How Aston Martin Learned to Never Trust Ford 

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There was a time when Aston Martin meant Bond films, silver coupes, naturally aspirated high displacement engines, and distinct elegant styling. Since then Aston Martin has changed hands quite a few times, and now they're... Well... Different.

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Jul 19, 2021




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Robert Reynolds
Robert Reynolds 26 minutes ago
Ford turned Jaguar from an icon into just another bloody ford.
Gibbon_X 36 minutes ago
It's very true, i own one of the rare Ford Racing puma's, made by Tickford for rallying in the UK only, has undertones of a mini Aston at the front for sure. pm-antiques.co.uk/the-ford-racing-puma-an-insight/
Allen Williams
Allen Williams 38 minutes ago
Daimler AG cannot use that name in the UK, because it belongs to someone else. I am not sure who owns it for what, but the name was owned by British Leyland and used for engines, transmissions, cars, trucks and buses. Presumably rights to the Daimler name belong to whoever owns various bits of the former conglomerate.
Mate Ćapin
Mate Ćapin 38 minutes ago
Great video but the way you pronounce some of the brands made my ears bleed
IchirouSR20 43 minutes ago
Ford loved to destroy foreign companies. Mazda is doing much better with Toyota!
DeepPastry Hour ago
So the one thing they were known for, was because of the Jaguar Designer? EDIT: And now they look like the Zonda... Oh yeah, they were totes hurt by Ford... Saved, saved by Ford. But the one thing they had all their own, engineers, let them down.
Haroon Ahmed
Haroon Ahmed Hour ago
Ford just patent the skyline name in US. Lmao!
A 15th Century Gothic Suit of Plate Armor
I mean that whole beef about Firestone wasn't a give away?
Nanok 2 hours ago
Does this dude use a voice changer or why does it sound so weird holy-
Trevor Jenkins
Trevor Jenkins 2 hours ago
Win a BMW wahaha , what a load of crap
Real gOGizZ
Real gOGizZ 2 hours ago
Maserati GT / Fiat Grande Punto 😉
Ostrich Cum
Ostrich Cum 3 hours ago
Ford flipped the aston grill. to reduce aston's aggressive look
yuitr loing
yuitr loing 2 hours ago
That's Why I Heat Ford Brand Even They Messed Up With GLR Group TATA Group Is Best Car Manufacturers In Planet & JDM Brand Also
C. Nelson
C. Nelson 3 hours ago
Diamler shows they helped Mercedes And Chrysler. Wow.
C. Nelson
C. Nelson 3 hours ago
Just said Ford era gave Aston Martin the best designs they ever seen. Thus fuck the video. Ford wins all day🙄 lol
C. Nelson
C. Nelson 3 hours ago
Aston Martin has no qualms with Ford hater. Bye hater. Everyone knows Ford lifted and preserve and made big income for Jag, Aston, Landover, Volvo, Mazda, and many more. Please listen to me. If someone compares Ford to any of these higher end auto brands.......its cause Ford is innovative and worth mentioning. Ford wins. Period. Please talk about something else. An American hating on Ford? Wow
Earl Sabir
Earl Sabir 3 hours ago
Both Ford and Aston "scratched each other's back" Ford got nothing useful from Aston, but the Focus grill should've been taken as flattery, although the "inspired" facelift did sell more cars. The Aston Martin brand didn't get "cheapened" from the mimicry. The merge of Aston and Ford was lucrative for both parties.
CrazyChemistPL 3 hours ago
Well, the new Aston's don't look good. They look cool which isn't the same. Lambo, Pagani - these brands are supposed to look cool. If their new cars are better, that's great but besides that Aston is supposed to look good, not cool. V12 Vantage looks like it'll remain their peak.
traffbros 3 hours ago
When a manager I knew got himself a mondeo (in uk) as a work car, i always joked and said to him he's got an aston mondeo
Henry Brinton
Henry Brinton 4 hours ago
Nice shirt Nolan, siccc skating too
KJSOLITTY 4 hours ago
Pretty much Ford saved them and instead of thankin them they get mad because it looks similar?
n0rie9a 4 hours ago
im sorry, but that slight top front view of the red fusion/mondeo looks like an Evo X more than anything, maybe only the front grille looks like its from an aston martin
S Gill
S Gill 4 hours ago
Any car with a piston engine pretty much sucks. Dinosaur tech.
