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today I'm going to tell a story on how I slept on ice (animation)

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Jul 17, 2021




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Aksel ferhat Zani
Aksel ferhat Zani 19 minutes ago
Piece control savage
Piece control savage 36 minutes ago
Me drinking tea while he said everyone was drinking tea Instantly throws it away
Katja Ruggieri
Died by hyportermya
mayanne bersamina
mayanne bersamina
TIXEL 2 hours ago
I live in sweden🇸🇪😁
Watchout4Gaming 2 hours ago
I’m from Norway
Susan carnall
Susan carnall 2 hours ago
Leave our kingdom
Teero 3 hours ago
finland is colder than sweeden. here in filand winter is -50celsius
Jai Koneti
Jai Koneti 4 hours ago
What. The. Actual. Flip. Socks. For. 1.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 5 hours ago
When a girl says I’m home alone the dogs Be Nani
Erik Mildes
Erik Mildes 6 hours ago
I am going to Sweden in 2 days and I can speak Swedish
Turtle 109
Turtle 109 6 hours ago
Husky’s are now legally now car go speeed vrooooooooooom
Saturn 6 hours ago
Tankman 7 hours ago
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 5 hours ago
This just sounds like what the average Russian living in siberia does
Mathew Nieuwkerk
Mathew Nieuwkerk 7 hours ago
i live in canada soo all the snow every day is normal and ive slept on ice sevrel times at this point im used to it its nice
Janjira Le
Janjira Le 10 hours ago
:takes off shirt cause its to warm on the bed ) why not sleep on a ice bed!
youtube Ali
youtube Ali 11 hours ago
Robo Animates
Robo Animates 11 hours ago
You know that nadwe is a baby when he mentions frosty
Cocolocomoco9 12 hours ago
i live in canada and all we see in winter is white and sometimes yellow
SSJBlueGoku0 12 hours ago
Well Socks thats How it works here in Sweden we just kick everyone off the plane when we have landed
KaiTheKing 13 hours ago
"everyone with their TEA" 1:25
[ Content Deleted ]
[ Content Deleted ] 13 hours ago
why sleep on ICE
Δωρα Χατζησπυρου
the gaming channel
the gaming channel 15 hours ago
I live in Sweden and it becomes like 20° when its summer and when its winter u regret living there
Anoobis 15 hours ago
Socks please this channel is the best. I need more
Jjunicornisdabom 15 hours ago
Can the next video be how you meant all of your friends
New Justice
New Justice 15 hours ago
This just sounds like what the average Russian living in siberia does
Krystof Branka
Krystof Branka 16 hours ago
2:08 that's normal in greece
Random guy
Random guy 16 hours ago
Cool vid.
Khalid Aldulaimi
Khalid Aldulaimi 16 hours ago
The dogs or just the flashes dogs the dogs zoom I’m out of here and then the dogs get so tired before sleep and they said they just fall the sleep
Pickle 17 hours ago
Bara svenskar får Lika denna kommentar
glitch playz
glitch playz 17 hours ago
the thumbnail is my nightmare
Wiggo Johnsson
Wiggo Johnsson 18 hours ago
i live in sweden :D
bee 🐝
bee 🐝 18 hours ago
You need like 10 layers of blankets just to be warm
Meme man Idk
Meme man Idk 19 hours ago
Socks for United Kingdom
Meme man Idk
Meme man Idk 19 hours ago
Socks for England
SharkzyXd 19 hours ago
8:10 what song was played here?
