do you know what a demisexual is?  

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Jul 16, 2021




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Jason Bourque
Jason Bourque Minute ago
This obsession with sexual identity dysphoria and labels is exactly what happened to several great empires and nations before they fell. Also nutjob liberal leftists policies.
Fahad Algarny
Fahad Algarny 12 minutes ago
that's called .. honry and bich
Heena Sharma
Heena Sharma 39 minutes ago
Omg.. I feel this too But this not demisexual It's call maturity to understand about true love
Paprykkk 45 minutes ago
GCS YT Hour ago
That's how a normal relationship should be. Now a days what's normal get fancy names...
Tony Prince
Tony Prince Hour ago
so there is a sexuality for people who just carefully chose who they want to be with? What the hell is this? Sounds for me like a trend to give a name to everything...
Michael Dominick
She’s what we call a social justice try hard
alvarez alvarez
Nilay Patel
Nilay Patel Hour ago
Libtard origins lol
Mimi Fouska
Mimi Fouska Hour ago
Jude Hour ago
Cap. She just can’t get guys from bars for a one nighty so she makes this up
Ryan Prill
Ryan Prill Hour ago
Who cares doll
Sam Thomas
Sam Thomas 2 hours ago
So you are basically telling me you are gay.... I'm not telling this in my knowledge, I just googled it...... Pls don't get me wrong but getting attracted who has an emotional bond towards you is good which is the opposite sex but here having the emotional bond towards the same gender is the problem and so I can also do the same thing you said cause I have many friends who has emotional bond towards me who are of the same gender but here if you love the same gender as your life partner their will be no generation after you and till you and your life partner gets old (which is the same sex) and then you both die and their is no other generation you have left behind.....................so that's why God created man and woman so that they could have children and have generations and you really know what I mean ryt...... If you say that you are Demisexual, God could have created woman and woman or man and man at the beginning of time..... But God did not cause it didn't suit in His eyes but He created Man and Woman and that's what love is and it bears fruit and gives fruitful generations..... So respected madam I'm not in wrong here cause that's what God intends wants for a wonderful relationship and having saying that you are a Demisexual is all a mindset and it puts you to shame cause God doesn't want that and He calls that a Sin as His word(Holy Scripture) says in Leviticus 18:22 ..... If you have time pls google it....... So Have a wonderful relationship with opposite sex cause Demisexual and homosexuality and thinking that I'm gay is all a mindset and the God who created you, who made come to this world is Through opposite sex , so you could also bear fruit in this world when you have a life partner as an opposite sex and God wants that from you and being fruitful..... So I hope and I pray that you will have a wonderful relationship with your life partner and being fruitful....... Don't think it all about the generation gap or the world is like this..... The thing God wants from you is what do you think about relationship?...... Doing as such the world tells you or Doing what the God tells you to do who gives you life which is fruitful and giving you generations.......... God bless you abundantly madam.... 😇😇😇
Akshat Dwivedi
Akshat Dwivedi 2 hours ago
I think that's a normal thing or I am living in some other age 😂😂
sumer vashist
sumer vashist 2 hours ago
That's is quite awesome
Robert Breon
Robert Breon 3 hours ago
Are we making up more words to make ourselves feel special?
Shaheen Agwan
Shaheen Agwan 3 hours ago
Isn’t that just what love and a normal healthy relationship is?
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 3 hours ago
Lol This is funny. She wants a wholesome relationship
Dative Nyiramutuzo
Dative Nyiramutuzo 3 hours ago
Wha- isn't that normal
Breddie Mercader
Breddie Mercader 4 hours ago
Daming alam
Belinda Carter
Belinda Carter 4 hours ago
Why do your intimacy needs require a sexual label?
Izan Mohammed
Izan Mohammed 4 hours ago
Omg this is soo true. Iam Tue exact same thing and I felt soo out of place. I never knew this was a thing or that there was a term like this
Izan Mohammed
Izan Mohammed 2 hours ago
@seeni gzty that's not what it says here. Like many people, like majority of the people become sexually attracted to people right when they meet them or like start to like them in such a way. But I almost never do, i almost never go from no one to crush or dating. I always have a level in which both of us are very close friends. I dont think I can be in a relationship before iam already very close with them. And kissing random people and one night stands are also a big nono
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 3 hours ago
Why does that have to be classified as some sexual orientation? Isn't that just a normal relationship????
Leon Zubak
Leon Zubak 5 hours ago
Fuck my life the world is gone mad
ElM3adawy Zz
ElM3adawy Zz 5 hours ago
Im sorry what? Thats jusy being normal its like that “semi-bisexual” term which basically means ur straight but in a more quirky way
Yosafat Kushariandi
That attraction is called love or romance. Just saying. no need to overcomplicated things
NScottisblack N
NScottisblack N 5 hours ago
Isn’t that just being straight?
William Luna
William Luna 5 hours ago
Afaik it's called... love? Maybe I'm just a boomer but yea we used to have that back then.
Johnathon Mclaughlin
Inventing new words for things that already exist. Cool. Im a flurplesexual. I have sex with my wife.
You are an …..
TriLifeBullyFlight 6 hours ago
So being normal = DemiGod ............
Geetha N Kokane
Geetha N Kokane 7 hours ago
Ur in the right path becoz that is what people actually need in a healthy relationship .
JOHN MORRISON 7 hours ago
Beleth 8 hours ago
Demi sexual aka being in love with someone lol.
