KSI - The Moment (The KSI Show) 

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Director: Liz Clare lizclaretv
Creative Direction: Black Skull Creative weareblacks...
Lighting Design: Pixelmappers pixelmappers
Choreography: Jay Revell jayrevellcr...
DOP: Nat Hill
Camera: Curtis Dunne
Produced by Kate Sinden \u0026 Rob Lane

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Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@properloud.com

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Comments 0   
Adriyan Danique CR7
Adriyan Danique CR7 34 minutes ago
powjack 47 minutes ago
So many wish ksi every where
younger madz
younger madz Hour ago
All I’m saying is this guy is a living legend big up JJ since 2010 I’ve been with you 👍🏽
Tour & view
Tour & view Hour ago
All we see is KSI getting viraled.... 🇧🇩♥️ Love from Bangladesh
Csongor Bacso
Csongor Bacso 2 hours ago
This is my favourite song from him so far for sure
Wolf 2 hours ago
Should be KSI ft KSI's alias (The Moment)
Brotund 3 hours ago
frosty fn
frosty fn 3 hours ago
Thar was amazing your amazing keep up the great work 👌👌👌😁
Josh M
Josh M 4 hours ago
Will the real KSI please stand up
paradoxgamerHD 4 hours ago
Honestly this show is very good if he just said if it was a concert
Kacper Zaremski
Kacper Zaremski 4 hours ago
Damn i can't stop listening to this song it's fire🔥🔥
Aryaa_69 4 hours ago
People:This song is so good Me:What are The Lyrics?
Fawaz 5 hours ago
Just imagine....KSI walking into the ring for KSI vs Jake Paul with this Music.....LITTT
Aiesha J
Aiesha J 5 hours ago
money aside, he would have put so much time and effort into this even though it's easy to overlook bc it was so seamless- but the choreography and back to back performances alone would have been really taxing, esp also taking into account rehersals. This can't be likened to the 'free online concerts' by other celebrities that everyone was unfairly comparing it to where they just sat in their homes and sang. Credit should def be given where it's due- your effort is recognised and appreciated by a lot of us JJ! Proud of you.
Mohamad Henaino
Mohamad Henaino 6 hours ago
yeetus deletus
yeetus deletus 7 hours ago
this slaps harder than when my mom slaps me with a slipper
Frizzy Drazzy
Frizzy Drazzy 8 hours ago
Jesus Loves Yall and Is The Way To Everlasting Life
EghosaB13 _
EghosaB13 _ 9 hours ago
One of the best songs on the album
Frantic Clips
Frantic Clips 10 hours ago
Aye yo, man’s got a snowpiercer reference in the song. It’s a great series, I can’t wait for season 3
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 10 hours ago
Jj: I’ll only release footage from the show months after the live stream Also Jj:
Ben Oleary
Ben Oleary 10 hours ago
TheUltimateHeskeys 10 hours ago
How did people hate this? JJ is something else man… 12 year olds thinking he was gonna fight Logan again are the problem
BatuhanD 11 hours ago
1:09 I just love that
King Dongo
King Dongo 12 hours ago
World class production you smashed it mate
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 10 hours ago
Your buggin if you don’t think this is the hardest song from the album
Memesta the cream sta
Shahan Ahmed Awan
Shahan Ahmed Awan 13 hours ago
you can tell that the background dancers are not him coz they have better beards than him
Skill_baller Baller
Skill_baller Baller 13 hours ago
This bangs
Mark Asiimwe
Mark Asiimwe 13 hours ago
Worst Episode Ever!
Worst Episode Ever! 14 hours ago
Even JJ admitted the show was hyped and some cringe skits. Glad some people still keep It real and give constricirfr criticism.
