Gordon Ramsay Teaches Inmates How To Bake Cupcakes | Ramsay Behind Bars FULL EPISODE 

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This week Gordon is back in Brixton Prison helping inmates learn how to bake.

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Apr 19, 2021




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Comments : 2 989   
Poppy Wright
Poppy Wright 2 hours ago
It’s the same in school (except strip surches) lol they lock all the knives and won’t let you leave until they find it
Sonrisa Bella
Sonrisa Bella 5 hours ago
Bad Boy Bakery; I absolutely Loooove the whole concept and Energy of it All!!! Gordon Ramsey, your purpose is beautiful and will continue to Be Blessed!!!!
Theo Mamais
Theo Mamais 5 hours ago
they never messed up with the peelers, they were showing them they werent messing around before anything went missing 100%
locVampeal80 8 hours ago
that fucking guard is trash, and wanted to TEACH a lesson he had no business even thinking about... he had no respect, and wasnt giving any... fucking tragic for jerome....
Destiny Elizondo
Destiny Elizondo 11 hours ago
Your telling me I should get a sentence to maybe meet Gordon .....
MaBerry Homestead
I'm guessing Gordon Ramsay moved on to his next more profitable thing since this is 2 episodes. Shame, this is one of his series I would have actually watched, enjoyed then *ADMIRED* him for...
Sorry --- as soon as I hear INNIT INNIT I switch off.
Samantha Pateman
Jerome is definitely depressed
Samantha Pateman
Gordon is on Dad mode on here.
Matthew Chavez
I love Gordon and I'm glad he tried to empathize with him, but he should have known the police weren't going to be okay with this just because the Queen/Warden/whoever said yes. They get to take care of prisoners while convicts cook food on camera with Gordon Ramsey. Cops in every country don't like their power imbalance teetering the other way, no matter how dumb the situation is.
I have total respect for Gordon Ramsey now
courtney metcalf
Depressing way to end the episode
Dark Star King
Dark Star King 2 days ago
Jerome should have kept his mouth shut but he wasn’t physically violent and needed some time to learn how to be better.
Dark Star King
Dark Star King 2 days ago
Why are they putting prisoners on methadone? Methadone is harder to come off of than heroin. They are in prison! Give them a buprenorphine taper when they first get in, ween them off fast, and let them have the prison time to Clean out and learn how to change their mental and spiritual health so they won’t relapse when they are out.
Zeilous Wolf
Zeilous Wolf 2 days ago
i hate how that lead disciplinary officer seemed to have no care for rehabilitation and refused to consider it as anything but the prisoner's fault. i get it, they're criminals, but do you think telling them they're failing at every turn is going to make them better people? how is a broken person constantly fed nothing but hate and disrespect suppose to grow into anything but a person more likely to lash out? how are they suppose to find hope in legal interests and pursuits when every legitimate opportunity is snatched away from them at the slightest trip up? and that bastard has the gall to look proud while actively abusing his power to kill a young man's chances at a better life. at a brighter future. disgusting.
Coral Hughes
Coral Hughes 2 days ago
I felt bad because some of those guards and workers assumed straight away that the inmates wouldn’t be able to do it. And yet Gordon believed in them. And some of those guys were people who had made mistakes and wanted to change.
V 2 days ago
V 2 days ago
Jerome speaking about how bad he is while apologizing to the camera man for walking past
L.V 2 days ago
Hey 3 days ago
34:47 😭😭😭
Namoth 3 days ago
gota love how..yes ,societies needs prisons as a function just like it needs police yet it has to be with transparency and most importantly without rehabilitation chances in it and encouragement to learn new skills or polish old rusted ones woven into the forced discipline for everyone's safety ,re-lapse into crime even after the time is served is so severe in the statistics. and sure...there is the exceptions that confirms some 'specimens' cant function in society.. but at the same time ,'writing someone of' specially if its young ones... good thing other officers hade a lees 'absolute' view of the inmates leaning more at gordons ''how can they change ther lifes if there not is any options for them ?..without that ,even the young ones in here is just gona be right back in''
j.l 3 days ago
Losing male role models should be top of discussion. Unfortunately its not, its all about single mothers putting them on a pedestal.
