my trip home was a disaster *moving part 2* 

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HELLO!! welcome to part 2 of my journey moving home. I'm so excited to finally be back in Colorado and I hope you enjoy this cluster of chaos. Have an amazing week LOVE YOU SO MUCH

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If you wanna stay at the most iconic western ranch this isn't a brand deal I just loved cowboy Dave lol: grandcanyonwesternranch.com

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Jul 18, 2021




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morgans vlogs
morgans vlogs 5 days ago
ON THE ROAD AGAIN I love you and hope you’re having an amazing weekend
A Z 2 days ago
@Natty _ Dang! You need a wig to cover up the receding hairline, Baldy!
Natty _
Natty _ 2 days ago
I love you too Morgan omg 😩♥️♥️♥️♥️
ɮꪮሁꈤᥴꫀ օʄʄ
bruhhhh morgan is the only basic girl yt channel i like
Lisa Lynn
Lisa Lynn 3 days ago
Hey!! I got an idea :))) you defo need an "out of context" bloopers for your channel. The shit you say is hilarious out of context. "where do the kids come from" :)))) for example!!!!
A Z 3 days ago
12:17 Why would you ever wear yoga pants when your body looks that disgusting?
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 3 hours ago
not morgan looking f-ing gorgeous no matter where she is or what shes doing.
Ally Nieto
Ally Nieto 4 hours ago
this was the funniest video i’ve ever seen
Ally Nieto
Ally Nieto 4 hours ago
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 3 hours ago
These foos high as hell ✞
Brazen 5 hours ago
Brazen 5 hours ago
Alisa Laska
Alisa Laska 7 hours ago
Iowans are offended by your corn chucking 🌽
Abi 7 hours ago
Someone tell me this video has been posted before? Because I swear I’ve see it like 7 months ago..no way did just manifest? A whole video..Im so confused
Laura Harrigan
Laura Harrigan 7 hours ago
The prices for rooms always go up thursday-sunday because most people come for the weekend so they upcharge to make more. It's cheaper to book a room on a Monday
Dana Smith
Dana Smith 8 hours ago
Brooke is so awesome, just the best energy, she’s hilarious and her laugh is so wonderful and contagious!
Tatiana D
Tatiana D 8 hours ago
“The tree was a lot better than this” Me: yeah it always is
Kylie Gerber
Kylie Gerber 9 hours ago
I'm from Colorado this is such a good choice!
TheGraciest 10 hours ago
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TheGraciest 10 hours ago
✨50% OFF high end Vintalin Sunglasses with my code MOOD50✨ no joke, treat yourself!
Suffergenius1 13 hours ago
A good road trip is great for the soul.
HaleStormRants 13 hours ago
I would just love to know what Brookes zodiac sign is
Stephanie Tupper
Stephanie Tupper 15 hours ago
Omg the fact that you watch kendall Rae!!! Yes!!!!!
Desirae Avila
Desirae Avila 16 hours ago
You calling a house bout a mobile home with a slide😂😂😂
Giovanni Gonzalez
Giovanni Gonzalez 16 hours ago
These foos high as hell ✞
samanta22k 16 hours ago
Live life girl, yes
Janet Lee
Janet Lee 16 hours ago
i've never laughed so hard in my life plsss this series is everythinggg
Cassie Lea L
Cassie Lea L 17 hours ago
Only thing this vlog is missing is trinity
Robin Siwula
Robin Siwula 18 hours ago
Morgan I wish you would stop sounding dumb because your not your dumb act is pathetic grow up
Sam 18 hours ago
Her friends laugh is driving me insane
Sebastian. 19 hours ago
That bug on the straw was pole dancing
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 20 hours ago
The fact that they were concerned about the horses not holding their breath sent me
Roxanne Teran
Roxanne Teran 21 hour ago
LMAO I STAYED AT THAT SAME EXACT HOTEL IN MOAB LIKE THREE WEEKS AGO AND THEY HAD THOSE SIGNS STILL HAHAHA. But the front desk guy was super sweet and helped me get into my hotel room twice after my keys kept deactivating at 11pm 😂
Hazel Day ago
Okay but I need to know why u got pulled over for lol
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 20 hours ago
why do I feel like Shane edited these
Danielle Lauren
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Avianna Imani
"omi god omi god u guys" is morgan a... theater kid?