Gavin Nott
Gavin Nott 14 hours ago
This is sooooo fucking good he’s smashing the music rn
penguinwolf324 14 hours ago
1:12 you can hear the guy in back talk lol
Omar Zedan
Omar Zedan 14 hours ago
This Album is lit I never thought I'd say that but i like it = )
PotatoPizza 14 hours ago
I prefer the live version of this song a lot more than the one in the album for some reason lol
EAsporter45 15 hours ago
Best song of his album
Battlelando III
Battlelando III 15 hours ago
My FAVOURITE song everrrrrrrrrrrr LORD KSI knowledge strength intergirty rapper lol ksir
Jessy Pinto
Jessy Pinto 15 hours ago
Song is soo fire, top 3 song in his album, no doubt!!
shadowfnbr 16 hours ago
I got the shivers when the beat dropped sheeeeesh
Semvdw033 16 hours ago
Your buggin if you don’t think this is the hardest song from the album
Andrew Knorowski
Andrew Knorowski 17 hours ago
I didn’t buy the show, but just by seeing this I wish I did. This shit is hard, props to you jj 🤝
inferno kunai
inferno kunai 17 hours ago
nice singing but big forhead
Marc Thomas
Marc Thomas 17 hours ago
Could of sang live, song slaps though
glaze-baby 18 hours ago
Nice aotp
AIRIN ALEX 18 hours ago
Wow this was really impressive. Why are people saying that the show was bad? Also he put a lotta effort,time and money into this.
Zeal 18 hours ago
Hi JJ just some constructive criticism.... In my opinion the autotune on the mic is too high, if u toned it down a bit it would have been perfect. Cheers!!!
9 M Josh
9 M Josh 18 hours ago
JJ while interviewing the clones : The requirements are being black, having a clapped forehead and a clapped beard and being less than 6ft tall.😂😂😂😂
johncema200 Gaming
johncema200 Gaming 18 hours ago
This makes me feel good
Dominic DiTanna
Dominic DiTanna 19 hours ago
Cool song
Jake Griff
Jake Griff 19 hours ago
This song is class but it's nothing compared to madness
Trey 19 hours ago
I normally tolerate ksi music and don’t really care for it but this shi fire asf good shit jj
Zylnox 19 hours ago
this song hits the spot
JP Nyiha
JP Nyiha 19 hours ago
This looks like it was gassed. TF was his Reddit on about 🤣
Tvoine 19 hours ago
Daniel 20 hours ago
its not so much the show its the price people had to pay to watch it
Uthmaan Karanie
Uthmaan Karanie 20 hours ago
Holy flip, this is amazing!!🔥🔥🔥
E-girl łúñå
E-girl łúñå 20 hours ago
Yshuna 19 hours ago
I watched the whole show for free because the title was "1v1 Fortnite" lol
David D
David D 20 hours ago
So they are adding Auto tune on real time?
Semus_Black 20 hours ago
This is so sick
Basment Dwellers
Basment Dwellers 20 hours ago
That pockets swollen bar hits different live
Harry Roberts
Harry Roberts 20 hours ago
Song slaps
salmane chtatou
salmane chtatou 20 hours ago
The ksi show was a banger idk why yall hatin'
Gloebal 20 hours ago
"SAINt JHN" vibes then "Soulja Boy - Superman" right at the end haha! Love it! 🎵
Acro 20 hours ago
Make a song that I can use for my montage HAHAH
Game Dude
Game Dude 20 hours ago
This might be the best one
KayFX 20 hours ago
