Fun Jobs That Pay Well  

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Jul 18, 2021




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Aditya Chowdhuri
Aditya Chowdhuri 23 minutes ago
People forget that the slides need to be tested to make sure they are safe
lucas hoblyn
lucas hoblyn 31 minute ago
Where?! I need to know jow
Yoon Kitty
Yoon Kitty 33 minutes ago
Sneha Das
Sneha Das Hour ago
Sorry but he's fun job literally sounded like Punjab when I didn't see the written one
dance momma
dance momma Hour ago
Dang I'll say yes to that professional traveller like imagine free flight tickets and you get to explore around the world
Pain Suffering
So what exactly do you mean by *professional traverler?*
Constantin Matiu
How many people woud like to be a panda nanny 👇
Pokemon Fan
Pokemon Fan Hour ago
"Ok john your done testing the water slide, how do you feel?" John: Literally dead "Great and it's the end of the year so heres your 41 grand"
Nishirou Hour ago
What tf is a bed warmer?
He said Fun Jobs... It's just like a game tester, u test something/Taste something/try something and then u got the real work, a shitload of paperwork (and i mean a shitload) and presentations where u state what you think of it, many presentations... So dont thi k its fun Work
Conrad Hour ago
Finland has no fun jobs. They're always some asshole ruining the whole thing
Waterslide feels dangerous.
i ZZ
i ZZ Hour ago
I make around 1.2 millions per year
Weird Potato
Weird Potato Hour ago
Every video:eeelite
Noob CODM Hour ago
im a critic so it would fit my skills
The Team
The Team Hour ago
When your lactose intolerant 😪🥲
joy van veenendaal
joy van veenendaal 2 hours ago
Im a fulltime bedwarmer but i dont get paid for that unfortunatly
Byteboi 2 hours ago
Panda nani can even earn more from selling slime
Light Yagami
Light Yagami 2 hours ago
gonna go become a bed warmer real quick
Mark Chapman
Mark Chapman 3 hours ago
Thats why ben and jerrys that expensive. We all have to pay these testers
United world
United world 3 hours ago
How tf do u get paid when u shop?? Advanced uno reverse card when the cashier asks for payment??
D1M1TR1 3 hours ago
I really wonder how ling these videos take to make, Im thinking 10 minutes at most
Snail 3 hours ago
Water slide tester 41.000k yearly SHEEEEEEEEEESH and i like water slides
Shin Godzilla
Shin Godzilla 3 hours ago
Water slide tester reward: death and money
tidepod kun
tidepod kun 3 hours ago
Plot twist: all of these jobs are being talked about while at each location two people are pouring beans down their asshole
jason quinney
jason quinney 3 hours ago
My uncle is a professional traveler
YunG BrAtZ
YunG BrAtZ 3 hours ago
How is a movie critic fun? First off u need a bachelor's degree, then they gotta analyze movies meaning they make sure all the plot, development, characters, directing, writing, and performance is correct, it just sounds like high school to me😐
Hide yo kids
Hide yo kids 3 hours ago
I bet being a professional shoppers hella hard
sweepeu ng
sweepeu ng 4 hours ago
Vvghbyyh by y CT
Tushan Pawar
Tushan Pawar 4 hours ago
Movie critic: “ *Breathtaking* “ ok where’s my 180k???
Cited_Raccoon_677 4 hours ago
When your father makes 250,000K per year being an engineer who works on hospital machines and analyzers..
Rei Gacha Life 23
Rei Gacha Life 23 4 hours ago
Dont electrical line jobs pay a lot as well?
MrGravitated ✓
MrGravitated ✓ 5 hours ago
i wouldnt become a water slide tester, i know it sounds fun but it can be quite dangerous
LUIS VILLA 5 hours ago
Wait these are jobs ._. Well I knew that panda nanny’s were a thing and movie critics but not the other ones
•  Dëkû  •
• Dëkû • 5 hours ago
Idk maybe a panda nanny or movie critic IDK
khalis azizi
khalis azizi 5 hours ago
Water slide tester is not fun sometimes it can bring to death if the slider is built wrong lol
Bluestorm 23
Bluestorm 23 5 hours ago
What do u mean by bed warmer
Albiの 5 hours ago
i mean panda nanny sounds nice. until they make your nanny progress ineffective within mere seconds.
Party Animalʕ·ᴥ·ʔ ツ
Half of these jobs can be Dangerous like the water Slides Have you ever Went down a waterslide so fast that You fell off? That could happen
엘_다즐링 5 hours ago
Fun but can cost ur life? Yeah
Aaron T
Aaron T 5 hours ago
Professional traveler would not be awesome for a large amount of people, im just assuming it would be extremely lonely
F7ツ MuAvIA
F7ツ MuAvIA 5 hours ago
Are you sure it is bed warmer not dick warmer?
