made some amazing music and I know he's an old man trying to be "hip with the kids" but wow it's fucking awful! I hope he continues making music, but yeah this one... wow
Maria Mi
Maria Mi 8 days ago
I love you Paul❤
Joshua Onley
Joshua Onley 8 days ago
"My Older Sister" ©️ The only thing now that billions of "Beatles" fans have, that they never had before, ever. (And every single fan has their own story of the impact that "The Beatles" had and have on their lives.) Destiny and visionaries are still alive and well. Seek and ye shall find the missing link Paul McCartney my beloved friend, and Capital Records. The "only" original musical homage to the 'Fab Four" that was ever written. A very "well protected" hidden treasure for everyone on so many levels it's absolutely mind boggling. And when it is discovered, it will live on as long as "The Beatles" and all their fans on the planet earth. 🌎 And I believe we all know that is forever!!!! In peace always, Joshua 🎶
Charlcie Lott
Charlcie Lott 9 days ago
It's like you are young all over again
Paolo 9 days ago
Paul , you are a beautiful reality in this bad world !
Eliandro Magnum
Eliandro Magnum 9 days ago
0:40 Paul's like Stan Lee adding himself as an easter egg. Superb!
Eliandro Magnum
Eliandro Magnum 9 days ago
If Sir Paul could do such moves that time, jeez! Girls would die instantaneously!
RickPaper687 9 days ago
Well, I did not remind The shining on this way
Mika Talkshow
Mika Talkshow 9 days ago
How did he looked 50 years younger😆
EverStillX Day ago
A guy who looks similar to young Paul put on a green costume then effects changes his face
Evelyne Lessard
Evelyne Lessard 9 days ago
This video makes me smile everytime I watch it
one dk
one dk 9 days ago
フロムジャパン ポールよ永遠に。
CELOMAR14 10 days ago
grande pol
Ruth Long
Ruth Long 10 days ago
MrRobert4210 10 days ago
This video appears to have a Paul "look alike" and isn't actually Paul McCartney, no AI was used from what I see.
Ra.s 10 days ago
McCartney depois da criogenia. McCartney after cryogenics. Kkkkkk
Paul's grand son!
Double J
Double J 11 days ago
one of the best music videos ever created
Stublinsky 11 days ago
Lady Muñoz
Lady Muñoz 11 days ago
Ver a Paul joven como cuando la rompía en los Beatles mientras su voz es la de su edad real... El tiempo es un suspiro 🥺
TheNeonRabbit 11 days ago
He's very clean
Alvaro Garcia Mendez
Espectacular. Un genio de la música
Duder 11 days ago
Is that becks body with Paul's head??
Giuliano Alves
Giuliano Alves 9 days ago
Nope, in the end of the video you can see the name of the guy who plays the "young Paul". It's an artist called Jordan Johnson, a professional street dancer. The rest is a very good AI job.
Alexandre Magalhães
I don't like references to the past. In the video with Stone you were great at swinging. The Venus kisses clip I found prophetic. 9,000 comments on this clip here, good isn't it? Don't forget that I already commented here when we were a few dozen. All good for you. I was trapped but now I'm free. Let it Rock. Hugs to everyone.
Alex Dunbar
Alex Dunbar 11 days ago
Some musicians follow whatever fasions are in at the moment, but Paul makes his own fasions.
Alexandre Magalhães
I back. ;)
Вера Павлова
Мне не нравится, меня это пугает. К чему все это приведёт?
EverStillX Day ago
Then start liking it
8angst8 12 days ago
I don't care about how young Paul looks in AI----this generic song is utterly boring.
Deborah Stanley
Deborah Stanley 12 days ago
Neat 😎
Sone Poulter
Sone Poulter 12 days ago
I am a lover of the Beatles, and I am Brazilian... Well we love and the word love.. So buddy... the word love is just Beatles and McCartney !! 👊💥
MusicMan 13 days ago
Paul should simply write 100 songs and set them to release one by one every year for next 100 years, using his AI body for the videos
Princess's Lollipop
Good idea.
kerry johnston
kerry johnston 13 days ago
The first paul McCartney solo song I've listened too and I LOVE IT
tectonicblond 13 days ago
what a shitty tune-- director riffing off Spike Jonz and doing it badly - ack
EverStillX Day ago
Shut up u look weird and it's also a great song
smashypeople 13 days ago
How does this man still do it!
Maria Esperanza Pachas Mejia
Increible tenia q ser un ex beatles me gusta el cambio
Renny Ledesma
Renny Ledesma 13 days ago
Me encantaaaaaaaaaaa
Gerry Roberts
Gerry Roberts 13 days ago
i love this music video..great work,,,Wish i could do the same.
Loretta Carpenter
Loretta Carpenter 13 days ago
Gilberto Martinez
Gilberto Martinez 13 days ago
That was a real Faul.
Jack Roller
Jack Roller 13 days ago
Amazing!!!!! Maybe The Beatles go next? It would be a GIFT to old and new fans.... 😃 ustotal.info/both/video/0oe2aI2Es4Vpp9g.html
EverStillX Day ago
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Views 1.1M
Views 1.1M
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