High School Musical Is A Pretty Weird Movie 

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the plot to high school musical is absolutely ridiculous
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May 29, 2019




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Jarvis Johnson
Jarvis Johnson 2 years ago
what team?
Crusader Guy
Crusader Guy 13 days ago
Idk I don't play that stuff I'm bri'ish m8
Spusious 17 days ago
Alexx Russo
Alexx Russo 20 days ago
Jarvis’s team.
William Taco
William Taco 20 days ago
Wildcats damnit
Jude Connor-Macintyre
I don't know...I DON'T KNOW...I..DON'T...KNOW!!!!!
Keena Ballard
Keena Ballard 2 days ago
Great singing voice
I love that the ad I got was with Vanessa Hudgens
Powerpuffgirl chats
Why did I get a Serial Killer pop up when you started talking about Troy acting like a Killer...?
aghostswhisper 10 days ago
the fact that they don't kiss in the first movie and then only kiss at the very end of the second movie is literally a crime
Xity 15 days ago
The crappy school lunch was the only relatable aspect of this film
Y X 16 days ago
This was a really sweet experience to share!!♡
Victor Obini
Victor Obini 17 days ago
Usually I wouldn't even watch someone talking about a movie but your style got me hooked. I never actually watched this movie. I guess I will soon.
Ellie 19 days ago
why do all high school movies feel the need to make every human in a high school a member of a clique like seriously, there aren't many cliques in a real high school
Mary Echo
Mary Echo 23 days ago
East and West seems so God damn generic but I literally went to a high school named West and our "rival" school (idk what it's called in non-movie speak?) was called East so, like... yuh we weren't wildcats or nuthn tho our mascot was literally just a colour (:
Carolyn Orosco
Carolyn Orosco 23 days ago
magz 25 days ago
SO IM DOING A PRODUCTION OF HSM AND I GOT 2 PARTS *zeke, the creme brulee guy, and cyndra, the crazy opera women at the auditions*
Night Strigiforme
Night Strigiforme 25 days ago
17:45 favorite qoute
A Magi Called Quest
It’s fascinating seeing pre- high school musical the musical the series commentary in a post- Olivia Rodrigo world
Jazzie 28 days ago
I definitely stopped this video to go watch you dancing and …… I subscribed Endless entertainment
A.C. Month ago
I paused and went to get tea whilst making the verbal joke: "high school musical, the musical", and now you're telling me it's real.
Ammistelli Month ago
thats it im using the phrase 'evaporate, tall person'
elmtoo Month ago
my camp did high school musical: the musical so i actually did get to see the musical we never see.
ram_child_XD Month ago
"Turn around" *gets an ad for the new holloweeen movie*
Tricks&Follies Month ago
14:30 You didn't even cover the best audition scene with the two emo kids!
Charlotte R
Charlotte R Month ago
Basketball dad! Oh basketball dad! *danny gonzalez’s “My Dad Is Rich” starts to play*
Super Mario 64 fan
As a British person is high school really like this
Kace O. DaMondaze
Ms. Darbus looks like Mrs. Doubtfire.
Honey Flack
Honey Flack Month ago
in the balcony scene, right after he says "turn around" an ad for the horror movie Malignant started playing and I fully thought it was a bit until the skip ad button came up.
Aiden Donoway
Aiden Donoway Month ago
That acting tho 1:35
Aiden Donoway
Aiden Donoway Month ago
Give this man an Oscar
CJ Ramone
CJ Ramone Month ago
Okay, is it just me or does that cap the blonde guy wears makes it look like he's put upside down white briefs on his head?
I’m sure it wasn’t a coincidence since the Disney plus series was announced around the time, but I will always love how this video was released at the same time my high school (mascot was already the Wildcats) and theater group did a production of the musical like I have some deeper meta-physical connection with Jarvis. For anybody who for some reason cares, I got the luxury of playing Mr. Basketball himself
Jacqueline Sorbilli
this movie is better if u look at it like a metaphor for bisexuality and that the main pairing is chad/ryan. it is for these reasons that hsm 2 is the best one
Reofilwe Paya
Reofilwe Paya Month ago
It’s 2021 and Jarvis is still making game of thrones references 😭
carolinegraz Month ago
Thank you for acknowledging the thing that has bothered me since I was like 10 - WHO GOT THE PART??? ALL WE SAW WAS THE CALLBACKS
Michaela Renee
Michaela Renee Month ago
Jarvis your voice is actually lovely
mo Month ago
ykw hearing jarvis say “oh good catch, i’m on military time...in japan” really threw me off as someone who lives in japan and uses military time
peachprincess3 Month ago
I love how sweet this was but also made me laugh so hard!!!