Akira 5 hours ago
Him:watter slide tester Me:ooh iwant that job In the future The news: a watterslide tester just died From an innocent watterslide
That One Tiktaalik
That One Tiktaalik 5 hours ago
Pandas may be cute, but they should really be extinct already.
bigjoemobile 6 hours ago
You know why slides need testers right? Because they’re dangerous.
J the gaming boy
J the gaming boy 6 hours ago
Me before looking at comments : I am not responsible enough to take care of a panda.
snip is back
snip is back 6 hours ago
Ariana Marie
Ariana Marie 6 hours ago
Personally, I don't really view movie critic as such a fun job. There's a lot to cinematography, not just watching a movie, and the critic has to judge all those little things to give a movie a rating. It's a job that pays well, sure, but there's a ton of thought and work behind it.
[]Sangwoo[] 6 hours ago
How do I become a movie critic
TheDeadender 6 hours ago
The reason the water slide testers are paid so much cuz if they get yeeted of the ride and die their family got no worry to care lol.
Tina East
Tina East 6 hours ago
I would probably do the water slide tester
Em3s0Z 6 hours ago
Water slide tester seems more dangerous than fun
VentiSimp 6 hours ago
What does a professional shopper do? A personal shopper helps their clients find the perfect outfit for any occasion at top clothing and department stores. Sometimes they work directly for the store, such as Bloomingdales, while others are freelancers.
VentiSimp 6 hours ago
Slide tester seems fun! And professional shopper as well as bed warmer I stay in bed all day anyway.
DuckiesRBLX 7 hours ago
This guy: Abortio-HAHAHAHA
Beastmode 5501
Beastmode 5501 7 hours ago
Snowyiceflakeff 7 hours ago
Me professional sleeper
Hatake Kakashi
Hatake Kakashi 7 hours ago
I thought you are Logan Paul
kavemen1 7 hours ago
Since when was 50k considered being paid well?
oOflipboiOo 7 hours ago
These jobs do NOT pay well
💜MaKayla💜 7 hours ago
Is anyone else in an endless loop of watching UStotal shorts 😂
☆OmniNom♡ 7 hours ago
I wanna be a bed warmer-
Greyson Miller
Greyson Miller 7 hours ago
He made that one up
Cardona angels
Cardona angels 7 hours ago
Ty panda are my fav animal special baby ones 😍🤗
정준희 7 hours ago
I wouldn't do the slide tester that's deadly
Larissa Smith
Larissa Smith 8 hours ago
Ok I’m just gonna go risk my life to test out some water slides 🤓 got to get the money somehow do it or die trying 🥸
William Vance
William Vance 8 hours ago
Im being a water slide tester not question
Bruhguy73 8 hours ago
The slide tester is risking his life for others what a legend
Kirby Boi 69
Kirby Boi 69 8 hours ago
I would be the slide tester
Tommy Johnson
Tommy Johnson 8 hours ago
So serious question tho how could you become a movie critic or is it one of those jobs were its really just older people from the hollywood side that just move in that direction
Kyler Wilkins
Kyler Wilkins 8 hours ago
So fake omg it so fake
Ryan Fisher
Ryan Fisher 8 hours ago
Or commentary tiktoks, no talent needed plus infinite views
Chef Monke
Chef Monke 8 hours ago
You forgot being friends with mrbeast
Bmx boxter
Bmx boxter 8 hours ago
if it’s not at least $60k a year I don’t want it
Seth Salinas
Seth Salinas 8 hours ago
How all these jobs pay more then being a Emt
Thatonegirl 8 hours ago
The first few do not pay well. Stay in school and get a career, not a job. Anyone can get a job, but only you can be the best you
Potato Queenz
Potato Queenz 9 hours ago
Plot twist- that's actually how much you have to pay yourself in the job, your salary's a lot lower
Ganya Barnes
Ganya Barnes 9 hours ago
The channel with no name
You sound like the $19 fortnite card guy 😂
Pineapple Man
Pineapple Man 10 hours ago
I’d wanna be a professional traveler so I could go see the world.
ImTheAnomaly 10 hours ago
Water slide tester here I come
Bora Buzal
Bora Buzal 10 hours ago
i think being a water slide tester is could be really dangerous. like... what if there's some issue with the slide?
Kumbi Shava
Kumbi Shava 11 hours ago
Sniffin your socks 1.9 billion per second!😀
xlyrei 11 hours ago
I wanna be a panda nanny
In Baller
In Baller 11 hours ago
I would be waterslide tester
Wondering Fawxy
Wondering Fawxy 11 hours ago
The last job was not a fun job, you usually need to go outside of your country if some of the movie banned from your country, and you'll need focus to the story and details instead of enjoying the movie, usually 1 movie took like 10-20 people to submit their feedback, and usually they didn't work for more than 2 years.
Darth Weenie
Darth Weenie 12 hours ago
It's fun till the pandas start being carnivorous
Lil ace the dog
Lil ace the dog 12 hours ago
You said pay well