Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only Ejected Fusion Cores? 

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Fusion Cores are some of the most sought after items in Fallout 4. They’re not too common out in the wasteland, are expensive beyond belief, and your Power Armor is worthless without them. But more importantly you can use them to turn nuclear waste into an actual weapon which naturally brings up an important question: Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only Ejected Fusion Cores?

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Can You Beat Fallout 4 With Only Ejected Fusion Cores? (in text form)

If you haven’t dug deep under the intelligence perk tree in Fallout 4 you’d never know that Rank 3 of the Nuclear Physicist perk lets you eject Fusion Cores from your Power Armor as a sort of timed grenade. Nuclear Physicist itself requires Intelligence of 9 and it also requires you to be level 26 so before you can unlock it so step 1 in my adventure to cleanse the wasteland with nuclear leftovers was to get to level 26 without attacking anything. I won’t overhype it. I’ll be nice and call it a learning experience.

The real game begins with very minor tweaks to create the perfect man and the assigning of SPECIAL points. As I said, Intelligence needs to be at 9. Perception at 4 lets me take the Lockpicking perk, Endurance at 7 because I’m gonna be taking a lot of damage in the early game, Charisma o 3 for the Lone Wanderer perk and the rest are irrelevant. I named myself Shaun to amuse me, not you, there were fireworks, and as one door closed, another one opened. As for escaping the vault without attacking any of the roaches, it’s as easy as locking them behind the door and waiting for them to forget you existed.

Out into the rest of Fallout 4, I headed home to get to work. In the past I’ve harvested the remnants of mother nature’s beauty to create a world of fences. After abusing that power for more than a year I learned that some settlement items can be crafted in place over and over again without moving. But there’s an actual exploit that drawrves everything I’ve done before. All around Sanctuary are items -trees, baby fences, houses, cars- that can be scrapped for their base components. You take these components alongside a few perks and craft wire fences or wood fences, any item that costs next to nothing to craft, craft as many as you can and you can be at level 4 or 5 before you leave Sanctuary. The difficulty in past videos has been obtaining enough components to create objects on a large enough scale that make it worth doing. But that problem dies today with the infamous item duplication glitch. Full disclosure I loosely followed SuperbTube’s video on getting this Fallout 4 infinite experience exploit 2021 to work properly. It feels impossible to get at first, then you get a nail it once, forget what your mentor just told you to do and make a mistake. But that wasn’t my first mistake.

