My love life as a trans woman  

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Emma 33 minutes ago
God really said to me: hmm.. your pan here you go Me:bu- God: no buts take it bc THE LINE IS WAITING
Karlie Chase
Karlie Chase 46 minutes ago
So much love for this
Karlie Chase
Karlie Chase 48 minutes ago
Soooo perfect.
Scorching animation Studios
God * gives pansexual heart * Me "aw thank you why are they these color-" God * gives me asexual heart but also for some reason a Kink Drive * Me "uh I don't think these two things mix very well-" God * Gives me confusion for my sexuality for many years * Me "uh wha-" God * makes me like witches * Me " wait don't you hate these things?" God * makes me-🔥 Me * makes me atheist * " now will you kindly shut the f****** up?" God * smacks me with an identity crisis where I question my gender that ends with me using she/they pronouns * Me "KO"
•Çûddle Rōbløx¿
Trans woman means you became woman from man? Right?
TheRandom. Hour ago
Bruh if ur a guy trying to be a girl and I'm a guy I'm not gonna date u cause u still a guy.Also god doesn't make u trans
A loaf of doge
Oi oi oiiii... Why are you give your heart an average human heart is worth 300k sell it
Bybee Pitts
Bybee Pitts Hour ago
D Williams
D Williams Hour ago
Well to be correct I’m pretty sure god didn’t make you trans he made you a girl in the Bible it says boy is meant for girl and girl is meant for boy but still a funny video and also who knows if any of anything in the Bible is true we will just have to wait and see
Tyairra Pearson
She got the same colors as her flag in her room
Master Cap
Master Cap Hour ago
Well Why tf is this shit in my recomendations
Logan Jones
Logan Jones Hour ago
The Fowles Family
The Fowles Family 2 hours ago
God did non make you gay it’s you Choice not gods
Andy Gonzalez
Andy Gonzalez 2 hours ago
God ain't even real and homosexuality isn't even a choice by definition
milkydollface x
milkydollface x 2 hours ago
Insert username here
Was not expecting them to try and eat it
dusk 2 hours ago
the demisexual part- lmao
Shin Godzilla
Shin Godzilla 2 hours ago
I hate this being god rp pls stop
Not xzchea
Not xzchea 2 hours ago
God never made you transgender u picked noob
Susie Ballard
Susie Ballard 3 hours ago
You seem so sweet and you are very beautiful. So much class in such a little video.
Koshrob 3 hours ago
What is a demisexual?? Are you Maui Now??? Tf
Ducky Yes
Ducky Yes 3 hours ago
Honestly i like that color because in a weird way it kinda reminds me of a cotton candy
Ioanna a Vazi
Ioanna a Vazi 3 hours ago
God doesnt respect these types of people like you
Lil Latte Gaming
Lil Latte Gaming 3 hours ago
This is stupid
Lil Latte Gaming
Lil Latte Gaming 3 hours ago
Emil F
Emil F 3 hours ago
As a trans. This makes me cry. Especially when the scene where you talking to god. ❤️❤️
Emil F
Emil F Hour ago
@Reaper whats wrong for being cringe :/
Reaper Hour ago
Ew cringe
Maddie O'Shields
Maddie O'Shields 3 hours ago
Um...God does not make those. Sorry
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 3 hours ago
“Cause it’s pretty” I got a tear to my eye-
God 3 hours ago
Shit, I almost forgot about that.
Rabekki Jeanate
Rabekki Jeanate 4 hours ago
Heyy so, I came across this video and I try my best not to judge because God calls us to be loving and not to judge. However, I just wanted to say that God doesn't make anyone gay, lesbian, Trans, pan, or any of the other sexualities out there. We aren't born gay or lesbian or Trans. We're just babies. We don't even know what sexuality is af that age. It's just our choice to live by what we are feeling or by our plan from God. Once again, not in any way judging, just wanted to make this a point. As a Christian, I wanted to let you know that I love you and that I don't judge you, but I feel like God wanted me to sort of let you know that he doesn't give us a sexuality. What we do is not controlled by him. Will be praying❤❤
Lielie LaerskoolFB
Lielie LaerskoolFB 4 hours ago
Im sry but god does not say any where in the byble about LGBTQ ,so... dont do that
Yeet Valdes
Yeet Valdes 4 hours ago
God didn't made you lesbian
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 3 hours ago
proud to be a lesbian)
Fropppy_gacha 4 hours ago
This is beautiful 🥰
Crygear 4 hours ago
oh cool
slayer killer
slayer killer 4 hours ago
Well lgbtq is not created by God but by human but do what u do when u are still alive
• YamiPlays •
• YamiPlays • 5 hours ago
„But thanks for letting me have it.“ That was so sweet, I feel like that person would be so respectful, the type to talk it out with you know?
