Honest Trailers | Black Widow 

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Honest Trailers | Black Widow
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by: Logan Rees, Spencer Gilbert, Danielle Radford, \u0026 Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen \u0026 Randy Whitlock
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Post-Production Coordinator: Mikołaj Kossakowski
Assistant Editor: Rebecca Castaneda
Director of Video Production: Max Dionne
Executive Producer: Roth Cornet

Published on


Jul 20, 2021




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Comments 0   
Kennedy Mcdon
Kennedy Mcdon 4 hours ago
Winter sold her😭😭
Weteperepe 4 hours ago
Do pheromones actually work like that? You can't hurt someone whose stench you're attracted to?
therealDale 4 hours ago
Honest Trailer: Loki
Weteperepe 4 hours ago
Now do Loki pleaaaaase
Younous 4 hours ago
Didn't like this Taskmaster version. I hope we get a Taskmaster variant.
Cedric Kato
Cedric Kato 4 hours ago
Most brutal murder 😂
siiicar 4 hours ago
Did he say "Whack Widow"???
Informing Anim
Informing Anim 4 hours ago
Who's gonna do Loki? Your mama?
William Riker
William Riker 4 hours ago
Do some of the star trek movies! 🤞
lone wonderer
lone wonderer 4 hours ago
Lmao i said the same thing about harvey Weinstein resemblance
Naitik Gupta
Naitik Gupta 4 hours ago
Do Loki Trailer
devansh Bhardwaj
devansh Bhardwaj 5 hours ago
Do blacklist and say "Im marry poppins yall"
Anikethana C H
Anikethana C H 5 hours ago
Say: "We get all our quirky comments from letterboxd"
Andrei Nicolae
Andrei Nicolae 5 hours ago
I guess the "female Captain Marvel" was younger with 5 years in real life and probably that is why B. Larson was the FIRST mcu female superhero . Cause talent AND age counts ladies ! :)
Anonymously MJ
Anonymously MJ 5 hours ago
Am I the only person who actually enjoyed the movie?
Aakash Pednekar
Aakash Pednekar 5 hours ago
Please do for Loki also.
Josh Domond
Josh Domond 5 hours ago
I looooove this moooooviiie lmao
Channon Legier
Channon Legier 5 hours ago
_First female superhero get her own movie_ ?? Wonder Woman? Captain Marvel?
Aizat Sham
Aizat Sham 6 hours ago
Probably the best ive heard by far "In Soviet Russia, M C's U" HAHAHAHA
Sofia Collins
Sofia Collins 6 hours ago
Definitely One For Our 4K Collection...❤️ Scarlet Johansson Movies..🇬🇧👍🏻
Shay Aharon
Shay Aharon 6 hours ago
5:25 Best line ever 😂
Debayan Koley
Debayan Koley 6 hours ago
The Mini Jovovich was so apt🤣🤣
Leone Senpai
Leone Senpai 6 hours ago
Where was Taskmaster? Was he in the movie?
Raj Ritu
Raj Ritu 6 hours ago
Brutal Murder is the best one🤣🤣
Rick Style
Rick Style 6 hours ago
Immanuel Reignz
Immanuel Reignz 7 hours ago
And we're still waiting for d true female hero, black widow wasn't it.
Gabriel Afolabi
Gabriel Afolabi 7 hours ago
😂😂 You guys went easy on the movie but brilliant
Ashe 7 hours ago
This movie wasted Taskmaster so much, and we still don't get to see what happened in Budapest
SpeedyBasket 5
SpeedyBasket 5 7 hours ago
Do yogi bear for my birthday!
SpeedyBasket 5
SpeedyBasket 5 7 hours ago
This was better then the movie 😂 🍿
Aishwarya Naik
Aishwarya Naik 7 hours ago
Jungle Cruise now!!!!! Also i want to be in the intro
Ryan Ali
Ryan Ali 7 hours ago
When he said « Harvey Weins… » 😭😭
Ahmed Shah Hussain
Ahmed Shah Hussain 7 hours ago
Say, ' putin is my babe'
Kenzo g
Kenzo g 7 hours ago
LMAO, this is the pinnacle of honest trailers! I was watching the movie thinking exactly the same thing!!
janine cruz
janine cruz 7 hours ago
We now need a BLACK WIDOW 2!!!
Jerald lauron
Jerald lauron 8 hours ago
Black widow movie is great, amazing like Captain America: the winter soldier 😍
Nathan Peraza
Nathan Peraza 8 hours ago
First MCU female superhero get her own movie? Captain Marvel doesn’t exist or?
Đăng Phùng
Đăng Phùng 8 hours ago
Do a honest trailer for Wanted!!!!!
Justin Gonsalves
Justin Gonsalves 8 hours ago
One of the worst Marvel movies ever if not the worst! Can't believe Rotten Tomatoes is sucking up to this BS
Tobiloba Ashogbon
Tobiloba Ashogbon 8 hours ago
Say I'm not bad I just do bad things
Cassowary 8 hours ago
Super Borat 💀
Gibson ❶
Gibson ❶ 8 hours ago
Mini Jovovich 🤣
Dangya Town
Dangya Town 8 hours ago
Yeah do loki now
ZenLotus Ascension Fitness
Do the good doctor next
Enzo Gabriel Almonte
Percy Jackson honest trailer pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeee
Cinnamon Roll
Cinnamon Roll 9 hours ago
Say “black widow didn’t get a funeral and now she can’t even have a nice scene between her grave and her sister”
Abhiram R
Abhiram R 9 hours ago
please do "DARK"
BirdBro 9 hours ago
Say "People were really waiting for a freaking Black Widow movie? L M A O"
The WoT
The WoT 9 hours ago
Do Wind River
Speedy Quick
Speedy Quick 9 hours ago
Marvin Leach
Marvin Leach 9 hours ago
The amount of times Black Widow should have died is what absolutely took me out of this movie. I just couldn't take it seriously.