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Sep 25, 2021




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Darth Severus
Darth Severus 48 minutes ago
14:37 ok but... Why use up valuable fusion cores on the couser when you can kill him without even fighting?
MaeDay2569 2 hours ago
What is that song in the background?
El Presidente
El Presidente 8 hours ago
I did the duplicating glitch with a PS4 controller very easily years ago. I put my finger on the square and just slipped over to the X.
MiniSinnirSeriesWorld Channel
Omg there is a boby pin in the meuseum near the ticket booth
Sponsored by booze
How do u eject them bitches?
Jacob Laman
Jacob Laman Day ago
LMAO he used proper citations when referencing his own videos
00ChimiNinja Day ago
Idk if anyone here knows about the automatron XP glitch but it’s super helpful. Not quite applicable for this challenge because you need to kill robots to finish the mission, but still, very helpful and OP
background music name?
banana rama where's it's party time all the time
Lmao don't forget folks I'm a "professional youtuber" 🤣God this world good for them but I know youtubers and never heard them say this is a life long career so damn cring it's a hobby u think it's a job is scary take the hobby get a graphics degree good luck man 10 years
RogerTampaBay 2 days ago
there are bobby pins in the museum of freedom. always. first floor near the gate where the floor is broken . also there is always a bobby pin box in the first house past red rocket going to concord. upstairs, its the house with the bat behind the door and the quantum in the fridge.
AUTKai 2 days ago
Been playing F4 since 2016. Never knew you can eject the core
Fister Mantastic
Fister Mantastic 3 days ago
I spoke to Nick about Shaun…He’s missing! So simple, so hilarious.
Andrei Dennis
Andrei Dennis 3 days ago
Your vids are the reason why I am no longer depressed Thank you.
Asteroidal Assassin
And here I am who doesn't know that fusion cores could even be ejected
Picky Business
Picky Business 3 days ago
How fitting that even in the apocalypse oil is still valuable.
SackyPlums 5 days ago
You’d should try to beat fallout 4 with only grenades
My friend basically pulls it off with ease
Taylor C.
Taylor C. 5 days ago
Why do I recognize the background music
Totally apealing
Totally apealing 5 days ago
All I’m saying is vault Yoshi plush
Umm The Museum Of Freedom Does Have Bobby Pins
Sam Mebruer
Sam Mebruer 6 days ago
what a chad
eillyouredead 6 days ago
That tiny *lockpick was great
janemba42 6 days ago
I had no idea that perk was even a thing
Andy Zydber
Andy Zydber 6 days ago
*how to waste everybodies time with stupid fucking horseshit*
Captain Pantaloons
I didn't enjoy the video but I learned something. Should I log on with 2 accounts so I can leave a like and a dislike? This can be rhetorical if you like. P.S. The thing I learned from watching this video was the word "rhetorical"
Carson Todd
Carson Todd 6 days ago
Imma be honest, ejected fusion cores were kinda fun. Especially once I realized with my fully upgraded XO-1 i could survive super mutant suiciders. Sure my armor got all fucked up, but I lived.
Armorist _
Armorist _ 6 days ago
0:45 Metroman
Yeetologist 7 days ago
“Pack-a-punched my pip boy” is the greatest saying I’ve ever heard
Yorgo Antoun
Yorgo Antoun 7 days ago
That lockpick - bobby pin segment KILLED MEE DUUDE 😂😂 I literally replayed it 5 times😂
Brad Miller
Brad Miller 7 days ago
I'm so proud of you Paul, hope you're doing well.
haidang ho
haidang ho 7 days ago
Who need power armour anyway
Isaac Glover
Isaac Glover 7 days ago
You said that you couldn't find any bobby pins, is that because your Luck SPECIAL was low?
TechyBen 8 days ago
Can you beat life with only (A very broken install of) Fallout 4?
*cough* Automatron DLC exploit *cough* Honestly the only way to cheese it to level 107 in a matter of maybe 20 minutes. Takes a bit to set up, but afterwards your the only being god looks up to. And, the dupe exploit is easier with controller. There's also a way to dupe stuff like fusion cores and s.p.e.c.i.a.l books, it has to do with the automation stuff. Still recommend doing a normal playthrough first though.
Javon Deyon
Javon Deyon 8 days ago
I remember when I played through fallout 4 for like the 5th time I had like 20 fusion cores before meeting the railroad 😂
UttermostVids 8 days ago
I've been playing this game for years but never knew you could do this lmfao
Preston Garvey
Preston Garvey 8 days ago
A settlement needs your help I’ll mark it on your map!
Nick 9 days ago
