Birth story- Baby Seewald #4! (Part 1) 

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Baby Seewald #4 has arrived! Here’s part 1 of the birth story! (Part 2 coming soon!)

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Jul 19, 2021




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doire aintu
doire aintu 2 hours ago
either one!
A -
A - 3 hours ago
You’re gorgeous Jessa! Congrats on the baby! God Bless 💕
Tabitha Joy Mitchell
Pilgrim name 😂😂
The Artsy Nurse
The Artsy Nurse 12 hours ago
Runk? Haha thats too cute! All your kiddos are adorable
little footprints big dreams
They are beautiful 😍
Hennessy Garcia
Hennessy Garcia 19 hours ago
What a beautiful family. I’ve been watching you guys for a long time. Thank you Jesus for a healthy baby and healthy mama.
doire aintu
doire aintu 2 hours ago
God bless you family for #4 God is blessing you.
Lissa Cobb
Lissa Cobb Day ago
Both my daughter and son birthday is July 17th.!!! They are 4 years apart.!!!
Stacey Nelson
Hey all did u know Jed has a UStotal channel too? His channel name is Jed and Katey Duggar💖😊
Nanette Jackson
Thank you so much for sharing this!
illuminaci Day ago
Jessa! Congrats on the baby. I know this doesn’t need to be said but please ignore anything that comes from the mouth of Katie Joy from WOACB. Especially do not let anything she says hurt you. From the mouth of the poet aka Todd Chrisley she is nondescript 😉
Xo Figueroa
Xo Figueroa Day ago
Get a pet & name it Runk 😂
Jones Lisa
Jones Lisa Day ago
Shari Blossom
Beautiful Family God Bless hugssss
Service Dog Rosie
Is Jessa the one with the child name Spurgeon
The Real McNeals Vlog
Congratulations! I hope #4 is easy for you.😁
Tami Krough
Tami Krough Day ago
Glad she chose to give birth in the hospital, congrats on the new little one
Effie87 Day ago
Currently pregnant with my first child due Sept! Loved watching these videos thank you so much for sharing your birthing journey 💗
Mary Kanake
Mary Kanake Day ago
God bless you family for #4 God is blessing you.
Just me
Just me 2 days ago
Why aren’t you guys on TV anymore?
Gail Jackson-Chapman
How about girl name-Bella and boy name-Edward. Just a suggestion. Either way as long has the baby is healthy❤️🙏🏾. Oh, by the way, your three children are gorgeous 😍
Roxie Eyeleers
Roxie Eyeleers 2 days ago
Congratulations on the safe arrival of Baby Fern. She is precious. God has blessed you with a wonderful family!
Melinda Sanchez
Melinda Sanchez 2 days ago
Don't worry you'll have a name when baby is born! I didn't name my daughter until the day she was born! ❤️ Hope you had a safe a healthy delivery!
Anj Votaw
Anj Votaw 2 days ago
Where in the heck are you because here in Ohio they are still only allowing one person in the room and that is for the entire stay … my daughters both just had babies within the last year and a half and even still at their current doctors appointments no one can go with them they have to go alone.
Gabby Tabbert
Gabby Tabbert 2 days ago
I cant wait to have children someday! I’ve had a name list for a while in preparation 😂 In my family we like the middle names to be after other family members so that part will be easy for me, haha! 😂
Ter 2 days ago
Um, you look like that at 3 am AND pregnant???? Wow!
Dee Warner
Dee Warner 2 days ago
Hope your doing ok Jessa, with all thats be going on with your family. People love you and support you. Sending prayers and again, hope your doing ok.❤
Jess Da Best
Jess Da Best 2 days ago
Hope it’s a other girl I got three girls coming
Jess Da Best
Jess Da Best 2 days ago
So proud of you jessa by the way my name is Jessica your an amazing mom just like your mother
Cal Wizzarak
Cal Wizzarak 2 days ago
⚡❄🌬🌊🌜💈🌁💒☁☀🌀🌈🔥💧⭐🌟⛅ *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead* *He'll give you eternal life* *(look up and ask HIM)*
Samuel Stone
Samuel Stone 2 days ago
If its a boy, settle for Bens name. I think this is a brilliant idea.
