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Sep 20, 2021




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Butterfly Kisses
Butterfly Kisses 2 hours ago
The store situation wasn't mom, but dad. Hated when he saw someone he knew. Took. For. Ev-er!! Or worse would see one of his female coworkers and she wanna be flirty on the low...... Me thinking: Lady imma bout to break your face, my daddy is happily married!!
Sarah lovee
Sarah lovee Day ago
I'd love it if that was just somebody on house arrest that glued a watch face to his anklet
Literal weeb
Literal weeb 2 days ago
I hate when my siblings ask if I can make them something like bruh I can’t even make my own self sum
Taylena Fans 🎶 🎧
True most of the time I finish my popcorn before the movie starts 😂
James Emberton
James Emberton 5 days ago
When he showed the popcorn one: Me: FR THO!!!
Kirito yagotoi
Kirito yagotoi 6 days ago
Why not 22 pizzarolls
Visça El Barça #GraciasLeo 👑🐐
That walking at night thing is so relatable 😂
taekwondo warriors
Soo true the one that said *me walking at night im scared of nothin* Me :OH HELL NAH SOOOO TRUE
Skyscraper GD
Skyscraper GD 7 days ago
Lexillios 8 days ago
bubabee019 8 days ago
The bats cute 😍
Cashagon 9 days ago
excuse me! That bat is adorable! They made your day BETTER!!!
sUsSy-_-pEtE 10 days ago
Bro y u laugh at EVERTHING
Ğhøšț ツ
Ğhøšț ツ 10 days ago
Roy's twin sister (Ellie)
The last part tho 😂
Christie Lee
Christie Lee 10 days ago
That's why I make a cross with my fingers when I walk st night
Random Katie and me Moments
I freaking love bats
Journey to Success
Journey to Success 11 days ago
The popcorn one 🤣🤣
XxmochiXx 11 days ago
RosiesArt 11 days ago
"when you go to the store with your mom and she sees someone she knows and starts talking to them" This 100% happens too much
Mari M.
Mari M. 11 days ago
B-but bats are cute 🥺
Star66_9 12 days ago
Bat eating a Banana It's Cool -_-
Watch his step🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sol In
Sol In 12 days ago
lmao trur
Daniel Ramirez
Daniel Ramirez 13 days ago
I’ll be in the parking lot and I’ll be like mama wait here you go get the food and the next thing you know I see someone that I like I don’t trust and I’ll see you then I’ll be like oh hell no I’m not angryof Aldi or I’ll get
Alexandra Daniels
Alexandra Daniels 13 days ago
On his show in England there was a funny moment where someone criticized him for heating up his food (at his own home, mind you) in a microwave: “Hi, this is my house…I am not paying anyone else to prepare this food. It is mine, it’s only awful when when you pay someone to reheat old stuff
Shelley Dalock
Shelley Dalock 14 days ago
The bat was cute wym
Katie Fitzgerald
Katie Fitzgerald 14 days ago
I wonder when actors quit do they act like there in a movie
Charlie:) 14 days ago
Istg its so sad we dont have no pizza rolls in the uk we i have checked tescos and morrisons and lidl
somerandomLEGOguy2 14 days ago
TT awayayyya probably HAHAhahahh snort AHAHAHhahHahhHahHah FAX ahhGhahGHA AHBA AHABA FAX YVABA HB vsgdbdjbdbsvsgdffdcsccdvscss CS c Bentellect in a nutshell
Snitzzy 14 days ago
Grace Tillery
Grace Tillery 15 days ago
Bro watch his step!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
NotDionisius321 15 days ago
Very good joke
Derek Sutton
Derek Sutton 15 days ago
One of these are so relatable because I'm like I ain't scared of nothing and then I hear my sister moving around in her bed Satan is that you
Mr. Smithson
Mr. Smithson 15 days ago
But the bat is so cute🥺🥺🥺🥺
Jessica Ramasunga
Jessica Ramasunga 16 days ago
Thank you for making me laugh ☺️❤️💃😂😂😂😂😂😂
Skittles The dog
Skittles The dog 16 days ago
Ahhhh HELL NAH | that bat eating the banana looked like it was choking
Mercy Tuazon
Mercy Tuazon 16 days ago
Me at night i ain’t scared of nothing me hearing one small noice YUP GOING BACK UP
Enderboy 64
Enderboy 64 16 days ago
😆 ⏰ 🌎 📹 jaja
Eyes of Tomorrow
Eyes of Tomorrow 16 days ago
I'm in your walls benny boy👹👹
Kelly Pauwels
Kelly Pauwels 16 days ago
Yes the popcorn🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌👌
Paula Davis
Paula Davis 17 days ago
The walking at night one is true it’s not even funny. Well maybe a little.
jj playz
jj playz 17 days ago
Well before the movie even starts there’s an hour long ads
Dipuo Hlatshwayo
Dipuo Hlatshwayo 17 days ago
When my mom and i go to a store she starts a long convo with one of the salesmen or women be like.. Mom : hey,please tell me where i can get the paracetamol tablets? Sales person : hi..please follow me .. Mom : oh thank you♡...my kids give me very sore headaches and i still have to work.. Sales person: i understand ma'am i have two kids myself and they drive me crazy :( Mom : especially when they leave everything everywhere .. : 0 *convo becomes sooo long and boring*
Marvelous Maddie Rose
Tag gordan Ramsay
ShardOfAKristal 17 days ago
Twelve pizza rolls? The amount HAS to be 14-22.