if he was stupid he would have grabbed scrounger to find significantly more fusion cores in all containers.
Peter 9 days ago
Can yoy show me how to beat university with out depression
Fluxweed Leeches
Fluxweed Leeches 9 days ago
those fucking lockpicks nowhere to be found..
Current 9 days ago
Basically pooping your enemies to death
Inanis 9 days ago
Nuclear matirial is the best value dupe item.
Chris Arzate
Chris Arzate 9 days ago
"I found the only bobby pin in the world in vault 111" Two seconds later: "I bought 7 extra bobby pins just to be safe"
Mythical Twinkie
Mythical Twinkie 10 days ago
"Fusion Core are not too common out in the wasteland" Automotron DLC: "Are you sure about that"?
Matias 10 days ago
In other words, "Can You Beat Fallout 4 As Harry Truman"
Anomalia 10 days ago
Useful Tip: There is another dupe glitch that is useful for things like Fusion Cores or Ammo. It is called Conveyer Dupe Glitch. Watch a tutorial on it and you will see that you can also exponentially grow any item including special books. Yes, the special book can be duped and reused until all Special stats are at 10. It is extremely OP and can be done before leaving sanctuary. Edit: It dupes stacked items, but is tedious and all about timing. It still works to this day and is awesome.
Saucy Goten
Saucy Goten 10 days ago
"4 day power nap"
potlick18 10 days ago
Florian Niederstetter
Excuse me bit i have to ask… since i can not find any reference to this… but what is this killer background musik? I just phased out to mittens voice and the badass background. Pls tell me… i need to know this.
Door 10 days ago
goober & gamermomma
I love dog meat but he's also super dumb
SirNoticules 10 days ago
mid video I went into fallout 4 and started duplicating steel and aluminum for like 20 - 30 minutes, I also found that its easiest to do with controller and if one of those buttons are the same as the cancel button you will need to hold down your cancel button and press your accept button.
krispy_toast 11 days ago
Pro tip: spamming shelves works the best
Marcus Dagenais
Marcus Dagenais 11 days ago
Paul just solved the oil problem way after it ruined the world, good job paul
Devon Holt
Devon Holt 11 days ago
Imagine taking a shit. Then hear a power armored mitten barrell towards the bathroom. He ejects his fusion core and blocks the door with his giant frame. You are vaporized into dust. Pure evil
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Nick maloof
Nick maloof 11 days ago
Saugus Saw-gus
Mr.South-Afrika 11 days ago
A lil something to help you guys to level us is to use a safe and the duplication glitch to place the safe it will just stay in the same location just spam the place button
LiGTY 11 days ago
how about beating fallout 4(or any other game) by only facing one direction? just a random challange i thought of i might do it my self xD
LabRat Knatz
LabRat Knatz 11 days ago
At the start, I thought you had way too much time on your hands. By the end, I can tell you're dedicated. loved it. Thank you.
t3hb0ss 11 days ago
does that glitch work with pre-war cash? because its carry weight is 0 and its worth 6 caps
Pyro plays
Pyro plays 11 days ago
inf xp / caps / stuff :) its mods but without mods GLITCHES
Ketçaplıdomates 11 days ago
Can you beat fallout new vegas while lisening jonny guitar for whole walktrough?
Caue come
Caue come 11 days ago
Heres an idea you can do "can you beat fallout 4 with only a shotgun
hi 11 days ago
I just looked at your first video, and WHAT THE HELL, YOU DID LET'S PLAYS!?
Troll Guy
Troll Guy 11 days ago
Can you beat fallout new vegas or fallout 4 with all special at 1 point and all skill point at 1 point
Luke B
Luke B 12 days ago
What was it like playing fallout 4 for first time
The Can’t Sleep Show
this is his job
The Beldam
The Beldam 12 days ago
"Can you beat fallout new vegas using only one save slot?"
tater anus
tater anus 12 days ago
In your fallout 4 constantly crippled and over encumbered, at 16:41 it says your carryweight is 6 not 1. Did you use any armor with the fortifying effect, buffout or x cell, the pocketed or deep pocketed mod, im thinking it might be something like you taking damage in fallout 4/skyrim no damage runs, the console command sets your max health to 1, but things that increase it (or maybe leveling up) let you take damage, well im thinking the same is true for carryweight.
Dominick moore
Dominick moore 12 days ago
I was at 100 before I left
Enclavian 12 days ago
You’re a dead man, Mitten.
Chris Leone
Chris Leone 12 days ago
