MTV's Show About 'Yo Momma' Jokes Was Low-Key Racist (w/ Kurtis Conner) 

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4:35 - demi lovato uses they/them pronouns! this was our mistake.

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Jul 1, 2021




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Comments 5 814   
Jarvis Johnson
Jarvis Johnson 3 months ago
just a heads up that Demi Lovato uses They/Them pronouns!!!! our bad!
blank 1
blank 1 22 days ago
@Dakota Dad *they
nevermindgaming Month ago
Lol still calling her demi 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Donut_Exchanger 🍩
@Dakota Dad Then why are u here if you don't care just ignore it and it's they it's not that hard to say or write
c r o n c h y
c r o n c h y 3 months ago
@Devon Farrar if you knew actual science, you would know that it 100% supports trans people.
diapason 3 months ago
i came to comment this and luckily didn't have to
Foreign Fishing
The Baldwin hills place is actually filmed in Lincoln Park. Its way east of Baldwin Hills
Dragon Jinx
Dragon Jinx 7 hours ago
22:00 wait a minute, is that the dude from Futurama? The stupid space captain? With the alien assistant? Holy sh.t
OhShitWadUp 9 hours ago
That Jordan kid talks like guy sensei from naruto lmao
Little Button
Little Button 19 hours ago
I have the same mug as you. I use it to hold my hedgehog’s crap.
Luis Calderon
Damn the commentary was worse then the actually yo mama jokes
Unblock Me
Unblock Me Day ago
I liked Jordan 🤷🏽‍♀️ he’s just playing a trope, then he went back home to his normal life
Jessica Barrett
yo mama so white she learned her 911s before her 123s
Gryffindor33 Day ago
We need more shows like yo mamma lol
scarlett !
scarlett ! Day ago
for the "yo mommas a portugese stretch marquee," my wild guess is its maybe a play with the type of monkey that has a name similar to a marquee, since the past two jokes were monkey related? and then something about stretch marks. am i crazy or does that make sense lol
Whylo Echoedome
You know who else likes yo mama jokes.... My mom
HoneyIceTea Day ago
Why does Jordan sound like my _very_ white science teacher lmao
CJ TV Day ago
Jokes on you Kurtis my moms dead
Razzi 2 days ago
Please this has become my comfort video i love it so much
Glimmer kinnie
Glimmer kinnie 2 days ago
Me seeing past “your mom” jokes: ew why was this a thing Me when someone makes a “your mom” joke now: AHHAHAHSHSHSHSJAHJAHSJXJSHWJEOSHWJIDBSJWUDGD
Glimmer kinnie
Glimmer kinnie 2 days ago
Kurtis, a white man: uhh, white moment 🙄
Voyages Starliner
I'd let Jordan bend me over his desk -
Voyages Starliner
"ha ha ha I will sue you" fucking assassinated me
𝐈𝐬𝐚𝐝𝐨𝐫𝐚 𝐋𝐚𝐮𝐱-𝐀𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐞
I've rewatched this 5 times. Its still hilarious.
Sevdije Havziu
Sevdije Havziu 3 days ago
Anakin Skywalker in yo mama That is cursed as hell dude
z 3 days ago
you both have so much chemistry i need more videos lmaoo
Ronaldo Paz
Ronaldo Paz 4 days ago
the white guy looks like an executive at a photo op for “outreach to the urban youth”
BlAkeem el
BlAkeem el 4 days ago
Can y’all jus play the clips… skipped through your whole banter… I came here to see the yo mama jokes not of u and the other dude talking through out the whole show
Amelia Cuckson
Amelia Cuckson 4 days ago
the hamilton refrence!
CTW 4 days ago
Yo mama so fat they didnt need to shrink when entering her anatomy park
Mayo Muse
Mayo Muse 5 days ago
Jordan sounds like Timmy Turner's dad
Done 5 days ago
jarvis is rlly just making Hamilton references 😭
butterssketchy 5 days ago
Yo momma: *exists* Orphans: hahaha heh heh yeah yea....