Elizabeth DeMaster
amazing video love your videos you guys are amazing sweet talented you tubers congratulations 😊 I love your videos they are amazing and enjoyable to watch 😊
michelle bruce
michelle bruce 2 days ago
Congratulations Jessa and ben seewald, and there knew arriveal baby girl, she's a beautiful baby. Nice name you gave your knew baby daughter 😀❤
Stephanie Ganschow
Congrats and baby #4 such a beautiful blessing
Maddy Gullahorn
Maddy Gullahorn 2 days ago
who else didn’t even know she was pregnant again
Darlene Batts
Darlene Batts 2 days ago
Congratulations Beautiful Momma & Daddy & Family. She's So Beautiful. What a Big Girl. All 5 of my babies were Full Term and still weighed between 5 to 6 lbs. 17 to 19 inches long. So Fern is a Huge Newborn in my eyes. Glad shes Healthy and you as well Jessa. Im excited to watch her grow up. Just like i watched you grow up. I feel so old now lol.. Take Care. Love From, Indiana. 🎈🎉👣👶😍
MyVouge 2 days ago
Once you are in charge of naming a child you realize how many names have just been absolutely ruined by people you’ve known throughout your lifetime 
Amy- AC
Amy- AC 2 days ago
Praying for you …now being a Mama of 4! 💕💓💕💓
Micheal Belcher
Micheal Belcher 2 days ago
Congrats on your baby little Seaworld is awesome
Albert He
Albert He 2 days ago
Congratulations and welcome the new family member
Medina Tabor
Medina Tabor 2 days ago
My third daughter was named before she was born, however, I called her "Kate'' the first two weeks of her life, LOL! Her name is nowhere NEAR Kate!
Nikki Bowden
Nikki Bowden 2 days ago
It took me 3 months to decide on a name. My son was born in August, we filed for his birth certificate and social security card in November
Medina Tabor
Medina Tabor 2 days ago
She looks a lot like her Mom...
Miguel D
Miguel D 2 days ago
If a person gets to heaven because they kept the commandments or stopped sinning or got baptized, then that would mean that they were saved by their works. But we are not saved by our works! We are saved by grace through faith! Salvation is a completely free gift! Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins (past, present and future), was buried in a tomb, and rose again on the third day. Once a person believes the gospel, they are sealed and they cannot lose their salvation no matter what! Our salvation is not based on how we live. Our rewards in heaven are based on how we live. OSAS. ❤️
Carrie Apparcel
Carrie Apparcel 2 days ago
Congratulations Seewalds!
Klara 2 days ago
”Runk” in Swedish is not a good kids name😂
Pam Gardner
Pam Gardner 2 days ago
I hope 4 is enough Jessa . Go do something to help support your children.
Teresa Gonzalez
How about mind your business and don't tell a women what to do with her uterus
Kylie Lawter
Kylie Lawter 2 days ago
Ardatlili -
Ardatlili - 2 days ago
Lynn Lehrman
Lynn Lehrman 2 days ago
Fern? One of my most respected and loved elderly friend's name is Fern. I didn't realize it was regaining popularity.
Gina White
Gina White 2 days ago
Jess you are such a trooper, and just stunningly beautiful. Congratulations you guys much love and so many blessings xoxo gina
Abby Kuusisto
Abby Kuusisto 2 days ago
Chng Swee Khoon
Chng Swee Khoon 2 days ago
I have a cat named Ivy when you called your daughter Ivy my cat came running.藍藍藍
Allison Hunter
Allison Hunter 2 days ago
After watching her other 3 birth videos, I am SO GLAD they decided on a hospital birth for baby #4. For those who are unaware, Jessa had hemorrhaged after giving birth with all 3 older kids after home births and had to be transported to the hospital via ambulance and with Spurgeon and Henry, Jessa had to have blood transfusions, but thankfully not with Ivy and I didn't see anyone mention a bleed in part 2 of this.
