Family Guy COVID-19 Vaccine Awareness PSA | FAMILY GUY 

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Sep 21, 2021




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Nate Leachman
Nate Leachman 3 hours ago
You know what, screw it. After reading these comments I’m done trying to help people. Don’t take the shot. I’m not going to persuade or try to convince you anymore that getting the shot is good for stopping the spread of COVID and keeping your family safe. But go ahead, don’t get the vaccine and when you have multiple family members DIE from this virus, I will be sympathetic but in no way will I think it’s undeserved. I just don’t care anymore. We turned a worldwide pandemic into a chess game of politics and the only one who loses is the families affected by the disease. Doesn’t matter if you’re Republican, Democrat, or Independent, the virus doesn’t care about that. It only exists to infect and multiply as much as possible so it can spread its DNA and live on. Please, just do whatever the fuck you want. Let this virus ravage and destroy lives. If multiple scientific organizations and evidence of vaccine success in other countries as well as historical vaccine success in eradicating viruses doesn’t convince you, you deserve whatever comes to you.
Lil Chete
Lil Chete 4 hours ago
Wonder how much $$ they got for this
R R Day ago
Thank you FOX, hope the unvaccinated people learn from family Guy and make the decision to be vaccinated before is too late.
Rayna LeFevre
Rayna LeFevre 6 days ago
Don't worry Peter it won't hurt when it goes in I got the moderna vaccine.
Daniellian Gaming
I was so excited the first few seconds because I thought this was an episode.
Kayla Mae
Kayla Mae 7 days ago
I need to show this to my grandparents.
Ian 🤘
Ian 🤘 8 days ago
OMG! Family Guy just lost a fan. Shills! 👎
Bill Jones
Bill Jones 5 days ago
The simpsons have been shit for too long, now this crap.
American guy
American guy 8 days ago
I lost my entire family to the virus.
Kari Livanec
Kari Livanec 9 days ago
Aww here’s your daily dose of propaganda folks! 🤢
Larry VanBarriger
Disgusting, how much did you make to sell out?
shizzledizzledee 10 days ago
Lies. Lies. Lies.
HIrashi 679
HIrashi 679 10 days ago
This reminds me of a clip of rocky and bullwinkle getting knowledge. But yeah i guess
ChuckySkullHead 10 days ago
This is the best Family Guy video I've ever seen.
Ocean Breezeyy
Ocean Breezeyy 11 days ago
I got really sick after my first COVID vaccination. I was throwing up, and had terrible nausea. I could barely look at my phone because of my light sensitivity, and my head was pounding with one of the worst headaches I’ve ever had. The second shot was no problem though.
James OT
James OT 11 days ago
Sorry but I’m not taking medical advice from Family Guy. I watch Family Guy for a few laughs after a rough day at work. Not for medical guidance.
Gypsy da Robot Jones gurl OwO
0:05 Why do I got to get this stupid "cuh-vid" vaccine anyway? Peter, it's COVID, you should know how to say it.
Carter Chubb
Carter Chubb 12 days ago
That’s the most educational thing from family guy
Danial Hillmann
Danial Hillmann 12 days ago
😷💉😷💉💉😷💉💉💉😷💉💉💉💉, sure it is 🤣
X 14 days ago
There is a little difference between classical vaccines and the communist mrna clot shot....95.9% effective in the first week than god help you...
KeyBG 13
KeyBG 13 15 days ago
Brian: This just like one of those School House Rocks except you know without the rock. Steve: Yeah it's like... school. lol
Michael Diaz
Michael Diaz 15 days ago
This is so out of character for Family Guy
icecream hero
icecream hero 5 days ago
No it's not. Stewie is the smart one so it makes sense that he would do this.
Crest 3D White Toothpaste
I think that 99.99 percent of family guy fans are vaxxed. Most family guy fans are white liberals from the northeast.
Five Star Media
Five Star Media 16 days ago
Nothing but Freemasonry / Luciferianism at work as usual. Screw you satanic puppets.
