If every planet was as close to us as the moon is.... 😳 

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ShinoBlak x
Pretty sure not going outside is a good choice, what with the rings from Saturn and moons from Jupiter fucking up earth like no other, everyone's blood in the water
Villain Bakugou
Villain Bakugou Minute ago
I'd love to see the sun
Aleksandra Djordjevic
moon's not even that far away, yesterday it was so big a got scared, and while we were "approaching it", I kid you not it got a bit biger and it was a redish shade, I got scared of what was happening, but it could be the fake moon if tou know you know..this was in serbia yesterday
The Duck
The Duck 2 minutes ago
Jason Matthews
Jason Matthews 5 minutes ago
This dude looks just like the big brother in Malcolm in the middle.
TrashyyyPanda 6 minutes ago
CCXjack Jupiter would pull you to space along with satern
Jrise Breezy
Jrise Breezy 6 minutes ago
Jupiters gravity would pulls us in
Tiffani Farrington
Tiffani Farrington 7 minutes ago
Saturn is TERRIFYING!!! Omg!
Flash Thompson
Flash Thompson 8 minutes ago
Awesome clip man
Gavin Walker
Gavin Walker 8 minutes ago
I mean, Earth would be torn to shreds if Jupiter suddenly appeared but itd be cool for all 20mins we were alive for it 🙃
Hacking Everything
Hacking Everything 10 minutes ago
uranus is big too
Tanbei 11 minutes ago
*"every planet" closest to the earth as the moon* Mercury:baby I'm not even here I'm a hallucination
Fishman 03
Fishman 03 11 minutes ago
Song name : boku no Pico
dxrpz 12 minutes ago
Jay banndz
Jay banndz 12 minutes ago
Why tf does this make me uncomfortable
chonk choof
chonk choof 12 minutes ago
So for Jupiter and Saturn I would be confident to say that we are the moon
Emmanuel Segilola
Emmanuel Segilola 13 minutes ago
Was I the only one who thought he asked if that was 'your anus'? 🤦🏾‍♂️
Джайро Цепели
I thought that Joseph will come
Speaker79 McColl
Speaker79 McColl 17 minutes ago
If jupiter or saturn or any planet of their size was in the moons place they would over take earth.
Ulisses Cordas
Ulisses Cordas 20 minutes ago
Jupiter is 10,000 km radius bigger, how come this montage is inverted?
Cedar ellison
Cedar ellison 22 minutes ago
Why did i just watch this? Fugly guy reacts to hypothetical nothingness?
Donovan Lindgren
Donovan Lindgren 23 minutes ago
I came for the planets, I stayed for the Bloody Stream.
FlaredMeteor940 24 minutes ago
“Was that Uranus゛ I feel nostalgia.
💛Dorito.💛 24 minutes ago
My anus😶🤣
Shad Crofoot
Shad Crofoot 25 minutes ago
This is weird. I live right next to where this picture is taken. Kinda neat.
B08- Laja Anno
B08- Laja Anno 29 minutes ago
Urm did someone said my sister's user name on Roblox @moonlight543355 !?!?!?!?
ZMGAMES &STUFF 29 minutes ago
Ha he said Uranus
Bordi the one
Bordi the one 30 minutes ago
Was that uranus? Is not that big.
Doczilah 36 minutes ago
What about the sun?
ZjC 89
ZjC 89 37 minutes ago
They're so flat.
E B 39 minutes ago
You should come down to Galveston, Texas; the moon is as large as Venus every night, it’s practically a lightbulb when it’s a full moon.
Rohan Bhosale
Rohan Bhosale 39 minutes ago
Funny how I always laugh when I listen someone say Uranus 😂😭
M. Keehl
M. Keehl 41 minute ago
Majora's Mask + Jojo ... What could be better?
Lamont Bowe
Lamont Bowe 42 minutes ago
I love that. That was scared of s*** out of me
Prince Vegeta
Prince Vegeta 42 minutes ago
Jupiter wouldn't even fit in the sky tbh
vida loncarevic
vida loncarevic 43 minutes ago
Where is sun
IIHarles_II 43 minutes ago
Subnautica Be Like
Jesus Castillo
Jesus Castillo 44 minutes ago
I'll be honest with u. Just go bald. You'll look so much better. Trust me.
Aoba Seragaki
Aoba Seragaki 45 minutes ago
Pluto: rude.
Cold Warzone
Cold Warzone 46 minutes ago
Idc about the planets! You were playing Jojo music!
Gyro Zeppeli
Gyro Zeppeli 49 minutes ago
Everyone: nice video Me: *focusing on the JoJo bizarre adventure song in the background*
Ludwig van Beethoven
Ludwig van Beethoven 49 minutes ago
Honestly I would love to see that, I think it would be cool
Mad Max
Mad Max 52 minutes ago
What he looks like Francis from mallcome in the middle that show I watch all the time it is a really good/gross show to watch you have to be at least 10 like me or 11 12 13 14 15 or something like that well have a great day/night 👍😀😉😄 bye please like this
Yoru 53 minutes ago
"Reactiom vids are lazy and unprofessional" said a wise animator
That_Epik_ Gamer
That_Epik_ Gamer 54 minutes ago
Jojo fans: omg he using bloddy strem from jojo!!1!1!1!1!1!1
Deeve Sid Phillips
Deeve Sid Phillips 54 minutes ago
If this happens, I mean if possible and it happens, I'll only get existential crisis everyday. No shit.