Casette Tape
Casette Tape 3 days ago
bad boys bakery sounds like a sex dungeon.. is that just me?
Arn 3 days ago
38:28 it sounded like she said the f word because of the horm
Lex 3 days ago
“ *can i get rid of the fucking whistle* ”
Randonaut Jane_Doe
I’ve always wanted to take my music therapy course into Brixton prison.
Kok-Lir 3 days ago
The way the prisoners were treated is disgusting uncalled for bullshit
ccggenius12 3 days ago
I am here entirely because I assume from the video title that Gordon is at some point going to pretend to be Paddington(2).
angel inheaven
angel inheaven 3 days ago
Everyone needs 2nd chance in life and live a normal and better life all they need is somebody to listen and trust them that they can do it for a change with the help of God. God always give us chances when we commit mistake even sins forgive us again and again and again, how much more we, as a human can't give a person a chance to change and live again in a normal life and have a future. One love ❤ God bless everyone and stay all safe 🙏❤ 1 John 4:9-11 9 This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. 10 This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. 11 Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.
ashley diaz
ashley diaz 3 days ago
I want to help Jerome so bad. He got shoved under the rug just another kid who's taught his whole life is a crime. That police officer enjoys ruining his life. Ur racism is showing .
Hailey Lorraine
Hailey Lorraine 3 days ago
what does grafting mean?
Hailey Lorraine
Hailey Lorraine 3 days ago
bless chef Ramsay for giving these guys a chance and making the prison experience ACTUALLY about rehabilitation
Hailey Lorraine
Hailey Lorraine 3 days ago
not them arguing with each other while wearing chef hats and shirts
Wojak Gloomer
Wojak Gloomer 4 days ago
there's a reason inmates are in prisons. Because they can't be TRUSTED
meepbeep27 4 days ago
34:55 is so fkn funny, every cake in London
Lynn Micallef
Lynn Micallef 4 days ago
Bless the lady that said they want to learn, they don't stand a chance with that prison officer in charge pulling rank on anything good they get a chance to do!
Lynn Micallef
Lynn Micallef 4 days ago
The screw has it in for the Jerome he pulled! That's what makes it impossible for him to get out! He wanted him out the day before , he even laughed at Gordon and then childishly commenting ' good luck with that' laughing and drinking tea! He's didn't like Gordon requesting he stayed.. he pulled rank! What a jerk! Gordon was right! He deserved a chance!
Eona 4 days ago
You can really see how leadership detaches themselves from the people, "he's written himself off" already given up and he's wanted him to fail from the start, really sad to see
MsSkupsie 4 days ago
LMFAO They all ate the tarts 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣
Melaine Harper
Melaine Harper 4 days ago
It seems these officers want to pick at these inmates instead of helping them be better
xtruckthor 4 days ago
Officer Cole needs to be fired and put in prison for abusing his authority
madsinnit 4 days ago
bro that was heartbreaking. If jerome was good enough for the position, and i and others have seen change. REAL change. i would hire him.
Christian Resel
Christian Resel 4 days ago
"some of these people are dangerous" Uhm, show them ONE Hells kitchen episode (Mainly the one that know wich it is, and talk for itself and not being a bitch) and they BREAK DOWN in FEAR. 32:28 And we all know Gordon was about to explode. NO, the autorities pulled him out. Being loud and calling stuff around? Thats it? Ever watched Gordon on his show?.... seriously now i understand why brits are out of EU, at least we threat them like people and give them chanzes....
Luella Ben Aziza
Luella Ben Aziza 4 days ago
“WASTEman!” 😂
hana 4 days ago
i would eat the shit out of all those cupcakes goddamn
Valerie O'Donnell
When the moms came into the shop and told Gordon who they were it really humanized the prisoners for me. They have moms that want to be proud of their sons just like any other moms are proud of their sons.