Kristian Alexis
Kristian Alexis 2 months ago
Yes this trilogy is weird but it’s iconic. It’s a part of a lot of people’s childhoods
Griffin 2 months ago
throw back to learning the dance to bop to the top with my high school girlfriend, just like ryan i turned out to be gay and spent the sequel fucking the token black best friend character
brad 2 months ago
The entire rest of the video after the auditions had me losing my mind with laughter 😂 solid video once again, jarvis bro!!!
Blaine 2 months ago
the real question at 16:26 isn't "why did chad ask if their watches were synced" but rather "WHY is chad wearing three watches?"
Nicripolas 2 months ago
Yo you kinda sounded like Idris Elba during that impersonation at the beginning.
lizzy ace
lizzy ace 2 months ago
Isn't it crazy that I'm an actual wildcat
Atrix 99
Atrix 99 2 months ago
I actually had to build stuff for the school play in high school detention
G.C. Weber
G.C. Weber 2 months ago
I played Coach Bolton in a middle school production of this show. A few memories: 1. They gave me a whistle. Which was a mistake. God I loved that whistle. No one else loved it, but I did. 2. In the last scene, I had to hug the actor who played Troy... who was about half my height 3. The actor who played Troy kept calling me "daddy" during rehearsals 4. The actors who played Sharpay and Ryan were, respectively, one of the nicest, quietest girls I've ever met and a tiny adorable sixth grader. Those two... well, they tried. 5. My name was misspelled in the program. Not my real name, that was spelled fine. But my character was listed as "Couch Bolton." Couch. With a u. EDIT 6. The kid who played Chad got suspended so he was replaced last minute with Troy's younger sister, and Chad was quickly rewritten as Chloe and her relationship with Taylor was written out.
blood&bone 2 months ago
I remember watching the first few minutes of this a few years back (going through random channels) I didn’t know what it was I just thought it was some weird movie I don’t know it was high school musical lol
hope 2 months ago
Athena Pritchard-Jones
this is so wholesome 😩
Isabela Aguilar
Isabela Aguilar 2 months ago
19:24 I think I speak for all Mexicans when I say, it is not, this song is a banger and we love it
Dino Spumoni
Dino Spumoni 2 months ago
15:35 is the funniest shit ever they made 2 different sandwiches to make it look like 1 sandwich, what an enigma
Helen Everbach
Helen Everbach 2 months ago
can you imagine actually being a new student and trying to get involved in theater or basketball or the mathletes when the school musical is produced, the basketball championships, and the big mathletes competition thingy are all held only TWO WEEKS after the first day of school
Brittany AMP
Brittany AMP 2 months ago
Awe Jarvis u are beautiful 🥲
El Anon
El Anon 2 months ago
im playing modded minecraft while watching this and I named my Hippogryph after u. Jarvis the Hippogryph
Allison Castle
Allison Castle 2 months ago
Not gonna lie, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is pretty good. And yes I agree the name is ridiculous lol
Ya boi
Ya boi 2 months ago
This movie came out the same year I was born
Aaron Blagg
Aaron Blagg 2 months ago
Pretend I Have A Creative Name
Wait but Jarvis can really sing though
OffbrandTedNivison 2 months ago
Sharpay is the literal best character
Harshada Siddaiah
Harshada Siddaiah 2 months ago
Okay why everyone loves this movie can someone explain me?
Michael Owino
Michael Owino 2 months ago
jnorm 18
jnorm 18 2 months ago
Annabelle Jarrell
Annabelle Jarrell 3 months ago
am i the only one who noticed that, in the subtitles, it says “(gayly)” in front of Chad and Ryan’s lines??? i’m dying lol
Charity Hope
Charity Hope 3 months ago
The two fossils that they use as cell phones 😂😂
MoaisNotmyname 3 months ago
I haven't watch any High School Musical movies in years, would like to think I'm a different person than I was when I enjoyed them, but I got CHILLS seeing that call back scene! All of their friends being there to support them, and it only happened because they worked together, despite having been forced into cultural segregation..! How can you NOT love this movie!
Super Vegito
Super Vegito 3 months ago
All I think of is that the high school musical ost is the same as the rwby soundtrack in that we just get to hear it, it already exists in their worlds
Chris Hubley
Chris Hubley 3 months ago
Isn't this literally just the plot of Grease?
hackerz 236
hackerz 236 3 months ago
This is so wholesome
Captain Optimist
Captain Optimist 3 months ago
I realize I'm two years late to this, but seeing you tear up over a musical made me tear up because that's totally a thing I do and I felt really seen.