Hayden Young
Hayden Young 16 days ago
Family didn’t acknowledge COVID once during the entire pandemic, not even a single joke about pandemic life at home, and now all of a sudden Disney buys them and we have a vaccine PSA…. They even had the audacity to poke fun at two other extreme health issues we have in this country (obesity and alcohol) which we don’t take any time to acknowledge or change…
Stickguyanimator 17 days ago
3:31 how did this short not get copyrighted yet
mike 17 days ago
What a shill
Timberwolf Morgan
Timberwolf Morgan 17 days ago
alolanraichu 17 days ago
this is very helpful to people that are afraid of shots
Daniel Blake
Daniel Blake 17 days ago
Wtf it says this episode was in 2001' called "Fish Out Of Water" that's some weird Simpsons foreshadowing type of shit I had to look it up to make sure I heard it right everytime I heard them say CoVID i was like am I hearing this right??
Tom Kraemer
Tom Kraemer 17 days ago
2.6K like Meg
r davis
r davis 18 days ago
According to the CMS Medicare Tracking System, 19,400 people under 80 years old in the U.S. have died within two weeks of getting the Covid shots. The total that have died within two weeks is 48,465. Look up Thomas Renz.
SarahsCunnin 19 days ago
12 years ago family made fun of PSAs by doing a mock one about The Bird. Here we are, 12 years later, and they're doing a legit one. This speaks volumes to me about what those who run our media think about the people who watch it. I have three questions: why are they pushing a vaccine that big pharma is getting paid billions of dollars for onto us when there are already cheap, safe (had literal decades of testing and is even safe for pregnant women) and extremely effective treatments available, why are they lying about how safe and effective these treatments are and why are they trying to make it as hard as possible to get them?
Seth 20 days ago
I note that Florida had no vaccine bubbles.
Seth 13 days ago
@shamrock32 57% as of today for full vaccination.
shamrock32 13 days ago
Yeah, yet it has one of the higher rates of vaccination, weird right?
“Hi, look like the virus but I’m not the virus”, so it’s a variant.
NeoReaper82 21 day ago
Now do it with facts
Jessey Anderson
Jessey Anderson 21 day ago
Do you know what facts even mean
nfldend501 21 day ago
I dont think i gotta show my polio vaccine to get into a friggin resturaunt
Cooler. 21 day ago
Wow, thanks Corporation. The more these "people" try to push the vaccine on people while simultaneously allowing the wealthy elites to gather maskless, and most likely unvaccinated makes me wish I never got it. I 180'd because of bullshit companies and screaming white women. I don't care anymore. Pray for the collapse, otherwise YOU, the worker, are still going to be abused by everyone claiming to care.
Karen Schmidt
Karen Schmidt 21 day ago
In a club and Roger being the Dj.American Dad
Karen Schmidt
Karen Schmidt 21 day ago
Seth MacFarlane should make an episode of schizophrenic people dancing in a
MisterTutor2010 22 days ago
Covid can also be treated with Monoclonal Meg :)
Diana Shepherd
Diana Shepherd 22 days ago
Thank you Family Guy!
dave 22 days ago
I thought i was watching a comedy program until one of the main characters stopped the entire scene just to give a condescending and oversimplified lecture about a topic i have no interest in seeing on a comedy show.
icecream hero
icecream hero 5 days ago
Over simplified? How do you go into even more detail? It's a virus that's all there is to it.
Marcus C
Marcus C 22 days ago
This is basically an episode of "Adam Ruins Everything" in Family Guy style.
The crazed Chihuahua
Except it’s: Adam affirms everything
Paleo Con
Paleo Con 22 days ago
I always take my medical advice from edgy cartoonists.
James OT
James OT 5 days ago
@icecream hero You’re all good 👍
icecream hero
icecream hero 5 days ago
@James OT my mistake. Sorry.
James OT
James OT 5 days ago
@icecream hero I didn’t say “rappers are criminals”. I said “criminal rappers”, specifying which rappers I’m talking about. There are some rappers who are indeed criminals and encourage crime, who also publicly opine on politics. To subscribe to their political advice is imbecilic.
icecream hero
icecream hero 5 days ago
@James OT Rappers aren't actually criminals. Also, the CDC had input in this short.
