I survived 100 Days as a COW in Minecraft 

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►Episode - I survived 100 Days as a COW in Minecraft


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Published on


Jul 18, 2021




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Comments 0   
Robloian Evil Creeper!! (REC)
its an sheep duh
veerum Deo Singh Rathore
Lol it was locky craft game not minectaft
ToxyTheWolf 5 minutes ago
Dreemurr Studios
Dreemurr Studios 14 minutes ago
Fish farm next
Noob? 17 minutes ago
he is now moving to pigs this guy will never stop his evil deeds
Lasse Kragelund
Lasse Kragelund 23 minutes ago
Are you a nazi?😂 - Take a look at your breaking animation on the block.. Swastika..
Trouble Team
Trouble Team 26 minutes ago
From chick to cow and cow to pig cause pig is made to be a good food source
Minecraft5882 34 minutes ago
Basically 100 days as a chicken bit just as fun
Josephmhminecraft H
Josephmhminecraft H 37 minutes ago
Do 100 days as a parrot
Baby Gupta
Baby Gupta 38 minutes ago
We want sheep
SIM HOOI CHING Moe 47 minutes ago
did that cow killing man know him
Fam van Stippent
Fam van Stippent 50 minutes ago
28:38 my little cow
Kim Metcalfe
Kim Metcalfe Hour ago
bingo bongo
bingo bongo Hour ago
I thing that unicorn is gonna make a pig farm /FURRYS
keyan samir
keyan samir Hour ago
Do 100 days as a pig next
Hannah Shearer
The fact that ryguyrocky was jumping and running and the farmer diddnt get suspicious
nida liaquat adnan
Do enderdragin
Missten Mistlee
I have a feeling Tinkerbell and my pet Lilian could be good friends
I think fox’s will be next for their fur
خليل gams
خليل gams Hour ago
Taime for pige farme
a random doge
a random doge Hour ago
Asher Foster
Asher Foster Hour ago
School Chang
School Chang Hour ago
nighting gale
nighting gale 2 hours ago
Why not cowrads
Bernardino Buñag IV
Unicorn:emma activate my power *switched to creative*
Collin Noah Kolde
Collin Noah Kolde 2 hours ago
Safe sheeg
Collin Noah Kolde
Collin Noah Kolde 2 hours ago
I mein sheep
silver fox 123t
silver fox 123t 2 hours ago
You should become a renegade in one of these
pengoo bell
pengoo bell 2 hours ago
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 2 hours ago
I like how there’s some bloopers
Bernardino Buñag IV
Nuke:yay destroy time *falls into a cow farm*
Reflective bionic
Reflective bionic 2 hours ago
It’s time for piggie to go bye bye
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 2 hours ago
Dino_Billy 3 hours ago
Wait for his food he used STEAK a cow and he is a cow
day 17 iscool
day 17 iscool 3 hours ago
Surivive 100 days as a spider Cuz im running out ideas Goal:make babies
Chris & Rachel Holden
Jenson KUPPEN 3 hours ago
Helen Lockley
Helen Lockley 3 hours ago
go on get MOOVING
Marcus Yubeta
Marcus Yubeta 3 hours ago
You died on day 26
DuperNyanCat abelshausen
so you tried figuring out how the buildings work in 20 days? bruh. you are like day 1-50 doing mining and chopping trees down you are doing that!
Jaxon Pereira-Stones
Nightduckbtw 4 hours ago
I think the next one is a sheep version or pig
Ryker Stroh
Ryker Stroh 4 hours ago
pig farm
UltimateNinjaPig 4 hours ago
Pig farm!
Luke Jones
Luke Jones 4 hours ago
William Hoff
William Hoff 4 hours ago
I love these ones
Yellowliongaming 4 hours ago
Funny part he sees Jojo cuz he is tinkel bell jojo
The Cringe Fam
The Cringe Fam 5 hours ago
HippoSushi5 5 hours ago