Kirk Battle Sr
Kirk Battle Sr 4 hours ago
So what
Ram Walker
Ram Walker 4 hours ago
Nice cars movie shirt
bob marley
bob marley 5 hours ago
every time i see the ford fusion grill I think its an aston for a split second..
Rutwik Karekar
Rutwik Karekar 5 hours ago
That's Why I Heat Ford Brand Even They Messed Up With GLR Group TATA Group Is Best Car Manufacturers In Planet & JDM Brand Also
Matthew Jackson
Matthew Jackson 6 hours ago
hyundai stole Audi’s new grill, one year after Audi’s redesign.
Bopdoo Inweee
Bopdoo Inweee 6 hours ago
these videos are amazing fr
rizzle razzleuno
rizzle razzleuno 7 hours ago
Bond. James Bond.
swicked86 7 hours ago
Aston Martin has never made very good looking cars sadly. Always a bit bland and boring to me. Really did it look better than the 63 Jaguar XKE or the lotus of their times. Sorry they always kinda seemed like the Buick of the UK, slightly smooth and kinda boring. And really put the XKR against the Aston Martin. Sorry the Jaguar tends to look better. Now for design rip offs.. the C5 and the FD3S
Grahame Nicholson
Grahame Nicholson 7 hours ago
Ford didn't steal anything. They purchased the company and all its intellectual property. They could have decided tat they would make Aston Martin ice cream trucks if they wanted to.
Hєαятвяєαк Oиє
Me in '13 seeing a silver Ford Fusion: Is that an Austin Mar- Nope. A shitty Fusion.
Q 7 hours ago
Never realized the fusion look like one
carlo sollestre
carlo sollestre 7 hours ago
Oh, I haven't seen the up to speed for aston martin yet
micahgreen76 8 hours ago
I love you Donut, but Ford didn't steal shit, they bought it!
cubedtothex 9 hours ago
Now they've moved on to a hideous grill, like the oval theme was lifted from the grave or something.
Billcivivs FF
Billcivivs FF 9 hours ago
1:08 please don’t be Travis Scott and fuck it up
Young Banked
Young Banked 9 hours ago
Aston should sue ford
Adam Lake
Adam Lake 10 hours ago
LOVE that you guys are doing a tonne of F1 content too
Darrin Keith
Darrin Keith 10 hours ago
Glad the Brits are running a proper sports car company.
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb 10 hours ago
The Aston Martin Vulcan is an amazing track car. I’m glad they cut off their ties with Ford
Tyler Ames
Tyler Ames 10 hours ago
Ford’s partnership with these British companies + Volvo definitely influenced their design language. Honestly if this never happened, I think the Ford Mustang would look more American muscle-ish rather than some European styled GT car 🤔
Snoxi Snox
Snoxi Snox 10 hours ago
Im not from US but at least your ads are kinda fun
alex moore
alex moore 11 hours ago
Top gear over 10 years ago already covered this when the “mondeo” first came out 😪
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb 10 hours ago
Ford always ruins everything they touch. Mazda couldn't be better off now.
Lincoln LS04
Lincoln LS04 11 hours ago
Donut guy get some education on Aston Martin please. 70s Aston Martin the James Bond car took the 60s Mustang look. Hmm guess if you own both companies what would be the problem. Sorry dude this 1 I am calling you out on from lack of education. You were doing ok even though some of your research on most video's are also lack of education but this 1 I have to stop you on this 1.
Lincoln LS04
Lincoln LS04 12 hours ago
Ford owned Aston Martin dah. Also owned Jaguar. Know Jaguar and Aston Martin both also looked alike. Oh and wait the 70s Aston Martin took the Mustangs design so what is the point if Ford owned them. This is bout the dumbest post I have ever seen. Do some history before you bias Ford people open your mouths. Good Day. Oh last thing 70s James Bond Car was Aston Martin front was a 60s Mustang. DB87.
TheLiquidChaos 12 hours ago
I love my 2014 Ford Fusion Titanium. And honestly, part of the main reason I bought it, was the front end look. It still is a family car, fun to drive, and has a front end that looks like it means business. I think it sits perfectly in between the Taurus and the Mustang as the big brother of the Focus. It is not as luxurious as a Taurus, not as sporty as the Mustang, but gets a little of both worlds. Sadly though it takes the Sport model or Titanium model (for my year anyway as the sport model didn't exist yet) to get any of the sportiness out of it. Seeing it compared with an AM though makes a lot of sense as to its looks, and why it exists.
