I mined a real diamond using ONLY a toy minecraft pickaxe... 

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Jul 19, 2021




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Tyler Oliveira
Tyler Oliveira 4 days ago
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The spongebob popsicle
Me: cries beacuase im 8
Fat Bastard2
Fat Bastard2 13 hours ago
I loved the part where you advertised gambling to an audience of mostly children, that was really good
zach aldrich derige
zach aldrich derige 17 hours ago
@Exo hft8
Angela Arteaga
Angela Arteaga 17 hours ago
PCL Husky Norris
Sure dad
finn goreeph booty
finn goreeph booty 32 minutes ago
there will be more items in 1.18 because they have to add snowbucket witch can make u mlg in the nether but if u stay in the snow for too long you will take frostbite damage witch is like a new effect but weapons and stuff not too sure
Monika 42 minutes ago
Blue balled.. HEY, WRONG GAME!
Joshymuzzadog Hour ago
The Dimond mineing things you can find a real Dimond
TNA qu0RtZ
TNA qu0RtZ Hour ago
not cringe
Allana Brunk
Allana Brunk 2 hours ago
Y 8 works too
Info 2 hours ago
Imagine doing this
Chew Run Heng Brayann
I dun know wat is Y-11 even if I am a mindcraft player
Chew Run Heng Brayann
bruh 24th box its like "cheating"
Zach Gaming
Zach Gaming 3 hours ago
Chillchris21 3 hours ago
He needed the netherite
Anthonius Tjahyadi
Anthonius Tjahyadi 3 hours ago
Plz tell us the location plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz 🥺🥺🥺
Mina Yu
Mina Yu 3 hours ago
this is silly
Howl 3 hours ago
Little kids be like: imma call the police you kills the grandma!
Tristan GamingMC
Tristan GamingMC 3 hours ago
Future videos be like: Today im gonna survive at mars without air for 7 days
dhairya sahoo
dhairya sahoo 3 hours ago
Dhairya kumar sahoo
Skittle ❁
Skittle ❁ 5 hours ago
He is a total legend
madhu ps
madhu ps 5 hours ago
How much cost is one diamonds
marcusmcfly 11
marcusmcfly 11 5 hours ago
Bruh just use x-ray to find Diamonds
little l the gamer
little l the gamer 6 hours ago
I've been there that in Arkansas
YEETMAN 6 hours ago
Get this guy to 2 million
Ssj4 gogeta
Ssj4 gogeta 7 hours ago
Mans says No to impossible
Premkumar Siddappa
Premkumar Siddappa 7 hours ago
Can you do some more animal videos
Marc Lahusky
Marc Lahusky 7 hours ago
You should’ve brought your Heist Becon
Evan Criddle
Evan Criddle 7 hours ago
You have to dig 11 blocks down .......sure........
Piggie_Playz 8 hours ago
It’s about luck
Shrimps On the moon
Bruh I thought he was going to say I bought some people of amazon
Caleb Edwards
Caleb Edwards 8 hours ago
Tiktoks Greatest
Tiktoks Greatest 8 hours ago
LazyEnder 8 hours ago
Wyatt Sharp
Wyatt Sharp 8 hours ago
Your UStotal video sucks
Jaydonco407 8 hours ago
Why didnt you use a shovel first -_- you know pickaxes mine grass blocks slow
Davetta Eyster
Davetta Eyster 9 hours ago
Guys teh diamond in teh thumbnail is edited
Bleep bloop Blog
Bleep bloop Blog 9 hours ago
gytis ziukas
gytis ziukas 10 hours ago
Minecraft Shaders are getting out of hand, his computer must be from the future
wolf 10 hours ago
Where can I get this texture pack?
Dogezilla 0
Dogezilla 0 10 hours ago
Singing is Fun
Singing is Fun 11 hours ago
Tyler I have joined the bald army and I don’t mean I subbed I’ve been subbed for a while. I shaved my head with scissors and a trimmer. Amazing content
Dominykas Makrickas
Dominykas Makrickas 11 hours ago
You are incredibly lucky because you found this coment
Electric Gaming
Electric Gaming 12 hours ago
that QR code was a rick roll-
Lance Byrd
Lance Byrd 12 hours ago
Yo you are the Best
Communistic 12 hours ago
It’s y 12
Haydens’s 2nd channel
Can I be in a video
Just A Casual Channel.
I have something like that, but mine changes to a sword with the top of the pickaxe.
