Can YOU Fix Climate Change? 

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Never before in human history have we been richer, more advanced or powerful. And yet we feel overwhelmed in the face of rapid climate change. It seems simple on the surface. Greenhouse gases trap energy from the Sun and transfer it to our atmosphere. This leads to warmer winters, harsher summers. Dry places become drier and wet places wetter. Countless ecosystems will die while the rising oceans swallow coasts and the cities we build on them.

So why don’t we just like… prevent all of that? Well, it’s complicated.

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Sep 22, 2021




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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Some gamer
Some gamer 5 days ago
Fatih Taha Baykal
@kurzgesagt-In a Nutshel pls Turkish CC plsss
Daniel 9 days ago
off course it is...
Bart Roberts
Bart Roberts 14 days ago
@Chishio Chishio 1. Add 5%/year of today’s level to energy efficiency to +40% total by 2030. 2. Taper 1% of today’s level per month fossil emission, down to zero by 2030. 3. Plant 4 new trees/person/year or equal direct air drawdown down to 300 ppmv. 4. Stabilize, fix and grow ecosystems down to 300 ppmv. (But why ever stop?) 5. Cut 100% of avoidable emissions of methane-or-worse CO2e gases right now. There's nothing political in that.
Minh Tuệ Hoàng
Minh Tuệ Hoàng 14 days ago
Thank you
Hello 1814
Hello 1814 5 minutes ago
We need to change as a species!
Hello 1814
Hello 1814 10 minutes ago
We’re doomed! Completely!
CaptainBauhaus 17 minutes ago
Reform, as the (sponsored) video suggests, is just not enough to change things. Direct action and advocacy at our neighbourhoods and workplaces is not just necessity, it is urgency.
richard klegin
richard klegin 41 minute ago
In the USA their doing away with the middle class.
Piotr Bednarczyk
we all know that real change won't happen, people are so dumb they still fight in wars for actual benefits, they aren't gonna live worse lives because of the care for the planet, they don't care about people now, why would they care about people who will live in future.
Sudoki Hour ago
"Vote with your ballot" and "Vote with your wallet" sounds a lot like "personal responsibility", and much of the opinion piece sounds like trying to keep the current status quo but slightly adjusting things (which hasn't worked so far) Earlier in the video you pointed out that switching to green alternatives is time consuming and expensive, something those with privilege can do. But when much of society lacks that privilege or when political systems are geared towards benefitting those with wealth, it's not exactly simple to vote out since it takes much of society to agree that there's a problem (not to mention how much propaganda is pushed out by media that is owned and sponsored by the wealthy). It's also not simple to change society when wealth is held in the hands of a few and politicians are at their whim so that political systems can't be enacted that would force redistribution of that wealth in some capacity (such as higher minimum wages or UBI) and gives more of society more agency, or collect it and use it to the benefit of society (rather than existing corporations).
D.J.T. Fan
D.J.T. Fan Hour ago
People who are saying that we are causing climate change, it’s obviously not true. The climate has been changing since the beginning of the earth. I think people saying “we are causing climate change” makes a perfect excuse for our governments to raise taxes, millions, and millions people will be losing their jobs, and end up being homeless, and severely limiting our rights, and freedoms.
Nathan McGeorge
Nathan McGeorge 3 hours ago
So , are the Americans going to release the patents they’ve confiscated over the decades? Inventions that truly were environmentally friendly but challenging King Coal.
King Alastor
King Alastor 3 hours ago
Short answer: No. Long answer: No, No. Longer answer: There is no need. Even longer answer : you are all dumb as a box of crayons if you think what this man is saying is the truth. The truth is Climate change has been happening before the dawn of man. Even if we could stop it, shutting down the whole planet is not the answer. Overpopulation is a myth. People who say is real in reality are too weak to raise their offspring and are basically admitting they would not survive in the current world... Despite our quality of life being better than XVIII century kings. So for that, thank you For removing yourself from the genepool. And besides, we still have heaven... If you have been "Good".
King Alastor
King Alastor 3 hours ago
I have an idea. For fun, lets say you are not lying. Let's get rid of millenials, China and middle east. After all, what do they contribute? See how emotions get twisted when YOUR life is on the line?
