Lego Batman Stop Motion- Behind the Scenes 

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A behind the scenes video that follows the full production journey of creating a stop motion from the script to sound design. I share some tips and tricks I've learnt along the way, which you might find helpful.

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Aug 11, 2019




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Comments 98   
MBJ Studio
MBJ Studio 3 months ago
The set and modeling design process was so fascinating, great job on this one, so happy to see such a passionate fan of this character at his best
MysticTJ 5 months ago
How long did this film take?
501st Bricks
501st Bricks 6 months ago
Yo this stop Motion is litt!! Nice behind the scenes
What app did you use
Anthony Rossiter-Walkes
What's the best way to match up minifig animation with spoken lines? Really struggling with that.
The Evans Studios
The Evans Studios 8 months ago
his batman film is incredible.
TheUndeadMerc04 9 months ago
“I wanted to answer why Batman is my favorite character of pop culture” Uhhhhh Because he’s Batman?
The Evans Studios
The Evans Studios 9 months ago
how do you film and edited on stop motion films you're is a hit i love batman.
Nessuno's Filmschmiede
very nice to see how do you work
Zach Hall
Zach Hall 11 months ago
This isn't a good batman story... This is a brilliant thesis statement on the nature of the character.
Julian Kinsella
Julian Kinsella 11 months ago
"especially someone like me, who isn't experienced with animation" DUDE THAT WAS THE BEST FRICKEN LEGO STOP MOTION IVE EVER SEEN!
Rukm Luthra VII-B
Your batman stop motion film was one of the best film of my life and batman is my favourite character as well he is the best as you
Buster's Brain
I am having a hard time finding informative behind the scenes production material. Yours is brilliant. I would love to see more.
fade Sike
fade Sike Year ago
I give major props to you man It takes guts to point out your mistakes. Also greatest stop motion on UStotal
Sabina Anthony
What camera did you use
Siezer joe
Siezer joe Year ago
my main problem with my personal stop motions are my sets, i can’t seem to find the right bricks to make areas for my characters to be in.
Rumi Year ago
Gosh so well detailed!
kerry mcgeary
kerry mcgeary Year ago
where did you get that two face minifigure and if you made yourself excellent work keep it up
Brawlin Entertainment
I make brick-films as well. I’m a beginner, this film inspired me.
saxon white
saxon white Year ago
where did you get the two face figure from ? love the video
Robbie Gibson
Robbie Gibson Year ago
How did you achieve the rain effecf
LogeDev Year ago
How did u make the two face minifig???
TheJumiFilm Year ago
I love behind the scenes videos of brickfilms! Thanks for making one
So you did gcse last year which means you’re like me in lower six aren’t you?
Parsa Vafaii
Parsa Vafaii Year ago
Great stop motion But I have three questions. Were your Lego minifigures original ? And did your Lego minifigures have a white ribbon on their legs from back ? Do your Lego minifigures have any crack ?
Toli_04✓ Year ago
Thx bro
James McWaffle
Will you ever make a sequel to this film?
JC Rimburg
JC Rimburg Year ago
this is a movie what deserves a second part.
CheekiBreeki Year ago
How do you make a Storyboard?Can you teach me how.
Total Creative Gaming
Also, what would you say is the best way to animate without it being too fast?
Total Creative Gaming
Interesting and rather useful
Phantom Frivolity
The music scores are amazing. How much did it cost to buy the rights to most of the music?
Phantom Frivolity
I had no idea that the casting call club existed until I watched this video. Thanks alot man and keep up the great work! 🖒😃
CFW Productions
Best behind the scenes stop-motion new sub+ 👍
Clarisa Coll
Clarisa Coll Year ago
The brick film is total asom, deservs te 1.000.000 of views
Rhys Williams
Rhys Williams Year ago
good twonk bossman x
Coffee Bean
Coffee Bean Year ago
This is absolutely incredible. I have seen no other brickfilmer showcase such a detailed understanding of cinematography! I'm just absolutely shook. Every frame is a masterpiece.
Peace within Peace Within
You got a new subscriber:)))
Peace within Peace Within
Amazing buddy, can you please advise where I can learn more...any suggestions? Total beginner and want to learn :)))
Phantom Frivolity
There's alot of lego stopmotion editorials you can watch on youtube. Also, I'd install the Stopmotion Studio app if I were you. It's a great app and I currently use it to make stopmotion video. Well I hope that helped a little. Good luck. 😆😀
Evolved Turtle Productions
13:00 That looks familiar ;)
Speak Broccoli
Speak Broccoli 2 years ago
The lighting is incredible. Does it take you long to setup each scene. Do you take a lot of test photos?
Speak Broccoli
Speak Broccoli 2 years ago
The Brick Den well it’s 100% worth it cause it looks phenomenal. What frame rate do you shoot at? I’ve subbed.
The Brick Den
The Brick Den 2 years ago
Yes there is quite a bit of testing before I begin each shot.
poodle 2 years ago
where did you get those gauntlets?
poodle 2 years ago
The Brick Den
The Brick Den 2 years ago
They're called Arealight Vambraces, you can buy them from Firestar toys in the UK.
Matthew Walker
Matthew Walker 2 years ago
will you be doing a part 2, this was the best stop motion i have ever seen.
Spideyfan0629 2 years ago
What about the rain how did you do it
The Brick Den
The Brick Den 2 years ago
I sprayed water on the set each frame.
Jozef productions
Jozef productions 2 years ago