Just hopped out the bank, I'm rollin' Pockets swollen, it's my year (Oh, yeah) And I am the one who's chosen Neck, wrist, frozen, I don't care (Yeah) I enter the room, I'm glowing No strings holding, mans gone clear (Ooh) I'm comin' to own like Romans This my moment, zero fear Oh my God, I feel amazing (Oh) Running up the numbers with my feed (With my feed) My disease is going viral (Oh) Yeah, trust me, I'm a sicko when we meet (When I see you) Beefin' like it's thirteen thirty-seven Now they know that if I enter, I'm elite (I'm on top, man) And I like it when it's cold (So cold) Rocky diamonds at it ASAP Just hopped out the bank, I'm rollin' Pockets swollen, it's my year (Oh, yeah) And I am the one who's chosen Neck, wrist, frozen, I don't care (Yeah) I enter the room, I'm glowing No strings holding, mans gone clear (Ooh) I'm comin' to own like Romans This my moment, zero fear Yeah, situated in my own lane I'm not in it for the one time Snowpiercer, my train Always on the go My shit so cold, I'm Eskimo I need an igloo for my shindu and then add a double oh Show me the money 'cause I'm not a liar (No) I'm on my Jerry Maguire (What?) I'm on the up like a wheelie Shakin' when comin' to see me My team all over the map Livin' and givin' and doin' it freely (On the map) You man are full of the cap I'm so ahead like I'm wearin' a beanie (Ayy, ayy) Love it, karma, private charter Movin' easy, losin', nah-nah She hate all the money I waste Still wrappin' a brick in a lace She likin' the way that I'm potent Ridin' the ting like it's olden Won't you ride again? Just hopped out the bank, I'm rollin' Pockets swollen, it's my year (Oh) And I am the one who's chosen Neck, wrist, frozen, I don't care (Yeah) I enter the room, I'm glowing No strings holding, mans gone clear (Gone clear) I'm comin' to own like Romans This my moment, zero fear
lil parxnxid
lil parxnxid 20 hours ago
Youhan Joyce
Youhan Joyce 21 hour ago
This is a banger
Mo K
Mo K 21 hour ago
Daniel Arévalo
Daniel Arévalo 21 hour ago
Im gazed uuuuup!!!!
lolzzz, 21 hour ago
This verse slaps
II MON3Y II 21 hour ago
That was a banger
Ender Larm
Ender Larm 21 hour ago
big up to these lot who carried our fatneek 👍
Kauivo 21 hour ago
best music ever in his album
NAV DHL 21 hour ago
litty lit
litty lit 21 hour ago
damn this song is strong
Luke Sutherland
Luke Sutherland 22 hours ago
Didn’t buy the show, but this looks amazing, especially for a youtuber. Keep it up JJ
XyliratorDG2F 22 hours ago
the show was good tbh not bcs jj is sad i honestly liked it good performances some skits were cringe but overall is pretty good
Champ1 Div2
Champ1 Div2 22 hours ago
3:07 this song better than the original one no cap
ace spade
ace spade 22 hours ago
U a god
André Ruivo
André Ruivo 23 hours ago
I do like Ksi, but this is top much auto tune
Daeyn 23 hours ago
This deserves some PLATINUM
Mikelainni25 Day ago
What a good amount of comment 6.600
Subhaan Raza
Subhaan Raza Day ago
Slaps hard
Tomasz Mintah
Best intro song ever!
Gautam Madhreyy
Real question is IS IT NON COPYRIGHTED?🤔
Alyssa Villanueva
I love this one ksi is the best 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️
Connor Prieston
All of this came from some fat nerdy kid making gaming videos. This shows JJ works hard and it is amazing to see how far he has come from UStotal. I hope to see more shows like this in the future, respect fam.
Luke HL
Luke HL Day ago
trimm Day ago
Slap certified ✋👊
Levi Day ago
Song trash
SlxppySlapp 16 hours ago
Lol sure just cause he dissed your senpai literally 3 YEARS AGO
Absalon White Jr.
Please release the live version on Spotify! I like it more than the studio version!
AFS Day ago
Mmightee 73
Mmightee 73 Day ago
So I decided to rewatch the old Baywatch and I realized Logan Paul was in the movie And one of your songs were in the movie as well
high boii aka fish stick
Ksi are u gonna have a roblox event or aka concert
Luis InShadowz
Luis InShadowz 18 hours ago
Vidiuus Day ago
The end in 2x is something else 😂🤣
E.A Day ago
Great song and i love the ending!!! "Oh dont do it" 😂