Frozen Soda Bottle 🥤  

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Sep 22, 2021




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watchyourhaircut 29 days ago
Who’s Early? 👍
Dimhoih Joute
Dimhoih Joute 19 hours ago
Et ot melt a min
Sprunk 2 days ago
@BananaCG there is no heart???
Myuga Myuga
Myuga Myuga 3 days ago
It is slap because you can cut side of bottle 😎
The Popster
The Popster 3 days ago
I am
no name:)
no name:) 5 days ago
Not me that was a 3 weeks ago
itzTropic Zz
itzTropic Zz 25 minutes ago
Same shit as making ice cubes but a bottle with the u never were going to take it out " I wonder why " 🙄🙄
Andrea show
Andrea show 3 hours ago
Try the same soda brand?
Zafir ali
Zafir ali 7 hours ago
Mate this 1 ain't cap.. better get slapped now
Ben Watson
Ben Watson 8 hours ago
The first one was obviously edited and photoshopped
Bloodizombie 123
Bloodizombie 123 10 hours ago
He just said it was cap because he didn't want to get slapped
Queen Luna
Queen Luna 10 hours ago
False ur bottle of choice was wring
Kenzo Adelio Hou
Kenzo Adelio Hou 11 hours ago
Bruh its not cap stupid youtuber
husnahalim zainab
husnahalim zainab 12 hours ago
I can feel how cold the water is
B2W 12 hours ago
Stop saying inor
Blaze Zaker
Blaze Zaker 15 hours ago
Welp he got the shape wrong :p
*°•Toffi•°* 16 hours ago
It’s not cap bc he used a different shaped bottle but like Why would he think it’s cap from the beginning tho
Melwin Santhosh
Melwin Santhosh 16 hours ago
The thing she showed was not about getting the ice out perfectly u moron, it was just a fun video😳
NotSoDork 18 hours ago
That's why those shape hole toys are necessary as a kid
꼬냥이 아빠
꼬냥이 아빠 19 hours ago
Try coke
Lara Chan👁️👄👁️
try to listen to the with eyes closed it seems... other things!
Darkrider78 Day ago
The MTN dew is complete frozen coke is half froze and rest liquid
Darian Martinez
Its coca
Tevon Dorsey
Tevon Dorsey Day ago
Your cap for this one
wisdom dice
wisdom dice Day ago
This isn't a cap
Jackson Hansen
That is not a cap
Farraz Alli
Farraz Alli Day ago
If u had melt it a lil it would hv came out the way u expected it to, try it bk and see👍
Mr Man
Mr Man Day ago
Are you sure that's not a mukbang
Grant Rhea
Grant Rhea Day ago
You might could let it sit out like 20 min or so to try and get a little thowed on the out side idk if it would work🤷‍♂️
Lisa Art
Lisa Art Day ago
Too frozen
Ally Nichole
Ally Nichole Day ago
It's not a cap you just did it wrong
AM9 Day ago
I think you should wait or put the bottle in the water for a second.
Bolex Day ago
Froze it to long and used a wrong shape of a bottle
OmniZeno Griffin
put a hole on the bottom part of the bottle that will do it
Not a cap.... its just common sense
mad m
mad m Day ago
(  シ︎ 𝑇𝑖𝑘𝑦 ( ˘ ³˘)
Wow you can make a soda ice cream with that without buying one
tricia forster
tricia forster 2 days ago
I. Heyt it
Nolan Hanes
Nolan Hanes 2 days ago
Omg it works liquid under cold temperatures turns into ice that is insanely cool.
Lucas Sorensen
Lucas Sorensen 2 days ago
You drunk bro?
Emil Vlahovic
Emil Vlahovic 2 days ago
Cooled down too much and your bottle had a restriction midway trough ...
TouhouFan 2 days ago
It's not cap 🧢 she didn't fully freeze hers do the liquid slid the ice out
EliosHalo 2 days ago
I believe is because he did it when it was complete frozen and didn’t let it melt a lilt tule
Hannah Emily
Hannah Emily 2 days ago
You let It FOR too long in the freezer!!! ITS not cap!! U gotta get slaped!!!
Kyle Edmunds
Kyle Edmunds 2 days ago
It was under a vacuum. Let it melt a bit and make a small hole at the top to let air replace where the frozen soda was.
Brandon G Ray
Brandon G Ray 2 days ago
You say it didn’t work but it actually did work…. And secondly I’ll just say this maybe you could have cut the side while you were trying to get it out so it would come out
Theekshana Kalhara
You cant call something a cap just because you couldn't do it peoperly 😒
W C 2 days ago
Yours was too frozen. If it was more slush it would've all came out. Slap yourself! Lol jk
Warren Houk
Warren Houk 2 days ago
They froze the bottle then they ran it under hot water to loosen everything up and then it will slide out the guy does not know what he's talking about. Plus when somebody copies something uses exact same thing you didn't even use the same soda I know it doesn't make a difference but you should use exact same thing
Thanadech Bovonpinijkul
No it slap
Trugillo Anita
Trugillo Anita 2 days ago
It's all about the bottle
Sirish arepelli
Sirish arepelli 2 days ago
Mr beast 🤣😁
かず 2 days ago
Maybe covering the bottle with warm water before removing the ice?