James OT
James OT 11 days ago
Exactly what I was thinking. Seth is alright as far as comedy goes. But medical advice? Give me a break. It’s like listening to criminal rappers lecture us on politics aka how a society should be.
Mike Christy
Mike Christy 22 days ago
Imagine being dumber than Peter Griffin…
Brielle S
Brielle S 22 days ago
It must be pretty hard they have to dumb down Peter to the average person these days without insulting the average idiot
Shannon Sands
Shannon Sands 22 days ago
why doesn't china close all wet markets?.... at least the ones in Wuhan ;)
Shannon Sands
Shannon Sands 22 days ago
thank god for the Trump vaccination
Marcus Long
Marcus Long 22 days ago
The gov really thinks we are all stupid doesn't it? Ohhhhh a cartoon said to do it, i'm gonna follow what the cartoon says.
METALMAN4Wii 22 days ago
"Eat My Shorts"!
Holts Angel
Holts Angel 23 days ago
They forget to add the part about the shot not stopping transmission lol
Chris Enzer
Chris Enzer 23 days ago
20 year family guy fan. this single handedly turned me off from my favorite cartoon of my life.
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 5 days ago
@icecream hero facts
icecream hero
icecream hero 5 days ago
1) Its just an ad cartoons do this all the time 2) Vaccines help prevent disease it only takes 2 seconds.
Adam Quiroz
Adam Quiroz 16 days ago
nobody cares
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 20 days ago
Just because you disagree with them, doesn’t mean you stop watching family guy.
Mike Christy
Mike Christy 22 days ago
And Seth McFarland doesn’t care. Why does this hurt your feels so much???
They did a AWSOME JOB WITH THIS!!!!!!
Alan W Chase
Alan W Chase 23 days ago
Seems very simple to understand.
Love Dev
Love Dev 23 days ago
Don't get the shot.
Adam Quiroz
Adam Quiroz 16 days ago
people like you are why this world is terrible
Jessey Anderson
Jessey Anderson 21 day ago
@Scrub Williams they want you to not exist, that is why they say no shot 😬
Scrub Williams
Scrub Williams 21 day ago
Yeah I’ll listen to a UStotal comment instead of thousands of professional scientists
Best Auntie Ever
Best Auntie Ever 23 days ago
It's absolutely disturbing and disgusting that you're pushing this "awareness" bullshit. Do your own research and talk with your personal physician. I've watched the show since it first aired, up until season 14 when it just stopped being funny. How disappointing.
Hammerhead Matt
Hammerhead Matt 23 days ago
In my opinion they were too late to make a PSA, the vaccines were starting to be more available in March of 2021 (when it was a frenzy to get a shot)
Tailfin 23 days ago
Imagine watching Family Guy after 2002
wildNout317 23 days ago
Lisa Sands
Lisa Sands 24 days ago
"You don't get sick with the vaccine"? What a lie how about "breakthru" cases? adverse side effects like myocarditis, blood clots, cancer and even death! whoever thinks that getting vaccinated will cause everything to get back to normal they are a damn fool, this is the new normal...government take over, tyranny, NWO, "divide and conquer" slowly but surely the government is feeding away at our freedoms, covid vaccines have no long term studies, read the PREP law vaccine companies are granted immunity and are not liable at all so if you get injured you are screwed, u can still get and transmit the virus even if u get the shot, you have people like "sleepy joe" who got 3shots and is still wearing a mask! stop living in fear, please open your eyes and do your own research, when are you going to realize that you got played by the government and that in reality you are the experiment #good luck!!
Heavy Salesman Brother
This show should've stopped after season 15.
Jerod Schober
Jerod Schober 24 days ago
i rather get covid then watch this again!!!
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 24 days ago
Then don’t watch it
random commenter
random commenter 24 days ago
I just don’t want it
Marvin Duran The Ultimate Man❕
What episode from the 20th Season?