the only complain I have is the long batman picture fight scene . when I first watched it I thought it was going to end three different times . if the montage was 2/4ths of the time it would have been better . but still, ...............10/10
Jozef productions
Jozef productions 2 years ago
@The Brick Den no problem I loved the vid still my favorite stop motion good story good animation .but yeah that was the only thing I have wrong with it.keep up the good work.
The Brick Den
The Brick Den 2 years ago
Thanks for the feedback!
Jozef productions
Jozef productions 2 years ago
hey bro your stop motion is by far my favorite it may not be the smoothest ,but its complex and has a outstanding story for a stop motion . plus I love batman so a 10/10 and a A+
Soy Dr. Lego
Soy Dr. Lego 2 years ago
Good Job
Andrew Henderson
Andrew Henderson 2 years ago
The film itself was amazing. Thanks for breaking your process down in such detail!
The Timifigure
The Timifigure 2 years ago
What's the name of the software that you used to edit your brickfilm?
The Brick Den
The Brick Den 2 years ago
Premiere Pro
ThE bLoCk CaVe
ThE bLoCk CaVe 2 years ago
How did you get the raining effect?
MDZ Animations
MDZ Animations 2 years ago
What camera did u use?
MDZ Animations
MDZ Animations 2 years ago
@The Brick Den thanks
The Brick Den
The Brick Den 2 years ago
SUB 2 SmokeYy Panasonic G7
RealMan 2 years ago
Very professional, learnt a lot from it.
Viperouss 2 years ago
question for a Q&A video , what would be your favorite batman MOC that you have made or plan on making?
Viperouss 2 years ago
please do a room/studio tour , would be great to see your setup
The Brick Den
The Brick Den 2 years ago
SENSEI_ Viperousspade I hopefully will at some put but will do so when all my piece are sorted ect.
E_G77 2 years ago
AMAZING mocs, so many people need to realise they can make these cool builds and hopefully they get inspired from this
Ninja Brix
Ninja Brix 2 years ago
This guy says that he isn't very experienced with animation. But if you watch the video, you would think that he has had tons of experience. Great job!
Curas Cristi
Curas Cristi 2 years ago
I knew that making a lego stop motion film is difficult, but i didn't knew it was that difficult
The Onosatos
The Onosatos 2 years ago
My editing program is trash so almost every thing is done with the camera
Infernal Bricks
Infernal Bricks 2 years ago
Just amazing and useful information, thank you 😊 👍
Scottish Film Productions
This was really cool!
Brickscape 2 years ago
iMPERiAL BRiX Productions
The stopmotion film was great!
R_eagan 1939
R_eagan 1939 2 years ago
Your brick film is fantastic. I enjoyed this behind the scenes look.
SandH bricks 69
SandH bricks 69 2 years ago
Amazing work didn’t realise everything it took to make the project can’t wait to see what you create next!
TheBrickGuy 2 years ago
It was a beautiful film so having this behind-the-scenes video is nice and helps the audience see the creativity behind the video. Love it.
T. G. B.
T. G. B. 2 years ago
To be honest with you, your Batman stop motion got me thinking of what Ben Affleck could've done for The Batman.
JakobKaiserMOCs 2 years ago
Amazing BTS!
The LEGO Addict
The LEGO Addict 2 years ago
Awesome video. I am working on a LEGO Batman stop motion and I was wondering if I could use your Gotham city mini build in it. I would credit you
Captain Caedus
Captain Caedus 2 years ago
Wow, lighting the film by using natural light within the sets is remarkably genius. It definately increases the believability of the film. Very cool watch, great film
DekuTheSky 2 years ago
The stopmotion was insanely good. However I feel like the thumbnail was kinda lame, it just showed a picture of Batman, when the set details was insane. Idk Maybe a picture of Batman in the air or something because it looked so good, and could even draw more views?
Becky Wilson
Becky Wilson 2 years ago
This is my all time favourite Batman stop motion on UStotal keep up with the good work with all your creations
Max Gilliver
Max Gilliver Year ago
Becky Wilson same
Batarang 2 years ago
Looks like a huge amount of work went into this and it turned out awesome, well done!
ACImagination 2 years ago
that was enjoyable to watch.
JDiddy Productions
JDiddy Productions 2 years ago
I love this behind the scenes look at how you made the film. Storyboards and all! I wish there were more like this out there. I will be watching this on repeat
Aaron Garvich
Aaron Garvich 2 years ago
Did you make the two face if not we’re did you get it
FAM Animation's Studios
GingrGeneral 2 years ago
Amazing work! Oh man, I was where you were with my post-GCSE break last year, and I never got round to making anything. You have my upmost respect mate!
erik animations
erik animations 2 years ago
This was an amazing behind the scenes
Chandler L
Chandler L 2 years ago
Who else noticed Nygma was misspelled Nigma?
Chandler L
Chandler L 2 years ago
The Brick Den oh, cool! I didn’t know that, and he’s my favorite villain even!
The Brick Den
The Brick Den 2 years ago
Chandler L As far as I know, both spellings are accepted for his last name.
The Brick Den
The Brick Den 2 years ago
If you haven’t seen the original film, I would recommend watching it before this video as it does contain spoilers. 0:04 Script and Storyboard 4:20 Casting 5:31 Set Design 7:56 Lighting and Cinematography 10:54 Animation 14:47 Shot Fixes 16:38 Effects and Compositing 23:21 Cut Assembly
Nikita Soloviev
Nikita Soloviev 2 years ago
I want more stop motion movies from you!
Nt shorts
Nt shorts 2 years ago
That two-face minifigure looks incredible
Buying a log skidder
Buying a log skidder