Mayyang Aya
Mayyang Aya 2 days ago
I like how you drop the cam 😂
kamilfejtek81 2 days ago
You freeze it too long, her was less and thats why went out easy
Hers was more liquid which allowed it to slip out it’s not cap
Abhishek Marai
Abhishek Marai 2 days ago
It's not a cap idiot,
Adventures with Azaan
Your life is cap
Christabel Ang
Christabel Ang 2 days ago
What a waste of perfectly good mountain dew
Ranboofriend 2 days ago
I did that before it just broke
natasha leduc
natasha leduc 2 days ago
For one shape of bottle 2 u should of run it under hot water a little 😉😂 go on slap your self
KiraiSiren 2 days ago
The editing to make her face skinner snatch that coke so fast.
tiger claw gaming!
Reali thing
antique pearl
antique pearl 2 days ago
In the defense of the people, he's not doing it under same conditions. For instance in thia one he used mt. Dew and he also froze it for too long. Hers wasn't frozen solid.
ShockVibe 3 days ago
This might be true the shape of the bottle matters
Hood Famous
Hood Famous 3 days ago
Man not even using the same soda it's not cap lmao
DeVineDiamond 💎
U know it wasn't cap the bottom just broke and u said it was so didn't have to get slapped
Aarom Lop
Aarom Lop 3 days ago
It cap Bc in e video it jelly and wiggle
Creepy pasta stories💀 ☠️
You are so cringy
Fatima Kazmi
Fatima Kazmi 3 days ago
You should put it in the hot water for some time 🤷‍♀️
L0XIU 3 days ago
easily a cap, if you look at the frozen coke, it gets bigger out of nowhere, somehow a crop/photoshop or whatever.
sarah jenad
sarah jenad 3 days ago
Your shirt tho makes me cry😭🥺😢
Kelsey Green
Kelsey Green 3 days ago
Chris 3 days ago
Memeplush 3 days ago
I sounds so weird but so satisfying at the same time
Teddy Hjertberg2011
It worked for me
Sargent Shark02
Sargent Shark02 3 days ago
When people try to find excuses on this guys vids
Ace 210
Ace 210 3 days ago
Its not cap, its because a mountain dew bottle has a massive curve in it preventing it from coming out, try it with a root beer bottle or something like that.
Seth Typhon
Seth Typhon 3 days ago
Pinky Gupta
Pinky Gupta 3 days ago
Same with me
Oscar Perkins
Oscar Perkins 3 days ago
Oh my gosh you did it wrong next time do it right😱🤦‍♀️
Zeyrøx 3 days ago
Bro- it makes sense Also the bottle is shit
Echo That One Weird Simp
Try running it under hot water, the plastic shrinks due to the temperature of the freezer, and hot water will not only expand the plastic slightly, but it will also melt a small bit of the ice
Giovahn Wright
Giovahn Wright 3 days ago
Not cap. Her ice was a bit more melted and bottle is a bit different
Tamika Patterson
Tamika Patterson 3 days ago
No cap I always did this with my sisters and now our younger brothers does it
RaydanZ 3 days ago
That bottle is meant for that trick
PineForPryo 3 days ago
You should put warm water around the bottle so it melts and comes out easy
The Modern Man
The Modern Man 3 days ago
Maybe use the same thing!?!?!?
Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker 3 days ago
It depends how long you leave it in there
Amrkhaledx1 3 days ago
U just did it how Is it a cap 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️
Atlanta Allen
Atlanta Allen 3 days ago
Waste good Mtdew soda for bs
Baqua virus [ded]
Common sense Where is the common sense people
tuya tuya
tuya tuya 3 days ago
Its not a CAP Now you get 2 slaps😏
Tiktok Mashup 2021
Speed Tolbert
Speed Tolbert 3 days ago
Try a coke bottle not a mountain dew bottle
qtzoe gacha
qtzoe gacha 3 days ago
Liar umm it work a lil bit
qtzoe gacha
qtzoe gacha 3 days ago
Your face is so red
Master Chief
Master Chief 3 days ago
That bottle has a skinny mid section -.-
Iffah Ruhanis
Iffah Ruhanis 3 days ago
Its work... It come out from the bottle so its not a cap
this coke was from japan and a japan building makes like a coke slushy
Bale Seruilumi
Bale Seruilumi 3 days ago
U did it wrongly
TIM CURRAN!!! 3 days ago
I call shenanigans on you
yukti thegreat
yukti thegreat 3 days ago
Buhahahhahahahaha lmfaoooo wtf is wrong w you my dude going "wo oahah aha aha"
O-S-C-A-R 3 days ago
It’s not a cap hers was slightly melted allowing fluids to flow up and it pushes the icee down u just don’t know how to do it so ur wrong just cuz u don’t know how to do something doesn’t mean it’s fake do better dude 💯💯💯💯
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