Flooding in Europe kills at least 150 with hundreds still missing | DW News 

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Record-breaking floods have killed at least 150 people in western Europe. Most of the deaths are in Germany's west - where the disaster area stretches between the towns of Heinsberg, Erftstadt and Ahrweiler, near the border with the Netherlands and Belgium. More than 130 people have been confirmed dead and more than a thousand are still missing. President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has promised support for victims' families, and to the damaged towns.
In Belgium, at least 20 people have died in the flooding. The government has declared Tuesday a national day of mourning.
The towns of Liège in Belgium and Venlo in the Netherlands have been hit hard. In Venlo 10,000 people were told to evacuate, as well as 200 patients from a hospital. In Liege, the swollen Meuse river has burst.

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Jul 17, 2021




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Javed Ahmed Khan Quadri
Allah reham karey Aameen
Vinod Kumar
Vinod Kumar 2 hours ago
Dear People of China we are praying for your nation
DARIUS WATSON 3 hours ago
Sometimes it's hard not to say the end is near🌊 Prayers goes out to the floor victims ⛑️😪🇯🇲
Rodolfo Baliga
Rodolfo Baliga 3 hours ago
The atheist strike again they blamed the climate change, but they don't know that floods was caused by natural disaster and of course permitted by the Creator.
JESUS CHRIST 🙏 my Saviour of my Life
Jesus Christ is Coming SoON Please REPENT your sin and read the BIBLE
Juan Evangelista
Juan Evangelista 7 hours ago
And I'm always complaining about our lives here in Philippines. We, who are still alive should not complain so much. We are lucky God would not kill us yet. God is sovereign!
GUIRADE 8 hours ago
Pachamama is claiming what belongs to her! Humans disrespect the power of mother nature. Now they are and will pay the price of it's arrogance. Climate change? Everyone laugh about it, anything to say now?
mikoy huio
mikoy huio 9 hours ago
"Daar is just ne muur weggekletst" "There, just now a wall collapsed."
Creative Cassy
Creative Cassy 12 hours ago
hello everyone! these events are happening because we are nearing the final moments before Jesus returns. I just wanted to let you all know that Jesus loves you so much and He died that you might except Him. I pray over each and everyone of you that if you were hungry to know who God is that you will seek Him and He will answer your call. I hope you all have a blessed night or morning and I wish all His blessings upon your life. God will happily bless those that follow Him and do His will. God bless all of you!
syed ali
syed ali 14 hours ago
I wish for the safety of Germans, Netherlands & Belgians.
LASERBLAST 1978 15 hours ago
God bless all amin 🙏
mikoy huio
mikoy huio 9 hours ago
the worst times that the biggest changes are made. Something good can come of this.
debra wilson
debra wilson 20 hours ago
Gods not happy with these countries.
ARDO K. 23 hours ago
Roy Chan
Roy Chan Day ago
People better be peaceful to each other’s instead of being racist and violence about other cultures life
Roy Chan
Roy Chan Day ago
Welcome to humanity life
Sugar Dorjkhorloo
Mongolia has carried out terrorist attacks using coronavirus biological and chemical weapons around the world, killing 4,000,000 people, disrupting the health of millions and disrupting the international economy! and Mongolia, in collaboration with meteorologists, is killing people and damaging the economy through natural disasters such as lightning, earthquakes, torrential rains and floods! The last two examples are the floods in the European Union and China. Mongolia needs to compete with the rest of the world on the right path of development! Mongolia warns to stop terrorism and sabotage!
KapBennyTV Day ago
I have some german friends, we had a blast when we were sailing together, keep safe Germany!
aqsa ali
aqsa ali Day ago
I wish people get fastest recovery after this whole destruction, deep down I m scarred for poor countries who cant even stand a slight anger of the nature.