Riley Reid
Riley Reid 5 days ago
A lot of chefs in prison just they cook other things
Dragonfly On the Wall
That prison let down Jerome. Even this short glimpse of his life there looks like he never stood a chance there. Prisoners will have attitude, staff need fo me able to handle it & not condemn them so easily, they can't change over night. All they are doing is giving them an even lower opinion of themselves which will only lead one way. This just made me angry & sad. Those staff need some different sort of training. The system in fact. No wonder the statistics of prisoners coming back once they've left see high.
Kat Valentine
Kat Valentine 5 days ago
It really hurts my heart to see Jerome off the course. I could see that he really wanted to change and improve himself and a have a chance for a recommendation after his sentence. It really is a wasted chance. I hate that how he isnt even given a chance by the staff. HE IS 22 YRS OLD!! HE CAN STILL CHANGE! I really do believe he can improve himself by having a proper support community and persist in not giving up like how naruto never gave up on sasuke. Its just heartbreaking to see a potential wasted. 😭😭😭
deur3 5 days ago
Even a prison kitchen is way cleaner than any kitchen in kitchen nightmares
Cats Are life
Cats Are life 17 hours ago
Jasian Charles
Jasian Charles 5 days ago
the way gordon scolds them like they're toddlers lmaoo
Andy Willis
Andy Willis 5 days ago
imagine being mentored for free by goddamn Gordon Ramsay
Bobby Friedrich
Bobby Friedrich 5 days ago
They say he disrespects authority and at the hearing he said "Guilty sir" / "No sir" with just this defeated demeanor. Painfull to see and hear.
Peter Evans
Peter Evans 5 days ago
The flaw to this plan is that in the UK there are millions of them, NOT at the level of criminals, in much worst shape who are more likely to produce much more.
Lully Pawp
Lully Pawp 5 days ago
The amount of discipline they have holding the knives tho.
ambika kaushik
ambika kaushik 5 days ago
"the system" sounds so dystopian. People in power are assholes, they think they're the rulers. To be true that's a crime in itself to dominate and humiliate another human being. Fuck prison and fuck system that promote hierarchy
Nope nope
Nope nope 6 days ago
When British people talk i doubt my english skills….
... 6 days ago
'He is young enough to be taught ' Amen to that.
Sugar Nspice
Sugar Nspice 6 days ago
I really hope Jerome is doing well now. Nobody treats themselves like losers for no reasons, it makes me sad to see him speak about himself like that. I'm pretty sure he would have done well if given the chance in the kitchen...
Josh Temple-Cox
Josh Temple-Cox 6 days ago
to much charlie
nib nob
nib nob 6 days ago
That senior officer is the biggest nob their
Amazing that they think the best thing to do to teach someone discipline is to deprive them of the only environment in which they do show discipline. Very fucking stupid excuse to be spiteful.
LOL He really sternly told them that if they stab him he will be very pissed off 🤣🤣🤣
BUSH DID 711 6 days ago
Having a female assistant in a male prison around dudes who haven't gotten laid in years is more dangerous than those damn knives lmao
Isa 6 days ago
Omg, I'm crying. Why am I crying 😭
thomas2much 6 days ago
Mad. Prison has a tense environment and they don’t treat prisoners with respect. Too constricting with unnecessary rules. They should relax the rules and focus on changing rather than punish. The secret to change is more freedom.
thomas2much 6 days ago
If they are that dangerous, why do they set them free where knives are everywhere?
thomas2much 6 days ago
Like marmite………! Brilliant!
paz 6 days ago
Gordon Ramsay's a good lad
jr. 6 days ago
That Officer Cole is so annoying. Shouldn’t he be glad they’re wanting to change?? That they’re behaving themselves??? He wants them to fail.
wHAtS uP fUcKeRs •
This is normal in my country, but the behavior is normal and controlled without the aggression. Our prisons are like big houses, it feels like home and looks like it, people are promised their own hobbies and even helped to study for college or anything. For example my friends dad was in prison for a few years and he got to leave for a few hours to shop, ride horses and even see his kids on their birthdays to celebrate. Its rehabilitation instead of locking up.