JK Abhishek
JK Abhishek 5 hours ago
Can you fix climate change Thumbnail: NO 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Thomas 6 hours ago
Aquatic Borealis
Aquatic Borealis 7 hours ago
Not just feeding people. Feeding pets too, and we have a lot of pets, most of which rely on meat. I think pets will and should become a limited luxury in the future.
King Alastor
King Alastor 3 hours ago
I think pet's should go off unless they are somewhat contributing.
Fã do Raffa moreira
Let me get this straight, the only real problem is that there are too many people, and even people willing to change the problem do not have enough funds or motivations precisely because the demand is very large to supply the huge number of people and the size of the problem, the system is naturally wrong and countries need to follow this error if they want to grow, this further increasing the emission of co2 into the atmosphere, destroying even more ecosystems and making it even more difficult to solve the problem, and as it is too late too much we can only try to motivate the large population to change?, unless a miracle happens and the population becomes less ignorant in the coming years we are doomed.
Fã do Raffa moreira
@King Alastor It's one thing to say you don't agree with what I've written, another thing is to call me ignorant and stupid, but I don't need to prolong this idiocy, good luck distributing hate in other people's comments, I don't need your sympathy by the way, have a good time
hooplehead101 3 hours ago
@King Alastor "Climate change has been happening before the dawn of man." Fires have been around for millions of years - so surely burning down your house cant be arson. :)
King Alastor
King Alastor 3 hours ago
You are ignorant and stupid. Your own incompetence will sentance you, Boaz. Climate change has been happening before the dawn of man. Overpopulation is a myth. I must say, I pity you. To genuinely think Climate change will destroy us in ten years or that Overpopulation is a big problem earns you my sympathy. I Hope you discover the truth sooner rather than later.
Cameron Dall
Cameron Dall 8 hours ago
When will politicians and religions start preaching about not having so many children? The only way to really start changing the climate is LESS PEOPLE ON EARTH.
King Alastor
King Alastor 3 hours ago
Never. Because Overpopulation is a MYTH.
Keaton P
Keaton P 8 hours ago
Bugman, you will be punished harshly. Submit.
C15 - Chloekaban's Long Videos
Who's Bugman?
Harshal Gohel
Harshal Gohel 8 hours ago
Just commenting to help it to go popular
Jed Rek
Jed Rek 9 hours ago
Are the electric cars REALLY better for climate? What about batteries manufacturers? Is carbon footprint smaller for electric cars? You need to charge them with power from carbon power plant, so is it truly worth it?
hooplehead101 3 hours ago
@King Alastor What about them?
King Alastor
King Alastor 3 hours ago
Also, what about nuclear plants?
hooplehead101 7 hours ago
@Somebody No, because they are 5 times more inefficient than BEVs. They are only seen as alternative bc of the disadvantages of use of BEVs: Longer charging times. This disadvantage is diminishing to the point that in a couple of years, this wont be an issue any more. Hydrogen and snyfuels do have their place where energy density or loading time will not be enough in BEVs in the short to medium future: in long haul trucks, ships, and planes.
Somebody 7 hours ago
Nah E-fuels and hydrogen cars IMO have more future potential
hooplehead101 9 hours ago
Yeap Soon
Yeap Soon 10 hours ago
Seriously, let's get one thing straight, its climatic perturbations causing the shifts in climatic anomalies or deviations from the normal seasonal conditions we are accustomed to, and the actor is nature. How so? Nibiru means crossing and a planetary body comes to Earth's solar orbit every 3,600 years. HERCOLUBUS and entourage is now in its ecliptical orbit and is near Earth which is now set at 23 degree tilt due to the precession of the equinoxes which occurs every 26,000 years. Its is alleged to cause the polar shifts. The perturbations or shake up is expected to last 20 years and when Hercolubus and entourage of celestial body completes the eclipt and travels back into deep space. During the solar cyclical cosmic crossover (or con-junction), of the planetary body, there will be PERTURBATIONS with varied degree of disorders followed by a lack of order or lack of predictability where entropy reign supreme. Waves of charged plasmatic energy system and the flow of energy may disrupt the core flows of the Earth and trigger catastrophic changes in Earth's climate. The natural forces inducing the anomalies are extreme shifts in climate or weather affecting all the elements such as temperatures, precipitations, water levels, wind, tectonic ground conditions and soil stability, underground as well as surface volcanic activities, polar shifts affecting Ice and Glacial activities etc, but the most challenging problem comes from epidemics caused by viruses unleash from melting Ice or glaciers and from tectonic shitfs. Climate change is just a term to describe the degradation of the environment as the result from consumption of materials. Its really good to tidy up and give consideration to the living habits in consuming materials to pursue economic wealth but the mitigation to achieve carbon neutrality can result in improved living conditions. The option is to develop dispersed township located properly in most suitable terrain to avoid low lying densely populated regions. Can anyone stop this natural progression?
