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Sep 21, 2021




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Brandon Lapierre
Brandon Lapierre 4 hours ago
Why is the audio so quiet?
Togi 4 hours ago
do you remember?
James 10 hours ago
How have I only discovered this now? This is fucking amazing. Thank you for all you do
Kyle Santos
Kyle Santos Day ago
Anyone feel like the audio is slightly quiet?
Kyle Santos
Kyle Santos Day ago
If only the video was 9:21 in length
Coralys Palomino
Coralys Palomino 3 days ago
bro i can barely hear it on 36 volume
The Hunter
The Hunter 4 days ago
I hope this isn't the last video you made cuz dude you're amazing
Ten Thousand Locusts
Just my luck, I find out about these videos with the last one that he'll ever do. Amazing video!
king 6 days ago
Love the video but why is it so quiet?
yey 6 days ago
i missed it :(
Clockwork Kirlia
Clockwork Kirlia 7 days ago
I have absolutely no context for any of this. I don't know this man, I don't know why he's dancing, I don't know the significance of the date. I don-oh, is that a Jamiroquai situation with the turny gravity room? Sweet! I'm ABSOLUTELY here for this. Truly stellar work.
Clockwork Kirlia
Clockwork Kirlia 7 days ago
Okay just watched the other videos I feel like I'm late but wowsers this guy rocks.
IWantMyBed 8 days ago
Every time I rewatch it I find something new, truly magnificent
Alex L.
Alex L. 10 days ago
2:02 me in the shower dancing
IAmNotGr00t 10 days ago
Demi this was brilliant
Cygnus S
Cygnus S 11 days ago
Why does this man have to funk so god damn hard
19 12 days ago
It shouldn't work at all but she sold "Rude, loud, clock" so perfectly
Marcus Lambright
Marcus Lambright 12 days ago
Behind the Scenes. I need an explanation to some of that cinematic wizardry.
cottoneye 12 days ago
thank you so much
thepizzaman8 (xasjikurai)
someone remembered
Izsak Ahmed
Izsak Ahmed 14 days ago
fuck i missed it this year
Laser Sloth
Laser Sloth 14 days ago
This looks like a million bucks but its sooooooo quiet
Hyper 14 days ago
Richelle Topping
Richelle Topping 15 days ago
Appreciate the IA solidarity sticker at the end 🙌
Synthetic Teapot
Synthetic Teapot 15 days ago
I was sick so I missed this but I'm so glad I remembered
cloudy 16 days ago
FSTDUCKY • 14 years ago
who else got weirded out when he said Sydney Australia that is exactly where I live lol
Kendrick N.
Kendrick N. 17 days ago
Zachary Walter
Zachary Walter 17 days ago
Is this the first one that hasn’t had his remixed version of the song in it?
Matt Burnett
Matt Burnett 17 days ago
An absolute master magician, working for the public good through whimsy - makes me happy knowing you and people like you exist in the world
Are they talking about "Knowing"?
BAPGumballify 18 days ago
An ad for September played before the video
Kratos Gamerization
Jordaine Enriquez
Jordaine Enriquez 18 days ago
I’m really upset that I didn’t watch this on 9/21/21 But on the other hand, I spotted Megan Batoon and Amanda Suk dancing in the crowd, which that’s cool!!
GameAndChips 19 days ago
You ever realise you’ve discovered something too late to take part in sharing it? I just have, wayyy to late.
RS MD 19 days ago
Sharron Dope
Sharron Dope 19 days ago
Beautiful Soul, Beautiful Intention, Beautiful Result!!!!!!! Thank U ❤️
Pi Ro
Pi Ro 19 days ago
If this is the last one, then you ended it on one high note! ❤️
Pi Ro
Pi Ro 19 days ago
This is amazingggggg!!!!
Lucas Lang
Lucas Lang 20 days ago
The production quality of this video was so high I thought someone was gonna die at the end
koala okewood
koala okewood 20 days ago
Get rid of the fucking west fund
Ryan Day ago
@Demi Adejuyigbe king
Demi Adejuyigbe
Demi Adejuyigbe 13 days ago
Flying Kiwi
Flying Kiwi 20 days ago
Wow, so sad that Demi and Danny Zuko died at the end.
rabies 20 days ago
JonB 20 days ago
Hey Chad!
Heyitssydney 20 days ago
I’m sad it’s over nowww thooo
Heyitssydney 20 days ago
Heyitssydney 20 days ago
Omg I love these sm
Heyitssydney 20 days ago
divelostmind 21 day ago
"i thought they made that up for green book"
Benjamin Standfest
This song is awesome to see each year, please continue it :3
John Chrysler
John Chrysler 21 day ago
Great video as always I wonder who will carry on the 9/21 videos...
Ryan Vee
Ryan Vee 21 day ago
Next year one more, Just you coming on stage introducing Earth, Wind, and Fire, let it roll.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 21 day ago
I feel like this one was the most important September from a world-building perspective. Really broadening out the canon and the lore. #worldbuilding
The Nerd
The Nerd 21 day ago
5:19 Did you say the end? Is this the last one you’re doing?
Trent Brown
Trent Brown 21 day ago
Been here since 2017
wardrich 22 days ago
Holy crap I can't believe I missed it this year!!! 😭😭😭
Louis Garbour
Louis Garbour 22 days ago
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 21 day ago
MKE 22 days ago
I hope that everyone that realizes they exist in a hell they've created do so with as much grace as you do, cap'n.