Xxyourgirl_Viv_ xX
Xxyourgirl_Viv_ xX 5 hours ago
No Sky
No Sky 5 hours ago
I just gave my trans heart to my partner about a week ago!
laugh with Delilah
laugh with Delilah 5 hours ago
Wait are trans?
Monkey Ninja
Monkey Ninja 5 hours ago
Wait how does demisexual work? Does it just mean have sexual so one gender?
Honey_crisp 5 hours ago
I love how she gives credit to god for making her
Suga Mama
Suga Mama 5 hours ago
The 'oope- ope- ooope-' was so cutely funny I can't. 😭 luv from a fellow trans! 😊
•  Blue Glows •
• Blue Glows • 5 hours ago
Fun fact: god gave me a straight heart but when I was 10 I covered it in orange and purple colored pencil so I’m stuck as a lesbian now shsbjdnsnjznsnxn (This is a joke in proud to be a lesbian)
Reaper Hour ago
Ew shut up kid
Skybug628 6 hours ago
Wtf that aint God sorry to break it to you. It hurts me to see how lost our generation is
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole 6 hours ago
What is demisexual?
If someone brakes ur heart I'll 100% be breaking there limbs😡😡and I support if ur any of the pride flags❤❤❤❤❤
Ava Green
Ava Green 7 hours ago
I promise God didn't make you the way you are. That was your own choice. Read the Bible there's proof there
Hi I'm Peyton!
Hi I'm Peyton! 5 hours ago
I read through the entire book. You’re wrong
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 7 hours ago
ay yes, the heart is at the right side of your body
[🍡Mitsuri🍡] 8 hours ago
Girl I'm just gonna say it... UR DROP DEAD GORGEOUS
wafflelover59 8 hours ago
tommyinntgirI 9 hours ago
Not to rude to anyone but what dose demisexual mean?
Elizabeth 9 hours ago
Partner 2 was sweet
Aidan Schulz
Aidan Schulz 9 hours ago
God doesn’t want you to be 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ he intended for it to a man and a woman “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” And Jesus loves you
Drip_21_yourgirl 9 hours ago
Im bi
TeamItalia🇮🇹 3 hours ago
No one asked
Keira Nalepka
Keira Nalepka 9 hours ago
this was beautiful
tails but he is in pain
I swear bruh is this a trans video
TeamItalia🇮🇹 3 hours ago
@Hi I'm Peyton! annoying because they think its a trend And to be honest why does anyone hav e to tell what part of 🏳️‍🌈 are they cuz simply no one cares
Hi I'm Peyton!
Hi I'm Peyton! 5 hours ago
Yes. So?
Wolfy Puff
Wolfy Puff 9 hours ago
Stay safe out their girl, find your one 😘
Sherri Cooper
Sherri Cooper 9 hours ago
That is not what God says and to say so is blasphemy
Hi I'm Peyton!
Hi I'm Peyton! 5 hours ago
Well in that case blasphemy is the best
minerliton 9 hours ago
schennelle james
schennelle james 9 hours ago
Is it me or u guys see the heart has the same colors as the cloth hanging over her bed
ABBIEKADABBIE 10 hours ago
I’m sorry but I want to make it clear that this kind of goes against all that God says. Even though I may not support it I don’t mean to offend anybody by this comment I just want to clear it up since some people just assume this.
TeamItalia🇮🇹 3 hours ago
@Hi I'm Peyton! hey mr 🏳️‍🌈 can u stop defending ur community with rubish excuses?
Hi I'm Peyton!
Hi I'm Peyton! 5 hours ago
It doesn’t go against what he said. Have you ever read the bible?
DracanaFlye 10 hours ago
Woah your so pretty!
alis gamer
alis gamer 10 hours ago
god didnt make your heart like that 🤣🤣
Paul Kafant
Paul Kafant 10 hours ago
U find it terrible you put God in this. I'll be praying for you
scribbles 3 hours ago
I find it great
Panther Lily OMG
Panther Lily OMG 10 hours ago
everyone please support that this person is trans
Mcthicc 52
Mcthicc 52 10 hours ago
That’s a woman?