Evil Taco
Evil Taco 2 days ago
In the old days people wouldn't name their babies until they lived through at least their first year because infant mortality rates were so high
Lexy Fletcher
Lexy Fletcher 3 days ago
T B 3 days ago
Congratulations from the Netherlands! God bless you and your beautifull family🥰
Jennifer Weaver
Jennifer Weaver 3 days ago
I have always loved Jessa more than anyone else on the show shes so bubbly and has a great personality Jingers one of my fav too
Shai Shaw
Shai Shaw 3 days ago
Praying for a safe delivery and a healthy baby. May God bless you and your family and y'all new bundle of joy. May God continue pouring down his blessing over you and your family.
dal871 3 days ago
The name Spurgeon grew on me and I suppose Fern will too tho it does conjure up a vision of a young gum smacking female employee of a Dairy Queen in Small Town, Iowa USA. If they like plant names why not Lily Rose or something along those lines?
Greeneyed Southern Girl
Congratulations Jessa! From a fellow Arkansan....she is beautiful! 💖
Millaray Morales
Millaray Morales 3 days ago
I have a cat named Ivy when you called your daughter Ivy my cat came running.藍藍藍
Melissa Ahlers
Melissa Ahlers 3 days ago
If it is a boy it could be name Ben jr
Melissa Ahlers
Melissa Ahlers 3 days ago
I think ivy would want a baby sister
Bills Kransinsky
Bills Kransinsky 3 days ago
Why are “giving birth” videos trending? Why is this video trending? No hate please just a genuine question
Mrs Mack
Mrs Mack 3 days ago
Yup my name lists changes completely between kids. Of course part of that may be that if my husband didn't like the names the first time he wasn't likely to be swayed with the next one. For us, we picked the names a few weeks before their birth. They were both born 2 months premature...baby two's name was officially agrees upon on Christmas eve and he was born the first week of January.
Kathryn Sinclare
Kathryn Sinclare 3 days ago
You have a beautiful new baby girl. Enjoy!
Lauren Turner
Lauren Turner 3 days ago
Our sixth is proving difficult to think of a name for also. We have picked out 5 other names in the past eight years, so I know we can do it...but it really is surprisingly hard!
Colorful Chameleon
With my first, we had a girl name we wanted and were set on it. No boy name though. Of course, it was a boy. With our second, we had the boy name set in stone, no problem. Couldn’t settle on a girl name. And, of course, it was a girl!
Alisha Kowalski
Alisha Kowalski 3 days ago
Roselynn Jo!
Alisha Kowalski
Alisha Kowalski 3 days ago
Rosie Josie
Bob Lee
Bob Lee 3 days ago
If you have 3 the 4th. Will fall out.
Margaret Nicola
Margaret Nicola 3 days ago
I wish I had another baby. I wasted all of these years with someone that never liked little kids. He wasn't like a bad bad guy but not a family guy. Ex should have stayed single and never marry. He's more of a friends kind of guy not a family guy. Cannot stand the smoking either it gets me sick smelling that nasty smoke. Too much money spending on cigarettes. He was controlling too.
Jeri Lynn
Jeri Lynn 3 days ago
love you guys!!!!!!
Snikerdoodles 3 days ago
Going through the same baby #3 consistent contractions but not super painful im 37 weeks
Hanna D
Hanna D 3 days ago
Congratulations! The kids are adorable.
loute29372 3 days ago
I have a cat named Ivy when you called your daughter Ivy my cat came running.藍藍藍
Katie Thacker
Katie Thacker 3 days ago
You guys had your little baby on my grandmother birthday
Gale Ross
Gale Ross 3 days ago
Beauty of the gift of God
Robin Wagner
Robin Wagner 3 days ago
Congratulations Jessa and Ben.
