Carving Each Other's Faces On To Pumpkins 🎃 

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Trick or treat! We decided to get crafty and put our pumpkin carving skills to the test! Let us know what you think! 🎃

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Oct 30, 2019




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Comments : 5 452   
The Try Guys
The Try Guys 2 years ago
What's everyone being for Halloween tomorrow?
Chloe Lewis
Chloe Lewis Month ago
My boyfriend and I are doing a gender bend Brad and Janet! One of his nicknames is Janet from a long standing joke so it perfect! 👻😈
FireGirl 2 months ago
It’s been a year but I was Roger Taylor’s character in the music video from I Want To Break Free, Rogerina
dragonclaw 4 months ago
a box
Rheylin Canlas
Rheylin Canlas 4 months ago
a human
Rheylin Canlas
Rheylin Canlas 4 months ago
a human
S_Mai 8 days ago
ned and eugene dynamic is literally just: eugene making a promiscuous joke, ned gets flustered, eugene becomes proud, ned falls for it and starts being promiscuous too lmfao i love them
Sheva Hauser
Sheva Hauser 21 day ago
Anyone else think Eugene's Keith looks more like Keith than the professional pumpkin Keith?
Quinn .H
Quinn .H 24 days ago
Can I point out that when they were told they could get rid of their impediments, Zach seems to forgot that he can take off his ghost sheet…
{ Greengodess88 }
{ Greengodess88 } 27 days ago
whoever was on cam two at 10:49 deserves a pay raise, that was hilarious
Jennifer Hsu
Jennifer Hsu 29 days ago
Michael Simonds
Michael Simonds Month ago
These Try Guys do not have to try to have fun. Happy Halloweenie guys!
Michael Simonds
Michael Simonds Month ago
I have not watched the Try Guys for over a month. I need my Try Guy fix, they are addictive. Like Pumpkin Spice Latays, or Pumpkin Spice Tea latea dahs drinks
Madness Queen
Madness Queen Month ago
...and it was after this video that Ned persuaded Ariel to get lip fillers. 😇😈
Erin Nichols
Erin Nichols Month ago
I’ve watched this video multiple times this October. Gotta get into the spirit 💀👻🎃
Lauren Garcia
Lauren Garcia Month ago
Just watched a recent video. And then came here. Zach’s hair looks great!! It has changed so much.
GTA Su Su Month ago
I wanna thank UStotal for recommending this to me during Halloween this year. Def watching again. 🤣
Francis Hanf
Francis Hanf Month ago
Keith totally missed his chance to say "pumplestltskin"
Alyssa Caitlin
Alyssa Caitlin Month ago
Halloween 2021 is near and im watching this again lol
Sara Month ago
molly omgggg
Katelyn Month ago
not to objectify Eugene at all but his shirt is perfectly showcasing his muscles as he’s carving that pumpkin
lauren junette
lauren junette Month ago
If there’s one person I will never grow tired of ever, it’s Keith Habersberger
Symphicat Jackson
What is it about pumpkin spice that makes white people so happy? 🤣🤣🤣
Megan Bravo
Megan Bravo Month ago
omg Keith looks like a Titan
Mu shee Tin
Mu shee Tin 2 months ago
I agree with Zach scream is a good horror movie
Aseel Aadossery
Aseel Aadossery 2 months ago
Zack the ghost king
Aseel Aadossery
Aseel Aadossery 2 months ago
Keith 0:50 😅😈
dash -
dash - 2 months ago
When Eugene said Rufio i though of Rufioh from homestuck instead-
Alycia Munoz
Alycia Munoz 2 months ago
ned looks like he likes pumpkin spice lattes
Kenayah Tumba
Kenayah Tumba 2 months ago
I like how Ned look scandalized yet intrigued with the DSL stuff Eugene was saying😂😂😈
Haley H
Haley H 2 months ago
Ned is such a Tumblr girl and I love it
Shania Dirstein
Shania Dirstein 2 months ago
This whole video was wild/so fun
Jessica Coombes
Jessica Coombes 2 months ago
Little Zach with Molly from the big comfy couch😂😂
Maria Semenyakina
Maria Semenyakina 2 months ago
Can we get another one (or 4) of these please for spooky season? 🥺
albekayl041 2 months ago
OMG!! The high speed connection!! Lol all I could think of after Ned asked about Keith! 😂🤣
Rolan Bo
Rolan Bo 2 months ago
ned learned a new word! yaaay...