Matthew Turner
Matthew Turner 8 hours ago
Why does that have to be classified as some sexual orientation? Isn't that just a normal relationship????
Quental Heitor
Quental Heitor 8 hours ago
im confused aren’t you transgender?
IVNISIBLE 8 hours ago
Just tell her to stfu at once
Din Dong Din Dong
Din Dong Din Dong 9 hours ago
Look I am helicopter 🚁❤️🚁 I love helicopter and nobody cares
Arlen Reyes
Arlen Reyes 9 hours ago
Um you mean love...
That's just a normal relationship for religious people 🤣
bloodyhell81 9 hours ago
Demi what... kids today with their made up words.
sarsapong 9 hours ago
I can respect that
Kadir Ali
Kadir Ali 9 hours ago
She basically explaing lust vs love lol
Rashi Khokhar
Rashi Khokhar 9 hours ago
Jesus Christ
Salvador Mazal
Salvador Mazal 9 hours ago
People are so confused it is both concerning and stupefying.
TheJedi Master
TheJedi Master 9 hours ago
Me: 😮 Also Me: Finding out that I’ve been demisexual my whole life and it took YT to tell me.
Emma K
Emma K 9 hours ago
Isn’t that what we all are ? Being attracted to people and having emotional bond blah blah blah ? People going crazy these days trying to label them self for attention .. so desperate
Fernanda Lima
Fernanda Lima 9 hours ago
Armen Med
Armen Med 9 hours ago
Wow. Where are these looney people coming from
Yeyito Vizca
Yeyito Vizca 9 hours ago
Bro y’all “lgbtq” be coming with new shit by the minute. i’m washsexuall. that means i love to wash
Casas 9 hours ago
Garlic Amvs
Garlic Amvs 9 hours ago
I’ve realized something most sexuality’s are basically the same thing
Robert Black
Robert Black 9 hours ago
Scott Jones
Scott Jones 9 hours ago
Sounds like autism to me
Holly Millsaps
Holly Millsaps 10 hours ago
OurLordAndSavior 10 hours ago
Oh you are so self centred
Frank Ritchie
Frank Ritchie 10 hours ago
Demisexual is a made up term!
Sbettanator 10 hours ago
K P 10 hours ago
Doesn’t mean shit, it’s just another stupid word to categorize a feeling of love toward someone else that’s an emotional bond. Get the fuck over yourselves. Demi this or pan this or trans this. Any emotional bond is love that’s what makes humans human. Stop with his bullshit
The Jelly Ranger
The Jelly Ranger 10 hours ago
You mean being in a relationship?
john connor
john connor 10 hours ago
She’s a Demisexual lookin like a transsexual
Hydrated VΞX
Hydrated VΞX 10 hours ago
Demi is just another way of saying semi basically it means half and half, even you sexuality can’t use correct terminology
Chris Neu
Chris Neu 10 hours ago
I'm heterosexual and you described me.
Tacticool. Hatred
Tacticool. Hatred 10 hours ago
That sounds like a normal relationship with extra steps
alvarez alvarez
Eek barba durkle.
goldbach Conj
goldbach Conj 10 hours ago
Damn I kinda don't care
Astheshooter 10 hours ago
Im Djkeyanshsexual that's how relation should be dafuck
Henk Staf
Henk Staf 10 hours ago
Iam only 20 but man i dont want to become 30. It was simple man and wife. Next first question on date is what are you? Then there are 100 sorts of people that feel different about different things
NESTO F 10 hours ago
You should totally feel "in place " in this generation
Israel Sixtos
Israel Sixtos 10 hours ago
I would call it attraction or affection, key of a meaningful relationship, regardless of your gender. People these days try really hard to appear more complex and important than they really are.
NESTO F 10 hours ago
Oh so who ever giving you attention at the time...got it
Moz 10 hours ago
Well thats perfectly fine lad
Mr Tolar
Mr Tolar 10 hours ago
Something that isn't real. It's made up... Get medicated. It's your only hope.
AR RB 10 hours ago
Stupidity never ends
Bubu Urgulla-Gurgullu
So cringe that people try to define themselves with new things in order to be special, develop a decent personality and youre good, no need to invent useless shit to make oneself seem something interesting
Mintya 11 hours ago
Who cares ...
Anon 11 hours ago
That's called "love"
meison Pamei
meison Pamei 11 hours ago
dappergdg 11 hours ago
isn't that the same as Pansexual? L9ving someone for who there are?
red ngtm
red ngtm 11 hours ago
That’s not a thing. You can be attracted to someone you’re emotionally attracted to but that person can still be a man making you straight/bi or etc. sexuality is about which gender you’re attracted to. Just because i might be ONLY attracted to women with blond hair doesn’t make me blondsexual. I’d still be called straight etc.
Christopher Flores
Christopher Flores 11 hours ago
So we making up names now huh?
Forgiver SB
Forgiver SB 11 hours ago
Nobody cares
randy green
randy green 11 hours ago
Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor 12 hours ago
StraightNoChaser 12 hours ago
FFS that's just a normal relationship.
Bullet The usurper
Bullet The usurper 12 hours ago
Why to label everything. Why to look for attention in the worst way possible.
Αλέξανδρος Χουιαζης
Trust issues?
Alex Proctor
Alex Proctor 12 hours ago
So basically any relationship known to man. Cool in that case I’m a demisexual as well.
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