Kayla Varela
Kayla Varela Day ago
So At the end were you at your moms or in a set up bedroom of your house?
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Day ago
I work at a hotel. The reason the price is high is because it's busy. Supply and demand.
Jennifer *
Jennifer * Day ago
Keep the accent in every video💯
kelly smith
kelly smith Day ago
I hope she realizes how gorgeous she is inside and out. I'm glad she's moving away from plasticville. (just a joke, don't come for me lol) She's a beautiful Colorado girl. She's so pure, it's refreshing.
Natalie Mcmunigal
This is the best vlog I've ever watched 🤣🤣🤙🏼
Tanjiro Netsuko
Morgan ur one of my favorite people lol 😂
Melissa Costa
I loved seeing you in the town I live in! Grand Junction did y'all right.
Julie Morales
I laughed SOO HARD on both vlogs, I peed! I'm ready for more vlogs Morgan!!
Jessica Gonzalez
Shout out to Kendall Rae !!! 🤣
Kirstie McCullough
*gets nails done* “Nature is healing” 💀🤣
Lauren Edmunds
Hahahaha cowboy Dave at the end
Cortney Knight
You’re definitely my favorite UStotalr 😂❤️
Solana Figueroa Ruesjas
Hahahahaa the laugther. I love you Morgan, your content is so fresh and fun
Reema Merone
Reema Merone Day ago
why do I feel like Shane edited these
PinkyChiChi Day ago
Often times, bars without women would like for women to come in and stay a while to attract men. (I watched an episode of Bar Rescue {sarcasm coming danger. Watch out for the corniness }so now I know everything about the biz ;)
Shanny R
Shanny R Day ago
Melissa Eh!
Melissa Eh! Day ago
I work at a hotel. The reason the price is high is because it's busy. Supply and demand.
Emma Erway
Emma Erway Day ago
This may be the best vlog I’ve ever watched
Cecilia Ibarra
Cecilia Ibarra 2 days ago
Morgan, you kept me laughing my ass off with the vent and the adventures for the days🤣🤣 love ya!😍
Cecilia Ibarra
Cecilia Ibarra 2 days ago
Accent not vent
Olivia Kinnear
Olivia Kinnear 2 days ago
the woods is giving me twilight vibes
yuitr loing
yuitr loing 2 days ago
Now that she's back in Colorado when do we get a Morgan + Kendall Rae collab? 👀🖤
Tianna Elizalde
Tianna Elizalde 2 days ago
Idkw but...I miss Trinity for sOmE reason JK I know exactly why 😏😉
FighterGirl 205
FighterGirl 205 2 days ago
I love Kendall rae
Cameryn Hilbelink
Styled By Sands
Styled By Sands 2 days ago
Love u Morgan just hope you understand the privilege of the being pulled over scene 🥺
McCala Marie
McCala Marie 2 days ago
Morgan, what happened to your eye? you visit David?
Alyssa Eve
Alyssa Eve 2 days ago
Morgan… what did cowboy Dave do to your eye 👁
Raegan Elliott
Raegan Elliott 2 days ago
Cowboy Dave is EVERYTHING! 🥰
M West
M West 2 days ago
Britt 2 days ago
Gail Richardz 11:11
Dann Tt
Dann Tt 2 days ago
Just two friends on a road 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Sindan Seen
Sindan Seen 2 days ago
She just disgusting
cassady 2 days ago
not morgan singing legally blonde the musical
shani yan
shani yan 2 days ago
Now that she's back in Colorado when do we get a Morgan + Kendall Rae collab? 👀🖤
Jaisco Medrano
Jaisco Medrano 2 days ago
I want see video like this, just random clips combin together, is so wholesome🥺 choocked corn 🤣
Rian Garza
Rian Garza 2 days ago
We love you too Morgan!!! ❤️
shani yan
shani yan 2 days ago
I get twilight vibes
Natalie Davies
Natalie Davies 2 days ago
Oh Brooks lovely 🤗
Em Riley
Em Riley 2 days ago
Brooke’s laugh is so good
ToughCookieCA 2 days ago
Lol the next time y’all drive thru Az, you’re welcome to crash here. I don’t have a waffle maker but I’ll make pancakes 🤣
Chelsea Harris
Chelsea Harris 2 days ago
Katarina Giselle
Katarina Giselle 2 days ago
This is the best vlog you’ve ever made! I was laughing the entire time!