Theresa Serentas
And if people still unrepentant, something worse will happen
nelia lawas
nelia lawas Day ago
kawwa nman
Oleksandr Kravchuk
These are the 5 most polluting countries on the planet. Surprised by any? Tweet 1. China (30%) The world’s most populated country has an enormous export market, which has seen its industry grow to become a serious danger to the planet. In just five provinces, which that host most of these industries ,more dioxide is emitted than in any other country in the world. As a consequence, Beijing has experienced, in recent years, constant red alerts for environmental pollution. 2. United States (15%) The world’s biggest industrial and commercial power. Although in recent times it has led the most important initiatives to combat climate change, in practice the great majority have been shown to be insufficient. Neither are its pollution levels limited to big cities; many rural areas are also beginning to notice the consequences. Top 5 most polluting countries 3. India (7%) Fourteen out of the world’s 15 most contaminated cities are in India, says the World Health Organization. The country has had a law protecting air quality since 1981, but the burning of fossil fuels has grown significantly and as a consequence India occupies third place in the ranking of the most polluting countries in the world. 4. Russia (5%) The biggest country in the world geographically appears in this ranking for its high dependence on products such as oil, coal, gas and fossil fuels. Also, in the past few decades, it has experienced several environmental emergencies and has high levels of deforestation and animal hunting. 5. Japan (4%) Finally, the other great Asian power after China completes the list. Japan is the biggest consumer of fossil fuels in the world and the fifth largest emitter of greenhouse gases. This situation is due to its high level of urban development and industry that seems to care little for nature.
Titin Sumarni
Saya ikut Berduka,semoga cepat pulih kembali🙏🙏🙏🙏
Emmanuel Jimmy
Let the people of God awake, for Jesus is at the door
Lea Cal
Lea Cal Day ago
And4All Day ago
Now is a good time to think about what changes need to take place in this world and make them. The world is out of balance and there is no one to blame but ourselves. It is at the worst times that the biggest changes are made. Something good can come of this.
And4All Day ago
This is what happens when people do not stand up and do the right thing. Everyone had plenty of time to fix the evil in the world and did nothing except pretend it did not exist. If this doesn't wake people up, I don't know what will.
And4All Day ago
When you spread darkness in a world that wants light, you get what you deserve. When you mistreat children and humanity you can expect to be exposed for your misdeeds. How long did you expect to lurk in the shadows and keep getting away with crimes against humanity? Leave now. Enough is enough and this is long overdue.
Matthew 24:6-7 King James Version 6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. 7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
Maria Martin
Maria Martin Day ago
If ice melting it means more water bigger wave in The Ocean and more air to produce the result bad weather rain and flooding. Ones water flooding into the land and soak up the ground with water it means the next is to be r Awear if there's massive hole under from drilling oil and gas that balance our natural invironment to protect the land and every living things in our planet Earth it will collapse and the effect is earthquake landslide or sunami So only human is to blame From our father mother and sons and daughters in Jesus Christ name amen . the solution is morally and respect to our planet Earth that the spirit of the universe given to all of us in every colour of the rainbow On Earth 🌎.
Maria Martin
Maria Martin Day ago
Jefferson Stroud
I'm totally free from herpes virus with the help of Dr. Ono ,natural herbs on UStotal Thanks for your good work Dr Ono
Ahmad Fitri
Ahmad Fitri Day ago
Man.. it looks like mini niagara falls 😥
Moharin Mukriz
we have been warned don't mess with mother nature and we ignore it. now, mother nature claims it back.
Renaiz Emaleth
Praying to god
Hector De Leon
Colin Riches
Colin Riches Day ago
No news company would tell it like it really is: Property developers and regulators have knowingly endangering human life and to save money risk more lives by neglecting to warn buyers of the danger you them in. They knew the dangers, but money means more to them than human life.
M. wolf
M. wolf Day ago
God is in control. True man has not herlped. We have not treated the earth well. But you cannot stop Mother Nature.The earth replenishes itself every 33,000 years or so. Humans are in the way. The Bible is the ultimate book and this is all written. Repent. Little time left. None of us are safe and life can change in a blink of an eye.