Tiahna Lorin
Tiahna Lorin 2 months ago
Eugene: "These are inferior tools for true pumpkin-carving, all I can do is punch holes in things with these little saws. I need like spoons, and knives, and forks, and all that jazz. Anything sharp." Ned: "Eugene, have you ever heard the expression, *A poor craftsman blames his tools* ?" Eugene: "Yes, have you heard the expression, *I'll stab you in the eye with this pumpkin knife* ?" Ned: "No I don't think that's a -- nah I think that's just sorta something that you just said."
Tiahna Lorin
Tiahna Lorin 2 months ago
👏🏻😂 At 7:18 reminded me of a spider we had that would sing that song and shake around. 😄🕷️🕸️🎃 "You ever been to a pharmacy during Halloween? They got *those* things that make *that* noise." Keith knows 👏🏻😄
Chilzmapew wep
Chilzmapew wep 2 months ago
21:19 i didnt expect this turn HAHAHHA
Chilzmapew wep
Chilzmapew wep 2 months ago
18:39 ned u r such a babiiee aghh luv it
Chilzmapew wep
Chilzmapew wep 2 months ago
10:38 lmao annoyed noises HAHAHHA (luv these caption in the vid lol)
Chilzmapew wep
Chilzmapew wep 2 months ago
9:59 why does it look like diarrhea T^^T
Chilzmapew wep
Chilzmapew wep 2 months ago
15:10 omg even eugene said it HAHAHA
Chilzmapew wep
Chilzmapew wep 2 months ago
9:19 lmao i love ned's snap here when he got his knife card lol
Chilzmapew wep
Chilzmapew wep 2 months ago
7:45 lmao they're literally the exact opposite of each other HAHAHHA OMG
Chilzmapew wep
Chilzmapew wep 2 months ago
this be pumpkin one halloween thing ned and eugene yey
Chilzmapew wep
Chilzmapew wep 2 months ago
definitely here bcuz of that pumpkin spice latte tiktok
Chilzmapew wep
Chilzmapew wep 2 months ago
1:41 aweee ned u have a cute family
Chilzmapew wep
Chilzmapew wep 2 months ago
Lowkey kinda depressed rn so i am trying to binge try guys (just started watching them a month ago btw so i havent watched all of their vids yet lol)
Tessla TD.
Tessla TD. 2 months ago
It looks like you diarrhea out of your mouth🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Unoriginal.brianna 2 months ago
i LOVE horror movies but The Visit creeped the fuck out of me😩✋
Carolyn Newberger
Carolyn Newberger 2 months ago
How have I never seen Eugene as Rufio before this day??? That is Halloween PERFECTION!!!
living_croissant 2 months ago
Anybody notice that Keith’s original drawing of Ned looks kind of like the Bang-PD drawing Hybe’s artists always use
Jaylean Moccio
Jaylean Moccio 2 months ago
The shallow porcupine connoly shiver because duckling secondarily fence per a sneaky spike. hoc, jaded locust
Fawaz Imad
Fawaz Imad 3 months ago
The roasted booklet morphologically dust because success peripherally inject in a puny bulldozer. accessible, flippant doctor
Guga Hi
Guga Hi 3 months ago
Ehhh I don't like that zach thaught having sex through a sheet was a thing it was just that people saw the tsitsit that men wear and they thought the whole for the head was for sex
Tara Martus
Tara Martus 3 months ago
"The antithesis to christmas" Yep confirmed Eugene is my best friend soul mate.
emma mikusak
emma mikusak 3 months ago
why is ned like a basic white girl
juli m
juli m 3 months ago
this is one of their funniest videos hands down
A S 3 months ago
why Keith has no photo as a child??
M Bat
M Bat 3 months ago
everything i hear about eugenes life just makes me wish i could live like he does, but man that rufio story adds to it a lot
ToeFries 3 months ago
Jesus loves you'll Repent ❤
Hmf8226 3 months ago
6:29 if your 18 in Canada😂🤟🏻
Alexis Hart
Alexis Hart 3 months ago
Ned saying "It's growing on me" like he hasn't been butt-chugging PSLs the whole time
Madison Shaw
Madison Shaw 3 months ago
I’m here in August 2021 and I need it to be fall now
lirpA neerG
lirpA neerG 3 months ago
ugh I want them to do this again but with stencils of them lol 🎃🎃🎃
Peyton Boyette 🍓
Peyton Boyette 🍓 3 months ago
This should have been named carving each other into a pumpkin with out instructions
Kinsey Barnett
Kinsey Barnett 3 months ago
Zach : *burp* it’s the pumpkin, I haven’t had coffee in 3 years.
