Cena Opens Raw, Calls Reigns a Gimmick and BROS Out | WWE Raw Highlights 7/19/21 | WWE on USA 

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Jul 19, 2021




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Demetrius 14 minutes ago
John Cena is garbage his whole act is garbage.....naw Cena is over hyped
Steve Chaffin
Steve Chaffin 15 hours ago
Too much cringe
Mark Daza
Mark Daza Day ago
Can Cena and Riddle be a tag team if Randy turns? They should be called the Bros of Thuganomics lol
Parker Lewis
Parker Lewis Day ago
Taiwan is a country.
Stay Focused Films
Who brought me back??? My Acting Career
Dylan Olson
Dylan Olson Day ago
Ok riddle has grow on me keep pushing him and Orton as a team please
Roman Reigns is Head of The Table
BigBenji Day ago
Jay and UnSilent Bob
SM GOJURA95 Day ago
You can’t Bro me!!!
KUSH Bk Day ago
Happy to see Cena . Hope he stay we need him
1.2B Views Day ago
John Cena only came back to hype up summer slam. John Cena will lose due to interference of the Oso's.
Vincent Bowers
Who knew Cena would be the GOAT of WWE. He will break flares record at 17 titles
Darren Schivo
Sadly, cena will lose to pur the gimmick over. Edge will be taken out by Seth Rollins. Sad summer slam.
jay blaze
jay blaze 2 days ago
TF was that fugg shiii at the end
shook1nzz 2 days ago
4:31 when you see your best friend after quarantine
Jose Hidalgo
Jose Hidalgo 2 days ago
We vaccination covid u cant see me
Jck7o7 2 days ago
Speak Chinese Cena u bowed down & begged for forgiveness from them shameful u are shitbag
Vincent DiMurro
Vincent DiMurro 2 days ago
R.A. N
R.A. N 2 days ago
Someone explain how AEW couldn't get Cena away from WWE.
Lossii Burns
Lossii Burns 2 days ago
Cena looking old
Bushy Bryant
Bushy Bryant 2 days ago
The champ is there
Al Lo
Al Lo 2 days ago
When Cena was describing roman I thought he was describing himself
Al Lo
Al Lo 2 days ago
Sellout John. Hasn't been in wwe in months and already demanding a title shot. Every episode of wwe makes me appreciate aew more and more.
tyedev1 2 days ago
will the john cena heel turn come??!?!?!
Ty Calvert
Ty Calvert Day ago
Davon Rollins
Davon Rollins 2 days ago
Me 2
Stazia Kibera
Stazia Kibera 2 days ago
The chez rocker mix on UStotal
Eli Jones
Eli Jones 2 days ago
Another theory. Edge vs Seth Rollins vs John cena. Whoever wins faces Roman reigns at summerslam then big e cashes in and possibly wins the universal title
Jack Campbell
Jack Campbell 2 days ago
What did John say when the audio cut out? The censors are always off timing and ruin the bite of the curse or insult in the first place. Other than that this was awesome.
Dan Bardos
Dan Bardos 2 days ago
Who brought you back? China did, end of story. How can I block commie bootlicker from my timeline?
Tunisia Tucker
Tunisia Tucker 2 days ago
No sign of heel turn here
Lucas Fūr
Lucas Fūr 2 days ago
Anyone who’s a Cena fan is a sellout to the US as much as he is 🇺🇸
Ty Calvert
Ty Calvert Day ago
You think he was gonna let China pull his movie? Wouldn’t be a good capitalist that way.
mothman mothman
mothman mothman 2 days ago
Does this clowns shirt read 'respect'? Isn't this the same punk that sold his soul and country out to china? Please forgive me master china, me so sorry, Taiwan isn't a country, sniff sniff 😢. What a punk coward
sandman93449dm 2 days ago
RapGame HankMardukas
taiwan is a country
Who is Joe
Who is Joe 2 days ago
Isn’t that dom’s brother?
Mauricio Abrantes
Jethro Scooter
Jethro Scooter 2 days ago
John Cena is a commie, go join CCP.
Arthur Mabee Jr
Arthur Mabee Jr 2 days ago
Every wrestler is or has a gimmick, that gimmick only sells for so long. It makes no difference between a heel or baby face, what makes the difference is: How long can that gimmick sell is how long you can be champion or on top!