XxNinjaPugxX 13 hours ago
Why do you remind me of the Mr beast crew
Hurley Family
Hurley Family 13 hours ago
Oly when the 2 people came this was me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂
Adam AbuShabab
Adam AbuShabab 13 hours ago
wy dont u do any of the work ur littreally sitting there
Erika Doolittle
Erika Doolittle 15 hours ago
Where is that
BlitzPlay 69
BlitzPlay 69 15 hours ago
Brent tv be like 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Mr.StupidGuy 15 hours ago
i only gave you a sub because you did a dom toretto joke
Catelyn Granados
Catelyn Granados 15 hours ago
The way the kid tried to run and still got exploded
David Ketter
David Ketter 15 hours ago
the new level is y level 5 in my experience since 1.17
Jessica Douville
Jessica Douville 16 hours ago
I'm not 18
Rafiq Tawakali
Rafiq Tawakali 16 hours ago
August Bigler
August Bigler 16 hours ago
Come on man you know you need a shovel
KidGoneMissingYT 16 hours ago
Where in the goddamn world is that place? Imma be rich! 🤑🤑🤑
Exotiz Stranger
Exotiz Stranger 17 hours ago
1:29 Song: Shine bright like a diamond
Whitty. 17 hours ago
3:28 LOL Friday Night Funkin' Reference
Juvon Lindsay✓
Juvon Lindsay✓ 17 hours ago
That... Was the best ad I've ever seen
Fdog 17 hours ago
Angela Arteaga
Angela Arteaga 17 hours ago
Soy Saucing
Soy Saucing 17 hours ago
Hey baldman can u help me with paying back some college loans ill do anything
BigBang Gamerz
BigBang Gamerz 18 hours ago
Le Steve after watching this: *salutes tyler*
Peanutman 001
Peanutman 001 18 hours ago
6:00 was hilarious bye bye grandama
ani venky
ani venky 18 hours ago
Why am I still watching this. This is so cringe
samantha hodgson
samantha hodgson 18 hours ago
6:07 hahahaha
Rhys Fenton
Rhys Fenton 18 hours ago
That is not a real diamond because diamonds or not that big so
Bruh 19 hours ago
Minecraft RTX
william burgess
william burgess 19 hours ago
First and last video I will watch from this guy, super lame click bait and shitty content. 1 star
Paige Webb
Paige Webb 19 hours ago
Me mining the diamond digits I got won straight away 😳
RobertNotFound 19 hours ago
Whats the texture pack i want the download
KalebPlayz 20 hours ago
I've been there before
Nugget twins🐓
Nugget twins🐓 20 hours ago
I saw gogy
Hashir Shaikh
Hashir Shaikh 20 hours ago
creepers of real life : may I help you sir 😂😂😂
ミーマン【カルガモTV】M-man【duck TV】
Jill Greene
Jill Greene 20 hours ago
Omg u cringe
yosef abaia
yosef abaia 20 hours ago
Nicole O'Neill
Nicole O'Neill 20 hours ago
tiky but pog
tiky but pog 20 hours ago
R.i.p old lady, dude and the 2 childs Old lady: 19__ - 2021 Cause of death: tnt yeet Dude: 19__ -2021 Cause of death: got obliterated by tnt The 2 childs: 20__- 2021 Cause of death: got obliterated by tnt
denisngangom luwangcha
I love the minecraft suits
Polish Sniper
Polish Sniper 21 hour ago
Tyler: some of you may die but that is a sacrifice I am willing to take
ArtBasics 21 hour ago
U have to calibrate that diamond tester for it to work but then sapphire or ruby will test positive,I think
Interwiew-uri Si Gaming Cu Denis
Did you just sayed family?
Nelnel Tut
Nelnel Tut 21 hour ago
3:46 this is why i love your video
Killer Sans
Killer Sans 21 hour ago
you need a shovel so its fast
Bazli Hafizi
Bazli Hafizi 21 hour ago
I literally watched mafia City adds before watching this
l 21 hour ago
This man is a legend
BunnyFunny_Gaming YT
Woah nice a diamond
Strawberry Milk ♡︎
Them: dimond Me: how bout netherite?
*Normal Life*
*Normal Life* 21 hour ago
I still never changed my Photo
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 22 hours ago
Imagine if they found diamonds and a real life creeper was behind them.
Spiderhog 2099
Spiderhog 2099 22 hours ago
Tyler has the slowest uzi I've ever seen LMAO
Rhennaid Basty
Rhennaid Basty 22 hours ago
Why we have the same profile
謙謹謙 22 hours ago
Ulwoon 23 hours ago
Train like zoro
TwistedMatey 23 hours ago
Saying “egg” until Tyler notices me Day 1
Kian Mottram
Kian Mottram 23 hours ago
Videos he post are too good
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Day ago
Come on man everyone knows that to get dirt you need a shovel not a pickaxe!
Mustafa saquib
Chalk Warfare 4.0
Car Vs 1000 Nails!