ICARUS 24 days ago
In case you were wondering, this is what propaganda looks like.
MineWheaties 24 days ago
He perhaps knows what the Osaka Flu-creating Simpsons staff know. Family Guy is a good alternative to mind-rotting South Park.
ixxgunnerx x
ixxgunnerx x 24 days ago
Wait, Peter knows how to read? (0:04)
Brandon Howell
Brandon Howell 25 days ago
Nice. I had the moderna vaccine back in March, popped positive with higher than usual amounts of the virus in my system within 6 month. Within 48hrs had a fever, chills, night sweats and aches. Took about 4 days to lose my sense of smell and taste. Waiting to see if it gets worse over the next 6 days or if I get my ability to smell back.
Robert Page
Robert Page 25 days ago
I know I know, I'm just not gonna get it
Michael 25 days ago
"The creation of memory cells that will help fight the virus for years to come" Is that why you need booster shots 6 months after the first?
Mike Christy
Mike Christy 22 days ago
@Michael Vaccines are more like taking your immune system to a gym. Nice try tho dummy
Zeeth Kyrah
Zeeth Kyrah 24 days ago
@Michael Strange how you think that works - the Covid booster is currently recommended for people who have compromised or weakened immune systems - such as people taking medical treatment to manage autoimmune disorders. It also seems unlikely that more boosters would be recommended within the next two years, but I suppose we'll see where immunologists and statisticians point that idea in the coming months. In any case, there's a new flu shot every year, based on predictions of influenza mutation and distribution. If Covid-19 vaccination ever requires a new shot due to its mutations, I'm quite likely to line up for it then - but right now, that seems unlikely since the current vaccines protect against multiple variants quite well.
Michael 24 days ago
@Zeeth Kyrah Enjoy your immune system as a subscription service!
Zeeth Kyrah
Zeeth Kyrah 24 days ago
Yes, actually. Because only having a few memory cells might not be enough if the virus makes a lot of itself. So the booster makes sure you have enough memory cells to swiftly counter the virus before it causes you to sicken, and so as to minimize its spread from your body to someone else's.
LAIN SCHNURR 25 days ago
I’m glad Family Guy is now making an episode about COVID. South Park made episodes about COVID when the pandemic started. And I think the Simpsons did to.
David Thompson
David Thompson 25 days ago
Except you do get sick with the covid vaccine....
JImbo 24 days ago
then what making people die
Bryan Henson
Bryan Henson 25 days ago
Still not getting the vaccine. Nothing a Jew says will make me change my decision.
AusDenBergen 25 days ago
What exactly is Seth McFarland trying to say about but chasers here?
Christopher Anderson
stewie: vaccines have been around for hundreds of years yes, but mRNA technology was banned for human use until last year. we're not your guinea pigs, bill gates
Chile_En_ Nogada
Chile_En_ Nogada 25 days ago
Guys you may like Family Guy but dont mistake yourself. This vaccine is dangerous. These people are not scientists or doctors.
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 25 days ago
It’s funny how the virus is like Meg. 😂
Celestunia 25 days ago
Decatur Guy
Decatur Guy 25 days ago
Covid19 test kits were being shipped all across the planet in 2017. Posting the link confirming this as factual will be automatically deleted by YT in less than 10 seconds. Literally! *EDIT:* Even posting the archived version get deleted in less than 10 seconds. Literally!
johannes feldschütz
You have around 13 times better protection from natural immunity according to the country with the best data (Israel) Even the official data shows that for young and healthy people the vaccine is more dangerous than the virus. The risk of fatal blood clotting alone makes that case and then we didn't even talk about myocarditis, other known side effects and the unforseeable long term consquences
Kenny Begeske
Kenny Begeske 25 days ago
Stewie is so Smart About Covid 19
Julius Madrow
Julius Madrow 25 days ago
🌞🌟🌪⛈⛅🧼🧽🌄🌅 ❇ 🌟🌘🌪 *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead* *He will give you the free gift of eternal life* *He also promised to heal your body.* *(Look up at the sky and ask God)*
Kamala Harassment
Kamala Harassment 25 days ago
Vaccines are safe for children, but so is covid. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Ant BooBoo
Ant BooBoo 26 days ago
This level of desperation is amusing.
suenosdefrijoles 17 days ago
@Mary Wealth It's a piece of fabric you dolt. How much power do you really think it has?
