Easily 3 Star the Pumpkin Graveyard Challenge (Clash of Clans) 

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How to Complete the Pumpkin Graveyard Challenge in Clash of Clans. Judo Sloth Gaming provides a Tutorial Guide on How to Best 3 Star the Clash of Clans Halloween Challenge. This strategy follows many hours of research to find you a method that is easy to follow. Whilst this challenge is difficult due to the lack of troops I believe this method will give you the best success and was refined so that it was replicable and consistent. Be sure to share your 3 Star Success in the comments and let me know what you think of the New Obstacle and Scenery. Clash On!

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Oct 20, 2021




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Comments : 2 268   
Judo Sloth Gaming
Best of luck beating the challenge! Even if it takes you a couple of attempts to get the deployment down, don’t worry about it, I know you can do it 1 Million Subscriber Special - Clash of Clans Strapped to an Airplane: ustotal.info/both/video/323Bi4GCs2lrndg.html
Clover 28 days ago
I got only 96 % but thanks
Vicky Vicky
Vicky Vicky 29 days ago
Thanks for highlighting my comment love from india ❤️❤️❤️
Jimlon Ornopia
Jimlon Ornopia Month ago
I get it 3times after watching your video kudos thanks very challenging brrrrr....
clashersagar yt
clashersagar yt Month ago
Kamolidin Muminov
One thing I noticed when townhall destroyed, it didn’t spell any poison. What’s that Judo 🥋?
Luis Villafane
Luis Villafane 12 days ago
That challenge is no longer exists
yoooo thers no ghost fighters anymore are they baned?
Timo 28 days ago
Big like
Got it💯%😜
King Nt
King Nt 28 days ago
I know why you are here.. The event is going to end
CLASH GALAXY 28 days ago
I completed this challenge within 10 min with this tutorial
Thenuja Tennakoon
Thenuja Tennakoon 28 days ago
Well I tried this and I tried for days and didn’t work 😭😭😭😭😭
thelombax2002 28 days ago
this isnt worth it
Kijas 29 days ago
It’s impossible :(
zuccaballs 29 days ago
thanks, i always 2 star lol
Black 29 days ago
thanks as always
Jerry 29 days ago
Got it thanks to you! I use your code when buying things as you’re my favorite Clash UStotalr 🙂
ayori Nori
ayori Nori 29 days ago
Thanks alot
David Kenneally
David Kenneally 29 days ago
Judo you legend thank you
Kien Nguyen
Kien Nguyen 29 days ago
It only works 30% of the time, because the bowler walks randomly and doesn't hit to activate the townhall. Then Royal Champion goes for the troops and got killed, Townhall pop up later at 50% and roast all your troops
Ocean Jogging
Ocean Jogging 28 days ago
@Ziggz Would you send the link please
Ziggz 29 days ago
I have a link to a UStotalr that made me get a 3 star if you want to
AK CLASHR 29 days ago
Thank you JUDO SLOTH. I ve finished this challenge ⭐️⭐️⭐️
SHANE EVANS 29 days ago
I just downloaded COC and beat this challenge and coc didn't give me my xp points why is that
Pikajohn yt
Pikajohn yt 29 days ago
I did the strategy but something went wrong for me the loyal champion did break the townhall but it went the wrong way and died but I changed up the strat a bit and used my last invisibility spell when they got close to the skeletons and managed to live then they went for the storages then the inferno the managed to live they destroyed the last hidden Tesla then all of my heroes died but the inferno tower was in perfect health and so is my electric owl to destroy the inferno tower i three star it finally thanks to your strat but with a twist 😁
EvosFams AntiKarbit
Hi Judo, I'm new subcriber your channel. I am clasher TH 11,12, & 14 and I am air attacker. Btw, I am from Indonesia.
Gabriel Martinez
Gabriel Martinez 29 days ago
This was really helpful. I like to try and figure the challenges out on my own but sometimes I don't have the time to figure them out if I can't complete them right away. You took the time to show us how its done. You are awesome, thank you Judo Sloth.
nithin cyriac
nithin cyriac 29 days ago
Got it bro thank you
King Of Stage
King Of Stage 29 days ago
RC couldn't attack the th as she only targets defense...shame on you
jatin tiwari
jatin tiwari 29 days ago
Watching this video for the 4 th time
Zafira Hayat
Zafira Hayat 29 days ago
Thank you so much for this video. I had been trying this challenge for 5 days and now have earned 3 star on following your technique. Very happy. I have also decided to support you.