Kessa DeCleene
Kessa DeCleene 3 months ago
Poor Keith always gets stuck with spoons and I love it.
Jia Wei Ye
Jia Wei Ye 3 months ago
Ryn Ara
Ryn Ara 3 months ago
I love it when Eugene mentions a term that Ned isn't familiar with then Ned would ask so many questions about that particular term 🤧 it's like watching a teenage son conversing to his father about the lingo of the youth 😭
kate lopez
kate lopez 3 months ago
The grown ups : ya Keth and Zach mite have been doing childish stuff. The kids Keth and Zach : Hey Keth want to hear a joke, sure , ummm what did the ghost acter say after his practice, idk what is it? I hope i didn't boo..k it, thats pretty good.: Me : huh?
kirby chu
kirby chu 3 months ago
The blue ranger is normally the ethnic ranger right?
Emily Sigel
Emily Sigel 3 months ago
zach: i was happy to see myself represented keith: yeah...by a black actor LMFAOOOOOO
Chanel#5 3 months ago
“For his very successful hair reconstruction surgery”😂😂🤣🤣🤣 The Shade!!!
Yuan5758 4 months ago
7:12 did anyone else notice that zach said "gourd buddies"? lol
Maximilien O'Callaghan
7:27 it took me a year, but i finally got this joke. I used to sell those annoying things at my job at a home improvement store. I hate those things. Great joke, Keith ❤
Sarah Walther
Sarah Walther 4 months ago
Hi I know its been a long time but can you pleeeeeaaaassseeeee do this video again! Obviously you could change the sculpting but it's such a good video!
Taylor Long
Taylor Long 4 months ago
Hahaha I did Halloween a few years as Princess Leia when i was a kid, I love how Zack was C3PO!
Jill Sarah
Jill Sarah 4 months ago
"you ever been to a pharmacy around Halloween?" lolllll
Bella the dog
Bella the dog 4 months ago
The deserted mouth inversely reach because parsnip respectively sound aside a null detective. billowy, flippant fire
Lucy 28
Lucy 28 4 months ago
I love Ned just genuinely and inquisitively asking Eugene what dsl means and getting him to explain it , it’s amazing 😂
the Hellhound
the Hellhound 4 months ago
4:17 why does Eugene's drawing of Keith look like something one might find in Katherine (the game)?
Molly Gier
Molly Gier 4 months ago
keith’s pharmacy at halloween joke is so fucking funny
Suze 4 months ago
Try guys outta context: Some people fuck through sheets
Chau Cam Hanh
Chau Cam Hanh 5 months ago
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Chris Colum
Chris Colum 5 months ago
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Baby France
Baby France 5 months ago
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niharika 5 months ago
this ned is my favourite ned
MJ Russell
MJ Russell 5 months ago
Is anyone watching this in June 2021 just me ok
Ayo D
Ayo D 5 months ago
I laughed out loud so many times! This was amazing!
Bethany M
Bethany M 5 months ago
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Jen Evans
Jen Evans 5 months ago
Wow, Ned looks so much like his dad!
Arch Angel
Arch Angel 6 months ago
Two white guys in sheets and one sitting next to an Asian man. That’s what the internet needed 😂.
emilee brock
emilee brock 6 months ago
Why is Eugene the least gay in this video. Ned is definitely first
Amanda 6 months ago
"So does Keith have a high-speed connection?" I died.
Chau Cam Hanh
Chau Cam Hanh 6 months ago
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Evelyn Meredith
Evelyn Meredith 6 months ago
Alisa rhyno jacquard
Idk how I’m just watching this but i have never laughed so hard at an episode as i did this one! Zack and Ned drinking there PSL with their costumes on killed me!
Anthony pHung
Anthony pHung 6 months ago
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Allison Banks
Allison Banks 6 months ago
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Chau Cam Hanh
Chau Cam Hanh 6 months ago
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Seraphina Reverie
Seraphina Reverie 6 months ago
When I say the drawing of Keith Eugene made on the pumpkin I immediately thought it looked like one of those Titans from AOT
verity 6 months ago
When Keith said he had no photos of himself from when he was a child, I immediately knew he was the youngest child in his family 😂
Crown of Roses and Thorns
every time i watch this, i'm always reminded of how much ned looks like a basic white girl whenever he drinks his coffee lol
Ava Bain
Ava Bain 7 months ago
i would like to thank halloween for bringing my mom and dad together and bc of it i am alive and so are my brothers so thanks a lot
several rats
several rats 7 months ago
hail satan :)