Mary Wealth
Mary Wealth 23 days ago
Yes, so amusing how desperate we've gotten to try to get paranoid anti-vaxxer/conspiracy-theorist/Trumpian types to put some fucking fabric on their face to do their part to help society after cemeteries full of soldiers and cops have walked into death doing far more than what these 'patriots' don't want to do because it supposedly tramples on the 'freedoms' that those other people died for them to have.
Nate 0W0
Nate 0W0 25 days ago
supershadowan 26 days ago
2.4k dislikes are from the unvaccinated
Mike Christy
Mike Christy 22 days ago
Would have been 5 K a year ago lol ☠️ literally
Celestunia 25 days ago
nintendians 26 days ago
if only people are willing to go and get the vaccinated.
Mrs. Happydog
Mrs. Happydog 26 days ago
This is misleading, unscientific. It gives zero warning about prion diseases, breakthrough infections, shedding spike proteins infecting others, potential blood clots, etc. Breakthrough illness is from vaccinated.
Steven Mancera
Steven Mancera 26 days ago
0:57 Lmao is fat blockages on your arteries really called plaques?
spaceface320 26 days ago
It is actually, and it’s also known as a cholesterol plaque
Matthew Steenbergen
There will Not Be No Back to Normal.
Matthew Steenbergen
These (Jabs) Are not Even Worth it. Jab Blocks your immune system and Goes Around it. Also Good Luck with The Nanotechnology in side your Body.
Scrub Williams
Scrub Williams 21 day ago
@Matthew Steenbergen do u think they dedicated their lives to make u wear a cloth mask and take a vaccine? Vaccines have saved millions of lives, got rid or smallpox and almost polio. Now you have to contribute to stopping the spread of the virus, u think scientists are dumb? I’m sure u have medical training
Matthew Steenbergen
Stop Being Gullible for the Scientists and Big Pharmaceutical companies.
Scrub Williams
Scrub Williams 21 day ago
@Matthew Steenbergen you used the wrong form of “there”. Yeah I’ll listen to the scientists
Matthew Steenbergen
People Americans have to make there own Choices and Decisions. They are the ones who have to live with that.
Scrub Williams
Scrub Williams 21 day ago
@Matthew Steenbergen yeah I’ll listen to a UStotal comment instead of professional scientists
ZSGerman 26 days ago
Love it love it FREAKING LOVE IT
Groomy The Clown
Groomy The Clown 26 days ago
Family Guy, now sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry.
DoiKid 26 days ago
I love this
david gillen
david gillen 26 days ago
Love it thanks!!!!!
Sodium Chl0ride
Sodium Chl0ride 27 days ago
Austin Parsley
Austin Parsley 27 days ago
The jabs at Meg and The Simpsons have gotten SO old! Enough already!!! 😤
Austin Parsley
Austin Parsley 19 days ago
@Eric Cartman That’s why I feel that by now, all the Meg-bashing and Simpsons roasts have been driven into the ground
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 19 days ago
@Austin Parsley those were golden season. 7,8,9 were not as good as the others seasons. After that family guy sucked.
Austin Parsley
Austin Parsley 19 days ago
@Eric Cartman I prefer seasons 1-6
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 19 days ago
@Austin Parsley you’re right. I like family guy up to season 9.
Austin Parsley
Austin Parsley 19 days ago
@Eric Cartman Gladly because it hasn’t been funny since 2008
Mari S
Mari S 27 days ago
AccurateMemin 27 days ago
When you realize Peter has more common sense than most Americans right now:
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman 20 days ago
Ikr. It’s sad
Joanne kanfer
Joanne kanfer 27 days ago
Problem is people still get sick from covid and they can still infect others. Not on the same level of Polio vaccine
Family guy PSA