King Cam
King Cam 20 hours ago
He’s probably over stepping with his trip to Britain near the start cause not Everyone in Britain drinks tea every second and not every brits teeth are disgusting so yeah he’s saying it over the stuff that people assume brits have and do so yea kinda mean saying EVERYONE THERE was drinking tea and had bad teeth so yeah rude
John Isaksson
John Isaksson 20 hours ago
I am in Sweden 🇸🇪
Vincent Malmsten
Vincent Malmsten 20 hours ago
where i live i sweden
Vincent Malmsten
Vincent Malmsten 20 hours ago
actully summer in sweden is like 38 degree
Vincent Malmsten
Vincent Malmsten 20 hours ago
its actully warm
Vincent Malmsten
Vincent Malmsten 20 hours ago
I live i sweden and its not even cold
Yeetbinus 22 hours ago
Uhhh American to drink beard 18
h a m s t e r
h a m s t e r 23 hours ago
Don’t worry man I’ve been there to
Scooter G productions
I just got the notification five days later
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 23 hours ago
America: ISN'T THAT SWITZERLAND THO Also, the drinking age in France is also 18.
galaxiest 23 hours ago
Uk royal family and gaurd: *drinking tea* *1 second later: *eats fly*
Muhammad Izzuddin
Muhammad Izzuddin 23 hours ago
btw the ice hotel is real
Tristan Forsberg
Huh i live in sweden
Bob Ekipa
Bob Ekipa Day ago
I always forget about drinking age I'm used to the fact that here at age 21 people slowly start saying they're too old to drink and they stop xd
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 23 hours ago
I heard of that
yeet tube
yeet tube Day ago
Finally a new video
Aeon John Obico
socks: i slept on a ice me: *dreaming about ice cream*
Janelle kezia Isidto
I know that hotel
steven paul
steven paul Day ago
yoo dude you okay?!?!?
syvertsson93 Day ago
Im from sweden
David Rapp
David Rapp Day ago
Did you like it in Sweden?
Saika Khan
Saika Khan Day ago
gabriella brown
Wales = my home land sweden = im living there right now
richHamster Day ago
I was in it but it was ice
Tord Day ago
You can't sleep on ice. You can die if you sleep on ice
Rob Penningroth
Go back to the bar on your next animation with the whole sock gang tbh laff meme nadwe muffin abd ally
Omid F
Omid F Day ago
I heard of that
Garren Nguyen
this is not something about the vid but my b-day is this month
Damien Altamirano
I think to stop the dogs is hold
The Multi Diamond
0:08 Nicholas: Has giant backpack Nicholas's Dad: Has small backpack Also his dad: looks at his sons backpack His dad again: HUH?!?!?!?!?
Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones Day ago
I love tea
Irfan Shah
Irfan Shah Day ago
north of north of north of north of north. of north.
James 4 Games
I've been waiting for another video and I'm so hyped to watch this
Maverick Gneiting
Yeah that's weird Al bunch of snow and ice that's crazy
mohammed altoukhi
Let's go
BlitzoAmber Day ago
0:08 Dad: AUH?!
Kayleigh Munise
My dads mom lives in Sweden
And I thought my room was cold at night...
gam er game 🥚
“Hey Pablo, why are we dead?”
Dude that hotle must be drip
The sled dogs : I AM SPEEEeEeeEeED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
arvid roslund
Tristan Conte
socksfor1: sleeping in Sweden this will be a show about the SocksFor1 Tokyo drifting in a snow mobile, then falling off a cliff and proceeding to get banned from it. after SocksFor1 gets banned he spends the rest of his week sleeping on ice. This story also includes maniac dogs that ARE speed
Michael Gildea
That sound more like you went to Finland or The North Pole or Nippon or Russia Iceland then Sweden
Isacc Broström
omg have you been in my contry sweden epic
I guess it wasn't nICE
Hariz Sulaiman
It’s funny that his face changed when he drifted
Cheemborger Day ago
Good for you…..????
Valparna123 Day ago
the sed ´,sakta ner ,or somthig
Valparna123 Day ago
va have like 30 as the hotest tis sumer
Valparna123 Day ago
ya ve have sno storms
Valparna123 Day ago
i liv in sveden
Aksel Vik Lillegraven
No its not so coold I live in norwey and no ther is 19 celieiets
fuscadecasa Sato
Mnnium Day ago
Me who lives in Sweden B)
Alexander Jihansson
iam in sweden it's 30c
Yuli Qin
Yuli Qin Day ago
I Live in Sweden