C15 - Chloekaban's Long Videos
Does the Earth's average temperature normally shoot up by 2 degrees Fahrenheit in thirty years?
Donovan Ruben Raj
Donovan Ruben Raj 10 hours ago
Whoever disliked this video, doesn't respect and believe in science...period
IgneousGorilla 10 hours ago
A Climate Change video sponsored by Bill fucking Gates that argues that the will of multibillionaires is not a big part of the problem? Cool, makes sense
Jarf2 10 hours ago
RELAX 11 hours ago
We can improve our planet, we just need to do it together, not alone
Roon 11 hours ago
Only Nuclear power can save the world
King Alastor
King Alastor 3 hours ago
@C15 - Chloekaban's Long Videos Nuclear is better, that doesn't mean we should not use others. But purely using ones you mentioned costs too much and are not reliable on their own.
Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor 4 hours ago
@C15 - Chloekaban's Long Videos We need those, with a baseline of nuclear power for reliability.
C15 - Chloekaban's Long Videos
What about other renewables, like wind, hydrogen, solar, water, etc?
Hw T
Hw T 12 hours ago
What I got out of this video: if you remove 1 billion people in this world. It will solve 30+ years of global emissions.
BOT 69
BOT 69 12 hours ago
👀 Genocide
mUrK 12 hours ago
In my country, the Green Party has done more harm than good when it comes to the environment. It has shut down nuclear plants, and has with it's other radical political baggage turned more people away than they've been able to convince. There needs to be RATIONAL responses to climate change. Not emotional gut responses, like banning nuclear or thinking plastic straws will be the turning point. And for a majority to be able to get on board, the green politics has to remain otherwise politically disattached. If you're for open border immigration (for example), great, that's your perogative - but you're dooming the climate change question when you start conflating other parts of contentious politics with protecting the environment. That goes for all kinds of political leanings. The very existence of political parties and ideologies is due to the fact that we famously can never all agree. Including any other kind of politics will make it so you will never be able to gather enough support behind you. Again, there has to be a rational response. Political polarization influences people into locked opposing vitriolic sides. That makes accepting compromises, like Kurtzgesagt proposes we will all need to, way less likely. The less of that mess we can bring into combating climate change, the easier it will be.
Somebody 7 hours ago
hooplehead101 11 hours ago
1. Agreeing that shutting down existing nuclear plants is a bad idea. If youre referring to Germany - Merkel has finally decided to confirm previous decisions. 2. Banning plastic straws is an easy no-brainer and a very bad example by Kurzgesagt for conflicting or detracting policies: It doenst bind any relevant ressources to care for other parts of environmental protection by this policy. 3. Parties do and even have to state their objectives in various political fields - not only climate politics. That is a prerogative for a transparent election choice by citizens. Its completely absurd to blame a party for having ...their specific profile. Why on earth should they self-deny their objectives in other fields only because for example you would vote for them, but you dont, because you dont agree with their other stances? If you agree with other parties´´ stance more, but they are very bad at climate politics in your opinion - well, then that its your call to push them towards better climate politics, or find, support or found another party or engage in climate activism so that more citizens and eventually parties change their stances. I agree that climate activism should focus on climate and not conflate it with other topics if they want to have maximal support. But not parties.
Aarav Bhaskar
Aarav Bhaskar 12 hours ago
The Thumbnail itself gives me an existential crisis
Lucky 12 hours ago
50 years ago, Marvin Gaye recorded and released the song “Mercy Mercy Me”. This title tackled the underlying issues of climate change, pollution, and human over dependence on fossil fuels. This song is getting more and more relevant as the inaction against it piles up, and the solutions surrounding climate change become more divided and politicized rather than becoming something that we can universally agree upon. Partisanship surrounding the environment needs to end, and we need to all work together to stop this crisis.
R B.
R B. 12 hours ago
These animations are very cute
JaYkob 13 hours ago
Dislikes are the people who wants to fade away.