Cris GMS
Cris GMS 2 days ago
Same with China flood. Believe in GOD, Jesus Christ is coming soon, stay safe everyone!
Get Answers
Get Answers 2 days ago
god please help them people from Germany so sorry for every one loss our prayers are with you Prayers from India
Lion Lion
Lion Lion 2 days ago
when will you pay attention to global warming? Heads of State, this is your handiwork. It has long been necessary to bring this issue to the state and world level. And to pass the appropriate laws to reduce the greenhouse effect. Presidents of countries, you allowed it.
Lopamudra Ray
Lopamudra Ray 2 days ago
DW,your documentary on water world seems more useful, looking into this flood situation.
Nita Talabucon
Nita Talabucon 2 days ago
Come to jesus and pray sincerly
Steven Gardner
Steven Gardner 2 days ago
Find the one I want to hit or I continue to hit you all!
Steven Gardner
Steven Gardner 2 days ago
Pay God %10
Joyce Edwards
Joyce Edwards 2 days ago
Need to turn to God and pray
Noah Nkhata
Noah Nkhata 2 days ago
Really sad
cqvio doli
cqvio doli 2 days ago
life for the amazing blessing that it is. I hope you do the same and have an amazing day as well! Stay safe and stay relaxed
Il Rospo Outdoor urbex
Nato cloud seedling
raffineri1903 2 days ago
its sad. i hope god protect ur all...
Kemigisha Nebra
Kemigisha Nebra 2 days ago
Horseface Oxhead
Horseface Oxhead 2 days ago
The carbon footprint is going down with each death.
cqvio doli
cqvio doli 2 days ago
U just have 2 get ⬆️again!
global pulse
global pulse 2 days ago
Small numbers in the grand scheme of things
Tanty Doddrell
Tanty Doddrell 2 days ago
Poop mlm
Oga Thingo
Oga Thingo 2 days ago
Meine Gebete , gute Wuenschen und gute Gedanken sind mit Euch! In Zukunft mussen wir alle waschtsam sein und nicht auf offiziele Warnung verlassen… Heute hat fast Jeder eine Handyverbindung und soll Amber-alert fuer solche Natureignissen installieren, so dass man sich rechtzeitig in Sicherheit bringen kann.
kikuko Rokkaku
kikuko Rokkaku 2 days ago
Chipo Kubeta
Chipo Kubeta 2 days ago
My prayers for Germany, Netherlands and Belgium
tigress63 2 days ago
I don't think people understand that these things are very hard to predict and what will happen with floods at this scale. How can the authorities warn people with an unprecedented occurrance. But people always want someone to blame - you can't blame people for something unknown.
unknown me
unknown me 2 days ago
Condolences to all those affected by the floods in german and belgium amidst covid 19. Must be hard to all of u. May God ease everything ❤️ from 🇲🇾
Anisa Shandra Nafrida
OMG till i dont know about this news, because every single of my channel tv news just talking about covid and nothing else until 1 of my friends who lives in Germany tells me about this, my heart goes to all of the victims and family who got the effect from this flood.
Antonio Garcia
Antonio Garcia 2 days ago
Let us pray.🙏🙏🙏
Orville G. Stephenson
Wow end time events. Jesus coming is near.
Christine Smurthwaite
hope the EU has plenty of money
Paul Ward
Paul Ward 2 days ago
🙏 ur very brave
Paul Ward
Paul Ward 2 days ago
U just have 2 get ⬆️again!
Paul Ward
Paul Ward 2 days ago
This is the result of fracking!
John C Antony
John C Antony 2 days ago
Christian Gujelde Mayol
many disasters happening around the world 😱
Farang Explorer
Farang Explorer 2 days ago
Man-made weather disasters prepare for new climate change lockdowns. Keep taking your vaccine
judy ocampo
judy ocampo 2 days ago
Neo Neo
Neo Neo 2 days ago
Killing slaughtering of animal is same too... action,, then equal opposite reAction
rockthe _femme
rockthe _femme 2 days ago
Please pray and repent there is Someone who is mpre powerful in this world, we are too busy on material things but we already forgot God..
