Binging with Babish: The Sims Special 

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Thanks to The Sims 4 for sponsoring today's episode. Click here to pre-order Cottage Living, available July 22! x.ea.com/69309

Music: "unna" by Broke for Free

My playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish!

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Jul 20, 2021




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Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 12 minutes ago
I noticed how babish showed his website link 2 times in the description
Anoe 14 minutes ago
Finally. *put baby in the oven*
JÆÇŒB 52 minutes ago
Could you do a bunch of the recipes from the Netflix series ‘Midnight diner’?
Peta Sparkle
Peta Sparkle 53 minutes ago
IT'S MOLTEN! I'm glad you quoted Carl Casper.
l yang
l yang Hour ago
Sims Babish in the gallery! Ok downloading asap 🤩
Gibb Gian Go
Gibb Gian Go Hour ago
10:08 me explaining to my teacher why i didn't answer my assignments
Chanel Chanel
Chanel Chanel Hour ago
This is my sister's favorite game
RYLzArieSz 2 hours ago
That Simlish is so Eerily accurate
Shinocx 3 hours ago
Courgette Parmesean /uses mozzarella Me: fraud i say, FRAUD
Chelle F
Chelle F 3 hours ago
Isabella Scannadinari
Anyone know the reason he sifted the dry ingredients of the chocolate sponge onto paper before pouring into the bowl, instead of sifting directly into the bowl??
BabyGirl Enterprises
Just finished my PC build, guess I'm getting sims now
Legomaster_08 3 hours ago
Actually the original parmigiana does not have deep fried eggplants we just put it there (sorry for bad English)
claire 4 hours ago
i had no idea what baked alaska actually was but a giant mound of ice cream is not what i would’ve guessed
Cass the Smelly
Cass the Smelly 4 hours ago
ew EA is disgusting
Almond Brrito39
Almond Brrito39 4 hours ago
Babish’s sim is actually very accurate 😗💅🏽
snorf 4 hours ago
Can you be my father
Gordz 4 hours ago
sponsored by a 7 yearold dead horse.
KallMeKracked 5 hours ago
In my defence, I forgor💀
Mavicity Relayson
Mavicity Relayson 5 hours ago
The ole tappa tappa!
Michael Butler
Michael Butler 5 hours ago
I just made the eggplant parmesan today. It was a big hit with everyone but my picky eater brother.
Valteran 5 hours ago
fake olive oil i see i wasnt the only one recomended that video lol
Dill Soil
Dill Soil 5 hours ago
Glad they got that Rolex on your Sims.
Mya Mallard
Mya Mallard 6 hours ago
My favorite food in the Sims is the chili!! I don’t know why it looks so appetizing to me. 😂
Mint Halo
Mint Halo 6 hours ago
The sims sure has the audacity after making my game suddenly crash after I spent 5 hours on a house that was almost finished
10:10 He Forgor 💀
SnowMew 7 hours ago
This was amazing! Great job Sims team on making Babish. Great job Babish on making amazing looking Sim food. I loved every second of this! Now imma go play some more Cottage Living
Robin Baduce
Robin Baduce 7 hours ago
Oobee shloo gaboogler hmee😄😄😁😋😋🍿🍿🍿🍝🍝🍝🍝
Sean Keady
Sean Keady 7 hours ago
6:40 neapolitan...
Sean Keady
Sean Keady 7 hours ago
redybluewhite DanielNelson
Make Mississippi Quantum Pie from Fallout 3!
cocola chulisnaqui
cocola chulisnaqui 7 hours ago
aww the olll tappa tappa. love to see it.
Nadia Silver
Nadia Silver 7 hours ago
As a devoted Simer and Babish fan, thank you for making the vid I didn't know I needed. Now, off to Steam & gallery to pick from the newly CAS (no doubt, now many) Babishes.
Kai Ryan
Kai Ryan 7 hours ago
he should make the sus from among us
Delly B
Delly B 7 hours ago
I love the sims game so much!🥺
Sue McCashland
Sue McCashland 7 hours ago
SonoFelice 8 hours ago
Napoleon ice cream...?
Layla Winehouse
Layla Winehouse 8 hours ago
The Dovahkiin
The Dovahkiin 8 hours ago
I'd like to watch you make divinity candies 😍
supremepanda 8 hours ago
A shame Sims Babish didn't meet the Dear Leader Jim Pickens.
john cheney
john cheney 8 hours ago
Simi Yano daboooo!
Shoddy Peasant
Shoddy Peasant 8 hours ago
I actually just installed the sims 4 how convenient
Dylan Dreisbach
Dylan Dreisbach 8 hours ago
As much as I don’t like giving EA money for things in a full priced game, I would happily buy Babish in the game.
pAceMaker 8 hours ago
Elbow flavoured….
Kevin Awes
Kevin Awes 8 hours ago
He needs to make a square Minecraft cake
A Dead Arcadia
A Dead Arcadia 9 hours ago
Inaccurate: if this were accurate there'd be a bunch of randomly broken appliances and unnecessary mods
victorious0001 9 hours ago
Me: hahaha 🤔🍆🍳🥗🫓🍞🏯🧱⚽️🍇🐄😆(simlish)
Mary Cupcake
Mary Cupcake 10 hours ago
Hooray! This is great
Kristenidas 10 hours ago
Andi Rogynous
Andi Rogynous 10 hours ago
Genuinely didn't even know how to make mac & cheese without a box or pre-made cheese sauce 😅
The Muppetational Podcast!