Patient_X 989
Patient_X 989 12 hours ago
Ford owns Aston Martin you morons
Prince Bytor Frunobulax
All true... Pierce Brosnan drove a Z3 in Goldeneye... But clever young BMW engineers convinced the (probably staunchly) German executives to build the Mcoupe using mostly off the shelf parts... (lovingly nicknamed "Clown Shoe")... Do a story!, because I don't have names or details.
Joseph Walsh
Joseph Walsh 12 hours ago
Idk, I kinda thought Ford bought it, not stole it
Caro Abebe
Caro Abebe 12 hours ago
However, the time of the fossil fuel car is almost gone, alas…
Martin Cadena
Martin Cadena 12 hours ago
i love the Sir Sean connery's DB5
Tommy Emmanuel
Tommy Emmanuel 12 hours ago
Ian Callum is behind a lot of fords, Mazdas and the Astin Martin.
DharcSlayerOfficial 13 hours ago
YESSSSS Finally somebody also noticed that front grille on Ford that looked liked Aston Martin's...
Slater 360
Slater 360 13 hours ago
I entered the giveaway for the 88 BMW but I just ain't got the money to pay for donations for that cool scaring program sorry
SpectralCobra 13 hours ago
At first glance, the Valhalla looked kinda like the Ford GT.
hondamatica88 14 hours ago
I bought a Ford Fusion, it’s the only Aston Martin I’ll ever be able to afford.
Brandon Luján
Brandon Luján 14 hours ago
Ford always ruins everything they touch. Mazda couldn't be better off now.
JopzzSD 14 hours ago
How can I get into f1 if you know you’re better than lando but you only got $25k
SENDO 15 hours ago
Pretty carolina
Jack Skoskiewicz
Jack Skoskiewicz 15 hours ago
I wish I could win that car, but i'm 13 years old so.... rip me!
Ranveer Singh Chopra
whoever designed the interior should be fired they are lacking in interior like they have a screen which mercedes had in 2008
Markius Fox
Markius Fox 15 hours ago
Aston Martin is more returning to their roots at Le Mans, given that the car Carrol Shelby and Roy Salvadori won the 1959 Le Mans in was an Aston Martin. The badge continued off and on in motorsports until 1989, taking a hiatus until 2005, which lines up pretty well with Ford's involvement in the company.
yogurtlite 15 hours ago
Ford can design based on other brands but their quality has become crap. You can never hide poor assembly with just the outside look. It's like faking things.
Tyler Watkins
Tyler Watkins 15 hours ago
When I bought my Fusion I remember thinking wow it looks like a cheap Aston from the front.
Coconutcrawler 15 hours ago
I remember the first time I saw the Fusion, I immediately thought, “I didn’t realize AM was making an economy line.” But that’s pretty much how Ford operate, lazy designing! They’ll Invest into acquiring other brands so that they can follow the same routine that they’re well known for in the 90’s, mixing & matching styling cues or slap brand badges onto the same styled vehicles as they did with their Navigator/Expedition and the Mark LT/F-150. I think the 90’s era of Mazda’s comes to mind of exact similarities between the Ford Ranger & B2200.
Ithinkiwill66 15 hours ago
Brings me back to a story about Ford....how Henry Ford screwed with the Dodge Brothers......if I recall, about the axel, or transmission.....ya, whatever it was they got screwed-over big time. Maybe GM SHOULD of kept Ford as one of it's own........and this is coming from a Ford lover, that owns a Toyota! 😆😆😆😆
diyarez 16 hours ago
10:45 music name?
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee 16 hours ago
The fords look more like catfish.
Drew Madden
Drew Madden 16 hours ago
Ford Mondeo= Aston Martin from lidl... I seriously doubt that has affected Aston Martin sales. Too many cars that look like eachother so it's an almost inexhaustible topic
Koranteng G Prince
Koranteng G Prince 16 hours ago
Fake giveaway
RogueAgent 16 hours ago
Remember when Aston Martin copied the assembly line? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
douglass enriquez
douglass enriquez 16 hours ago
As a kid, I lived Newport Pagnell Buckinghamshire England. from 1990-92 and we used to walk down town, buy some candy and watch them HAND BUILDING Austin Martins through the window of the little shop they had down town, it couldn't have been much more than 2000sq-ft. Ive ALWAYS loved cars and remember getting excited every time they would drive a half built car out of the shop, down the road to the body shop. Or at least thats what it looked like they were doing. Hell I was just 11-12 years old... Lol I love all the great content Nolan. You and James both put out some great stuff. Keep up the good work! I love Donut and Hoonigan, hands down my favorite channels.