PollankooTV 22 days ago
Jerry Robinson
Jerry Robinson 22 days ago
An era of great videos has come to an end. Who else will be coming back every year to watch them!?
judy s
judy s 22 days ago
It's September 28th but you made my evening. And I've been meaning to help out the women in Texas who are presently denied their civil rights to make their own reproductive decisions. $100 to West Fund.
Aaron Reese
Aaron Reese 22 days ago
The only way to top this is to make one more where you perform with the surviving members of EW&F.
amyrebeccajonesaj 23 days ago
Do you really have to stop making them?! 💔
Wyatt Lee
Wyatt Lee 23 days ago
Love it!
ly 23 days ago
the glazed over look he gets at 0:52 is so subtle but just makes this fucking perfect
Dolapo Adejuyigbe
Dolapo Adejuyigbe 23 days ago
thank you Demstar!!!
Seth Jackson Animation
“the puppet needs less thoughts”
Fiona Meador
Fiona Meador 23 days ago
Why is UStotal recommending me all these videos with this date? It’s a few days later. And what is the relevance?
Tom bones Jones
Tom bones Jones 23 days ago
bommer yeet
bommer yeet 23 days ago
This is so amazing I don’t even have words Sad there won’t be anymore, at least we still have these to remember
bommer yeet
bommer yeet 23 days ago
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 23 days ago
do Demi so keep making masterpieces - With Love, Another September fan
lionblaze210 23 days ago
Highlight for my bday 9/21
Dan Draper
Dan Draper 24 days ago
Please don't stop doing theses Videos!
Alex R
Alex R 24 days ago
Why is the mix so quiet?
Tony W
Tony W 24 days ago
The nice thing is that he didn't put in any calendars in this last one. It can be continually reposted since he doesn't want to do one next year.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 23 days ago
to stop. Congrats and good luck with your future endeavors!
viiont eooiy
viiont eooiy 24 days ago
It’s a brutally hard year for many people, this genuinely is one of the highlights!! You total fucking legend. Love this. So much! Amazing job as always dude 👏🏾
Mule The Donkey
Mule The Donkey 24 days ago
Over 300k raised last time. This year, almost a million. I assume in days
Shay Boogie
Shay Boogie 24 days ago
Dude this year you made us spin our phones 360 degrees… we just need one last video from you if only because 21/*SEVEN* = THREE and both 9 and 21 are divisible by THREE!!!
TheRealdealdude2 25 days ago
Well at least Demi got Earth, Wind & Fire in the video in some form. This is a great way to end man. 🙏🏽
viiont eooiy
viiont eooiy 24 days ago
This is in fact, what happened on the 21st September.
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 25 days ago
This whole thing was amazing. But "Puppet needs less lines" made me loose it.
Caesár 25 days ago
Broski got into the 2001 A Space Odyssey room
misuyy fong
misuyy fong 25 days ago
Bittersweet to see this be announced as the last one to be made. The end of an era, but ever so lovely. Thank you.
ThatEngin3rD 25 days ago
Ok, I was thinking the lit up bottles in the bar was supposed to say something in binary, but I can't work it to save my life.
Katherine 25 days ago
I love this, and you and your parasocial presence, so very deeply. How long do we have to donate before the raffle??
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 25 days ago
See y'all next year!
senni bgon
senni bgon 25 days ago
do Demi so keep making masterpieces - With Love, Another September fan
Roonie222 25 days ago
These edits are so goddamn clean.
misuyy fong
misuyy fong 25 days ago
Bro was that Pete Holms in the car
GoatToHeal 25 days ago
you always outdo yourself every year man! It's insane.
Pyronaut 26 days ago
this feels awkward with the audio
Isaac Gutierrez
Isaac Gutierrez 26 days ago
Dude, amazing! I'm so proud that you've empowered yourself to take this next step in your life. Breaking addiction is never easy, but you've gotten past the hardest part: Deciding to stop. Congrats and good luck with your future endeavors!
senni bgon
senni bgon 25 days ago
You're always learning new things and trying to better yourself. That's awesome.
Jordan B
Jordan B 26 days ago
Thank you for every smile these videos have inspired. ❤️
Derek Hervey
Derek Hervey 26 days ago
The vibe is REAL🎶🤙🏾💛🤙🏾🎶
MarlonOwnsYourCake 26 days ago
How is this the first one I've seen? And why just now?
Juels Bland
Juels Bland 26 days ago
Can't wait for the spinoff series with the puppet!
spadunkee 26 days ago
This is in fact, what happened on the 21st September.
Guitareben 26 days ago
Man I’m so sad there are no more! These are so good!
liouy cnny
liouy cnny 26 days ago
I live for this every year. It’s the 21st night of September, 2021 and the 21st month of this decade!
Temmie Temmieson
Temmie Temmieson 26 days ago
Gosh the amount of effort put in those videos is astounding! Sad it ends though.
ItzaPolar 26 days ago
See y'all next year!
Ahmet Alim
Ahmet Alim 26 days ago
This is brilliant. It truly surpasses what viral videos have been until now. Well done.
Pwofessa 26 days ago
Bro was that Pete Holms in the car
liouy cnny
liouy cnny 26 days ago
It triggers me when it doesn't say 9/10/21 >:(
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