Eyo I'm in upstate new York rn
Troy Sinatra
Troy Sinatra 10 hours ago
Do peanut butter chocolate cake and home made kool-aid from “redbone” by childish gambino
Destaney McGaney
Destaney McGaney 10 hours ago
Boring voice
Kate T
Kate T 10 hours ago
EA trying so hard to get people to play their half-assed game by sponsoring UStotalrs. That just says enough...
Kate T
Kate T 10 hours ago
The fact most people are trashing EA in the comments just puts a smile on my face. But still, we should focus on Babish's creative and great video. The Sim looks just like him and the food looks great outside the Sims lol
Casey De Luca
Casey De Luca 10 hours ago
Hey babish. I recently made one of your recipes, the fettucine alfredo, It was fantastic! thanks for the idea.
Lea Cross
Lea Cross 11 hours ago
I approve
SoughtThrone1 11 hours ago
Cant believe I didnt have to pay 4.99$ to see this video
darkforestpyxi 11 hours ago
"We're going for a NAPOLEON baked alaska." Lol! Yikes!!
Pot8o king
Pot8o king 11 hours ago
7:06 seriously whhhhip
talmon glidden
talmon glidden 11 hours ago
4:27 wet hand dry hand technique is going to be revolutionary next time I bread something and I feel like a fool for not thinking of it before
Mr. Dank
Mr. Dank 11 hours ago
10:09 I forgor 💀
Feronanthus 11 hours ago
Recipe needs more cayenne if you're gonna follow a round the outside with a tappa tappa
QuantumPsi 11 hours ago
“Napoleon ice cream” lol it’s Neapolitan.
Italian Ape Society
Italian Ape Society 11 hours ago
Melanzane parmigiana, mio preferito
Lady Pine Tree
Lady Pine Tree 11 hours ago
It looks like the Sims 2 Baked Alaska
Daniel Pellegrini
Daniel Pellegrini 11 hours ago
Week 4 of asking for food from resident evil 8: village
anonymous 11 hours ago
what pack is the food from
Daniel Pellegrini
Daniel Pellegrini 11 hours ago
Excellent job! This is really awesome! Great to see a thing like Ubisoft Really bring you an! This is incredible!
Michael Linskey
Michael Linskey 12 hours ago
You call it Napoleon too! Its Neopolitan lol
an idiot who replies to every notification
I thought it costed 18.99 to watch this
Catherine 12 hours ago
If this is such a multi-quadrillion dollar game, why could they not have given him his correct tattoos?
Kenzie Gagnet
Kenzie Gagnet 13 hours ago
Growing up playing this, this just makes me so happy!
Taels Doll
Taels Doll 13 hours ago
napoleon ice cream
Rubicon-Art 13 hours ago
tuca and bertie special would slap. crunts croonts and croissants
Jazzmyn Carter
Jazzmyn Carter 13 hours ago
6:41 not "Napoleon" 😂
Fox D
Fox D 13 hours ago
"Once the American is fully melted..." ...said Mother Nature before setting up the heat waves this summer.
iinked 13 hours ago
Ngl I always thought Baked Alaska was fish, like salmon or something- 😭
he4rt5 14 hours ago
tony shalhoub lool
Carlijn .038
Carlijn .038 14 hours ago
No worries, inthe sims 2 the baked alaska was that big!
Beth B
Beth B 14 hours ago
... baked alaska is a dessert? I thought it was fish!
Tayler Powell
Tayler Powell 14 hours ago
“Napoleon” this was a joke right lol?
TheRavMango 14 hours ago
10:07 “...but in my defense...I forgor 💀”
The Outlaw
The Outlaw 14 hours ago
we need a minecraft episode after this
beriukay 14 hours ago
I wonder if Babish has ever considered getting ad sponsorship from Microsoft Bing. Binging takes on a whole new meaning.
Jim Das
Jim Das 14 hours ago
Ambrosia next
ZapDash 14 hours ago
That is a huge eggplant.
Allison Faith
Allison Faith 15 hours ago
0:18 “Tony Shalhoub” PLEASE IM DEAD😂😂😂
Noah Gallegos
Noah Gallegos 15 hours ago
I thought it was Neapolitan not Napoleon
Noah Woodruff
Noah Woodruff 15 hours ago
Or be gah doo, orb de gar fib de pow ah roo!
Megen Ashley
Megen Ashley 15 hours ago
Please do Ambrosia!
Rat Queen
Rat Queen 15 hours ago
i absolutely love how fast and lighthearted your videos are. all other cooking channels are boring to me 💀
LutherSmellzzz 15 hours ago
I cannot believe the sims themselves commented on this video, IN SIMLISH, and then got an almost 500 person “balls” reply chain under it.
Konstantinos Sfoungaris
Could you maybe do a Roller Coaster Tycoon cooking special next?
Erin Kinnard
Erin Kinnard 16 hours ago
My Sim is currently in a relationship with Mr. Babish. This is fantastic 😅
JoshWMedia 16 hours ago
sir that is eggplant lasagna
Dogdillon 16 hours ago
I'm surprised the sink didn't explode and catch on fire
Alex Silvestain
Alex Silvestain 16 hours ago
Did anybody else notice he said Napoleon and not Neapolitan ice cream? I had to use Google to make sure I haven’t been saying the wrong thing my whole life.
Oh my god Becky
Oh my god Becky 17 hours ago
Imagine a stop motion animation collab with babish where he chops up alarm clocks and shoe laces for an april fools joke
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