Jin Tonic
Jin Tonic 2 days ago
Armenian scary powers will do everything robots to damage everything what you have and people will be on earth again with help scary power players in everywhere ...you dont see and know about them alliance robots
Bapuji Maringanti
Can we stop these calamities? Is it all man made? If so, what has to be done to prevent further harm to humans and to earth?
Moos 2 days ago
Devastating =(
S R 2 days ago
🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 aus Rumanien 🇷🇴 fur Germany 🇩🇪Belgium 🇧🇪 Netherlands 🇳🇱 Our hearts and prayers are with Europe....i wish i can reach there to help
Michał Gąsiewski
Jedna z najsilniejszych gospodarek świata, zamożny kraj. Silne burze powodując powódź, niszczą dorobek pokoleń i czynią ludzi bezbronnymi, zdanymi na pomoc innych. Horror!
Dunar Solid
Dunar Solid 2 days ago
Lol global warming
Dunar Solid
Dunar Solid 15 hours ago
@Gustavo de Anapolis you don't seem to get sarcasm
Rik 3 days ago
climate change or chemtrails and HAARP?
We had experience also in Philippines.. I think God had a.porpoises
So badly.. I hope they're recovering what happened.. but even what you have in life rich or poor u can experience
krash Kb
krash Kb 3 days ago
The didache talks about prophesy of the earth crumbling apart. Most sinkholes are due to pipelines and tunnels built across beneath the land, including mining
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 3 days ago
Bless them all . That is a terrible feeling i went through it in 83 Maricopa, Arizona floods 🙏🏻
Richard Raucina
Richard Raucina 3 days ago
Import 500 scrap men from India. All will be clean in a few days
Natalie 3 days ago
Sending positive vibes. Love from the U.S.
Al Go
Al Go 3 days ago
As conservative Filipino Catholic, one prayer with you all from the Philippines 😣🙏🇵🇭
Auguste ELLA
Auguste ELLA 3 days ago
Ce n'est pas le début, arrêtez d'aller contre la nature sinon il y aura pire.
North Georgia
North Georgia 3 days ago
Everything is climate change lol
Lion Heart
Lion Heart 3 days ago
2020 it hitted China and some Asian countries. Sorry to Europe people
Jay viru
Jay viru 3 days ago
Beautiful country, at current moment no more beautiful 😑
Jari Kinnunen
Jari Kinnunen 3 days ago
They calculate about what happen after hundred of years to climate, but not what flood make now.
Gabriel Morales
Gabriel Morales 3 days ago
But covid hospital
napoleon toe
napoleon toe 3 days ago
Now people will learn from this reality. It is never a wise thing to build in the valley. And who are untouched anywhere are hereby warned to start moving uphill.
Flatdog Sound & Light
L'oligarchie qui cause le plus de pollutions vas faire plus d'argents ! Oligarchy who cause most of the pollutions will make more money !
Mitz Castellano
Mitz Castellano 3 days ago
This is catastrophe. People from all around the world, pls turn back to God, repent ur sins. God bless u all, & keep safe. Pray hard & never ever give up on praying. My prayers for u🙏🙏🙏 From the Philippines
Lonnie Christopher
Governments typically have "chair- warmers" in charge...and they are NEVER prepared for disasters....They want their paycheck, paid holidays and vacations....but they always let the people down in a crisis...
Thaketa Garnett Garnett
I'm so sorry to see what is going on. I pray they find the people as soon as possible.
Jessica Tumlos
Jessica Tumlos 3 days ago
With or without tragedy ,flashfloods, let's spread love and kindness to all human beings and the living.
Jessica Tumlos
Jessica Tumlos 3 days ago
Who knows what tomorrow may brings ?Thy Will be done .but as brothers and sisters , all we should do is give help to those who are affected by this flashfloods...
Imey 3 days ago
Thousands are missing? 😥 very tragic
Kle Paraskevas
Kle Paraskevas 3 days ago
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