BossIAm 2 days ago
I bet R-Truth dancing right now
Mario kart Bros
Mario kart Bros 2 days ago
I want riddle and John cena to have a match or get in a tag team
X-Gamers 2 days ago
You're not Over until one of the recent greats puts you over. If Roman beats Cena that will be it. Cena would have never wanted to put him over if he didn't improve. Because of this heel turn Roman has improved dramatically. Thus getting the attention of the recent face of the company. Because Cena will not cut a promo with anyone who can't keep up. After Cena loses, then maybe we get The Rock at Wrestlemania 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️
Ty Calvert
Ty Calvert Day ago
Cena lost to Roman one on one years ago.
Thomas M
Thomas M 2 days ago
Yet he gets on his knees and grovels to Winnie the Pooh.
pcgaming guru
pcgaming guru 2 days ago
Why is anyone cheering this dolt..what a FRAUD
Big Tag
Big Tag 2 days ago
Couple of fruitloops freaks
Big Tag
Big Tag 2 days ago
China brought him back
Big Tag
Big Tag 2 days ago
Do You Even Freedom Bro
...and his name is John Xina! Seriously how anyone can still like this guy after he bent over for China is beyond me.
Ty Calvert
Ty Calvert Day ago
Because he did it for money and people in America are staunch Capitalists they don’t care about anything except making money.
Terminal Creature
Why is he speaking english?
NateO123 3 days ago
Cena might as well just speak Chinese all the time. Can't believe this loser acts like he's some kind of American bad boy when he bows to a Commie government.
Zio Matrix
Zio Matrix 3 days ago
China sellout.
Mark Willoughby
Mark Willoughby 3 days ago
Hey look it’s a commie shill.
Kristian Nikolla
Kristian Nikolla 3 days ago
#32 Trending wow.
Juan Valenzuela
Juan Valenzuela 3 days ago
Crazy seeing him act in movies throughout the years and still is part of the wwe. Loyalty!
Kylee Funcheon
Kylee Funcheon 3 days ago
Wellcome John cent
Brook Price
Brook Price 3 days ago
I don't respect Cena anymore after he apologized to the Chinese Communist Party for not being woke enough. His true colors were shown.
Ty Calvert
Ty Calvert Day ago
It was because he’s a capitalist who likes making money off the biggest market in the world. In America Money is all that matters.
Jeremiah Harrington
cena is a chinese apologist, commie loving POS.
Majestic tae
Majestic tae 3 days ago
is no one gonna talk about the guy that yelled “IM IN SOCKS” 😭
Bioshock king
Bioshock king 3 days ago
Jaylen Yarbrough
Jaylen Yarbrough 3 days ago
Matt Riddle as a kid is screaming rn Randy might be mad
PETE CAPSHAW 3 days ago
People who believe wrestling is real are as lame as republicans who believe in trump.
Dark Rebellion921
Riddle and Cena as tag champs if Orton decides to bail.
111455 3 days ago
you can almost here the Chinese national anthem in the background
J Chungus
J Chungus 3 days ago
Lmao how china cancels Cena so he runs back to wwe for that safety paycheck.
Georgie Jackpot
Georgie Jackpot 3 days ago
He looks tiny
Saucy Itachi XXX
Saucy Itachi XXX 3 days ago
Cena’s low key lame. Roman has carried the wwe for over a year and literally made smack down the A show over raw. While Cena out trying to be a movie star like the Rock. Now he can just walk in and talk like he deserves a shot at the universal title whoever is writing the script for the wwe needs to stop just handing these part timing old heads (Goldberg and Cena) championship matches and give it to the hard working stars that show up every week.
Nick Dihrkop
Nick Dihrkop 3 days ago
Did I hear a "CCP" chant?
Trayvon White
Trayvon White 3 days ago
Really this guy again.
Kiss Kitty
Kiss Kitty 3 days ago
Cena really has no room to call someone else a gimmick. He has been the biggest gimmick in wrestling for over 15 years.
Kiss Kitty
Kiss Kitty Day ago
@Ty Calvert Hogan maybe but Roman was a shoved in our face and we had to accept him type deal.
Ty Calvert
Ty Calvert Day ago
@Kiss Kitty Hulk Hogan or ‘14-‘20 Roman for sure.
Kiss Kitty
Kiss Kitty 2 days ago
@Sleezybeweezy Please. Cena is the most overhyped wrestler there has ever been.
Sleezybeweezy 2 days ago
Okay? But he can do it like a god
Luis Angel Santos
3:07 this is why I hate PG
Alien Encore
Alien Encore 3 days ago
If you enjoy the "what" chant, I hope die.