Claire Reynolds
Claire Reynolds 2 days ago
jsjazz12 2 days ago
The stop light was set up temporarily for construction. It's scary you were driving and didn't know that.
Kelsey Christopher
The amount of giggles in this video makes my heart warm
Purple Clove
Purple Clove 2 days ago
Clearly LA did not hook it's claws into Morgan.... these Road Trip vids have been some of the funniest, most legit (appearing), happiest Morgan I think I have ever seen!! Buh Bye L.A!!! Can't wait to watch Morgan during this new chapter!!!
Marie-Pascale Gagné
I want to be on a roadtrip with you girls!!!
Olivia Fisher- Gage
Y’all are fucking BEAUTIFUL THO 😭♥️
Chloë Niamh
Chloë Niamh 2 days ago
Morgan were you singing Legally Blonde the musical? 😂
Molly Picott
Molly Picott 2 days ago
Brooke is literally everything and so funny! Please have her back on :).
Emily Erickson
Emily Erickson 2 days ago
baby gurrrrl that "mobile home" is 100% a houseboat lol
Loh Estrada
Loh Estrada 2 days ago
I get twilight vibes
Christine Lundberg
I LOVE Brook oh my god
Haley 2 days ago
The world wasn't prepared for Brooke and Morgan but oh my God I didn't know I needed this in my life so bad
Lauren H
Lauren H 2 days ago
The fact morgan watches Kendall Rae confirms she’s the best
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr 2 days ago
Now that she's back in Colorado when do we get a Morgan + Kendall Rae collab? 👀🖤
Teri Yazzie
Teri Yazzie 3 days ago
Colonizer!!! You should educate yourself before speaking next time. Smh.
kylee Rose
kylee Rose 3 days ago
Cowboy dave is the exact person YOU would hangout with on a roadtrip home 😂 i once met a crackhead Craig in nj he was a blassssst Wonder how much money in gas this entire trip ended up coming out to. Cause good ol bidens bs with our gas prices is really helping people like me who have to drive 70 miles one way to get to town to work then 70 back. Fkn joke. Love the content so happy to see you happy finally. Love it.
Kristy Hollis
Kristy Hollis 3 days ago
I. Just laughed all the way through loved it
krystal Marie
krystal Marie 3 days ago
Morgan what flew over your head @4:55 😨😵‍💫
Nick Novak
Nick Novak 3 days ago
I still keep replaying "cOWGIRL MAKEUP" in my head
speechy_keen 3 days ago
Morgan and her friends are top quality people… so funny! 😆💕
Amy Marie
Amy Marie 3 days ago
This whole video is me when I'm sleep deprived lol. Ah I love when literally everything in the world is hilarious😄🤣
Ayla Bug
Ayla Bug 3 days ago
Omg I am so glad you madeee ittt :D If you ever need a video edit or friend in Colorado I’m here !! My IG is aylabug398 :D
Stephanie Dexter
Stephanie Dexter 3 days ago
The Rock comment just fucking killed me…
Bree Esterson
Bree Esterson 3 days ago
You probably wont see this comment but I would give you my kidney or anything you asked for, for that green boulder crewneck lol 😂🤣
Armin The Agent
Armin The Agent 3 days ago
Brooke is so sexy ohheeemmmgeeeeeeee
Armin Ward
Armin Ward 3 days ago
Faith Johnson
Faith Johnson 3 days ago
Can’t tell you how much I loved your road trip adventure. You had me dying. I hope we get to see more of Brooke!! She is so hilarious & adorable!🤠🤠🤠
Alyssa Baldomero
Alyssa Baldomero 3 days ago
You guys are hilarious together and you can visibly see how happy this move is making you
J Freeman
J Freeman 3 days ago
*flashing cop lights* literally next cut: “so we spent the night in” … (dead ass thought she was gonna say jail)
shani yan
shani yan 3 days ago
Now that she's back in Colorado when do we get a Morgan + Kendall Rae collab? 👀🖤