Danny Wilcutt
Danny Wilcutt 14 hours ago
I’ve come up with four ways to fix climate change and fast. I’ll never tell until a rich democrat pharaoh wants to talk with me.
Near Zero Sarcasm
Near Zero Sarcasm 14 hours ago
the land taken up by livestock is mostly unusable for agriculture to be fair
hooplehead101 11 hours ago
Not quite. For the majority of meat produced, farmland is used to grow vegetables to feed livestock. The free-roaming herds you think of (especially if youre American) grazing on otherwise unusualbe land are a minority. Still, even they emit methane. ourworldindata has nice comparison charts for CO2 emissions by various foods where they distinguish between outdoor herd livestock and others. Even they have manifold the emissions per gram of protein as vegetables.
Triple259772 15 hours ago
Gross, battery powered cars are not the future.
King Alastor
King Alastor 3 hours ago
@C15 - Chloekaban's Long Videos Real men use gas.
Triple259772 6 hours ago
@C15 - Chloekaban's Long Videos that would still be a battery powered car.
C15 - Chloekaban's Long Videos
Would you prefer solar powered cars instead?
Triple259772 15 hours ago
Wet places become wetter? So does this mean more rain for the pnw? 😗 I’m a fan of rainforests
Triple259772 15 hours ago
@Wali. TV flooding can be solved through infrastructure changes.
Wali. TV
Wali. TV 15 hours ago
It means more flooding anymore people dying because of floods.
Monte Scott Barber
Monte Scott Barber 17 hours ago
Hopefully this changes peoples minds on climate change, or convinces them to buy an electric car.
King Alastor
King Alastor 3 hours ago
It wont. Because its a myth. Climate change wont destroy us.
michael king
michael king 17 hours ago
the real solution is war. people will die for this whether they like it or not.
King Alastor
King Alastor 3 hours ago
I have an idea. Since you are insisting, why don't you... Send yourself to god when you are so fond of Death so much?
Francis Baniqued
Francis Baniqued 18 hours ago
Thanks it's really help on my learning about my science topic
Mr Pancake 888
Mr Pancake 888 18 hours ago
14:40 this is the reality that literally nobody understands. Negotiations are mocked nowadays, but the fact of the matter is that no “side” of an argument should ever feel happy about a deal or law. Just a little disappointed.
oldspammer 19 hours ago
I could be wrong, but... The number one greenhouse gas is water vapor?
Bluesbr0ther 7 hours ago
Yes but the atmosphere can hold more water vapor when the temperature is higher. So an increase in temperature from CO2 will cause more water vapor in the atmosphere.
FireIceBoiPlayz 20 hours ago
Toon 21 hour ago
Can’t we just all agree that arme costs are dumb
Ramesh Shinde
Ramesh Shinde 21 hour ago
That's the good news. Climate change is nature's way of reducing humans. The lesser the number of humans the better the environment thrives. Even the Chernobyl zone is thriving beautifully without the intervention of humans far better than wildlife sanctuaries. Logically speaking, humans are the bane for the environment.
fightomo 21 hour ago
So to summarise, its game over and we should let the people of the future deal with issues
spong 23 hours ago
This is simultaneously what I did and what I didn't want to hear
Joel Coll
Joel Coll 23 hours ago
If everyone stopped emiting then the problem would be solved, but I'm also counting the emisions made to produce the things we buy. If making roads produce emisions the we have to stop driving them to stop climate change 🤷‍♂️
Busi Busi
Busi Busi Day ago
We need a Thanos to fix it...🤌😈
IDrizz B.
IDrizz B. Day ago
So, in short, in order to help stop the climate crisis, we have to show the people in high power that we want it.
P G N Day ago
H2K Day ago
I'm hearing a lot of issues being associated with having a monetary based economy.
Michael Vreeland
If climate changes so bad then why is there still sports? Football team is going from the US flying their private planes over to London. Hockey go in from East Coast to West Coast north south on their private planes maybe we should be an all sport and then all the people making the $80 million for one season will be unemployed. If the earth is this bad
C15 - Chloekaban's Long Videos
Because we are experiencing more natural disasters and slightly increased sea levels.
Bryan Haycock
If this video inspires even one person to begin looking into actual climate science, rather than agenda driven climate propaganda posing as science, it will be worth it.