I had a lot of fun with Fallout 4, I never finished it because I started playing Fallout 76 and got hooked but I played it almost entirely legit until I just got irritated with the carry weight limit and how quickly fusion cores run out. I made junk all weigh 0 and spawned in fusion cores, it made the game a lot more fun and immersive for me. Luckily in Fallout 76 fusion cores are super easy to make
jackie welles
jackie welles 12 days ago
wait did Paul just complete a run fully legitimately man I'm proud of you
Dian Novita
Dian Novita 12 days ago
I have an idea: Can you beat Skyrim AS LINK? this might sound crazy but there's no mods attached On the Nintendo switch version of Skyrim on the throat of the world lies a chest that looks more cartoony than the others containing links equipment, the equipment isnt "bad" but moreover better at like level 6
Jazz Hands
Jazz Hands 12 days ago
This guys like the fallout version of dream
Jack Jon Valois
Jack Jon Valois 12 days ago
"Took my place as the third most powerful creature at this gas station" LMAO
Chronicle 12 days ago
how about The Outer Worlds without taking damage?
Ian Shoup
Ian Shoup 12 days ago
This was the greatest narration I’ve ever listened to
Adam Millard
Adam Millard 13 days ago
"Dogmeat did a trick for attention. I banished him to stature land" *Everyone disliked that*
Red 13 days ago
Can you start stating the difficulty you're playing on in the beginning of the video, because it's not much of a challenge video if you were to play in easy or very easy?
MatnotMatt 13 days ago
Hey mitten squad do a run that you will enjoy play the game normally without any challenges
Forrest Dillon-Hurley
If you're already using duplication, why not duplicate fusion cores instead of buying?
브로니프리맨 13 days ago
I have seen on the wiki that Fusion Core is the ammunition of the Gatling Laser, so it can be easily obtained by selecting the Scrounger puck from among the perks that can be selected from luck.
Moloch 13 days ago
Can you beat fallout 4 without moving though?
TheMetaGamerYT 13 days ago
Can you beat fallout 3, nv, or 4 without crashing? (If you do 3 you can’t kill sparkle as a handicap.)
Swilzz 13 days ago
the 45k people that liked: 👑 the 300 that disliked: 🤡
galaxy 719
galaxy 719 13 days ago
can you beat new vegas while addicted to EVERY chem / booze / addictable item
SpitFire 13 days ago
You are getting to strong
EarlyPlumiscool 13 days ago
I've been trying to get to Level 28 so I can get the X-01 power armor I have now placed down around 8000 wood fences I'm level 26 I started placing down at level 15 I only used wood and I could have used steel I'm dumb so much steel thrown out so many fences sacrificed I'm almost level 28 X-01 power armor......I'm coming for you
mrdeath 13 days ago
When I fought Kellogg I just blasted him with a fat man
Daddy-O Dizzy
Daddy-O Dizzy 13 days ago
Can You Beat Fallout 3/4/New Vegas as Two-Face from DC comics? -Use a coin flip to determine moral decisions -Primarily uses ballistic Small Guns -Triggerman-like appearance with some kinda scar mod for the two faces -Any faction loyalty is allowed, but you’ll have to flip your coin to get there
Glowing_Clod 14 days ago
I usually just dupe the materials for portable fire bottles and spam them at the crafting station to level
Josh Bigz
Josh Bigz 14 days ago
Can you beat each fallout game with each SPECIAL stat set to 1 and no perks?
Hospice Gang
Hospice Gang 14 days ago
It's probably stated, but are we gonna have an apology video for Davey Gunface or DaveyxMitten video. Maybe you two can make a challenge where each of you play new vegas at the same time doing a speed run or some how sharing a save game and having one doing one half and another doing the other.
kat 14 days ago
can u blow ur nose or smth u always sound so congested
Felix a
Felix a 14 days ago
i dont understand it but your voice is truly amazing.keep this shit going
The Skies Have Fallen
You could've used the Dogmeat dupe glitch to dupe a stack of Fusion Cores. It just requires decent timing.
Billy Fishkins
Billy Fishkins 14 days ago
the ultimate end all be all challenge...can you beat literally any game without glitches?
ZombieBacon1337 14 days ago
Today I decided to watch Paul do some old stuff, just to find out I'm a week late to a video?? I was so worried, but I was just never notified!?
Ox Horn
Ox Horn 14 days ago
Try to beat Fallout New Vegas while playing Skyrim Meaning every time you move your character in Skyrim your character in fallout moves and you have to beat both games. I don’t know how to do that, I just know it would be entertaining.
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