I can pull up my girlfriend 

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I can pull up my girlfriend

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Oct 19, 2021




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lol Ibrahimf4u
lol Ibrahimf4u 21 hour ago
What's her name
Brenna Canipe
Brenna Canipe 10 days ago
I weigh more than your girlfriend I weigh 85.5
Vortex 12 days ago
Winner Winner
Winner Winner 14 days ago
You look like jelly and sound like him
piranha 15 days ago
Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit 👎👎👎
Beki Beardmore
Beki Beardmore 15 days ago
Thats just mean
life with Gracie
life with Gracie 16 days ago
Am I the only one wondering why he has like no armpit hair….. pls don’t say it’s a new trend 😂
Vital demon
Vital demon 16 days ago
Me that was so easy also me having no girlfriend
Mark Henry
Mark Henry 17 days ago
I could pick up your girlfriend! 😉
Omar ahmed Shabrawy
The title and the vid is very sus
realcuh 18 days ago
Your girlfriend is heavy yo
StaffyBLOX 18 days ago
Me 30 kilos : Does a pull up with my gf in my back total weight: 30 kilos 😢
redboyzap 19 days ago
Gohan B E A T Z
Gohan B E A T Z 20 days ago
He could lift anyone now.
U know all the boys was looking at your girl front u know what at the starting of the vid not to make ya mad
Dark flamez
Dark flamez 22 days ago
Plot twist: his girlfriend has been losing weight just for this video
Jennifer Serb
Jennifer Serb 23 days ago
Whipped up a call
Mad kiss
Mad kiss 23 days ago
70kg thats like light for most girls now
E Foreman
E Foreman 23 days ago
Cordonza 24 days ago
The last word you said was "bababoy" LOLOLOL
Xavier 26 days ago
Tip no 1: get a girl
t 28 days ago
Never do that outro song that's out show song Liam's Thomas
dead citizen 22
dead citizen 22 29 days ago
He said his girlfriend was fat in the nicest way possible lol
PureThunder_ Gaming
Pls tell me that song at the end of the video it’s taking me forever to find it
Ice Bear★
Ice Bear★ Month ago
Tell me ur girlfriend is heavier than a heavy weight w/o telling me your girlfriend is heavier than a heavy weight:
Time O'clock
Time O'clock Month ago
*Sniffle* YEAH, MY GIRLFRIEND *Sniffle*
Toby Month ago
guys we’ve all sinned and need forgiveness, Jesus died in our place so we could be forgiven, accept that gift by turning from sin and trusting Him.
Real Ase
Real Ase Month ago
She buff ash what gurl weight 154🤣
How did this guy lift 5 tons
HaloMasterN13 Month ago
Nice mate holy shit my girlfriend want to do that
Doddy Month ago
Now try doing it with your mom *impossible challenge*
Ashlynne Easter
Ashlynne Easter Month ago
His girlfriend looks bigger than him...
Ashlynne Easter
Ashlynne Easter Month ago
Did he just call his girlfriend fat or big? Or Is it just me?....
Smug _ vibezX
Smug _ vibezX Month ago
I can't even do a single pull up, yet here he is doing a pull-up with his girlfriend hanging onto his back 😂😂
Jøhñ_ Wïćķ_ YT
Song name?
Mohamed Waheed
Mohamed Waheed Month ago
Bros I got no gf
Jonathan ignacio Quezada
Good job
Jonathan ignacio Quezada
I subscribed because my brother lives to work out.
James Tello
James Tello Month ago
Yo, just get a smaller girlfriend! BAM Problem solved
João Gabriel
João Gabriel Month ago
Wait, are you calling her fat?
Jeff is cool
Jeff is cool Month ago
Me with no girlfriend: strong
Dream Hiker
Dream Hiker Month ago
Is it ok with a sack of rice🤣
IdTapThatASMR Month ago
On day 59: get a new GF who weighs less.
Leela Persaud
Leela Persaud Month ago
Danny :D
Danny :D Month ago
I don't have one
bobby Valentino
bobby Valentino Month ago
Lol was she biting his back at one point towards the end of the vid? 🤷🏾‍♂️👀
Tiago Leite
Tiago Leite Month ago
Which song on final of the video?
Míriam Vicente
Míriam Vicente Month ago
I think it is a lot of weighit in a girl, she needs to take healthy habits
BEPPEJHA Month ago
You guys having girls for more than one night?
•GH0ST3D• Month ago
Wait does she weigh 73? Im a minor and i look skinny but i weigh 114 😳
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Month ago
Now i can say "Ill start exercising when I get a girlfriend" cause I known damn well it ain't gonna happen