Valfahr wolfrider
11:18 is my favourate bit
WAApi Day ago
So, we as single person we almost can't do anything...
lorton190 Day ago
if i had the money i would build the best greenest (i hate that word tbh) city ever. the main for of electricity would come from artificial geothermal, concentrated solar, and the buildings would all have solar panels. the reason i would build it own my own would be to create a functioning place that other can use to help sell the idea to everyone else. i would need to win the lottery or become a super rich streamer/tuber to start and i know where i would build it but for now its a dream while i still pan for this because its not for me but for the future and i know we can do it and im willing to take the risk
TheArdour Day ago
This needs collective human consciousness and humans are way immature to even comprehend it. If humans achieve such transcendence in future , they may refer us as tribal peoples of 21st century.
Б М Day ago
Thank you Kurzgesagt for providing us a little bit wider look on this important topic!
boris yakubchik
Quote @7:45 "Just dumping these costs on massive polluters ... would [make them] go bankrupt". Bullshit! The cost would just be propagated to the consumers who would purchase fewer of those items. That's precisely what we would want - consume less (and thus produce and pollute less).
Geetarth Neo
Geetarth Neo Day ago
This video shows that the end is not very far.
C15 - Chloekaban's Long Videos
**grabs "The End is Nigh" sign**
mhungd Day ago
Yep. Were fucked
Za Taiyō
Za Taiyō Day ago
If we don't do it quickly enough, people will start a revolution
ShockWaveGXT Day ago
Explaining everything with chickens makes things easy to understand.
Miha Leben
Miha Leben Day ago
Solution:end capitalism oh and there are three societes that solve everything easier than us fricking idiots going too far with capitalism
Miha Leben
Miha Leben Day ago
Its better to not just because radiaton is way worse
DreamyPupper Day ago
You appear to have mixed up CO2 with the ozone.
Nerif Day ago
The way these videos are structured and presented make them impossible to trust.
DangerZone Day ago
Interesting that they answered the question in the thumbnail. No need to watch the video now thanks for saving me the time anyways lol
mhungd Day ago
haha its kinda a metaphor. Video is interesting tho
error 13
error 13 Day ago
Well murder its dark but think about it kill the people who created the biggest problem. Please no hate
Duck Day ago
Its even worse looking at the fact that electric cars are just as bad as gas cars due to how unhealthy lithium mining is for the climate
Nikita Sokolov
Pretty graphics and a British accent don't make this true.
Aidan Cahill
Aidan Cahill 4 hours ago
What would make it false?
This is such a great analysis. So many climate pieces don't acknowledge that all solutions have consequences, and we have to balance the two in order to find a workable solution for everyone on the planet.
Tomás van Wersch
"If you eliminated 100% of your emissions for the rest of your life, you would save 1 second worth of emission from the global energy sector"
C15 - Chloekaban's Long Videos
Time to get all 7.9 billion to do it. Saving around 250 years of emissions.
박한결 Day ago
Pls give kr sub 😭😭😭😭
PainKiller Day ago
*Gretta Thunberg has joined the chat*
Ray A.
Ray A. Day ago
Humanity is so overrated, lets go extinct …
mhungd Day ago
Lythaera Day ago
Supporting local farmers by buying local produce as directly as possible cuts down on both factory farming, and the amount of transportation required to produce your food. It also directly impacts your local economy, and helps keep food on the table for farmers and the people they employ in your community! My goal for the next two years is to supply at least 90% my fresh food (meats, fruit, veggies) as locally as possible. Eventually I want my diet to be about 95% local, delicious fresh food :)
Alan J. Ferdinand
Global warming is like a time bomb for the earth
C15 - Chloekaban's Long Videos
It feels like it'll explode in a century and a half.
Əhməd Cəfərli
Yes, I can do.
SolarTides Day ago
I feel really disturbed, by the fact, that (once again) everything sums up to rational behaviour and change of political systems and change of the idea of growth. In every society there are groups who just don't comply. How can we reach these groups. How to persuade someone who is fed up with this topic? (The birdies 11:45 for example). "Nach mir die Sintflut" I dislike the idea of rational behaviour. Because the pandemic has shown, that masses arent able to be rational. People dont listen and people dont understand. And even if they understand and listen, political parties are still political parties with crusty and oldish ideas. When i vote (Germany) the main green-attitude political party, i vote a party which is against nuclear power and has A LOT of leftist (stupid) arguments as a byproduct. We have no political party with an idea of beeing sustainable in the 3 major fields (economics, ecologics and personal interest). "Vote with your wallet" - Got it. I think thats the easiest part. "Vote at the ballot" - Not easy at all. I dare say its impossible nowadays. The reasonable politician shown at 13:20 is a myth. I would vote .. but he/she/they/them is a unicorn. I feel lost...