Nutan Kaushik
Nutan Kaushik 17 days ago
What the heeelllll
Rose The cat
Rose The cat 17 days ago
Gordon Ramsey probably makes his own pizza rolls keeps them in the freezer then microwaves them at 2 am
Jayden Schroeder
Jayden Schroeder 18 days ago
The first image is lil nas x laying down in wal mart
crown_42 18 days ago
🧊.•todoroki _family •.🔥
ALostAlex 18 days ago
Melinda Reed
Melinda Reed 18 days ago
I went to a movie last night and that was SO TRUE😂😂
oliver vaide
oliver vaide 18 days ago
Relatable everyy thing is Relatable : when you go tp the store and they see some one they know and starts talking to them 10/10 always | Before the movie also before the movie 10/10 id litterly eat like 3 popcorn peaces and 10 seconds into the movie already gone | and the one with the im not scared of nothin 10/10 so relatable
100% idiot
100% idiot 18 days ago
Shadow 18 days ago
That bat looks like it's choking
Positive Panda
Positive Panda 18 days ago
I’ve never seen pizza rolls in England.
Blueberry_muffin 18 days ago
The mom one never happens to me but I would sleep in the store if I could anyway just because I could and because I’m tired
Anime 1234
Anime 1234 18 days ago
The one walking in the dark and heard a sound is LITTERLY me at night at 2am
Armando M
Armando M 18 days ago
Was that lil nas x for the 2nd one
OrangoTango 19 days ago
This is all I whach
Shouta Aizawa
Shouta Aizawa 19 days ago
I'm different . Me : " I'm scared of every thing" Me in science class : asks in class : "how does the blood goes out of an arm who is cuted off?" Me an 3 am watching horror movies:* someone gets killed in a horrible way * me : "so THIS is how it looks from the inside"
Azrael Gaming
Azrael Gaming 19 days ago
I just take hold of my knife when I hear the sound, but I don’t miss a beat or a step, I keep walking
The JC Squad
The JC Squad 19 days ago
The 5th one is so me
Smokey 19 days ago
Every time my mom meets someone and starts talking, I wait 10 minutes and then do the “Imma head home” move. It works and my mom finishes the conversation and we go on our way
❤ coffee with moi ❤
I do be runnin when i hear a sound even when i am not alone
Øppa1 Gød
Øppa1 Gød 19 days ago
"Watch his step"
Tahani Chowdury
Tahani Chowdury 19 days ago
Ok the last one was actually good
Артур 20 days ago
i love this fake laugh you do in every single video
Jim Wednt
Jim Wednt 20 days ago
Facts !
JustVale 20 days ago
“If your having a bad day here’s a bat eating a banana” “This made my day worse” Me: understandable, have a good day.
Rebekah Barker
Rebekah Barker 17 days ago
er- bad day ig
billie jean
billie jean 20 days ago
The me in the middle of the night and hears a sound at night be like OH HELLLLL NAAAAAAAOOOOOA
My mom knows everyone in the store almost every time we go . and then she has to look at the candles and make me smell them Shopping with my mom is torture
iiSimplxy_Dxnutsii 20 days ago
Ngl the watch your step got me wheezing
Xander Mullenax
Xander Mullenax 20 days ago
I mean they never said the bad eating banana would make your day better
Kimberly Godfrey-Argent
The bat is so cute
OGSG 21 day ago
Reader of Books
Reader of Books 21 day ago
Jokes on you my mom is antisocial
Kpop My Heartu
Kpop My Heartu 21 day ago
The bat is so cute tho
Who am I
Who am I 21 day ago
Last one he just wanted to kick time he was bored
Clickly 21 day ago
The movie one tho
WG 21 day ago
Lexie ❤
Lexie ❤ 21 day ago
Love your videos so funny made my day
Alex 21 day ago
*Hears a sound* *cartoon running activated*
YouTube Mf
YouTube Mf 21 day ago
Michelle S.N
Michelle S.N 21 day ago
Walking on time.
Bray Goat
Bray Goat 22 days ago
Just know that when my mom is done talking it’s gonna be at lease 2am lolllll😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yaseen Abbara
Yaseen Abbara 22 days ago
"this made my day worse" well same.. not for the bat, but coz i saw ur face
E 22 days ago
Is it just me or does the bat look like a troll-
Shlingshlong 22 days ago
Banana bat battata
LuvxRainbow 22 days ago
The night one is so truee lmaooo
jamesbond007246 22 days ago
Not gonna lie ,I saw most of those memes but the way he says it makes it more funnier..
Mackenzie Poche
Mackenzie Poche 22 days ago
Th one with the scary noises was the funniest
MilesdaMan 23 days ago
I legit thought the bat was a puppy
Ft ferlo
Ft ferlo 23 days ago
At the banana eating bat I would reply that was the point
karendsuarez 23 days ago
Pensé que me estaba regañando :'uu
The bat eating a banana part I legit thought it was a cow
Yasmin 23 days ago
No one : Brother : watching UStotal Me : heard ELITE and a specific laugh Me : LET ME SEE
Akisha magdalene Perello
"Me walking at night: "I'm not scared of nothing" Also me when I hear a sound "Oh hell nah"(・ัω・ั) Me: relatable my dude╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭
more than a dream