Just a Long Lived Noob
5:30 i would like to see what conversation they had ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Kevin Holmes
Kevin Holmes 9 hours ago
This movie bombed so hard in it's second week that another movie, in it's first week, that bombed....beats it. Pretty much sums up modern day Hollywood. Creatively bankrupt. Thank God for Honest Trailers and Pitch Meetings or we'd have nothing entertaining to watch lol
Chris Baker
Chris Baker 9 hours ago
poor hawkeye, can't even win tic tac toe.
mr.kathir369 9 hours ago
The used taskmaster way more worst
Adam VanBeck
Adam VanBeck 9 hours ago
Please do Psych!
We want the loki honest trailer
INFERNO 10 hours ago
Loki next.
Asanka Hendahewa
Asanka Hendahewa 10 hours ago
Where is a comment on so much family talk
Erick Aragon
Erick Aragon 10 hours ago
What a movie! But for real. How about that Ready to Rumble Honest Trailer
Potato 10 hours ago
Remember when this guy's videos used to actually be honest now he's just being unnecessarily mean.
D Jones
D Jones 10 hours ago
Sheesh how did I miss that friend zone dump. I haven't seen a hammer like that since Rey Friend Zoned Finn. Dude got "Finn-Zoned" Whomp Whomp
Kashif Aamir
Kashif Aamir 10 hours ago
I beg you now Do an honest trailer for war of the worlds
Alec Adolfson
Alec Adolfson 10 hours ago
Since you're dead set on not doing Netflix's Daredevil can we get an honest trailer for the JLAS?
Alec Adolfson
Alec Adolfson 10 hours ago
I mean seriously this channel hasn't done an underappreciated property in way too long
Mitch Peters
Mitch Peters 10 hours ago
Thank you for mentioning the fact that they murdered all those people with the avalanche.
Glitzar princess
Glitzar princess 10 hours ago
Please do Loki I'm begging you 🥺🥺🥺
frankfrickinbowers 10 hours ago
Florence pugh is so terrible at acting like what 😭
Otaku 10 hours ago
...but Deadpool and Taskmaster were a buddy act before Wade got big enough they packaged him with Spider-Man! (Cable was in between)
George Papasimeonidis
I can't watch this it will spoil me the movie
MA.sw.nge. culedrax122
James Berry
James Berry 11 hours ago
How did you miss fighting with my family pun
MichaelJ 11 hours ago
Please---at this point im just assuming they gave them the super soldier serum on the Widows when they we're captured to make sense how they survived all that fall. 😂
Sanchez St. Productions
Please do The Tomorrow War! It's so...meh!
Richard Ford
Richard Ford 11 hours ago
Super Borat got me haha
Eli Gibson
Eli Gibson 11 hours ago
Can you do Spies in Disguise, and can I be in the intro
XanderBose 11 hours ago
I felt the “most brutal murder” joke. Ow, my confidence.
Ben Ruppel
Ben Ruppel 11 hours ago
No no, you see her superpower is that she's very light, hence she gets thrown around a lot but has so little inertia that she just bounces when she lands.
Late Cambrian
Late Cambrian 11 hours ago
Nailed it.
Lonely 11 hours ago
shoulda used midsommar reference
Manuel Delgado
Manuel Delgado 11 hours ago
I liked the hell boy remake 🥺
Brianna Lee
Brianna Lee 11 hours ago
Why wasn’t this movie about Natasha’s orgin story of growing up in the program, being a brutal assassin, meeting Hawkeye, and becoming a hero? It’s the BW movie we wanted. It would have taken place in different timelines too, but nope. They had to tell the story of her replacement instead. What a waste.
JessieLightyear 11 hours ago
The movie delays don't even count that bit of "Whoops Scarlett Johansson had a BAAAAAABBBBBBBY. No way we can do make one now 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️"
A White
A White 12 hours ago
Someone had to become the Deadpool from Wolverine Origins, now that they have a real one, and Bucky is a real person again.
MrTheSickOne 12 hours ago
have you done The Bad Batch? if not..do it...if you have...do it again!!
SHIN BAKI HANMA 12 hours ago
"In Soviet Russia, M Cs U". Brilliant🤣
awdrifter3 12 hours ago
She's Lucy, that's why she can take all those hits.
Ammar Hossain Khan
Ammar Hossain Khan 12 hours ago
A horrible film
Priscilla Jimenez
Priscilla Jimenez 12 hours ago
Still don't get how she got with Banner
Josh Bobst
Josh Bobst 12 hours ago
The real tragedy of Natasha Romanoff is that she's played by a ball-end-nosed actor when that's going out of fashion. It's all Cardi B's and Nina Turners from here.
Josh Bobst
Josh Bobst 12 hours ago
Heh, this is about the recent Black Widow movie, not the concept or character Black Widow.
MandalorianKoala 12 hours ago
“In Soviet Russia, M C’s U” 😂 I freaking died.
baylinkdashyt 12 hours ago
Cinema Sins gon' be *pissed* you stole their riff...
Jacob Drolet
Jacob Drolet 12 hours ago
Hilarious funny 😆
Markoos Chimpuclese
Markoos Chimpuclese 12 hours ago
I died at the Harvey Weinstein comment... But you totally missed the mark by not calling the movie "The Socialist Spider"
kenneth ortaliza
kenneth ortaliza 12 hours ago
*Task Manager