Kerath Day ago
"Sponsored by Bill Gates" How unfortunate.
azure moon
azure moon Day ago
They don't allow sponsors to script their videos or sway the facts.
DreamyPupper Day ago
Not sponsored, the foundation funded the video because they wanted a specific topic to be publicly acknowledged/covered, they didn’t give them a list of things to say. Also, you realize the animation, research, and sound design teams at Kurzgesagt all have to be paid for their work to continue making these videos right?
lm_2swavyyy Day ago
mabye covid was man made and was created to forcefully stop the production of co2 etc. but since we saw the out come of it (massive amounts of death) it had to also be slowed down or seem suspicious because the government did nothing about it because they were already trying to stop climate change it's like it was going to be one sided if you tried to do both
Solaris Sasso
time travel with a reverse black hole?
Ja już oglądam 2 raz żeby zrozumieć i zapamiętać całą lekcję
Rodion Shevchenko
I agree with most of the topics about how to prevent climate change, including more reasonable meat consumption, but I disagree about one thing. You've said, that we could use the land, that is used for meat production, in another way, but most of the farmlands are situated in places full of rocks, where trees don't grow that often, and if sheep or cows are not going to be fed there, that won't change the situation there. But I'm not talking about mass production and unreasonable consumption, just about middle-sized farms. Nevertheless, thank you for a wonderful work
TheSeptu Day ago
Human nature is if you aren't around to feel the consequences of your actions, they aren't consequences to you. We will, unfortunately, not change until it's too late. The question is, how to convince people alive now it's too late.
Jared Cook
Jared Cook Day ago
This video was incredible as always, but for the message to really spread, the video must spread first. Everyone, share this with whoever you can, climate change is a big problem and we are all responsible for this planet we live on. We must do our best to save it before the sand in the hourglass runs out.
Alexander Vowles
Just kill off the developing nations...
C15 - Chloekaban's Long Videos
Time to cut down on pollution first. Keep the AQI at 3/10 or lower (Low).
Alexander Vowles
@mhungd so do I lol. For the greater good.
mhungd Day ago
but you cant! I live in one and my city is one of the most polluted in the world
Kegklaus Day ago
new character unlocked; Cylinder head bird
Travis Messer
What I think will happen is the world goes to crap and a little while later humans will rebuild
Dumbass Day ago
Can you fix climate change? NO* *End*
J K Day ago
Going cannibal seems most effective. Every person you eat is one less super polluter. Just dont be mad if someone eats you
mhungd Day ago
The world is overpopulated anyway so cannibalism should be legalised to an extent
J K Day ago
@DreamyPupper lots of fat people for bacon 🤤
DreamyPupper Day ago
Sounds legit, humans also taste similar to pork, so it wouldn’t be that bad.
Lofts Sympatico
Bravo. Reduce, reuse, recycle but the most important is REDUCE. Brag about your lower standard of living. SERIOUSLY. This needs to become a fad.
waketfup Day ago
You're funded by kill Gates. What You say has no validity, and I pity the millions who are mindless to the adoctrination
DreamyPupper Day ago
Keyword: funded. Not sponsored, the fund is to pay all the people who work on these videos for their work, the fund is so Kurzgesagt will cover a specific topic, and the funds go to the sound design, animation, and research teams required to make these videos. They aren’t being told what to say, the people who work together to make these videos are being paid to work on a specific video. Learn what your words mean before you use them dumbass.
Raymond Christopher Tanto
dear random person on the internet , would you give us any proof about your claim? thank you
XPhoenix 18 Eternal flame
Would ya like to give proof to that claim or?
Anti-Chaos legion
Can we fix climate change? Title: N O Me: oh ok
ALen Day ago
Gates lo peor
Would it been better if Kurzgesagt mentioned the Bill Gates sponsorship at the beginning of the video or would you have clicked away if they had done so?