10.08 this man is a cow but has cooked steak in his inventory lol
May Georgenthum
May Georgenthum 5 hours ago
A farm of the rarest type of axolote
Hexiue Reon
Hexiue Reon 5 hours ago
Sheep farm
Kirsten Page
Kirsten Page 5 hours ago
Pig farm or sheep farm please
Yesodha Khadka
Yesodha Khadka 5 hours ago
Neon Jeremiah De Jesus
Did he just start day 26 with cooking cows?
James Guinyard
James Guinyard 6 hours ago
Make a 200 day 's as a cow.
Knight Of Kaiju
Knight Of Kaiju 6 hours ago
10:02 what is he eating?
Alex Castellanos
Alex Castellanos 6 hours ago
It think unicorn Man is going to do pigs next
Jemille Perez
Jemille Perez 6 hours ago
i loved that he said that he sacrficed his cow partners to study the slaughter houses to save the living cows meeaaaans.. he avenged all of the *dead* cows
Teng Teng Cui
Teng Teng Cui 6 hours ago
Rocky 6 hours ago
A sheep
Day 26 is so cursed, ryguyrocky is a cow eating steak
shizuku hinata
shizuku hinata 6 hours ago
Hi Tinkerbell :D
groot 6 hours ago
Why was he eating beef, that’s his own kind
Mr fnaf
Mr fnaf 6 hours ago
Takibi Chen
Takibi Chen 7 hours ago
Do more
Jojo Otaku Warudo4
Jojo Otaku Warudo4 7 hours ago
The next farm should be an ultimate sin, bunnies or axolotls.
Kathleen Sutanto 1839091
You should do pigs next
The Dog Team
The Dog Team 7 hours ago
Is he going to git ship,s?
tonic x_x
tonic x_x 7 hours ago
47:45 Him: oh this looks great! Me: that's a jojo reference
Malissa Smith
Malissa Smith 7 hours ago
Unacone when you dig in his house:AHEM
HiIThink AboutMinecraft
Does anyone realize he is eating steak?
PANDAS_CAN_PLAY 7 hours ago
The texture pack u are using is a lil bit messy
sheepfuzz 7 hours ago
Do sheep next and have unicorn name you sheepfuzz
Keaton Onkka
Keaton Onkka 7 hours ago
maybe he will start a pig business...
Shrimps On the moon
I need 200 days
Ayden Mcdonald
Ayden Mcdonald 8 hours ago
Also l
Spenny 8 hours ago
Pigs 😎
Powers of Zack gaming
Is sheep
Isaiah Garcia
Isaiah Garcia 8 hours ago
The funniest part is how he’s holding steak almost always
Collin patton
Collin patton 8 hours ago
How come when you were getting the trees it looked like nazi symbol
Warminwinter 8 hours ago
Next sheep
moonlight afton
moonlight afton 8 hours ago
It is funny when Ryan said "I eat steak" at 45:02
Manuel Javier
Manuel Javier 8 hours ago
Sheep pls
Kervyn Celle Baria
Kervyn Celle Baria 9 hours ago
can you do 100 days in minecraft as a sheep
Lea Panagsagan
Lea Panagsagan 9 hours ago
Yeeee let's goooooo
Silas Miller
Silas Miller 9 hours ago
The fact he is eating steak when he is a cow is weird
Aaron Official
Aaron Official 9 hours ago
Maybe sheep
Belen Domingo
Belen Domingo 9 hours ago
Pls can you do pig farm pld
Victor Hill
Victor Hill 9 hours ago
Me realizing he had STEAK in his inventory so... your a cannibal
Stanley Wang
Stanley Wang 9 hours ago
I feel sad as unicorn doesn't have a winning cow
Lorenda Jose
Lorenda Jose 9 hours ago
Cambrian Styles
Cambrian Styles 9 hours ago
Pigs or ender men
Cambrian Styles
Cambrian Styles 9 hours ago
I want to start calling you Tinker Bell now T^T
UNKNOWNMASTER 1821 9 hours ago
next 100 day survive as a pig
Trent Spearman
Trent Spearman 10 hours ago
Fnaf Plushes
Fnaf Plushes 10 hours ago
I think the next upcoming thing will be sheep
Elian suarez
Elian suarez 10 hours ago
The other thing is that hes a cannibal
darkibonplasshat 10 hours ago
Gertrudes won me- well shioot
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