Surfer Singed
Surfer Singed 5 days ago
Wish they just robbed Jordan tbh.
Focus Studios
Focus Studios 5 days ago
It’s so stupid, the white guy totally sucks but their worshipping him and booing the woman
Paul 6 days ago
If you have "preferred pronouns", you should put the business end of a shotgun in your mouth and invest in a quality toe trigger.
Robyn Reanimates
Robyn Reanimates 5 hours ago
@Paul Oh cool so you're nonbinary, welcome to the trans community
Paul 5 hours ago
@Robyn Reanimates I do not. People just naturally refer to me based on what I look like: a big beefy boi.
Robyn Reanimates
Robyn Reanimates 5 hours ago
You have preferred pronouns.
@Paul oh, I still just don’t get the hostility
Paul 5 days ago
@C̶h̶e̶r̶r̶y̶ read their "correction" in the description of the video.
cherry chuu
cherry chuu 6 days ago
why does the white dude sound like ajit pai
rareblues78daddy 6 days ago
I actually forgot MTV was still a thing.
Reed Wylie-Chaney
respect for the editor for these videos holy shit they really cut back and forth between them for every sentence for a half an hour video?!?!
Salmon Of Wisdom
Salmon Of Wisdom 7 days ago
This dude acts like a racist max headroom
Arianna Stemp
Arianna Stemp 7 days ago
The boiled quarters joke fucking sent me I’ve never laughed at an insult like that
tensheesh 7 days ago
7:47 are we going to ignore that hamilton reference??
Dyllan Anderson
Dyllan Anderson 7 days ago
I honestly thought that was James Acaster in the thumbnail.
Squidward Tentacles
Josie Joyner
Josie Joyner 8 days ago
this is very specific but that jordan guy sounds and acts exactly like jett stetson from big time rush
Josie Joyner
Josie Joyner 5 days ago
@C̶h̶e̶r̶r̶y̶ i just rewatched it it holds up
@Josie Joyner btr was my life as a kid
Josie Joyner
Josie Joyner 5 days ago
@C̶h̶e̶r̶r̶y̶ that is a fair critique but i’m also very glad someone else knew what i meant
How dare you compare Jett to this racist
Thea Person
Thea Person 8 days ago
The Dancing Pipe Stuffer
Worst part is, those old corny yo mama jokes were a lot funnier than these two guys reacting to it, trying so hard to be funny with everything falling flat
RainbowAlpaca 8 days ago
"Fat phobic" Man I really hate this generation. They're fuckin jokes! Do u see anyone getting offended? No, cause we weren't pussies back then. Also, I find it hypocritical of you to say the white boy doesn't belong there. I bet u wouldn't say that about a black guy at a... well, anywhere! How about u keep the sand energy if u wanna claim equality.
Luna Wilder
Luna Wilder 10 hours ago
Typical boomer moment 💀
Merasmus Entertainment
Jordan sounds like Davis Hasselhof in the SponegBob movie.
milky 9 days ago
american psycho except patrick bateman tells a yo mama joke before killing paul allen
Unknown dog
Unknown dog 9 days ago
lil keyla
lil keyla 9 days ago
very specific but very true 14:10
Ravi: A Modern Epic
Ali K
Ali K 10 days ago
i realized what jordan’s deal is. he’s got a politician vibe to him. the look, the sound, the racism… and he’d say that he relates to the black community because he “grew up in the hood” (he did not, in fact, grow up in the hood)
Flavia C
Flavia C 10 days ago
the entire episode is just a hate crime🙃
Paine 10 days ago
"yo momma has a glass eye that has a picture of her family in it" is called reverse trash talk, where you sound mean but say nice things its funny af and usually a surprise to the recipient lol
Sara 10 days ago
so this is just watching two guys afraid to laugh at jokes from a time nobody cared to make fun of each other for. good shit.