Oooh Hour ago
what about mercury and pluto?
Helly Fire
Helly Fire Hour ago
Did u tried the sun??
Lillie Hour ago
I would fucking love saturn. just surreal & beautiful lmao
Walkabout Hour ago
Not at scale at all
Mr. Bruh
Mr. Bruh Hour ago
" Is that ur anus? " Sambucha said calmly
E Hour ago
DJsackywacky Hour ago
Bruh just steel corridor content like that
elliot rat
elliot rat Hour ago
now the trend of tiktokers putting their stupid faces onto videos they don't own and reuploading it has come back to UStotal
kibotju Hour ago
was that uranus? *yea bro, it was.*
Tricky gaming
Tricky gaming Hour ago
i like the jojo music
skid and pump
skid and pump Hour ago
Nobody: Not even ur mom lol: Not a dinosaur: Him: is that URANAS Its kinda big tho Me: sus imposter sus sus 😳😳😳😳😳😳
Red Wolf
Red Wolf Hour ago
If saturn was that close I feel like it's ring would be flinging mad mad mad debris and meteors would be destroying alot if shit
GameCrawler Hour ago
Everyone else: Commenting about the planets in the video. Me: YARE YARE DAZE
the ambulance
the ambulance Hour ago
The bloody stream bring me to the end of the video
Dreamy Hour ago
Cameryn Thomas
If we saw that it'd only slowly get bigger and bigger because it would pull us into it's gravity
yaldram muqadis
Okay here's what people don't realize, and I don't understand it myself but every time I try to take a picture of the Moon it looks smaller in the camera than it does to me with the naked eye so all of these planets, I hypothesize, will look much bigger in real life
Sana Yasir
Sana Yasir Hour ago
the only thing that caught my attention was the epic JoJo music
Mike G
Mike G Hour ago
Yet you’d walk outdoors with that hair?
AnoukR Hour ago
So creepy 😂😍
sajan singh
sajan singh Hour ago
Inside or outside will not make much of a difference if Saturn or Jupiter is that close to us
Anonymous Hour ago
I have a phobia that makes me terrified of space things me watching this video: 😀🔫⚰️
elthea chandria
Is that bloody stream I'm hearing???
Egsselent_Ellis .
Neptune is literally the size of moons in anime.
BelindaShawty Hour ago
There is no such thing as planet’s
BelindaShawty Hour ago
The biggest lie ever told
Mike K
Mike K Hour ago
No way. If Jupiter were as close as our Moon I think the earth would appear inside of the Jupiter
Mike K
Mike K Hour ago
Alright quick fact check here: the distance earth - moon is 384,400km, the diameter of a Jupiter is 139,820km. Diameter of the moon is 3500km. So Jupiter is literally 40 times larger. And so Jupiter would take half of a distance to earth just to fit in. And so I have all reasons to believe that it would take like half of our horizon. No damn way it’d be as small as on the video
Alfando de Queljoe
Nice edit
JcTYT Hour ago
those planets would just suck us into them lol
T A K E D A Hour ago
Ploto: understandable have a nice day
Wrong all of it, if even the smallest gas giant was were the moon was we would be in it and would die
Xeneosz Omega
Xeneosz Omega Hour ago
Is it just me or don't it look like he glued his beard and hair on to his head and face right ?
Hemsso 2 hours ago
Fun fact: every other planet can fit in between the distance of the earth to the moon
EEStopXplore 2 hours ago
Like it will matters if you go inside
BlueFireDudester 2 hours ago
this is the kinda content I wanna see more on shorts, not some mind-numbing tiktoks
wamsich 2 hours ago
what intro is this song, it’s prolly something super popular and I’m just retarded
a potato
a potato 2 hours ago
Earth would get suked
imnotmideast 2 hours ago
I mean that would just be normal
Kruchey 2 hours ago
Tami wo ita mero ni. Tsudo murite I mori ga
cj 2 hours ago
POV: you're about to comment your unoriginal input on him saying that he'd never go outside
Sluggz Da Savage
Sluggz Da Savage 2 hours ago
What's the song
Em_berss 2 hours ago
I like the Jojo music
Pinhead Larry
Pinhead Larry 2 hours ago
But why bloody stream?
kronya 2 hours ago
why tf is jojo opening playing
CC 2 hours ago
The sun
サンマル 2 hours ago
sorry i was focusing on bloody stream
BrandonAB 2 hours ago
Saturn is hella scary
Deez Nuts69
Deez Nuts69 2 hours ago
Is anyone gonna talk about why there jojo music?? I never watched it but my friend did and he love listening to the song
spencer x
spencer x 2 hours ago
Where the sun at
Hola_rainbows 2 hours ago
"Is that your Uranus?" Me: Yes. "OH it's Neptune." Me: *Oh wait-*
Mado BA
Mado BA 2 hours ago
Stayed for the jojo intro tbh