Zailordoor Month ago
She was secretly peggi- no no no more don’t think of that
IzayaPlayZ Month ago
Me trying to do a single pull up
Ethan is the man
Call your girlfriend fat without calling your girlfriend fat. 😂this guy!
Ethan is the man
I have a feeling it was fake I the last one because you can’t see her feet and he isn’t even making a face.🕵️‍♂️ but maybe not he’s pretty buff!💪🏼
littlesnake art
littlesnake art Month ago
Do a pull up with your mom it's impossible because she is Fatter then you dad ford f150 nah just joking but good job at what you do
Ziah Barry
Ziah Barry Month ago
It was light..............because she doesn't exist
Kilo_Airsoft Month ago
Bruh that’s easy. 0 pounds
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Month ago
And when i doesn't have a girlfriend
Dang the man didn't need to roast her
RITAM SAHU Month ago
For this I need girlfriend 😶
Cim Art
Cim Art Month ago
Talk about commitment #respect
Flying Cheeseball
I do the incline press with your...
forenzix Month ago
Music at the end name???
Lee-Roy Lamprecht
Psssfffffff...you have a gf
OperatorYT Month ago
HA! THIS IS EASY!!! cuz i dont have a girlfriend :(
Bruhingbruh Month ago
Imagine if he said now let’s try 2 girlfriends
Nikki Lawe
Nikki Lawe Month ago
What if he said 3 girlfriends
Pospo lityca
Pospo lityca Month ago
70 kg girfriend wtf
Alexis Medina
Alexis Medina Month ago
You can just literally use weightsthe weigh as much as your girlfriend 😂😂
Diego Sulo
Diego Sulo Month ago
And when i doesn't have a girlfriend
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Month ago
Begin: you wont believe what it takes to do one wrap with your girlfriend! Me: i admid, getting gf is hard
Zedrick Cabrera
Zedrick Cabrera Month ago
James Goldring
James Goldring Month ago
Jamie Jackson
Jamie Jackson Month ago
Maybe she los a lil weight not saying she’s fat cause she’s not I’m jus saying she could of los weight…but congrats on day 60
Spongeworthy Month ago
I mean, of course it's hard, especially when your girlfriend weighs as much as you. But I highly doubt she weighs 70 kg.
Spongeworthy Month ago
@hoiy vinosa then it should be easy.
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Month ago
The thing is I don’t have a gf lol
J040PL7 Month ago
Imagine she breaks up before he gets the challenge done 💔
Jawad Rajper
Jawad Rajper Month ago
Every time your gf is change
TGえ bot
TGえ bot Month ago
Legacy XX
Legacy XX Month ago
I could do that with one hand cause my girlfriend is invisible😭
mohd azrin aziz
mohd azrin aziz Month ago
I bet your girlfriend was on diet.😂
Vikram Nethesh
Vikram Nethesh Month ago
Oo look at the scratches, man knows to please his woman
juan Month ago
lo intente y es muy fasil top 10 beneficios de no tener novia
Lev Lev
Lev Lev Month ago
That's how you pick up girls LITTERALLY.
Dream Month ago
this is easy to do
Official Pingo
Official Pingo Month ago
Tell her to stop eating
MrBakedDaily Month ago
Just matters what your gf is.
Danielle Workman
Do a pull up with your dad on your back
Braverbench673 Month ago
The thing is I don’t have a gf lol
erick r
erick r Month ago
She lost weight or took a shit and now you can do it
Pierce Fenwick
Pierce Fenwick Month ago
I may be going crazy but I think the girl at the end was a diffrent girl
John Allen Cris T. Delos Reyes
This cute hehehe
FireWolf Gaming
FireWolf Gaming Month ago
Someone asked me I would say that’s easy I don’t have one
Sacrificial Frog
*ok i pull up at the afterparty*
Kevin Uploading Whatever
Perfect how at day 60 the same pull-up he couldn't do at day 50 he can do it effortless without any faces made
Wilbur :D
Wilbur :D Month ago
I can easily do a pull up with my girl friend… oh wait… I don’t have a girl friend. 😞
Mauri PlazE
Mauri PlazE Month ago
Kinda sus Bum bum bum bum bum bum Bubba bum
CNinja 7
CNinja 7 Month ago
Task not doable sorry
DelfaTime Month ago
Next muscle up
*Joni Jon*
*Joni Jon* Month ago
Bad thing I don't have a girlfriend... haha... (I want to die)
Flavio B.Lima
Flavio B.Lima Month ago
It's easier if you don't have a girlfriend
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