Piotr Pędzich
Piotr Pędzich 16 hours ago
2011 Focus Electric was the first Ford to feature that grille
Mark Ward
Mark Ward 16 hours ago
Check out the look of a 2008 Ford Falcon G6E ... I see something there in hindsight.. do you?
Cory Whittle
Cory Whittle 17 hours ago
I love Aston Martin style! James Bond certainly helped recognition. I am a FORD fan. I liked when Ford bought Aston Martin and the other English automakers. It was needed at the time for everyone involved. Ford owned Aston Martin, they certainly used what they learned from previous car development projects to improve brands and were first in the US to bring european designs because they are in Europe. FORD could use whatever styling cues they obtained by owning other name plates. The Fusion was a hit, still is. No doubt the mustache grill of the Aston Martin is very appealing on cars!
deeez00 17 hours ago
Peach! 🍑
paedru fernando
paedru fernando 17 hours ago
I see the conical headlight of Fiat(I have a Fiat punto..) similar to the Ashton Martin in most of their new models. has someone got hold of Ashton's cheeky cheeks in this copy.
Utsav Achari
Utsav Achari 17 hours ago
But now ford sells , Jaguar ,and land rover... To TATA motors..... The some..jaguar cars look quite similar to aston Martin....
Mark Thomson
Mark Thomson 17 hours ago
I'm giving this pathetic video a Big Donut 🍩. That's 0 out of 10 🤦🏽‍♂️
Mark Thomson
Mark Thomson 17 hours ago
If the guy from Ford working for Jaguar designed them both then....... Jag didn't copy it you dope 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣
Βακουφτσής Ιωάννης Κυριάκος
woow I have the chance to win a BMW made 33 years ago , burning 1 gallon per mile! Are you crazy? Then I will have to pay money to get rid of this junk
Andre Soeteman
Andre Soeteman 17 hours ago
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Ameen Hassan
Ameen Hassan 18 hours ago
10:08 any Lance stroll fans here f1
Jerald Joslin
Jerald Joslin 18 hours ago
Meh! All cars are pretty much cookie cutter cars nowadays. The real 🐂💩 is 4 door Mustangs , Porsches and such.
Ameen Hassan
Ameen Hassan 18 hours ago
Mahindra Thar and Jeep Wrangler
Nova WReXy
Nova WReXy 18 hours ago
I had no idea aston martin was part of ford at all. Thanks for the interesting facts on cars every week
Petar Gačić
Petar Gačić 18 hours ago
You know how many times i looked at a focus and thought "no.fuckin.way."
Michael Rigdon
Michael Rigdon 18 hours ago
I never knew this but have notice the similarities between them
The Great Malenko
The Great Malenko 18 hours ago
They stole a popular styling cues and used it on their own cars. So what.... lol!Literally everyone does it in every type of product. The grill design wasn't considered intellectual property. Especially since they change the design slightly.
ang Dix
ang Dix 18 hours ago
Basically every one that in the sport that hates ford for fccking them in past ,jump on the team and said payback a bitch. 😂
Zeyhus 18 hours ago
And now we have the Ford Puma, with some enormous similarities with Jaguar’s cars.
Tolik 19 hours ago
New cars pretty much all look alike anyway , however , the Ford is still a Ford , and the AM is still an AM . That does matter .
Zac Morris
Zac Morris 19 hours ago
My son and I love the shirt man!!🤛
Escape With Us
Escape With Us 20 hours ago
brett turnage
brett turnage 20 hours ago
I don’t see the argument because these were for the owned properties. They could do what they wanted to do with them. And Ford still owns 8% in Aston.
Michelle Aljunaidi
Michelle Aljunaidi 20 hours ago
I'm not surprised. Ford has been known to steal designs on whatever would make them richer. As far back as the 1930's remember the Douglas plane.
Pyotr Tchaikovsky
Pyotr Tchaikovsky 20 hours ago
American auto companies ruined a lot if brands just like what the Chinese are doing currently!