Kane 29 days ago
works perfectly well, subscribed
Tomatenmark 29 days ago
useless tactics. doesnt even come close to work except rng blesses ur rc to be jesus
Ziggz 29 days ago
Bowler and royal champion is retarded
Ziggz 29 days ago
Legit 😂
Artis Dimza
Artis Dimza 29 days ago
Thanks judo!
Mohit Tiwari
Mohit Tiwari 29 days ago
Thank u bro❤️🙂
Tanay Bantia
Tanay Bantia 29 days ago
waste strategy
General P
General P 29 days ago
Ayyy thanks Judo, I roughly did the same thing as you and the grand warden managed to barely get that last inferno tower & Tesla. Gimme that shovel of obstacles 😁
A. 29 days ago
I got 33%. RC died and didn’t even go to the same place as yours. 😭🤌🏼
Brandon Lee Gaming
I give up judo I did your strategy many times but I got 98% at most
Ziggz 29 days ago
Fan same
ice_geco Month ago
very helpful thank you
Lovis Month ago
Thank you!
Hfz J.
Hfz J. Month ago
Thank you so much! This video help a lot 😁
Stabby Month ago
Bob Jeff
Bob Jeff Month ago
Lau Richard
Lau Richard Month ago
Always useful. Finished in the second time.
Gillanator Month ago
Ayyy thanks Judo! Took me a few attempts but I got there :D
Alexis Francis Limlingan
Thanks a lot by the way I’ve used your code. 👍
Alexander Stoynev
Thanks I finally did it!! It was so annoying I tried everything but the vid helped ngl
Nihal Katiyaar
Nihal Katiyaar Month ago
I followed each and every step but I don't know why it doesn't work for me. 😞😞
aces gaming
aces gaming Month ago
Also a witch queen skin with archers dressed as skeletons would be cool too
kyle nalangan
kyle nalangan Month ago
How it's hard
Wong Jason
Wong Jason Month ago
Thank you!!!!
Jenith Carpio
Jenith Carpio Month ago
why my royal champion die in thr center
John Mazetti
John Mazetti Month ago
Thanks for the Help. I only got 2 star 68% as my best befor This. 3 star first try
Na Na
Na Na Month ago
❤️ Amazing
Richarizard Month ago
This is literally impossible
Judah Baumann
Judah Baumann Month ago
0:06 The voice synced with the music is so satisfying
Galeboddd Month ago
Nice try
Alok Kumar Singh
Tried this strategy 20 times step by step. Failed everytime. 😂
KabeeshS Month ago
Hands down, judo is the best when it comes to intro.. I'm a sucker to his intros..
CJ G Month ago
I Never Skipped Every Ads In Your Videos Judo Master
Gary Langford
Gary Langford Month ago
This challenge is so hard even with the tutorial
viltsuism Month ago
I'll did that quees what I got 2 star and 98% and I try 20 times
Jesse Suojanen
Jesse Suojanen Month ago
Doesn't work liar
Hank Yarbo
Hank Yarbo Month ago
Tried this strategy and failed. Probably didn’t follow it exactly but I sure didn’t work.
Hank Yarbo
Hank Yarbo Month ago
Haven’t tested out this strategy on it yet but I got 2 stars 92% on it already. Y’all join my clan. It’s called Dougy
pu C
pu C Month ago
Finally after soooo many tries.........thanks a lot bro 🙏🙏
SwornReaper Month ago
You ALWAYS say it’s EASY! But it is not EASY in real life!!
david olaoluwa
david olaoluwa Month ago
I got 92% on my own with strats but success with close calls 😄✌️
BCA Month ago
My royal champion never makes it to the castle
PolloHermanos Month ago
Yeah no this strat is garbage go check others
D. Springer
D. Springer Month ago
Bullshit !