Aisling Silva
Aisling Silva 3 days ago
My kids love the magnet tiles! We have 7 kids, ages 12 years to 1 year. Good luck with your new little one! ♥️
J R 3 days ago
I can see the beginning of labor on your face. I remember that look when I went into labor. Blessings on the new little one.
Marvarine Campbell
So how many kids do you plan on having? Are you like your mother who thinks you should leave everything up to God? Who's taking care of these children? What type of job does your husband have/do?
Alana Fitz
Alana Fitz 3 days ago
Congratulations!! She is beautiful!
Crystal Wright
Crystal Wright 3 days ago
Congratulations!! Haha, when I was expecting our first, we couldn't agree on any names. We each had one that we REALLY liked but didn't want it shot down by the other so we kept it to ourselves. We eventually realized that we were both holding back the same name, haha.
Ben didn’t want a pilgrim name but “Spurgeon” was ok? 😆
Prelly11 3 days ago
Beautiful Jessa with the beautiful hubby and the beautiful kiddos!! Congratulations on baby Fern Fern!! Been with u guys since you all were kids. Love u guys! God bless!
Tangy McElroy
Tangy McElroy 3 days ago
They are so handsome
Larissa Nunes
Larissa Nunes 3 days ago
Assista Larissa Nunes férias em Minas Gerais o pintinho
Tich Nguyen
Tich Nguyen 3 days ago
"I think we have a first name, we are struggeling with the middel name..." In my head I heared: 'We are sure about the last name.' 
Stacy Matchner
Stacy Matchner 3 days ago
Thank you for sharing these videos, now that your show "Counting On" has been canceled
Wendy N
Wendy N 3 days ago
You are such a doll! You have features that people go and pay money for! Beautiful inside and out!💁🏼‍♀️
Nadira Ramjit
Nadira Ramjit 3 days ago
I have been watching since 19 kids and counting.Excited for you guys,Lots of prayers🙏🏼🥰
*Perfect American God family. Angles. Handsome & beautiful. Treasures ⚪Purity Light White, diversity of eye colors & hair colors👀👁️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🍪🍯💪🏻🧠✊🏻💯🦸🧚☝🏻💗👆🏻💖👍🏻👌🏻👼👊🏻🙇💟👋🏻🔥✨🌟💥💓👏🏻👨‍👩‍👧‍👦*
Marilyn Bruckman
Marilyn Bruckman 3 days ago
Congratulations you have a beautiful family❤️
PAULINE Taylor 3 days ago
Who are the children if this is your first child Jesse?
PAULINE Taylor 3 days ago
Sorry, I misunderstood, good luck with your birth.
Sherie Twenter
Sherie Twenter 3 days ago
I think that's great that you take your time naming your children
Sherie Twenter
Sherie Twenter 3 days ago
Runk..... so funny. Kids are so funny
Barbara Turner
Barbara Turner 3 days ago
When is JB going to award y'all a bigger house?! Lordk nows you need it now! Congrats! HEY With our 2nd a boy, I literally was taking a sitz warm bath, looked at the faucet and said "God tell me what to name this child!" All I heard was Benjamin. I got up, went to the bedroom, tried to lay down and rest, boom, water broke! Yep! I kept liking the middle name Russell which means "like a fox" and Benjamin means "on the right hand of God so there you have it. Right up to the minute! His older sister "my ex, her father wanted Kimberly which means leader and I wanted Dawn for "break of day" so that's how we named our 2. Uh getting to the end of this video we can't hear you!
B McGovern
B McGovern 3 days ago
Congratulations on #4 - I am very happy to see / hear that both Jessa and Fern are doing well - Love that you went - somewhat with a theme for the girls -
Taylor SBarbie
Taylor SBarbie 3 days ago
hi i am new here so what is this is?
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