Stuart Davis
Stuart Davis 3 days ago
John China should go to his Chinese Homeland
Ty Calvert
Ty Calvert Day ago
What a moron.
Kale Kale
Kale Kale 3 days ago
If I didn't do it I wouldn't have said I did it THE POINT OF THIS IS THAT IT AINT FOREVER
Kale Kale
Kale Kale 3 days ago
You not special everyone get a life
bo cephus
bo cephus 3 days ago
Surprised he didnt do it in Cantonese
Balmore Rene Esquivel
When they said bro Fast Times at Ridgemont high came to mind 😆😆 Spicolli 😹
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 3 days ago
Demonstrate don't explicate. So, put your money where your mouth is.
Kung Fu Trading
Kung Fu Trading 3 days ago
where is he ?
Michelle Cunningham
The Adrenochrome is kicking in he looks like a little boy. Not even as big as he use to be.
Michelle Cunningham
Michelle Cunningham 18 hours ago
@Ty Calvert Stay DUMB the world wants nothing but the best for you and your family.
Ty Calvert
Ty Calvert Day ago
Complete Looney Tunes you people have become.
Aamir Iqbal
Aamir Iqbal 3 days ago
wow 👏
Ace Garison
Ace Garison 3 days ago
360 Entertainment
The last 30 seconds is what I came for and I wasn’t disappointed!
David Kilby
David Kilby 3 days ago
So Xohn Xena is taking a break from licking the boots of his CCP overlords? Hard pass
Ty Calvert
Ty Calvert Day ago
Yeah he’ll definitely miss your one view. The Chinese were going to pull his movie out of their theaters and blacklist all American movie production in their country before he apologized. This is what capitalism gets you. Sell outs.
CK Da Goat
CK Da Goat 3 days ago
#12 on trending
TwerkToSpec 3 days ago
No rapper
No rapper 3 days ago
John xina
WildeMike49 3 days ago
Cena is a traitor. Send him back to the CCP.
jason Baxley
jason Baxley 3 days ago
Did John cena get skinny or is it just me?
Red Rock
Red Rock 3 days ago
Cena the guy who bows down to China. No thanks!
Red Rock
Red Rock Day ago
@Ty Calvert Watch some wrestling cause it's good for a laugh, but the rest od sports - forget it. Not supporting their "wokeness" and the same for movies. i have better things to do with my time and money.
Ty Calvert
Ty Calvert Day ago
@Red Rock Don’t watch sports then because capitalism has created a paradox where you have to bow to Authoritarian Collectivists or risk not making money. China now has the market held hostage. That’s just how it is until we stop valuing only money.
Red Rock
Red Rock Day ago
@Ty Calvert They have the largest audience and they can keep all of these who bow before them. I will not support people like him or any other sports who does.
Ty Calvert
Ty Calvert Day ago
They have the largest audience in the world. If you’re trying to sell something that’s exactly where you want to go. That’s what happens under this economic system. Fast and Furious 9 is more important than standing against authoritarianism.
N 3 days ago
Cena is back
Maharaja Ramzan
Maharaja Ramzan 3 days ago
Fans are back but the product is still garbage
cardking _01
cardking _01 3 days ago
But is Taiwan a country?
eliborio camacho
eliborio camacho 3 days ago
The Rock: The People’s Champ John Cena: China’s Champ
Nickfen34 3 days ago
The crowd realizes and knows how much Cena is missed and the excitement through the air is just nuts.
UndeadDave 3 days ago
Did he lick any boots while he was there? Because he's a bootlicker.
Zantique CHM
Zantique CHM 3 days ago
John Cena talking sh-- from the safety of RAW.
Jay Rock
Jay Rock 3 days ago
Looks like Cena's off the HGH
Adam R
Adam R 3 days ago
He doesn’t have the balls to stand up against communism.
Ty Calvert
Ty Calvert Day ago
Because his movie was going to get pulled so as a capitalist he made a business decision. Fast 9 was more important because standing up against authoritarianism isn’t profitable.
Elijah Kaddu
Elijah Kaddu 3 days ago
Lol you still pressed about that?
Kurt Pittman
Kurt Pittman 3 days ago
The cruel heart hypothetically dust because dahlia nearly consist at a jump. roasted, amuck gladiolus
Isaac Williams
Isaac Williams 3 days ago
Shout out to Walter Payton
Isaac Williams
Isaac Williams 3 days ago
Cena should bring back the peanuts, you can choke on these 😂