Hi I'm Peyton!
Hi I'm Peyton! 5 hours ago
Yes. 100% woman
Bradley Nall Jr
Bradley Nall Jr 6 hours ago
Kind of lmao
DEMON 444 10 hours ago
Wtf did i just watch
the•mile•file 11 hours ago
Titus Cherian
Titus Cherian 11 hours ago
Why is god sensored??
A Mainwaring
A Mainwaring 11 hours ago
I'm bisexual
VOAadam 11 hours ago
Xavier Rodriguez
Xavier Rodriguez 11 hours ago
Religious and trans is an unexpected combination that I see popping up quiet often on the internet
Bryson Kangas
Bryson Kangas 11 hours ago
Can u kindly stfu, men have It way harder
TeamItalia🇮🇹 3 hours ago
@Hi I'm Peyton! ugh not u again
Hi I'm Peyton!
Hi I'm Peyton! 5 hours ago
First off, this is about transgender people. Not women’s rights or anything like that. Second off, suuuuuure. 🙄
Hadi Karboj
Hadi Karboj 11 hours ago
No just no
ludociel Cypher
ludociel Cypher 12 hours ago
I am trans too yessssss queeeennn
Pucci 12 hours ago
I've been watching this for a while trying to understand this gay thing
Maddie ღ.
Maddie ღ. 12 hours ago
me : checking the comments for any homophobes or transphobic ppl
Asemy 12 hours ago
❤️ 💙 ⚪
plush **pastel
plush **pastel 12 hours ago
God doesn't make you with sin why do people never understand th hat
Hi I'm Peyton!
Hi I'm Peyton! 3 hours ago
@plush **pastel but being trans isn’t a sin. That’s what’s wrong with your comment
plush **pastel
plush **pastel 3 hours ago
@Hi I'm Peyton! I'm saying that we sin by nature but if you repent then you to heaven
Hi I'm Peyton!
Hi I'm Peyton! 3 hours ago
@plush **pastel you’re the one that’s a sinner here
plush **pastel
plush **pastel 4 hours ago
@Hi I'm Peyton! anyway gn and I pray that God opens your eyes to the truth
plush **pastel
plush **pastel 4 hours ago
@Hi I'm Peyton! he made trans people but it was there chose to become trans
DarkDemon YT
DarkDemon YT 12 hours ago
Im trans woman too,but not yet in my woman body ❤ keep up da gud vids and ty 4 a gud vid🥰
l- Echo -l
l- Echo -l 13 hours ago
I’m sorry,”corner”???
• 𝙷𝚒 𝙸’𝚖 𝙽𝚎𝚓𝚒 •
Mine is 💖💜💙
ItzBroGabriel 13 hours ago
This is UStotal no one cares about gay people here we only care about free v-bucks sites
Bee BoyHills
Bee BoyHills 13 hours ago
If it was me as your partner, and love you with my entire heart! And I'm trans too- I'm not outed yet and I haven't made many changes so I haven't gotten any negativity yet but I do expect it to come soon. Hope everyone has a nice day and sorry for the rant-
Shit 13 hours ago
Idc if u gay or trans but my friend is trans
Isabella Holguin
Isabella Holguin 13 hours ago
Why do you put God like his name is a bad word😡😤😠?!
TeamItalia🇮🇹 3 hours ago
@Isabella Holguin umm u know tik tok is weird so thats why
Isabella Holguin
Isabella Holguin 10 hours ago
@Catherine no because God is NOT a bad word so they won't take a vid down for the name god
Catherine 11 hours ago
@Isabella Holguin sometimes tiktok takes stuff down with certain words and stuff so mabye idk
Isabella Holguin
Isabella Holguin 13 hours ago
How she put it:G0d
that one psycopath
that one psycopath 13 hours ago
Same 😭🥺
General Doge
General Doge 14 hours ago
No offence but I don't think God would make a trans woman on purpose I mean if you read the Bible...
TeamItalia🇮🇹 3 hours ago
@Hi I'm Peyton! surgery gender?
Hi I'm Peyton!
Hi I'm Peyton! 5 hours ago
Give me a single verse that says to never be trans. I’ll wait
Youtube shorts are cancer
this is mad gay