Sara 5 days ago
@C̶h̶e̶r̶r̶y̶ I think you’ll like Amala. She used to be a lefty and sings pretty good she does a live show on her Instagram ever week.
@Sara not the pragerU fan-
Sara 5 days ago
@C̶h̶e̶r̶r̶y̶ I know, it’s okay. ✨ *Stream Will & Amala live for clear skin* ✨
I’m confused
MrBoomAnimates 10 days ago
I’m being Jordan for Halloween 2021
Isaiah Dorsey
Isaiah Dorsey 10 days ago
The Ken doll from Toy Story was based off of Jordan.
Guacs 10 days ago
Jordan was Yoshikage Kira all along!
JohnMgt 11 days ago
It was a different time for a different audience. Yo mama was what wild n out is today.
JohnMgt 9 days ago
@Kristian Mijic what don’t you understand about everything not being made for everyone? That would be like a vegetarian saying they don’t like a show that showed you how to barbecue (like “barbecue u”) just because it wasn’t made for you doesn’t mean it’s trash. Why is that so hard to understand?
JohnMgt 9 days ago
@Kristian Mijic if a show is made for a specific demographic just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it was bad. Like I remember to this day one of the funniest lines . “Yo mama so fat she has to do the splits to Booboo” and in the episode they had their mothers in the audience and they loved it. It’s a cultural thing and I’m sorry you don’t get it but your opinion doesn’t speak for everyone. That’s all I’m saying
Kristian Mijic
Kristian Mijic 9 days ago
@JohnMgt you don’t have a point since it makes absolutely zero sense
JohnMgt 9 days ago
@Kristian Mijic to you but as a child who isn’t paying attention to the plot holes or editing errors it was a smash hit that’s the whole point of demographics. You proved my point.
Kristian Mijic
Kristian Mijic 9 days ago
@JohnMgt so who cares? The emoji movie was made for a difference audience doesn’t mean it’s good
Marcus Petersson
Marcus Petersson 11 days ago
Is that Joran van der Sloot?
hm 11 days ago
jordan is the worst jojo villain in existence
Junk From the Web
Junk From the Web 11 days ago
if I walk into my local record store and see a stand-up CD by Kenny called "tic-tacs & restraining orders" I can die a happy man
Evelyn Island
Evelyn Island 11 days ago
Jordon! stop with the eyebrows.
Jon Joe
Jon Joe 12 days ago
jordan's dad is a car salesman
Tricks&Follies 13 days ago
Only the real OGs remember that one video where Alvin and the Chipmunks told "yo mama" jokes.
Xonk 13 days ago
I just realized that the yo mama roast game is 1000% based off that jordan guy
Xonk 13 days ago
oh sir the insult simulator
Wow hey it's me
Wow hey it's me 13 days ago
Why is Jordan constantly making the Dreamworks face 😭
Jose 13 days ago
I'm pretty sure that at 5:04 the background is the set of Paddy's Pub from IASIP.
PepStep 15 days ago
11:22 if she has a glass eye that means that her actual eye doesn't function so its pointless for her to have a picture of her family in it since she can't see her family unless she takes her eye out? It's a very dumb joke lol but i think that's what he meant
Gianna Youpel
Gianna Youpel 15 days ago
This man talks like Principal Skinner and Zapp Brannigan combined
Jack Lugar
Jack Lugar 15 days ago
Idk I thought Jordan was kinda funny
Junk From the Web
Junk From the Web 11 days ago
ikr, he but when he missed he MISSED
Aeolus Argyros
Aeolus Argyros 16 days ago
I also noticed they lowkey kinda targeted the black woman wayyy more. like every time she told a joke they booed her..