Night Horse
Night Horse 6 days ago
It’s the ✨“innit”✨ for me
dreas 6 days ago
mad af they did that to jerome
Sabdi Ivette
Sabdi Ivette 6 days ago
I love how Gordon did this for them. It shows that we are all humans with feelings.
Simply Whimsy Soaps
I just love this, warms my heart! The whole reason I started my soap business was/is to help people once I get things going. I have big plans! We can make a difference if it's giving $5 or using a business to give back.
R. Lara-Moore
R. Lara-Moore 6 days ago
The officer seems like he's on a power trip.
LITMUS AERO 6 days ago
“The bad Boys bakery is pulling through” Yeah your Gordon Ramsay lmao
LITMUS AERO 7 days ago
16:36 Wellllll
LITMUS AERO 7 days ago
0:21 Poor word choice
Mabel 7 days ago
Prisoners should do public service and bring some positivity to society and serve the victims family they hurt. Plastic items... do the prisoners get portion of profits
calli love
calli love 7 days ago
"I ate it" had me rolling 😭😭😭
Nicholas Gordon
Nicholas Gordon 7 days ago
Hahaha it sucks huh Gordon
Katrina Rosetta
Katrina Rosetta 7 days ago
Usually I can't stand his show......I was surprised that he was so clam....
Ac Kelpie
Ac Kelpie 7 days ago
Love how much you defend them and try to actually help
Angela b x
Angela b x 7 days ago
28:51 that soft thank you🥺
Ac Kelpie
Ac Kelpie 7 days ago
I want some prison scout tarts 😂
Ni ck
Ni ck 7 days ago
Lol " What are these guys gonna do with a shopping board?" Well cut out peaces and make an arsenal of shanks.
Emily Levin
Emily Levin 7 days ago
Just proves respect is a 2 way street
Britney A
Britney A 7 days ago
I don't know why I laughed so hard when they said they ate the tart.
S TM 7 days ago
They're simply colour discriminating Jerome.👎🏾
callmefecker s
callmefecker s 7 days ago
The whole Jerome situation is fishy.. i don't trust that guard Cola at all.
heaNz 7 days ago
man let them eat one cake. ^^
Mimi Canada
Mimi Canada 7 days ago
26:01 I am extremely proud of this prisoner and all the prisoners turning their life’s around and taking responsibility for the tragedy of their own life beautiful thing! Good on your Gordon to offer them such a rich opportunity!
Be Yourself
Be Yourself 7 days ago
Shows you everything about the prison system they don’t give a damn. They were targeting that young boy yes he’s got learning to do but they don’t care if he learns
I want Jerome back
Ni Ca Da
Ni Ca Da 7 days ago
Wait... So it worked out in the end? I thought when that cooking dinner incident happened it was over. 😥😥😥 So I was wrong. 😊😊😊
Yuno Takahashi
Yuno Takahashi 7 days ago
How do you expect a man to act like an adult when he’s been around these kind of people (inmates AND guards) all of his adult (and part of his underaged) life??? He hasn’t been taught manners and he’s still a lovely lad. Just got some problems with manners, which could easily be taught to him. Jerome deserves better
Yuno Takahashi
Yuno Takahashi 7 days ago
These lads are a lot more human than the guards. I mean, I get it. I do, but some of them really deserve a second chance. Just because 4 out of 10 are animals doesn’t mean you should treat them all like that you know?
Yuno Takahashi
Yuno Takahashi 7 days ago
In the Netherlands the inmates do have tv’s and I think that’s pretty cool
Jovee Grey
Jovee Grey 7 days ago
Awe I hope the camera man didn’t tell them to take his tv away 😂🥺
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Views 1.8M