Pig Man
Pig Man 3 months ago
Just watched the trilogy for the first time and I still don’t know what to think
Pig Man
Pig Man 3 months ago
Btw the best one is the 3rd
Lucas Cattai
Lucas Cattai 3 months ago
I love how, when Jarvis makes fun of something, he actually enjoys it, and when he acts like he loves it he is criticizing it deeply.
stinky frog
stinky frog 3 months ago
jarvis crying while watching hsm single handedly made my year, it’s so wholesome
professionalgiraffe 3 months ago
The plot is literally Grease
Poodle Spit
Poodle Spit 3 months ago
Sharpei's hair was the fakest looking hair I have ever seen. And I've seen matted barbie hair
Bernice Koerber
Bernice Koerber 3 months ago
Jake from state farm
Alisa Wang
Alisa Wang 3 months ago
I totally relate to Jarvis, I would def cry at the ending of hsm again if I were to watch it today ;) *sniff* the childhood memories
Blokko 3 months ago
Knives 3 months ago
Sharpay>>>> Gabriella 🤢
λnonymous Wisp
λnonymous Wisp 3 months ago
What team?
ezra W
ezra W 3 months ago
/dj .
Potato Luna
Potato Luna 3 months ago
Ryan, Kelsey and Zeke are the best characters and that's that.
Chelsea Johnson
Chelsea Johnson 3 months ago
I would love to watch HSM with you and sing and cry. You sound like a cool person who would be fun to chill with
flamshiz 4 months ago
a victory for upfish!
Regina GCh
Regina GCh 4 months ago
I didn’t see it back then, but this movie is cringie af.
Vuk Stajic
Vuk Stajic 4 months ago
So about that “fake right and break left”. I've been training basketball for a while and I know my stuff, but what he's practicing ALL THE TIME is something that coaches spend around ~10 minutes on every training for about 2 weeks. That is pretty easy to learn and it's a big waste of time practicing it every day. And that is actually useful, for tall players, who play under the basket, so they can get an easy score, but for someone that small, he won't ever even use it. The worst thing is that he's not even doing it right, he barely fakes that right and his dad could easily block him if he wanted to
Dot Euphoria
Dot Euphoria 4 months ago
I was 9 when HSM came out and I was properly obsessed. I owned the HSM Barbie dolls and a necklace with a T on it. I learned the dances and sang along every single time it came on. I already liked singing and dancing but HSM was probably the thing that instilled my affinity for musicals in me. I'll always appreciate it in all it's cheesy goofiness.
Thndr_ 4 months ago
You have a voice that would fit perfectly in cod mw
Moza G Smith
Moza G Smith 4 months ago
Mini theory : that kid who says "someday you'll thank me for this" is Troy and Gabriella's future kid, that's why he says that and why they end up singing a song that hasn't been made yet, their kid picked the song. He's there to make sure they fuck one day
Caitlin The Noodle
Caitlin The Noodle 4 months ago
wa wa a ding ding chew chew hey ha wonder why no one that we know blows chunks every day and night wa wa a ding ding chew chew hey ha don't look straight at the sun or your eyes are gonna burn and drip some goo
Pastel Demon
Pastel Demon 4 months ago
“Secret East-High Auto shop” Do you mean Automotive Technology? It’s a class in most high schools man-
sara darko
sara darko 4 months ago
the most precious thing on earth is jarvis crying
olivia bailey
olivia bailey 4 months ago
i cant believe you didn't have more to say about the rooftop of that school. like everything is ridiculous but i have thought about that rooftop since the premiere of this movie
CC 4 months ago
Omg vanessa hudgens face at the thumbnail haha
abi_gets_obsessed 4 months ago
"High School Musical: a franchise that hasn't seen a major installment in over 10 years" oh just you wait, Jarvis from 2 years ago
Katie Hambrick
Katie Hambrick 4 months ago
I’m trying to figure out how sharpay has starred in 17 high school shows when they’re what- in sophomore year? And my high school did like 3-4 shows a year at most. So how has she already been in 17 fucking shows? Lol
Official Chanel Oberlin
Okay but can troys mom fight because
Choi Choi
Choi Choi 4 months ago
kind of weird they got the guy from Room Raiders for a lead role.
Linda The Spider Roblox
High School Musical was My childhood It was everywhere at school we would do the songs and dance In the Playground
Tears of Boredom
Tears of Boredom 4 months ago
Why is Nick Bolton the first thing that came to my mind when you showed the jersey
Sarah Marie Prager
Sarah Marie Prager 4 months ago
I know this seems far fetched but in my HS the drama teacher and band director had beef and they created a full on war between the band kids and the drama club. In 11th grade the director asked me point blank to "choose sides" with my electives. Teacher beef is real
Anna Skrobala
Anna Skrobala 4 months ago
the championships for both basketball and the academic decathlon are at the end of the season, yes? meaning that after the day of callbacks, troy and gabriella would both be done with their other commitments, yes? SO THEY WOULD HAVE THE TIME TO BE IN THE MUSICAL, YES?
Slayder Olinger
Slayder Olinger 5 months ago
My step dads like basket ball dad but he talks about football instead of basketball
misty 5 months ago
Gabriella is just so relatable. I too, am extremely beautiful and smart. And humble.
Under15 5 months ago
I have absolutely been to a Young Adults party at a resort before and it feels exactly like it sounds.
jdprettynails 5 months ago
How am I just now finding out that Zac Efron wasn't actually singing in the first High School Musical???