Gabe Month ago
I three starred this on my own after a couple of tries. I put in barbs all long the right hand side of the wall to spawn in the s Kelly’s, even put them in the nook near the to left to get the royal ghosts. Then I’d gather them all together with a couple of barbs, and put a Valkyrie in the middle of them and she instantly ices all of em. (This all happens in the meddle of the right wall) she then breaks through the wall and heads for the elixir storage , activating more skeletons and ghosts. She gets the storage and is killed. I then put in 2 barbs at the opening In The bottom to activate the 3 spring traps. Then I deploy the Hero on the builder guy. She runs through the defenses on the bottom with the unicorn, and once she’s to the second bomb tower I add in the two other valkyries who escort her and kill all the trap spawns on the way to the mortars. Once she destroys the mortars, I spawn in all remaining troops in the middle left corner. I put the warden and bowler towards the back and place the healing spell on them as they engage the cc troops. The bowler will have good effect on the cc troops, so be sure he’s well protected. Then, when your archer queen, hero or warden are attacking the town hall or inferno tower, deploy the invisibility spell on them so it loses them and they can take that walled in part out. This strategy has a 50% chance of being a three star from my experience.
Korey Month ago
I've tried this 12 times now and can never get passed the witches
Ian Lawrenz Dagomboy
I got three stars
Dolph Smith
Dolph Smith Month ago
This isn't even fun. And all for a shovel? I've followed every step. Watched numerous UStotal videos. I've attempted this probably 200 times. Clash of clans can shove this challenge up their ass... I'm out..
Maclean Classics
I hail Mary'd it from 10 o'clock.... invisible to get the wall, heal to get the cc troops.... warden only if any hero starts to loose health...cross fingers an go. Warden has to be on air, owl must stay alive...
Hseng Zon
Hseng Zon Month ago
Thanks mr judo
clashersagar yt
clashersagar yt Month ago
Love you❤❤❤❤❤
Ken Harvey Dulnuan
Thanks for the tutorial judo
Mr Beast Fan
Mr Beast Fan Month ago
This vid was really useful, thanks! I tried to do it how I would attack but Multi Target ended my Warden before 3 star. Ty for this tutorial! I took notes of important steps XD
Olivier Barthelemy
Thanks, downed at 10x with your guide. A bit random, it took me on average 3 tries per account even with your guide. a lot depends on how troops regroup fro "the circle". RC in particular pretty much dies all the time if the bowler doesn't wake up the TH befroe RC moves on to soemthing else. And sometimes the witches take forever to jump the wall.
Milos Milicevic
Milos Milicevic Month ago
Hvala !
JustAiden Month ago
i got 99 star at first try with no experience, im a th 10 rusher and a maxed out th 6 base
arian suci
arian suci Month ago
Thx judo u helped me so much good job
Dosty Marzawan Mawlud
special thanks it was very powerful trick and useful ❤️❤️❤️
K.S. Viswanadh
K.S. Viswanadh Month ago
Bro my Bowler is not surviving
Jethar Month ago
this is the reason, why am i subbed to u
Tech Dunk
Tech Dunk Month ago
Just doesn't work for me
Nabeel TP
Nabeel TP Month ago
S S Month ago
Thanks Judo for the video. I completed the challenge the challenge in one attempt 😎
Vishnu Mohan
Vishnu Mohan Month ago
I have a doubt what's the need of this code judo in clash of clans am a beginner
Leo CJ
Leo CJ Month ago
When speaking is more important than swallow 😂 Camera lens near miss 💦
Hpdr manori Hpdr manori
Thank you judo
Daniel Mahoney
Daniel Mahoney Month ago
Game Warrior
Game Warrior Month ago
Devon Ladd
Devon Ladd Month ago
love lookin at the close zooms of that handsome face instead of the battlefield or troop bar down at the bottom
Jay LAND Month ago
borischic1993 Month ago
So bad tactic 👎
Mvubu Month ago
Far to complicated for me... I'll pass
Invader 9603
Invader 9603 Month ago
Thanks so much it worked after five tries the fails where my fault 👍😂
Ni Raaz
Ni Raaz Month ago
thanks bro i did it on my 26th try.
Sam Sam
Sam Sam Month ago
peavyy 420
peavyy 420 Month ago
I think if you labeled all the steps in the description too it helps people remember what to use and then can use what you show in the video and be able to do it in fewer attempts and with less ease!! Just an opinion I think it would be above and beyond all other UStotalrs but I guess some people are that hungry for views instead of wanting to help better
HurryingGlint23 Month ago
Took me for ever… cause I was doing it wrong.. I re watched you video and I was able to do it within 2 try’s… and I went on to do it on my other 2 bases and got them on first try
Tin Tin Vt
Tin Tin Vt Month ago