HAsway07 16 days ago
I feel there were bloopers where Jordan started off some of his jokes with "your race so inferior that!"
brad563 16 days ago
Catalina Fernández Talice
FilthySewerRat 17 days ago
I had no idea who wutang was until I looked it up because of this video
Garnet 17 days ago
16:55 What was Diane about to do? 😔
Madison Griffard
Madison Griffard 17 days ago
Dude I went to school with a guy that acted just like Jordan. We were in band together and he wore full suits to marching band
Crabbycrab 17 days ago
jeez where do you guys get your teeth done??? I gotta go to the states for a visit to the dentist i think lol.
Stephanie Sarabia
Stephanie Sarabia 17 days ago
One episode I remember is when they went to this guy’s crib and found a stuff animal he used to…ya know….release himself to.
ithinkimcurt 17 days ago
he said kurtis and i thought he was talking to me 💀
thespecialgamer 17 days ago
the entirety of the 2000s was sponsored by tic tacs
bullgodjake 17 days ago
You people need to toughen up. They’re fifteen year old jokes from a network that is a joke. Fuck’s sake, man. Today’s demand for racism so outstrips the supply we’ve gotta mine old MTV shows for outrage.
He literally said your momma so black as an insult
SilentExistence 10 days ago
Omg Ty! finally someone said it instead of all the woke BS comments, they were old crappy jokes, get over it!
B X H 17 days ago
3:24 I feel like there's some "Yo mama" joke you can make about Shmi getting "impregnated" by Darth Plagueis's midi-chlorians...
Persis 18 days ago
well thats the kind off jokes, they are meant to be insulting and shaming so they arnt nice anyway. They are fatshaming, ageshaming, colourshaming, gendershaming, iq-shaming, shaming for financial situation ect. Its just to the extend you are identified with and were previously shamed/victimised for that trait and havent dealt with that yourself , that you will feel attacked. There will always be a*holes that take it too far and go on after they see it hurts
Yeah but to make a joke being only about how black someone is as if being black is bad is just racist
Павел Анатольевич
When i was kid tic-tac was just a candy to me, never knew it's for a bad breath.
Patrick Carlos
Patrick Carlos 18 days ago
All of Jordan’s jokes are racially charged
Yarrow 18 days ago
Uhm… The bananas were definitely a racist reference :\
Dione Martins
Dione Martins 19 days ago
Yo Boiled quarters
Kiddo Kun
Kiddo Kun 19 days ago
Did u know that Kurtis is the trans name I chose bc of Kurtis Conner??
TIMELESS 19 days ago
Kurtis actually used the boiled quarters joke in his show😂
The Senate
The Senate 19 days ago
God forbid you kids watch seinfeld
maegan nicole
maegan nicole 19 days ago
Jarvis making Hamilton references that fly over Kurtis' head
Blue Theorem
Blue Theorem 19 days ago
That 70s Show is a far superior show than Friends
Andrea Chaves
Andrea Chaves 19 days ago
Jordan is a Bo Burnham character and you can't convice me otherwise
Chloe Hunter
Chloe Hunter 19 days ago
Jordan is the literal incarnation of Barney from HIMYM.
Zilla Studios
Zilla Studios 19 days ago
Jordan looks like he wants to talk with me about my expired car warranty
Paula R
Paula R 19 days ago
This asshole 👉😞👈 went so far as to google boiled quarters to find some type of reference outside of the show because it's SO CONFUSING! I know it's been months and I shouldn't be so stressed about this. The video keeps popping into my auto-play and I can't not watch it, ever. All I could find was instructions for boiling chicken leg quarters, which would smell delicious?
LordAwesome Tony
LordAwesome Tony 20 days ago
The rich guy talks like Might Guy from Naruto.
Dreazy 20 days ago
A statement on white men being mediocre and skill excelling
MilkDudd 21 day ago
26:09 *blood related starts playing*
Sierra Greening
Sierra Greening 21 day ago
When I was a kid, my mom bought me a book of yo mama jokes to combat bullies. Perhaps my favorite was: yo mama so dumb, she put a quarter in the parking meter and waited for a gum ball to come out.
Sparkleytxt 21 day ago
apparently Sam the guy who was a host killed himself so RIP
Wasting Food For Clout